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Bill was at Mastercuts in the local mall get his haircut into a businessman style. His Stylist was Grace and they were having a conversation. His wife Jamie would stop in from time to time to see how he was doing. Jamie had mid back Golden silky blonde hair that most of the time was worn in a simple ponytail  or just straight and loose. Bill was tired of her simple hairstyles. When she turned and left the last time Bill mentioned to Grace ” I sure wish she would get rid of that ‘ponytail look.” Grace” Get rid of it how?”  Bill response ” A short and neat style where she couldn’t possibly wear it in a ponytail.” Grace ” I can style it that way. I’ve seen her three times now and while you were waiting. I have a nice short style in mind if she would go for it.” Bill ” There is only one way to find out and that is to go for it.” Grace was just finishing up when back came Jamie with a few purchases. Bill looked at Jamie ‘ Hi Honey, Do you like it? Is it short enough?” Jamie felt the back and sides of Bill’s head. ” Yes, it is. she did a nice job.”

Bill ” Im glad you like it because your next!”

Jamie ” What?!”


Bill ” You know how we have been talking about getting rid of your ‘ponytail’ look.( He reaches up and tugs at her long ponytail.)  You getting a new style. Well, Grace here says she has a style in mind for you and can do you next.”

Jamie ” Did you really say that Grace?”

Grace ” Yes, Jamie it seems like you really need a wash-n-go style.There is no one waiting and I often do family members back to back. Jamie now take a seat and let me get started.”

Jamie ” I have been thinking about changing my hair but wasn’t planning on doing it today.”

Grace ” Sometimes spur of the moment decisions work out the best Now come sit down.’

Jamie ” Ok, let’s do it. I didn’t wash my hair today.”

Grace ” That is ok I can shampoo your hair.”

Jamie sat down and Grace caped her with the same silver cape she had use on Bill. She undid Jamies long Golden Blonde ponytail and created a new one a bit longer and tighter to Jamies head. She turned Jamie away from the mirror. She spoike to Jamie ” It stands to reason that to get rid of the ponytail look first we must get rid of the ponytail so here we go.” She picked up her silver shears and took hold of Jamies 15 inch ponytail.She pulled it tight and quickly before Jamie could stop her started snip, snip, snippng at the base of the ponytail. She continued snipping through the 3 inch thick pony. It took just a few minutes to remove the golden blonde ponytail. She handed the ponytail to Bill ” No more ponytail style to Jamie”.


Jamie ” Wow,that didn’t take long. Years to grow and just minutes to chop it off.”

Grace ” Ok, Jamie now it is time to go over to the shampoo station and wash your hair.” Grace led Jamie over tto the station and leaned her head back into the basin. Jamie felt warm water and relaxed as Grace shampooed and conditioned her shaggy looking blonde hair. Grace spoke softly to her ” Your going to love having short hair.Being able to just spray it a bit and brush it out and then be on  your way.” Grace rinsed it out and then wrapped a towel around it and led Jamie back to the cutting chair. She took a wide tooth comb and combed out Jamies silky wet hair. She took out a smaller comb and a small pair of scissors and began the process of shortening Jamies hair down to 2 inchs on the top and one inch on the sides. She used clipper over comb to blend in the sides and top.  Jamie was getting a nice short crop hairstyle and Bill loved it as he saw Golden locks of blonde come cascading to the flloor around the chair. He really like it when Grace took the clippers with a #2 attachment and went up the back of Jamies head and near her ears. She removed the attachment and shaved Jamies neck smooth after she loosened the cape. Jamies long mid back Golden blonde hair was being reduced to a face flattering short crop.

Grace was working rapidly and with an hour she was blow drying and styling Jamie’s new hairstyle. Grace handed a hand mirror to Jamie’

Jamie” Wow, that is wash-n-go alright. I mean me and my husband have the same hairstlye almost. ” She reached up and touched her short nape. Do you like it Bill”

Bill I love it and it makes you look so cute.”

Jamie ” You won’t miss playing with my long hair?’

Bill ” No, but I will enjoy kissing your exposed neck and I have your ponytail to  play with too.”

Jamie ” Well, it will take a few days to get use to. Grace you did a good job. It has been a long time since I’ve had short hair. I tell you one thing.I won’t be coming with Bill when he gets his haircut anymore. I don’t want to be hearing ‘ Your Next’ for a long time.

Bill helped Jamie out of the chair and went up and paid for TWO Haircuts. He couldn’t wait to get home and  tossle and kiss Jamie’s shorn neck.  Mayb you know a friend who will heed the words ” Your Next.”

The End

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