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Rick was working the ” Cash to Go” pawnshop counter one Monday morning when in walked a young mother with her daughter. She introduced herself as Matilda and her daughter Tina. She pulled out a few pieces of silver and turquoise  jewelry and placed them on the counter. She told Rick she wanted to sell them. Rick looked at them and  gave  her a price. She looked at Rick ” You can’t give me anymore for them than that?”

Rick ” No, Matilda, that is all I can give you in the condition they are in.” Rick noticed that Matilda had  a really thick triple twist bun of shiny black hair. He noticed he  teenage daughter had long dark brown waist length hair. He went to his desk and pulled out a business card. He spoke to Matilda” Matilda, It seems you need more money than I can give you. Here is a card from J and M  Hairstyling with directions how to get there from here. It is only a few blocks from here and they are open now. It is run by Joe and Mary and maybe they can help you get the money you need.  Sorry, I couldn’t help you.” 


 Matilda looked at the card and figured what the heck. She punched the address into her Garmin GPS and drove to the salon that turned out to be located in a small home. She walked to the door with her daughter behind her and went inside. They were met by a middle aged women who introduced herself as Mary. Matilda spoke ” Hi, my name is Matilda and Rick over at ‘ Cash to go’  gave me your card and told me you might be able to help me out financially. ” Mary looked at Matilda’s shinny thick black triple twist bun and at her daughters long mane.  ” We might be able to help you out. Let’s go talk about it in the office. Tell your daughter to stay in the lobby and watch TV. Joe, Can you come into the office with me/”  Tina stayed in the lobby and Matilda entered Mary’s office. Mary looked at the slender Matilda ” Why did you go to the pawnshop?” Matilda ” My boyfriend split and I need money to get back to Chinle, Arizona.” Mary ” So your a Navajo Native American girl.” Matilda nodded ‘ yes. Mary continued ” How much do you figure you need to get back home?”  Matilda ” I need this amount. ” Mary “Hmm, that is a nice sum of money. However it is within your reach if you agree to a special model contract.” Joe stepped in front of Matilda by Mary and spoke. ” We produce special makeover movies for select group of  buyers none of which live in Arizona so no one you know will ever see them. I assume you hair is as long as your daughters. Is that a correct assumption?” Matilda ” It is to the bottom of my butt.” Mary ” May we also assume you are ahh-natural in your pubic area meaning you don’t shave it. Do we assume that correctly?”

Matilda ” My hair is natural in both areas. I never color it .” Joe ” How old are you and your daughter?”

Matilda ” I’m 25 and my daughter is 16.” Mary ” Ok, Here is the conditions you must meet for us to give you the money in cash you say you need today.

 Number one : You let us cut your hair into a short pixie style. Number 2: You allow yourself to be filmed in the nude during various parts of the movie. Number 3: You allow me to shave your pubic area Brazilian bare and smooth. Number 4: You allow us to cut your daughters hair into an ear length bob. That you will do what we say without argument. Now we will give you till after lunch to make your decision. However, first we want to see your hair down and assess it’s value. Then we will show you the studio.. So please stand up and let your hair down.”


Matilda stood up and turned her back to Joe and Mary. She reached up and released her shiny black hair. It tumbled down towards the floor to her Levi’s. Mary reached over  and finger combed out the thick shiny soft mane. She took out a brush and brushed it out. Joe looked over and gave Mary a thumbs up. A tape in hand from the end to near the neck area showed a length of 36 inches. Mary ” Matilda your hair passes our quality test. Let’s go show you the studio. ” Down the hall they went to a room which they entered. Matilda could see a full length mirror, an old red barber chair, a star on the floor, a  counter full of hair cutting and styling tools. Now off to the right was a table with with extensions for holding feet like you would see n a gynecologist office. Mary ” This is our studio.  We will do you first and then after your very private session your daughter will come in for her haircut.  What do you think?” Matilda “I’m a bit overwhelmed by it all. I’ve never done anything like this before.” 

Joe ” Your amateurism adds to the value of the movie. We have lorzepam pills for you to take before we start to relax you.” Mary ” The time is 11:30 am . Now, we need you to be back if you want to go through with this at 1 PM.  Come 1:15 pm the deal is off and we will assume you found the money you need elsewhere. You go talk it over with your daughter. Do you have any questions?  Matilda ” I get paid in cash right?” Joe “Yes, when your daughter is done and the after photo’s are taken you will be paid in $20 and $50 dollar bills. Have your hair up in a bun when you come back.” 

Matilda asked “How long will I be in the nude?” 

Mary responded, “We work quickly and with your cooperation I’d say no more than 45 minutes. Just in case it comes up. Your daughter will be cut with her cloths on and in an a nice smock. Now you have a decision to make.” 

Matilda put her hair back up  and walked down to get her daughter and out to their car they went. Joe looked at Mary ” Do you think she will be back?” Mary “The economy is bad. These are desperate times and people do desperate things to make money. I’m 96% sure she will be back.” Joe well in that case I’d better go to the bank and get some money while you get the studio ready.”


It was 1:05 when the salon door opened and there stood Matilda and Tina. Mary came forward ” I assume you are ready to sign the contract and begin.” Matilda ” Yes, lets do it and get it over with. I need the money desperately and I have no other choice.” Joe saw Mary and Matilda coming down the hall and opened the door. “Nice to see you Matilda.” Mary  handed Matilda a clipboard with a contract with X’s marked on it where she was to sign and a dollar amount typed in. Matilda signed it and then Mary gave her a copy back.

