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I went to Janet’s house on that friday morning to help her with some furniture moving and when she opened her front door I was instantly happy,  she was wearing a long silky black skirt, slippers and her mauve mohair long cardigan over the top of a polonecked fluffy blue mohair jumper,  she was short fat and nicely rounded everywhere,  Her chestnut brown bobbed hair was put into plaits, one each side of her head and each plait had a mauve bow that matched her cardigan, her plaits were thick and about 12″ long, she peered over her glasses at me and invited me in. 

She wanted to move lots of furniture in the lounge and then rearrange the bedrooms upstairs, I was happy to help,  her fluffy mohair really turned me on. Several times janet brushed up against me,  her warm fuzzy handknitted cardigan was gorgeous, I wanted to hold her and rub my hands all over it and I wanted to hold janet by her sexy plaits. more and more I was turned on by her as we moved her things around her lounge. my cock was getting harder by the minute.


As we finished the moving of her furniture, she stood in front of me and unbuttoned her cardigan and took it off.  Hang my cardy on the back of the chair, she asked me and handed it straight to me. Janet then turned her back to me and I lifted her cardy up to my face and kissed it, it was so fluffy and warm, I rubbed it over my face quickly while she wasn’t looking then hung it on the back of her chair. I stood there leaning on the chair caressing her cardigan with my fingers looking at her arranging her table. Now I could see her blue mohair jumper much better. It was long polonecked and very fluffy, Janet in baby blue mohair. I wanted her.


Then janet was placing her books and magazines on her table and in the rack at the side of her sofa. she was bent right over in front of me. her fluffy fat arse was sticking out, her plaits hung down and then I grabbed her quickly, pushing her over the sofa. I pulled her long skirt up and slid my hand down the front of her white lacy knickers. I could feel her pussy hair as I pulled her knickers down. I pushed my knee in between her legs and forced my hard cock inside her. I held both of janets plaits as I fucked her over her sofa. I buryed my face into her mohair jumper and kissed it. She could go nowhere as I slowly fucked her. janet in mohair, a dream come true for me.


She couldn’t move or go anywhere, I was too strong for her. I pulled off my tee shirt and managed to grab her mauve cardy from behind me. As I fucked her I pulled her cardigan onto me and buttoned it up. I was leaning over her rubbing her baby blue mohair jumper with her soft handknitted cardy that  I now had on. I don’t think I had ever been that turned on. both of us mohaired, my cock right up inside her and I put her plait into my mouth and closed my lips around her thick chestnut brown hair. And that was all too much, I finally shot all my hot cum inside her. Janet in mohair I was shouting out as I slammed my cock inside her.


Then it was over, I had forced myself onto janet and fucked her.  I stood there, my trousers around my ankles, my cock dripping spunk and her mauve mohair cardy buttoned up onto me. You fucking pervert she shouted, I’m calling the police, you will get 5 years for raping me you bastard. Please no, I begged her, I’m so sorry I lost control, I knelt in front of her begging her not to phone the police, Maybe theres another way to punish you she said. I’m sure I can think of something.


She looked up at her clock, it was 10.30.  My hairdresser is coming at 12 she informed me and I think its time you had a good haircut. Oh no please, not my hair I begged janet. she would have none of it. I want to watch you get your hair cut short then shaved off all over she shouted.That’ll be a good punishment for your perverted behavior today. I had no choice, jail or a headshave. I was going to lose all my long hair Janet’s way.


She sat me in her dining chair in the middle of the room wearing her mauve mohair cardigan. Using 3 scarves she tied my wrists to the chair and gagged me.

My long hair hung down around me. When my hairdresser arrives she told me I was to ask her to shave my head completely bald. My ponytail was to be cut off for janet to keep and I was told to ask for a grade 0 buzzcut all over. So I sat there bound and gagged and mohaired watching the clock waiting for the hairdresser to arrive, knowing I had no choice but to have all my hair shaved off or Janet was going to call the police.


At 11.50, Janet saw the hairdressers car pull up outside. Make it convincing she warned me. I was untied and ungagged and I sat there about to be shaved bald.

I could hear Janet asking if her hairdresser could do a quick buzzcut, of course I heard her say, I havent got another appointment until 2. my fate was sealed.

