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Dave, is 37, he is a tattooist, he has a parlour on the seafront at Blackpool and he makes a very good living. The trade is very seasonal, the summer and autumn months were always busy but the winter and Spring period was quiet. Dave owns two houses, adjoining terraced properties just round the corner from his parlour, and because he makes a very good living from the tattoo business it allows him to let a live in manageress (Mandy) run the boarding houses. Mandy gets a reasonable wage and free lodgings; in return Dave gets the money from twelve rooms. It works out very well and the money that is being saved has given Dave a tidy nest egg.

It was eleven thirty on that June evening, Dave was in the “Dutton’s arms”, a pub on the seafront, when he noticed a young pale skinned lady with long blonde hair and a slim well proportioned body standing at the end of the bar, she looked as though she was about 20 to 21 years old. She looked upset and worried. Dave watched for five minutes when eventually his curiosity got the better of him. He asked her if she was okay and would she like a drink, she said that her name was Kim and she would love a drink. They sat talking and after several drinks she explained that she was from the West Midlands, and she had come to Blackpool with her boyfriend that day and had fallen out with her parents because they were apposed to the boyfriend and the trip. They told her that if she went on holiday then she wouldn’t be allowed back. Her ex-boyfriend ended up being a total loser and she had learnt that he had been two timing her and he had gone off with another girl that morning and now she had nowhere to go, nowhere to stay and her ex had taken all of her money. Dave listened intently and after a short while he raised his hand to the barman, and the barman brought over another two drinks. As the evening wore on Dave said that he owned his own B and B and if Kim wanted, she could stay there for the night. Kim was unsure, but had little choice and accepted. Dave phoned Mandy and told her to expect a new guest and to give her a good breakfast in the morning. Dave walked Kim to the B and B and she was shown to her own room by Mandy. That night Kim cried and cried, how could she have been so stupid to have trusted her ex boyfriend and fallen out with her parents.

It was eight o clock in the morning when Kim heard the “gong” calling all guests down for breakfast, she quickly washed and dressed and went downstairs for breakfast, she was met by Mandy, who showed her to a table and brought in a large pot of tea and soon after a full English breakfast. Mandy finished her breakfast and waited for the other guests to leave and started to talk to Mandy. Mandy explained how Dave had taken her in and given a home and a job in return for running the B + B, she explained how Dave had trained her and now she was Dave’s full time manageress. 

Dave was outlining a large tribal piece on a guys shoulder and upper arm when Kim walked in. Kim could see Dave behind a low barrier and watched as he carefully changed the whole detail of some guys arm and shoulder as the thin black liner were drove into his skin. It was an hour and a quarter when Dave cleaned the guys arm and shoulder and applied Vaseline and wrapped cling film around it. The guy booked in for the same time the following week but this time Dave said he would need a three hour session. Dave smiled at Kim and asked her how she felt, Kim walked to Dave, hugged him, gave him a kiss on his cheek and said “thank you”. Between tattoo customers Kim and Dave talked and talked and they both realised that got on like a house on fire. Dave asked if she was going home, but Kim just sank her head and explained that her parents were very controlling and if she went back so soon then they would make her life hell. Dave asked Kim if she would like to help him at the parlour and in return she would get a few weeks’ free lodgings and if she was really lucky he would give her a free tattoo. Kim wasn’t so sure about the tattoo but the idea of a few weeks free lodgings pleased her, it would give Kim a chance to come up with an alternative plan. Kim agreed to help and thanked Dave. 

