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Tony was attending Sunday morning worship services when he noticed a girl in her mid 20’s enter and sit down a few rows in front of him. He noticed her long middle of the back brunette hair like Kate Middleton has in color. It was worn straight with bouncy soft curls at the ends. No one sat with her and when the minister  asked for visitors to stand she stood. He kept an eye on her and her lovely long tresses and after the service followed her into the fellowship where coffee and other goodies were served after the service. He walked up to her and introduced himself ” Hi, I’m Tony and I see your a visitor today.” She reached out and shook his hand and replied ” Hi, Tony my name is Teresa. I just moved to town and I work as a x-ray technician at the local hospital.” Tony ” I couldn’t help but notice what lovely long hair you have and I love the color of it.” Teresa looked down at the brown hair hanging down over her shoulders. ” Yes, I try to keep it in good shape.” Tony ” Well, with you being new in town I’d love to have you stop by my shop for a trim or a shampoo. Here is my card. I’m easy to find.” Tony pulls out a card and hands it to Teresa. She reads ‘ Tony’s Hair Design’ with hours location and phone number on it. She looks back at Tony ” I know I’ll be needing a trim soon.” Tony smiles at Teresa 

“I’ve got to run and it was nice to meet you and welcome to our church.” Tony takes one last look at Teresa’s long soft thick brunette tresses before he turns to go. He decides he wants to get his hands and scissors into that hair soon. The next week he makes it a point to  sit directly behind Teresa and her lovely tresses during the service. Tony has talked to someone he knows who works at the hospital and is told that Teresa always wears her hair up in a twisty bun during work hours.


A few weeks pass and after several times of small talk  with Teresa Tony decides to make his move. It was coffee and punch after service and Tony comes up to Teresa while she is standing alone. ” Teresa, You haven’t made a visit to my salon yet.”  Teresa looked at Tony ” Oh, I have wanted to come but my hours have been crazy and your closed when I’m off.” Tony thinks quickly ” Are you off this afternoon? Teresa ” :Yes, I’m off till 6pm  Why do you ask?”  Tony I can do your hair this afternoon after lunch. I’m the owner and I have the key.” He holds up his keys to the salon.  A surprised Teresa “  Are you serious?”  Tony ” Teresa, there is a nice cafe that is  across the corner from the shop. It is open on Sundays till 3pm. I’ll  buy your lunch and then I’ll  do your hair. You can follow me down and I’ll punch in my address into your GPS Navigation system.  I’m offering you lunch and a free haircut on me.”  Teresa with a smile ” Well, that is the best offer I’ve gotten today and I have nothing planned this afternoon. However, I’m wearing my Sunday dress..” Tony ” That is ok I have large smocks to protect you.” Teresa ” Ok, lets do it. What color of car do you have? ”

Tony and Teresa walk out of the church toward their cars. Tony lets his hand reach over and touch Teresa pretty soft brunette tresses. Information is exchanged and off they go down to Tony’s shop where Tony parks in his parking spot and a short time later Teresa pulls up besides him. She gets out and Tony is waiting. ” I see you made it. My shop is here and the cafe is right over there. They walk together over to Camille’s sidewalk cafe and Tony admires Teresa’s long thick soft tresses of brown where the curls at the ends just bounce along behind Teresa.  Teresa orders a club sandwich with coke and  Tony a patty melt.Teresa gets up to use the restroom. Betty the waitress comes over to Tony is that a friend or a ” Sunday Special ‘? Tony ” She is a ‘Sunday Special’  Betty ” She sure has beautiful  brown hair. I hope you have fun with her this afternoon. Let me know the details on Monday.” Teresa come back to eat with her long tresses flowing over the back of the chair.  Tony has learned that Teresa is 28 and divorced. She likes to play golf and swim. Tony looks over at Teresa and her tresses and can hardly wait for lunch to end which it does and finally at 1:30pm he uses his keys to open the door to his shop. He hits the light switch.


Tony speaks to Teresa “  Welcome to my salon. You see there a different colors of chairs. Which one do you want to get your hair done in.? Teresa ” I pick the Green one.” Tony now you were worried about your pretty Sunday dress. I have a plus size silver smock that should fit over it or you can go into the ladies restroom and remove your dress and just wear the smock. Let’s see if I hold it up to you it comes down to your knees. When you come out I’ll be set up at the green chair.” Teresa goes into the ladies room and pulls off her long Sunday dress and hangs it up on the hooks on the wall and puts on the large silver smock that fits her like a big sack. It reaches to the top of her knees. Teresa comes out and sits in the Green Chair. Tony pumps it up a little.


“Ok, Teresa it is time to talk about your hair.” He begins to brush out the soft locks. ” I hear you wear it up in a tight bun at work. Is that true?” Teresa ” Yes, I have to.” Tony ” Why” Teresa ” I have to move around a lot and I don’t want it getting in my way.” Tony ” So how do you wear it when you golf?”  Teresa ” Pretty much the same way or at least high up in a pony tail.”  Tony ” Do you wear it up under a swim cap when you swim? Teresa ” Yes, or just up tight.” Tony ” So, the only time or day you wear it down is Sunday at Church.” Teresa ” Yes,” Tony ” It seems me that having long hair for you is not really practical or sensible for you during work or leisure.Do you agree?” Teresa ” Yes, I guess that is true.” 