They both walked in , Janet’s hairdresser was a mature large lady with a short grey wide bob haircut, she looked severe and scary. I just grinned at her in an embarassed way. Oh yes she said you do need a good haircut. We can soon sort out your long girly hair for you. Its been as long time since you had your ears exposed. Yes I said.

Janet brought the coffee in for her friend. I was now caped and ready. Janet watched as my long hair was put into a ponytail. She smiled at me. Bye bye long hair I know she was thinking. Head forward, her hairdresser said, my chin touched my chest. I heard her open and snip the scissors together. She snapped her long scissors into my lovely hair, I counted the cuts, 5 snips was all it took. My shortened hair fell forward and she lifted up my shorn off hair. I’ll have that said Janet

she was holding my ponytail in her hands, her trophy, my punishment.


Right, lets buzz off all this mess the hairdresser laughed at me. Janet just sat on the sofa. playing with my long ponytail waiting for my headshave. Head forward, I was told. The clippers buzzed into life. I hadn’t been clippered since school, I was trembling with fear. Keep still Janet’s hairdresser barked at me. I knew she was going to enjoy shaving my head as much as Janet was. She pushed her clippers up the back of my head and shaved right to the top. My hair started to fall into my lap in front of me. It fell onto Janet’s mauve mohair cardigan.


She was so quick, janet sat smirking on her sofa as my head was clippered to grade 0 in lines all over the back. So much hair fell. She gripped my head and tipped me to her left, it exposed my right side to her buzzing hair strippers and in what felt like just a few seconds, all the right side of my head was stripped as bare as the back. She drove her wide clippers all around my ear and shaved my hair forward so it fell in front of me. I was half cropped short and half clippered in about 3 minutes


Then she stopped for a drink of her coffee. I can shave you properly after this is all off she said.  Yes Janet said, that’ll look so good, a proper wet shaving.

I couldn’t say anything, they had already decided my hairs fate. I was going to get razored bald after my clippering. The hairdresser fired up the clippers again, she pushed my head forward and shaved the top of my head in lines. All my lovely hair fell into my lap, the pile was so big. Janet watched intently as the last of my hair was buzzed off from the left of my head. There we go, all gone the cruel hairdresser announced. Oh thats much better janet said. It was far too long.


My beautiful long thick hair was gone, I had a grade
0 skinhead. The hairdresser sprayed a ball of foam on the top of my scalp and smeared it all over my hairless head. It felt horrible. Janet continued to play with my ponytail in front of me. The hairdresser readied her razor. Right, don’t move at all, she barked.

I was too scared to move. I sat there hairless, about to be razored bald and staring at a massive pile of my hair all over my lap and on Janet’s carpet.


Then she started, gripping my head with her left hand and tipping me forward, she swiped the razor down the top of my head, I hated the feel and the sound of her scraping my scalp, I was going to be totally smooth and bald headed really soon. She finished the top and then did the sides. She squeezed my ears together and wet razored all around them. I hated that too. Her left hand spanned the top of my white bald head, Chin on chest she laughed,  nearly finished. Then she shaved the back bare like the top and sides and it was over. The clock showed 9 minutes from start to finish. Long haired to bald so very quickly and without a choice. It was a severe punishment for what I had done.


Thats a proper haircut, they were laughing. much better, Janet said. Too long and girly before, the hairdresser remarked. Right, up you get janet said. I stood up.

my hair fell from my lap onto the carpet. Janet gave me my ponytail to hold as she took her place in the chair. Sit on the sofa she said. I did. I sat there, white and bald headed holding my severed ponytail wearing Janet’s mauve mohair cardigan.


Bob as usual, the hairdresser asked janet. No she said, I want a nice short pixie cut for the summer. Oh no. I couldn’t believe what she said. I loved Janet’s chestnut brown bobbed hair and she was going to have it cut off. How short do you want to go. Very said Janet, just leave an inch and shave the back and sides high. I watched in horror as Janet’s plaits were scissored off. she sat there, caped, holding both of them as her hair was cropped with scissors shorter and shorter.


Then Janet was clippered too, around the sides and half way up the back, It was so short. She too had quite a pile of hair in her lap. Her beautiful hair I had abused earlier was gone, It was such a short crop. I had never seen Janet’s hair that short before and she did it because of me. I was heartbroken and bald. Janet’s bob had gone. Oh I like that she said as her hairdresser held up the mirror, I watched Janet running her fingers up her buzzed nape. Ohh that feels nice she laughed. Then she stood up too. her hair fell to the floor on top of mine.