It had been three weeks since that day and Kim had now got used to using the autoclave, ordering spare body piercing jewellery and even helping Dave with bookings. This gave Dave more time to concentrate on the tattooing, which at £70 an hour made him very happy. Dave and Kim got on very well and one evening Dave asked Kim if he could give her a tattoo. Kim was unsure, she hadn’t ever had a tattoo before, but Dave said that he wanted to give her a small tattoo on the side of her hand, some small tribal design that crept onto her wrist. He said that it would be good for business because if some ladies came in and saw the design it would help sell even more tattoos. Kim was quiet for a while and pondered the idea and realised that if she said no and Dave got the hump then she would be homeless again. Kim realised that she had little option and so reluctantly looked at Dave and said that she would love a tattoo! Dave smiled and cleaned her left wrist and hand, gently shaving the tiny little hairs away. Dave got a stencil and applied it to her wet hand; he positioned it and gently pressed it home. Dave rubbed the stencil and after thirty seconds he removed it, leaving the purple outline. The pattern was intertwining bands that reached from the first crease of her wrist to the first joint of her little finger, it was larger than Kim had expected and she realised that it would be very bold. Dave picked up the lining machine, placed a three needle in and dipped the needle into the black ink. As Dave’s foot hit the pedal to start the machine, Kim’s heart was pounding. The first sting of the needle was extreme, but Kim held still, carefully the outline was worked on with the realisation that forever more she would be a tattooed lady. Dave worked on the outline and then changed the needle for a magnum, (a needle that had fifteen fine needles) and started to fill in the empty spaces. The Black was easily deposited into her hand and whilst Dave was tattooing her he started talking of how he would like her to stay and become trained as a tattoo artist. He needed to grow business and if she wanted she could become an artist and he would rent out a chair to her and she would end up with a trade behind her and more important it would give her independence. Kim couldn’t believe it, all she could think of was spending more time with Dave. Kim said she would love the opportunity and as Dave cleaned up her hand he picked up a second stencil and started to shave Kim’s right hand. “What are you doing?” Kim asked and Dave just smiled and said she needed to be balanced and continued applying the stencil. Kim’s mind was in a whirl, she hadn’t said she wanted a second tattoo but for some reason she didn’t argue.  As Dave was working on her right hand Kim kept inspecting her left hand and realised how large it was, what could she do, what could she say, she liked the tattoo but she didn’t want to upset Dave. Once Dave was finished he cleaned both hands and took a photo for the album, Dave then applied Vaseline and wrapped them with cling film. He said the cling film was sterile and kept the air away from the tattoo until the body’s own defence mechanism kicked in. Dave said they looked great and that they should go out for a drink and something to eat later.

They sat a table and the waited took the orders for the drinks and handed them a menu each, but as he the waiter let the menu go he noticed the tattoos on Kim’s hands, the waiter said nothing but Kim noticed his looks. Kim was of the nature where anything out of the norm worried her, she liked the repetition of daily life but instead of being upset about the attention she actually got a little excited and started to raise her hands to her face a little more than normal just to show off her new ink, Dave realised that she liked the attention.
Dave was pleased because he hadn’t told Kim, but he had plans developing in his mind, he realised that if he could tattoo Kim with the latest designs then she would be a walking advertisement for the shop. 

The training continued, Kim got better and Dave registered her as a trainer with the local health authority. Kim was happy, she had gone from a situation of being hopeless to a situation where she was being trained up as a tattooist, had a home and she loved it. 

The weeks passed, the range of tattoo that Kim tattooed started to change, she was gaining valuable experience and she started doing small but complete tattoos. Dave would watch her and talk her through what she needed to do and it was becoming obvious they were becoming closer. 

It was mid August when Dave and Kim started a conversation about candy skull tattoos, Dave said that they were the latest up and coming must have tattoo. They did Google searches and spent ages drawing down designs. Eventually Kim purchased the makeup to do the makeup designs in as realistic style as possible. She started to paint the candy skulls on Dave and Dave on Kim, they would take photos, pick out the best parts and redo the paintings until they literally had the best design they could think of. Dave even encouraged Kim to wear the candy skulls to work, which of course she did. There was something about Kim that turned Dave on every time he saw her made up with the painted on facial candy skull, eventually one late evening after Kim had been painted, Dave placed his finger under her chin and kissed her, Kim didn’t pull away, instead she slowly gave Dave a long deep kiss and soon they were on the bed making love. The painting sessions continued along with love making, but soon Dave was starting to fantasize about tattooing a candy skull on Kim. 

Dave was working away on a customer when he said to Kim that he would love to tattoo a candy skull on Kim, Kim smiled and said why not? Later that day Dave and Kim were chatting when Dave dropped the bomb shell, he wanted to tattoo a candy skull over Kim’s own face. Kim said “no way” and they had a massive argument, Dave didn’t speak to Kim for nearly two days when finally he sat her down and poured his heart out. He explained that the tattoo would be fantastic and that the thought of it turned him on so much that he could explode, but also as important it would be one hell of an advertisement for their business. “Their business” Kim said, it was Dave’s business, but Dave said that as far as he was concerned they were partners in business and in life. This took Kim by surprise but she still said no. After another two days Dave eventually convinced her to wear the face painting for a month and if she still didn’t want it he would stop asking, Kim reluctantly agreed.

