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It was a nice spring Monday when Brandi called her friend Monica.

Brandi ” Monica, I need you to come with me when I get my haircut this morning before we have lunch. I want you to meet my new stylist. Her name is Candy. I’m just getting a trim and a few highlights so it shouldn’t take too long..”

Monica ” Ok, I’ve got nothing else planned this morning.”

Now Monica and Brandi were both in their early 20’s. Brandi had auburn hair that was worn in a short crop. Monica had long soft silky  Golden Honey Blonde hair that reached the middle of her back.  They had only known each other a few months having met at a coffee shop.  Now Brandi had a big desire to see Monica get a short crop hairstyle like hers. However, Monica was very opposed to the idea of cutting her hair short as she new she would look simply ugly. Monica worked at the local College as a Deparment Secretary. Monica either wore her hair down with curls or back in a long ponytail.  Every now and then in a twisty updo. 

Brandi picked up Monica at 10am and off they went downtown to a place named ’Extreme Cuts’ where Brandi parked in front. They entered the small shop and Brandi greeted Candy ” Hi Candy, I’m here for my 10:30 appointment.” Candy ” Oh, yes, your getttng a good trim and a few highlights added which I suggested last time.”

Brandi handed Monica her purse and sat down in the styling chair. Monica sat down in an empty styling chair across the way. Candy was caping Brandi but couldn’ help but notice MOnica and her  lucious long blonde hair. Candy ” Who is that girl your brought with you today?” 

Brandi motioned for Monica to come over to the chair. She spoke ” I’m so rude Candy. This is my friend Monica and Monica this is Candy.” Candy and Monica exchanged greetings. Candy looked lustfully at Monica’s blonde mane as she returned to her seat. Candy spoke loudly to both girls. You know I could give you girls at two for one special price. You know two haircuts for the price of one. What do you think Monica/”  Monica ” Oh, I don’t think so I like my hair just the way it is.” She looked down at the Womens magazine article she was reading.

Brandi ” I think my friend  would look terrific with short hair like mine.  What do you think Candy?”

Candy ” I think she would look amazing with a short crop.”

Brandi ” Maybe she needs a bit of positive persuasion.”

Candy proceeded to scissor and clip Brandi auburn hair. When it came to highlight Brandi hair she saw her chance to  see Monica’s mane up close.

Candy ” Monica, while Brandi’s color is setting up why don’t you let me take a look at your hair. You can sit in the styling chair next to her..” Being really bored Monica got up and come over and sat in the chair. Candy proceeded to brush Monica’s soft long hair back and up away from her face in a tight ponytail. She turned Monica to the mirror. She spoke ” Monica see what a lovely neck and jaw line you have. I could clipper your nape and take this length off ( holding up Monica’s thick ponytail.) I could cut if for you as part of the two for one  special ” Monica was getting a bit nervous replies ” Oh, I’d really have to think about that. I don’t see myself being a short haired girl. ” Candy ” Looking at your hair you will agree your overdue for a good trim.” Monica ” Now that I need but not today.” Candy ” Well, you just call me and since your Brandi’s friend I’ll do it for half price anyway.”

Monica went back to her chair and Candy  went back to finishing up Brandi.When Brandi was all finished with Candy called Monica over.” Monica feel how I cut Brandi’s nape. See how her short hair frames her face. What do you think Monica?Doesn’t your friend look terrific?” Monica felt Brandi short neck and hair. Monica smiled at Brandi and looked back at Candy. “Yes, she does look terrific.” Brandi ” Monica you would look terriffic too. if you just let Candy style your hair like mine.” Monica ” Oh, I might look that way but let me think on it a couple of days. I do know I need a good trim of a couple of inches.”  Brandi went to the counter and paid Candy ” Well, we tried. Maybe another day you will have another opportunity.” The girls left the shop and Candy watched Monica’s golden  mane move back and forth as she walked to the car.She knew if she got her hands on that glorious mane again it wouldn’t leave her shop. Long virgin hair like that was worth money as extensions .

It was Wednesday morning when  Monica  was having problems fixing her soft golden blonde hair..The unevenness and split ends were making it difficult to style right.She called Brandi ” Brandi  do you have Candy’s phone number? I really need to get in this afternoon and have her fix up my hair.” Brandi gave the phone number to Monica. She called ” Candy this is Monica. The girl that came in with Monica Monday with the Blonde hair. Yes, the one we talked about me getting a new style but mainly I just want my ends trimned like we talked about on Monday. The two for one half price offer still good today? It is and when can you get me in? You have an opening at 3pm. Great I’ll be there. Thanks for getting me in on such short notice.” Monica arived  by herself at Candy’s shop at 2:55 pm. There was no one else in the shop but Candy and Monica.Monica’s long soft golden blonde hair hung just below bra level. Candy greeted her ” Oh, Monica I’m so glad you made a decision. Come sit down in the chair.” Candy took Monica’s purse and placed it out of the way. She then brushed Monica’s lucious hair up and pinned it to the top of her head. She took out  blue cape and placed it tightly around Monica’s slender neck. She turned Monica away from the mirror. She brushed out Monica’s long soft golden tresses and pulled them tightly into a thick tight ponytail 20″ and tied it off. She spoke to Monica ” No time like now  to give you your new look.”. She pulled the ponytail tight and place her trusty silver shears at the base and began chopping and sniping away at the thick hair near where she had it tied off.