Janet got her purse and paid for the haircuts. £20 was all it cost. I had lost all my long beautiful blonde hair against my will and Janet was short cropped, all in half an hour and so cheap.  Then she left, Janet showed her out, She didn’t even talk to me, she shaved my head without any mercy in such a forced way. I touched my shaven head for the first time as Janet walked back in. That’ll teach you wont it, Janet shouted to me. I burst into tears as she stood in front of me and rubbed her fingers over my bald shiny white head.


Sorry Janet I sobbed. I loved your beautiful bob. I know she said. Thats why I had it cut off, to punish you. Janet pulled my bald head into her fluffy baby blue mohair jumper. She rubbed the fluffy mohair over my shaven bald head. You should of told me that you liked me in mohair she said, we could both of kept our hair long and had some fluffy fun. I cried more. You needed punishing for what you did to me she said and losing your hair is the best punishment. Everyone will see you bald she laughed, but only I will know why you suddenly went long haired to headshaved.


Get up she shouted. I stood up. She handed me my shorn off ponytail and both her lovely thick brown plaits, still adorned with the mauve bows that matched her lovely handknitted soft fuzzy cardigan, that I had been forced to wear for my punishment headshave. Bring them and follow me she barked. I followed Janet up her stairs and into her bedroom. She took the shorn off hair and put it in a drawer. Get on the bed she shouted, on your back and spread your arms and legs.


I obeyed Janet immediately, I lay on her bed and let her strap both my wrists and ankles to her bedposts. I’m going to be the first one to fuck you as I rub your bald head she said, laughing. She went to her wardrobe and got out her crean aran fluffy long cardigan. The last time I went on holiday she said I know you wore this because it smelt of you and you had folded it differently to the way I do.  I had to admit to wearing her cardy a few months before. I trusted you with my key she said and you abused that too. Sorry Janet I said again and again. She stood there and dressed in her gorgeous handknitted thick fuzzy aran cardigan that I loved so much. I watched her button it up over the top of her blue mohair jumper.


I couldnt believe how short her hair had been cut and clippered, she was shorn like never before. Then Janet climbed onto the bed and straddled my mohaired body. My cock was throbbing and standing up, pushing her mauve mohair cardigan up too, she released my cock and sat onto it. It slid straight inside her.

Janet leaned forward and grabbed my freshly shaven head as she fucked me. I couldnt move anywhere. I have always hated your long hair she told me and I loved watching you caped in my chair wincing as it all got cut and clippered off. And I know you hated every moment watching me get my bob cut off.


It was true, Janet knew all my secrets and she planed to hold them against me. She sat on me abusing my balded head and fucking me in her mauve cardy.

I didnt last long at all. I shot all my load in her again. She laughed at me afterwards, lying on her bed bald, mohaired and restrained. She sat there next to me and put a brush through her shortened hair. I think I will keep it short from now on she told me, I quite like it now, its so short and sexy. and I know you hate it.


I did hate it, I loved Janet’s soft sleek chestnut brown bobbed hair so much and it was all gone, it was in her drawer along with my beautiful long ponytail. Don’t think your punishment is over yet baldie Janet said, I want you kept shaven from now on. You will come here on a Friday every week and I will shave you myself. You need to buy me a set of clippers, razors and foam she told me. Then I might keep your little fetishes to myself. I had to agree with her. I had no choice again. Jail or a bald head.


Janet kept me tied to her bed for the rest of the afternoon. She had placed the mirror on her dressing table so I could see my refection as a reminder. I lay there unable to move with my white shiny hairless head staring at me in her mirror. The fluffy mauve mohair cardigan I loved Janet wearing so much was stuck to me.

I was so hot, bits of my hair stuck to the cardigan irittated me, the mohair cardy was so itchy on my skin and balded head. And I couldnt do anything about it.


Downstairs Janet hoovered the carpet and our hair was in the rubbish bin, just a memory now and only Janet and I knew why. Later she came and sat next to me on the bed. I threw away your tee shirt so you will have to wear my cardigan home wont you she told me. Yes I agreed, and you can wait until its dark and cold to leave because I want you to feel your shaved head outside later as you walk home. You’ll really feel your head is razored bald then she laughed, but dont worry, I can keep you body warm.