The following day Dave spent an hour painting Kim’s face, Kim knew this was wrong because how could she convince him she didn’t want it when she had agreed to a month of extreme facial makeup and it would only feed Daves desire. Dave made sure Kim walked to and from work and he would retouch the makeup throughout the day. The days passed and slowly but surely Kim started to get used to the makeup, she would even start touching it up herself. Four weeks had passed with Kim making subtle changes until she had the best design that she and Dave could come up with. Dave announced that they were going out to celebrate the end of the month in makeup, but Kim must wear it one last time. They went to their local pub “the Dutton’s arms” and Dave started talking on how they had first met and how he had helped her and how he had slowly but surely fell in love with her. Kim responded that she loved Dave but was scared of something so dramatic, so permanent, but Dave simply smiled and said that Kim had worn the makeup for a month and the last two weeks she hadn’t even mentioned it. Dave held her two hands and he asked her again, “please Kim, will you let me do it?” Kim was silent, she looked down at the floor and after a few moments she raised her head, looked Dave in the eyes and said “okay!” The night was soon over as Dave got down on one knee and asked Kim to marry him, Kim was shocked at first but soon said yes. 

Dave cancelled all appointments for the following Friday. That day Dave had all his appointments cancelled and he took Kim to the studio and started to freehand a design on her face. The design had been done by Dave dozens of times, he started with the forehead. Dave shaved about an inch of hair from Kim’s forehead, then he started drawing the lines, the pattern was simple starting as high as he could just wide above the outside edge of each eye and coming down to a curved concave  three quarters of an inch above the top of her nose. Dave then drew in cobwebs and after a little more touching up he picked up the lining machine and started to tattoo. Kim sat there with her eyes closed and tears started to run down her cheeks. Dave saw this but he just carried on lining. The web was drawn in and Dave had made the web strands about 3mm wide, and the horizontal links were tattooed as if they were drooping. Dave then cleaned Kim’s forehead and applied a little Vaseline, next he shaved Kim’s eyebrows’ off and drew circles around Kim’s eyes, the circles reached just under Kim’s eyebrow line and the centres were centred around her eyes. Dave then drew a pattern of sloping upwards and inwards half oval all the way round the outer edge of the large circle and then repeated this on the other eye. Dave then studied the pattern for a few moments and then started outlining the pattern again, except this time he used a fine needle on the inner circle and again made the sloping half ovals about 2mm wide. Dave then drew an upside down heart starting at the base of the web and down onto the centre of her nose and stopping where the centre of her eyes begun. Kim’s nose was tattooed with the outline of a shape that looked like an Ace of spades except the top was split so as to go down the sides of her nose, the side lines reached the part where her nose rested on her face and then down underneath the bottom of her nose and the dropped into a arrow point on her philtrum. Dave then changed the needles to a magnum (14 needles) and started to colour in her eyes, he started on the eyes right against the upper lash line, slowly he coloured the line and then worked upwards and then the underside. Kim couldn’t see what colours were used but the tears had long stopped. Dave completed both eyes and commented that Kim would probably need touching up, he then changed colour and then started on the sloping half ovals. Once these were finished Dave started on her nose, this made Kim squirm with pain, but still Dave drove the ink in. 

Dave again cleaned her and applied Vaseline and sat back and said that, that was enough for one day. Dave passed Kim a mirror and slowly she raised it to see her reflection. Kim was shocked; the cobweb was huge and thick and took up all of the forehead space. The eyes were swollen and coloured in with a dark purple, all purple, complete. Two large purple circles surrounded with a pattern of bright light purple sloping half circles outlined in black. Her nose was jet black and at the top Kim had an upside down bright red heart. Kim couldn’t speak, she was dumbstruck. Dave helped Kim stand up and they walked home. There was silence until they were in bed, and Kim just said “make love to me” and Dave did, three times, Dave was insatiable, he was so turned on but soon Kim was lost in sex and temporarily forgotten about the facial markings. Kim had the Saturday off from the tattoo parlour, she just stayed at home and spent the day talking to Mandy and looking in the mirror. Sunday morning Kim was taken to the parlour again and Dave drew on the side of her face, carefully he drew a line that followed her jaw line, starting high on her cheek and curving down to the end of her lip, Dave then repeated this on the other cheek. The tattooing was agony, b
ut still she held still. Slowly Dave tattooed the line from a sharp point and slowly widening until it reached her lip and was about 3mm thick. The line ended with two little tails that led into her lip shape above and below. Once both sides were done Dave then tattooed vertical lines above and below and through her lips, these were wide in the centre but gradually reduced until they reached the ends.