Tony “Long hair and you might have been right for you last year but not this year or at this time in your life. Do you agree?” Teresa ” Well, I mean Yes.” Tony ” So if long hair is not practical or sensible what is the sensible answer?” Teresa ” Short-hair would be the answer.OH, my God you want to cut my hair short!” Tony ” Yes, it is the style that best fits or is suited to your present situation. You have just agreed with that with your answers.” Teresa ” How short do you want to cut it? ” She feels Tony turning the chair away from the mirror. Tony looks into Teresa’s pretty brown eyes ” Short enough to fit your lifestyle  and be low maintenance. Now please let me cut your hair short and pretty Teresa.” Teresa stand up and takes hold of her long hair and looks in the mirror. ” Oh, Tony you’ll do a good job and not make me look like a man. I’ve had my long hair for a long time. ” Tony “I understand your anxiety but you can trust me as several customers have. You can see my makeover book up front. ” Teresa ” I think I need  a strong Drink .” Tony ” How does Jack Daniels n the rocks sound.” Teresa ” That will be fine.” Tony goes to his office and makes the drink. He looks out to see Teresa standing in front of the mirror fingering her long brunette locks and looking at his makeover book. A big smile comes to his face. He comes back and takes a few big gulps and sits down in the chair. ” Ok, Tony I can’t argue with your logic. What is the plan of action?”


Tony ” First, I have to cut the length shorter or remove the bulk of your hair by putting it in pony tails. Then I’ll shampoo it and shorten it up to the final length.  Now, I’m going to begin your Sunday haircut now Teresa.. You ready?’ Teresa ” Ready as I’ll ever be.” She takes another gulp of the drink. Tony takes a brush and brushes downward through the thick soft brunette tresses. A soft carpet of hair lays in front of him with big curls waiting at the end. He takes a pointed comb and makes a separation through
the thick mane at Teresa’s neck line. He creates 4 long 20 inch ponytails and ties them off with rubber band ties. He brushes the long ponytails and then starting with the left forward one he puts tension on it and using a pair of silver shears he begins to remove the locks room their home on Teresa‚Äôs head. The room is quiet on one can only hear the snip, snip, snip, scnninip. sound as the instruments of hair removal work their way through the soft locks of hair. A plop like sound is heard as the final strands are cut. Tony holds up the magnificent pony tail with a big curl at the end. He speaks to Teresa ” That is one down and three to go. No turning back now Teresa.”

He moves to one on the back left rear and repeats the process. Snip, snip, snip, schininp, plop is the sound as another lovely brunette tress is removed against it’s will. Twice more the snip, snipping sound is heard as Tony works quickly to remove the bulk of Teresa’s long hair. A ragged neckline bob is now left as Tony turns Teresa back to the mirror. Tony ” Teresa, stage one is done. Now, I shall shampoo and condition your hair and then I’ll begin the final shaping.” He leans Teresa back so her head rest in the washing basin. He wets her thick shorter hair down and lathers her up good. Teresa relaxes her head in the sink a bit anxious over her final look. Her head feels lighter than it has for years and she knows Tony is not done cutting. It takes a few minutes for the shampoo, rinsing, and conditioning application to take place. Tony lifts her up and towel dries her this brunette hair. He sections it off and  then takes his sharp silver scissors and using his fingers as a guide begins to remove more brown locks to the length of  four and five inch pieces. The scissors slice through the wet hair and fall to the smock and to the floor. Teresa gasp that so much more is being removed. ” Oh, Tony must you cut so much off? ” Tony ” Yes,Teresa a nice short crop style is what fits your current lifestyle. Don’t worry you’ll look pretty.” Tony moved Teresa’s wet head of hair this way and that as he continued to cut off more brown locks. Hair that this morning going to church had reached near her waist barely reached her ears now. A ring of brown hair began to form around the chair. Then Teresa heard a new slicing sound as Tony pulled out his straight razor and began slicing locks of brown off including giving her the first set of front fringy bangs she had ever had. Her head was pushed forward and the razor scrapped her neckline free of any loose hairs. A pair of small scissors shortened her nape area  and sides. Tony was really enjoying giving Teresa one  of his ” Sunday Specials”. He looked over and saw the long ponytails laying helplessly and alone on the counter. This morning they had been flowing down Teresa’s back at church.

A quick visit by the clippers tuned up the final style. Teresa felt relieved when Tony turned on the blow dryer and began using a brush with it to put the final style touches on her head. Tony spoke as he turned Teresa to the mirror and gave her a hand mirror. ” Ok, Teresa you can look and feel your new style now.”

Teresa reached up and felt her new shortly cropped hair. ” Wow, Tony, I sort of look like Robyn Roberts  on Good Morning America or Halle Berry. Man it is really short!” Tony ” I gave you some grow out room. Now do you look like a man or a boy?” “Teresa ” NO, I do not.” Tony ” Do you look Ugly? Teresa ” No, I think I look rather cute and spunky with short hair which really surprises me. However, my ears and neckline look naked without some jewelry on them.”  Tony ” Stand up and let me take a few ” after ” photos for my makeover book. Then go change back into your dress. It will take a few days for you to adjust to having short hair. Now here is  a few of my business cards to pass out and it is 3pm so you have time to go home and get ready for work.” Teresa got up went to the ladies room and Tony began sweeping her severed brunette locks off the floor. Teresa came out of the ladies room  and Tony walked her out to her car. She walked to her car without her long brunette hair she had walked in a few hours earlier.  She looked over at Tony ” Thanks for lunch and the new hairstyle. I’ll see you at church next Sunday.”


Tony heard from his friend that Teresa new hairstyle got a lot of attention at work. The next week when she entered the church she turned heads and had a crowd around her at the post service reception. She looked over at Tony and smiled. Tony looked around and through hoping to see his next ‘ Sunday Special”.

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