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“Do my hair now,” the long blond haired Venus demanded. 

Venus had a figure that put Wendy’s to shame.  Don’t get me wrong Wendy was build but nothing like Venus, which was a very good name for her.  She would certainly live up to her name; she truly was a goddess of love and beauty.  I could not take my eyes off this blonde beauty with the knee-length hair, since she walked into the dressing room and she was still clothed.  I was sure I had seen her somewhere before but where?  That mystery would be solved in a few minutes. 

“You can’t have your hair done with your clothes on.  Let me help you out of them. You will enjoy this much more naked.” Wendy chimed in with a smile.  As she helped the future busty superstar out her clothes. 

The sheer red halter top Venus was wearing had given up the good fight to contain her massive 55 HHH breasts, when Wendy unbuttoned the first button and untied the knot, her gigantic tits leapt  free of their tiny confined space.  With her breasts exposed Wendy started massaging them with her bald dome.  Venus loved the feel of the shaven stripper head against her titty flesh.  She was doing this while she undoing the daisy dukes of Venus.  The long hair blonde beauty wore no underwear. She was as naked as her new co-worker and just as smooth below.  With her clothes off it was going to be hard for me in more ways then one to concentrate on my work here. 

Venus seated herself in the chair and waited for me to begin my work on her bald head that was hidden by the long blonde wig. 

I waited a couple of seconds for her to remove her blonde wig too but she didn’t.  Then it dawned on me that she wasn’t bald like Wendy.  So I started brushing out her long knee-length blonde hair to style it. That’s when the freshly shaved and ever horny Wendy handed me the Wahl’s electric clippers. 

“These will be quicker, she’s is the new girl, she has not been, shaven bald like me and the other entertainers yet.  Say, did not anyone tell you it is your job to make and keep the girls’ heads here smooth as mine?”  She stated as she ran her right hand over her freshly shaven skull. 

“No!”  I replied with a shocked look on my face.  “The guy I am filling in for just told me someone would fill me in on taking care of you girls’ hair.  But I can’t believe it just to keep you bald.  Why bald?” 

Then both women answered me. “Why do think the name of the club is Cabaret Calva?” 

Calva means bald and the owner doesn’t mean just our pussies either, the busty blonde, Venus said as she rose out of and then sat back in the barbers chair waiting for the ultimate short hair make-over. 

“All the women here are bald; we wear wigs on stage and then remove them as part of our dance routines.  Believe or not the guys go nuts over our bald heads.”  Wendy said as she started massaging her slick skull and hairless pussy again. 

“Before you shave my head I would like to save my cut hair, I want to make a wig and a trophy from it,” she stated to Wendy and me. 

So with Wendy’s help I braided Venus gorgeous honey blonde hair into a two massive ponytails, which were three and half feet long and a couple of inches thick each.  Twenty minutes later we were finished braiding Venus’ crowning glory. The twin plaits were equally divided on her prefect to be bald head. 

Again with Wendy’s help I began to cut off Venus’ hair.  I thumbed the clippers on and started using them at the left side of her head at the middle of the part. The clippers bogged down as they sheared the massive amount of blonde hair from the front and side of Venus’ head.  I pushed the clippers to the crown of her head; I continued to move clipper over the crown the woman’s head sitting in the chair.  The clippers were getting hot by this time I finished removing the Venus’ mass of blonde tresses from the back and lower left side of her head. Wendy held the braid over Venus’ roughly clipped head then she dropped in seated woman’s lap. Then I ran the clippers again over the area I had just shorn to make it even shorter and one uniform length 

“Am I bald yet?” she asked. 

“No, you are not even half way there sweet cheeks but you will be,” Wendy said as she knelt down between the woman in the chairs legs. 

“I want you to shave the half you just clipped.” Venus ordered. 

So, I lathered her shorn left side of her head by using a shaving brush and shaving mug brought to me between Wendy’s trips to Venus’ lovely honey pot. I picked up the razor ready to make Venus a baldy.  The razor began to scrap away white foam and blonde stubble. Wherever the triple blades of the razor passed it left behind smooth skin. I moved slowly with the razor while Wendy was working on Venus’s hairless pussy, so is not to nick her perfect head.  Moving the triple blades from front to the crown and then down the side of Venus’s I left behind skin and very little else. Then I moved to the back of her head. 

Ten minutes later I had left side Venus’s of head complete shaved smooth. It was no easy task with wild and wick Wendy eating Venus’s her prefect bald pussy.  By this time my dick was as hard as steel. It did not go unnoticed by Venus or Wendy. Both the girls knew who I wanted but Wendy and another dancer planned to tease me with her all night until closing time. 

Now it was time to work on the right side of Venus’ ever going smooth beautiful head.  I knew it was going to be a tough go with the clippers again.  I put the last of Venus’ long blonde braid over my right shoulder and thumbed the clippers on again once more.  A smile appeared on the seated woman face once more. Now I don’t know if that was my work shaving her head smooth or Wendy’s ever so talented tongue and bald head. 

Knowing what to expect this time, I slowly began to clipper away the last of Venus’ golden locks.  I slowly ran the vibrating clippers around the edges of the massive pigtail.  Hair by hair the golden mane was being released from Venus’ half shaved scalp.  First it was slow going but soon I picked up speed with the clippers. Once the clippers did their work I slowly lifted the massive braid from Venus’ clippered cleaned skull.  Now she was ready to become a true Cabaret Calva girl and Wendy wasn’t going to be much help. 

Using a wet towel I damp the remaining stubble on the right side of Venus’ half shaven scalp. By this time she was smiling all the time but I think this had to do with Wendy’s ever moving tongue in Venus’ perfectly smooth and beautiful pussy.  Using the shaving brush and the foam from the shaving mug again I put down a layer of lather on Venus’ remaining stubble. 

I picked up the tripled bladed razor again and slowly started to drag it through the blonde stubble. As I made the first sweep with the razor Venus screamed, “Don’t stop until you have made me a bald headed beauty.”  I guess my clipper and shaving work had more of effect on Venus than Wendy’s tongue work with Venus screaming that out. 

Once I had shaved the right side of Venus’ head I lathered it again.  This didn’t go unnoticed by Venus.  “What are you doing?  You have already shaved my head once.” 

“Making sure it is absolutely smooth for your first time on stage,” 

Her lovely face lit up as I slow pulled the razor through the white foamy one last
time. The razor left no trace of stubble behind.  I twisted and turned Venus’ shapely shaven head this way and that way to make sure I got every trace of blonde stubble.  Twenty minutes later her head was completely devoid of the long blonde hair she walked in with, she was truly a bald goddess. 

I lightly oiled her head and massaged it in.  She moaned during the whole process.  I could see I was turning her on as much as Wendy.  Five minutes later I finished wiping her slick skull clean, Venus’ shapely head and scalp under the dressing room lights. 

Just as I finishing up with Venus when Silky Smooth strutted off the stage.  As she walked through the door, she was caring her scarlet wig in her left hand; she dropped the wig to the floor. Venus was getting ready to walked out the door and onto the stage to do her first dance number as a bald stripper. 

Looking at her new image in the mirror Venus revealed to me her other stage name,” Just think last week I was dancing under the name, Lady Godiva and from now on I am going to be known as Venus Calva.” 

To be continued

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