Janet got her knitting bag and found a ball of mauve mohair. She spent the rest of the afternoon sewing the cardigan onto my body tightly. She sewed up the collar right around my
neck, she bound the buttons so they couldnt be opened and she spent ages sewing down my arms to tighten up the sleeves. Then she closed the cardy around my legs and groin and sewed it all together. Its going to take you hours to unpick all of this later, isnt it she laughed. You’ll be sitting on your bed crying over your new bald head trying to get my cardy off and you’ll know Janet punished you properly and why, and its only the beginning too.


And it was just the beginning. When it was dark, I was untied and sent home. trainers, trousers and the mauve mohair cardigan was all Janet would let me wear.

I walked home so quickly, my balded head was cold and bare and it felt so abused. I hated it. I couldnt bare to touch it. In 9 minutes I had all my beautiful long hair cut clippered and wet razored off against my will as Janets punishment fot what I did to her and for getting caught wearing her cardigan.

I did sit on my bed when I got home, crying over losing my long hair, I hated my balded head and I unpicked the mauve mohair cardigan, it took so long to release myself from inside it. I rubbed my face into it, it smelt like Janet, I thought about her horrible croped haircut, I was so devastated her bob was gone.

I could see my white shiny smooth hairless head in my mirror and all I could think about was my long ponytail that Janet now had in her dressing table drawer

along with her beautiful chestnut brown thick plaits with the mauve bows I had watched getting chopped off.


The following morning Janet sent me a text telling me to be at her house the following friday at 10 am and to bring the clippers razors and her cardigan back.

I did what she wanted, again I had no choice, she knew my secrets. Get inside baldie was all she said when I arrived. Janet marched me to the chair again and demanded I strip naked. She dressed me into her cream aran cardigan, you had long hair last time you wore this didnt you she laughed. I was buttoned inside then tied to the chair with the scarves.


Janet dressed herself in the baby blue mohair poloneck jumper and buttoned the mauve mohair cardy onto herself too. Then she unpacked the bag I had brought with me. She readied the set of clippers, plugging them straight in and removing the guard. The razors and foam were lined up on the table in front of me, ready to go. Get used to this baldie, Janet said turning on the new clippers. Then she clippered my head in a haphazard way, just shaving wherever she wanted.

Again I cryed as my head was shaved bare.


Janet just laughed as she humiliated me with the ultimate buzzcut again. Then I was caped with a small white towel and my head was covered with the shaving foam I had brought. Then Janet slow wet razored me, the top first, then the back and sides. I hated every moment of her razoring me bald and shiny headed again.

My smooth head was dryed and oiled all over, my hands were tied behind my back and Janet made me kneel in front of her mirror to see my reflection.

Balded as punishment Janet told me, dressed in grannys fluffy cream aran cardigan and humiliated and I was. Janet’s way.


She stood over me wearing her jumper and cardigan that I loved so much, Janets fluffy mohair, Her hair so short and cropped, it looked so wrong, a boycut on Janet, Her gorgeous bob gone forever. she pulled my balded head into her cardigan and rubbed it across my shaven dome.Fridays are bald days now and forever

Janet told me, and only we’ll know why. And I like my short crop too, so its staying like this from now on. My Janet bobbed in her cardigans fantasy was also

gone forever. I hated that so much. Then Janet marched me upstairs to her bedroom at the top of the house.

She sat in front of me on her bed playing with her severed plaits and my lovely long blonde ponytail teasing me, as I knelt bald headed in her cardigan and tied tight, then she released me and lay on her bed fluffy in her mohair handknits and with her hair short cropped like a school boy. Come and fuck me baldie in a cardigan she laughed and I couldn’t fuck Janet fast enough, I slid inside her hairy pussy and she grabbed my white balded head, I rubbed her aran cardigan she forced me to wear for my headshaving onto her mauve mohair cardigan and immediately shot my hot cum deep inside her.  she just laughed at me and sent me home bald and humiliated in her cardigan again. 


Janet always sends me home on Fridays wearing a feminine aran, mohair or wool jumper or cardigan, she works in the local charity shop and always has many different handknits to dress me in for my public humiliation. And I am so bald all the time, she doesn’t call me by my name anymore, I’m just baldie in a cardigan now.My shaven head is white smooth shiny and totally balded every Friday by Janet while she wears a handknitted cardy, jumper or shawl, her pleasure, my punishment and humiliation. Janet’s way or the highway to jail.

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