Dave picked up a pre-prepared stencil and placed it on her chin, and spent the next hour completing it. Kim’s chin had a rose with leaves both sides tattooed on it, centred right where the dimple would have been. 

Kim studied her face and she said that the lines on her jaw weren’t dark enough and the line could be a little wider where it reached her mouth. Kim had accepted the change and realised that if she was to have the tattoo then it should be perfect. Dave said that he would have to leave her face now for a few weeks to give it a chance to heal before he continued. This puzzled Kim because she thought it was finished, but Dave said no there was still a lot to do. Kim asked what was left to do, but Dave just said that she would find out. 

Kim stared at her face, she was a freak, a tattooed candy faced freak, but the more she looked the more she liked it. She realised that it was her from now on and she had to make the most of it. The tattoo healed slowly and eventually was totally healed. People came into the shop just to see Kim and even had a tattoo just to say that she had done it.

It was six weeks later when Dave said that she was ready for the next stage, he had Kim lay down and set up his equipment, all he set up was the magnum and a tub of white ink. Once again Dave started on Kim’s forehead, slowly he started shading in-between the webs and then down the temples. The tattooing went slow but eventually Dave reached Kim’s cheeks, these seemed to go quicker, but for some reason Dave kept the tattoo forwards of her ears, and before too long Dave was driving the ink under Kim’s nose. He hadn’t had a break and asked if Kim wanted one, but she didn’t. She just wanted the tattoo finished; she had actually resigned herself to the fact that it would be better when it was finished. It took Dave just over four hours to complete but when it was done, Dave just sat back and smiled, he knew it was an excellent piece of work. The white worked as a background and set the darker colour off magnificently. As Dave studied her face he told Kim to stay there and Dave poured some ink into a pot, changed to a lining needle and started to tattoo her lips, first Dave started tattooing in the cupids bow and slowly worked outwards and soon he was completing her bottom lip, then Dave got some more ink and cleaned the magnum and started tattooing Kim’s lips, he carefully filled in all the gaps until all the lips were coloured. Dave cleaned Kim’s face and applied a light coating of Vaseline and gave Kim a mirror. As Kim raised the mirror the first thing she noticed was the white background, and how it made the black lines contrast. She looked at her lips and she saw bright red lips, lined with a brown line and vertical black lines, they looked stunning, she looked at Dave and said “WOW, its fantastic”, what’s next? Dave couldn’t believe his ears, he had tattooed a young lady’s entire face and she wanted more! Dave had Kim keep still as he wrapped cling film twice around her face and gently snipped two holes for her to breath. Dave had to lead Kim back home by the hand and that night they just lay in each others arms. The following morning the cling film was removed, Kim showered and the cling film re-applied but this time with two extra holes foe her eyes. She didn’t eat that day and the following morning the tattoo was left open to the air and kept covered with a light coating of Vaseline.

Dave had been sketching different things but wouldn’t let Kim see them and after a week he started cutting pieces of paper to fit from the top of Kim’s head down to her chin, with cut-outs for her ears and slots to allow for the curvature of her head. Dave kept sketching and sketching until after three weeks Kim was starting to lose her scabs and was ready for the next ink addition. Dave warned her that it was going to be extreme but Kim just laughed and said what could be more extreme than having your whole face tattooed as a candy skull? Dave just smiled and said “well I did warn you!” 