 Monica in a state of terror ” What are you doing?!!”

Candy” I’m going to cut your hair short like we talked about on Monday. We talked on length at how pretty you would look with the same style as your friend Brandi. ( Candy keeps cutting through the thick gold  hair.) You really liked your friends hair but said you had to think on it. Remember?” Monica felt her long golden hair being cut off at the base of her neck.”

Monica near tears ” We also talked about how I need a good trim and how my ends were split and uneven!”

 Candy held up the severed twenty inch golden ponytail.. ” Oh, my dear. I think there has been a case of bad commication. I thought when you called you were referring to our first conversation . My dear Monica I can’t let you leave looking like this. I’ll cut your hair like we talked about  and do it for free.Don’t worry Monica. You will look lovely with short hair like your friend  Brandi. You will just have to trust me. Now here is some tissues to dry your eyes.” Monica ” I’ve had short hair before when I was 12 and looked Ugly.” Candy placed the severed ponytail on the counter and smiled. She parted Monica’s nape at ear level and picked up the Oyster clippers and with a number 3 attachment  she pushed Monicas head down and pushed the hungry clippers up the back of Monica’s slender neck. Chuncks of two and three inch golden hair fell to the floor. Monica’s transformation had begun in earnest to the sound of the buzzing of the hair eating oysters. Monica coulld only sit helplessly and hope for it all to end. Candy took a comb and pulled a secton of golden blonde up and away from Monica’s head. When four inches of hair were shown beneath the comb
Candy took the clippers and buzzed off what was above the comb. She worked her way around Monica’s head of gold. Locks of blonde began to form a circle around the chair. Sometimes they would fall on the cape and then tumble to the floor. Candy then put an attachment on the clppers and worked around Monica’s ears. Then she wettd the hair with a spray bottle and with fngers over comb began to fine tune the short crup.  She took a moment to look into Monica’s red eyes and give her a set of short cute bangs like her friend Brandy. Candy was nearing the finiish when she loosened tthe cape aorund  Monica’s slender neck and now with small clippers and no guard shaved Monica’s neck area smooth to the skin. It was using 3:45pm  when the door opened and Monica looked up to see her friend Brandi.. Cand;y was blowdrying amd using a bit of jell to do the final styling on Monica’s short crop hairstyle. Brandi looked at Monica ‘ Oh, Monica you look just Amazing.! I love your new look but can’t believe you decided to cut your hair short. How come you’ve been crying?” Monica sniffling ” I just came in for a trim today and now all my long hair is gone!” She points to the flloor and the golden ponytail on the counter.

Candy ” Yes, Brandi I’m afraid there has been a bad case of miscommunication.The difference of two conversations Monday. I had already cut off the bulk of Monica’s long hair when it came to my attention and well I just had to proceed. ” She pushed Monica’s head down to trim up the back and gave Brandi a amile and a wink.

Brandi “You still look Amazingly beautifull with your nape and sides buzzed short.” The style was done and Candy turned  Monica to the mirro and handed her a hand mirror. Monica felt her neck and short hair and looked it over good in the mirrors. ” I look like a 15 year old boy. My god people will think Im uglyfor sure now.”

Candy ” Now enough of  that nonsense young lady. I have a reputation to uphold and I think you look very pretty without your long hair. It will take you a few days to get use to it. Once you get use to fixing it and the wash-n-go aspect. You’ll be glad we miscommunicated. I say again that I’m sorry for the miscommunication but things happen and sometimes a surprise is good. Like I told you the haircut is free so that saves you $20.”

Brandi opened up ” I love your new look and I want you to go to ” Happy Hour ” with me and celebrate.  You look like you need a drink regardless.”  Monica stood off and brushed herself off and headed to her car and off to meet Brandi at the Bar they both new. She stalled behind and stopped and talked to Candy. ” I owe you a big Thank You  and here is the $40 for her haircut.” Camdy ” I guess for $40 you can have Monica’s  Ponytail as a trophy. I figured you would want it. I have to admit that I sure enjoyed cutting off her golden mane. I do feel bad that I had to use the old ” Miscommunication Ploy ” to cut if off instead of her doing it voluntarily. I guess at least me and you are happy with the end results. “  Brandi ” Yes,  we are. She looks so sexy cropped short.”

 Brandi ran off to the bar to meet Monica. Monica was greeting with oohhs and awws and complete shock by her coworkers the next day. People came from many departments to see her with her new cropped short hair. The looks on their faces told Monica how they felt about it. The reaction from men was mixed. Time moved along and Monica grew her hair out long again during the course of a year. She and Brandi moved appart as friends. However, Monica went over that Wednesday  in her mind many times. She vowed never to miscommunicate with a stylist again  She also vowed never to visit Candy’s  Extreme style hair shop again. 

The End.. 

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