“Ok, Matilda  it is  showtime.” Joe motioned Matilda to stand on the star. He took out his camera and had her stand tall then for your to turn around. Joe “Ok, Matilda let down your hair.” Matilda reached up and for the final time reached up and undid your long soft mane of black hair. Downward it cascaded to the floor. Mary handed her a brush and told her to brush out the shiny tresses. Joe “Now Matilda put your hair back up with the twist as it is time for a critical moment in the movie. I want you to take off all your cloths including your bra, panties, and socks and hand them to Mary.” Matilda nervously removed her red blouse and handed it to Mary. She then removed her bra, panties, and socks. She stood there her young brown native American body being exposed to a bright spotlight. The room was quiet except for the sound of shutters and film being run and deep breathing. When her pants and panties were removed Mary gave her a lorzepam pill to relax her. She was told to stand up on a two foot box for photos. Mary came up close to Matilda and looked closely at her pubic area. 

“You weren’t kidding about you being ah-natural. That is some bush you have there.” Joe “Now , let your hair down and turn around.” Down came the shiny tresses. Mary rolled the table over to the spot light. by the star. A pillow was placed at
the end and towels placed on the table. Matilda sat on it and her legs were spread and feet placed in the stirrups. She was leaned back and her black hair spread over the end of the table. Mary looked up at Matilda ” Ok, Matilda it’s time to make you brazilian bare. I will make you as smooth as a baby’s butt I’ll be as gentle as I can. Joe, you have the cameras ready?’ The click of a pair of clipppers and the buzzing of the bush was begun. The pubic hair was collected for recycling. Now part way though Matilda began to relax and Mary knew the pills were working. Shaving cream and a sharp straight razor were next to attack the black hair on brown skin between Matilda’s long legs. Close up shots were taken and in less than 30 minutes the job was done. Mary ” Ok, Matilda you can reach down and feel yourself.” Matilda ” Oh, my Holy Mother. It fees so different.”  Matilda stood up with help from Joe.

Mary ” Ok, your bottom is done. Put your bra and panties back on as it is time to cut your hair. Please go sit in the barbers chair.”.Matilda mentally exhausted by the pubic area shaving moved to the barber chair and sat down.


Joe placed a White cape over her and lifted up her long thick shiny mane than fell down the back of the chair. The chair was faced to the mirror. Joe looked at Matilda ‘ Now, it is time for me to have some fun. Your long hair is going to be harvested or cut short like in the old movie ” The Gift  of Magi ” You have basically sold us your hair. Your beautiful shiny soft black Navajo hair is going to be slowly removed in front of your pretty brown eyes. You hair is like oriental hair in color but not as coarse. Here I go ,” 

Joe took a section of long top hair and pulled it skyward. He placed the silver shears two inches above Matilda’s scalp and closed them together. Scniip, schninip, snip went the shears with the first long lock being removed and placed across Matilda’s lap. Mary took pictures of it all. Joe created another section and pulled it skyward and then snipped it off near the two inch mark. The haircutting proceeded with the pile of hair growing in Matilda’s lap on the white cape around her neck. Years of growth were quickly removed leaving a short crop of black hair behind. The mass of black shiny locks were removed from Matilda’s lap and after being tied together placed on the counter.Then the sound of clippers were heard and a loud buzzing noise was heard as with a number 3 guide they were pushed up the back of Matilda nape and around her ear area. Black hair tumbled to the floor and Matilda couldn’t help but to shed a tear or two.  A pixie that Emma Watson ,Halle Berry or Robin Roberts would be proud to wear came into being.Joe looked at Mary ” Just how long are those locks of hair on the counter/” Mary ” I’d say they measure out to be near 42 inches.” Joe took a spray bottle and finished up Matilda’s cut. The cape was removed and Matilda reached up to feel her short hair and shaved neck area. She went over to stand on the star for after photo’s.  ” Oh, my Holy Jesus. It is so short and different.! My head feels so light in weight.! My pretty hair that I’ve grown since young is  all gone. It is sitting on the counter.” Mary ” You were a brave model and we are done with you but we have one more haircut to do so get dressed and go get your daughter.”


The exchanged could be heard as Tina saw her mom with short hair for the first time.  Tina seemed ready for  a change as she stood on the star and then jumped into the barbers chair. Joe caped her in the same cape as her mom and turned her to the mirror. Tina smiled and when ooohh, and awhhh as  Joe took the scissors and cut into her long black shiny Navajo locks. Locks of hair 30 inches long were placed on the counter next to Matilda’s. Then Tina motioned Joe toward her. She whispered in his ear “I’ve been wanting short hair for a long time but my mom wouldn’t let me cut it. You buzz my neck like hers.” Joe smiled and gave young Tina an inverted bob with a high buzzed nape. Tina was turned into a young teenager and Joe added a couple of highlights. Mary smiled as she knew this  ” Mother and Daughter ” video would be a big hit.


Mary helped Tina over for some after photo’s.  She looked at them both. Mary spoke “ It is 3:30pm and I think the Uhaul place is still open. Here is your cash as agreed to, with a bit extra for your new start in Arizona. I know you were in a bad spot Matilda. I  appreciate you coming to us for money.” Matilda ” Yea who ever thought we would have to sell our hair to get back home. We are in desperate times. ”

Joe and Mary walked them to the door and wished the two of them luck. He looked at Mary “ Yes, desperate times for them but Good times for us.” ” A-men  to that.” replied Mary.

The End..Enjoy.  

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