Dave took Kim to the barbers that he used and Kim looked a little surprised but soon realised that Dave was going to tattoo her scalp. The stares from the customers and staff were extreme but Kim had long got used to this and when the barber asked what Dave would like Dave looked at him and said “make hep bald!” Kim walked to the chair, her shoulder length blond hair was pulled from under the cape and the barber asked Kim if she was sure, “Kim nodded” and the barber turned on the clippers, slowly he started at the nape going upwards and then outwards, the hair falling down past her shoulders onto the floor. Kim could feel cold spots of air as the baldness spread eventually her whole head was down to no grade and was just a mass of tiny stubble. The barber then walked away and returned with a small bowl and wetted Kim’s scalp with warm water and then lashed it. He pulled out a cut throat razor and starting at the top of her forehead started dragging backwards, each time washing the residue off and every few minutes sharpening the razor on a long leather belt. Kim’s head was dried and Dave paid and they left the shop, as they did Kim felt an adrenalin rush like she had never had before as the realised that if Dave was going to tattoo her head then he would want her to keep her head shaved. When they arrived home Dave had Kim sit down and Dave fetched a small bottle of something and put on rubber gloves and started rubbing the lotion in to Kim’s bare scalp, “what is it?” she asked and Dave said that it slowed hair growth a little and that it would let Dave work for longer without having to worry about stubble. After the lotion had soaked in for 15 minutes Dave fetched a small jar and warned Kim that it would sting a little. As he pasted the paste onto Kim’s with a wooden spatula she could feel parts of her head start to warm up and once her entire scalp was covered Dave had to hold her hand because it hurt so much. Half an hour later Dave led Kim to the bathroom and showered the paste from her head. Her head was left red and blotchy, but after three days this settled down. Dave didn’t tattoo Kim, instead he waited four weeks until the stubble had started to grow, the stubble was much finer and sparse than Kim expected but the process with the hair inhibitor was repeated and the following day Dave took Kim down to the parlour and told her to sit down. Dave marked the dead centre of Kim’s head and fetched out the stencil, it was long and about four inches in width and firstly Dave checked it for alignment and he stood directly in front of her and sprayed Kim’s head with water. Carefully he took the stencil and held it with his grip at the two most outer parts of the stencil and slowly lowered the stencil, as he did he would move both sides down at the same time and carefully over the ears and down until the bottom two pieces touched. Dave patted the stencil and waited, as he lifted the lower edges pulling downwards and then side wards until just the top was left he studied the placement and pattern and said to Kim “Kim, this is going to be awesome!” Kim still didn’t know what the pattern was but just sat there as Dave got his lining machine and started on the second phase of Kim’s makeover. The outlining didn’t hurt at all on the top of her head and this went very quickly, as Dave started down the sides Kim started to wince a little, she could feel her head vibrate and she could feel Dave working down and from front to back on her head. The first session lasted three hours and Dave stopped and made a cup of warm sugary tea for Kim, he gave her a fifteen minute break a
nd started the second session. Ass Dave got towards the lower part of her cheeks the pain felt different again and as he got on her neck the pain got much sharper. The second session lasted for four and a quarter hours, Dave was surprised by this, Kim had taken what most men wouldn’t be able to handle and she hadn’t complained once. Dave took a sore Kim back home and within minutes she was asleep, she had been through a lot but had a very restless night. The following morning Kim awoke at five thirty, the soreness of the tattoo had woken her, as she sat up, she reached for her head only to feel the touch of cling film. Kim still didn’t know what was tattooed on her scalp and couldn’t see through the cling film. She was sore and very tired, she wanted to sleep but was too sore. Mandy brought Kim breakfast and Kim ate it all and Dave said “get dressed because he was going to complete the tattoo today!” They walked into the shop at eight thirty and Dave gave Kim a couple of pills to swallow, Kim asked what they were and Dave said they would help. Kim swallowed the pills and five minutes later she was sound asleep.

Kim didn’t stir at all that day and it was the following afternoon when she awoke. Because Kim had been asleep for so long, Dave had been able to complete the tattoo, and a little more. When Kim stood up she was very uneasy on her feet and wobbled, her mouth was very dry and her head very sore. She walked to the mirror but again couldn’t see the detail, but Dave removed the cling film and Kim saw her new tattoo for the first time. Behind the bright tattooed face of the candy skull was what appeared to be large inch wide gaping wounds that seemed to have metal clasps pulling the skin backwards to reveal a bloodied gap that circled her face, The wound was very realistic and had traced of blood oozing out and you could see veins and tissue in it. As she moved her head she could see the metal clasps stretch backwards and were grabbing onto another edge at the rear side of her head only this time she couldn’t see the detail so she asked Dave to hold a mirror up behind her, as he did Kim could see that she had no skull bone, it looked like a large section had been removed and the metal clasps were clinging onto the edge and pulling her face backwards. Then she noticed the hole, she could see her brain, Dave had tattooed a fuckin’ brain on her. Kim’s legs went, and Dave caught her, he carried her back to bed and he dressed the tattoo again and Kim slept. Kim didn’t speak to Dave at all for two days, she was not upset with him, but she was too shocked at her own appearance. It had dawned on her that she was a walking sideshow and things wouldn’t stop here, It had been weeks since the tattoo and Kim’s hair showed no sign of growing back, the tattoo was brilliantly vibrant and unbelievably realistic, and as usual Kim had started to flaunt her look. She had appeared on two chat shows, made national news and earnt herself a nice little fortune from the woman’s magazines. Dave and Kim grew closer and closer and their fantasies grew at an equally fast pace. 

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