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Jessica who ran ” Blossom Floral Design and Gifts’ was busy working Tuesday morning when in walked her friend Debbie who ran the ‘ New You Hair Salon’ down at the end of the shopping Plaza. They frequently had coffee and a sweet roll in the mornings and sometimes had lunch together. Jessica greeted her ” Good monring Debbie. Go back to the break room and I’ll be with you in a minute.” They sat down for coffee and shared a rasberry danish when Debbie spoke ” I see you have hired a new girl in the afternoon. Tell me about her.”  Jessica replied ” Her name is Sara, she is 18 years old, she is home schooled and her mom goes to my church.” Debbie ” I couldn’t help but notice her incredible head of light brown hair as I walked by on Saturday. I’d like to get a closer look at her mane and meet her.”

Jessica ” Yes,she does have quite lovely long hair that reaches her butt but she seems confused on how to fix it. She wears it staight down or up in a weird twisty bun put up like a coiled around rope. I think being home schooled isolated her from other girls. I’ll tell her to come in at 12:30 on Thursday aa we will be having lunch that day and you can meet her up close.

Thursday came and Jessica and Debbie were sharing a Subway sandwhich. Sara came into the break area and reported to Jessica. She was wearing a long dark brown skirt and a simple white loose fitting blouse. her long light brown heir hung down her back to her waist or just a bit beyond with loose curls at the end. Jessica looked at Debbie ” Debbie, I’d like you to meet my new employee Sara. Sara this is my friend Debbie who runs the salon down at the end of the Plaza.” Sara came over and shook Debbies hand and they exchanged greetings. Debbie ” Sara you have such lovely hair. Would you mind if I touched it?

Sara ” No, people ask to do that from time to time.” Sara turned around and Debbie  reached over with both hands and felt the soft ,luscious, and thick full mane of Sara. She then began asking Sara a series of question.

Debbie ” Who cuts your hair?”

Sara ” My mom is the only one and then it is just a trim.”

Debbie “How often do you wash it?”

Sara ” I wash it every other day and condition it.”

Debbie ” Have you ever colored it?”

Sara ” No, this is my natural color.”

Debbie ” Have you always had long hair?”

Sara ” Yes, except when I was very young.”

Debbie ” Have you ever been to a hair salon?”

Sara ” No.”

Debbie ” Well you do have lovely thick hair. Since I’m in the hair business I had to ask the questions. It was nice to meet you up close ” Sara ” I understand and I don’t mind answering them. It was nice to meet you too “  Jessica ” You can go about your task now Sara.” Sara leaves the break room her brown hair flowing down her back like a thick beach towel. Jessica looks over at Debbie ” Those questions are leading to something. Can I be of help? Debbie ” You could see how her mom feels about Sara getting her hair cut and styled when you see her at church this Sunday and get back to me.” Jessica ” I could do that as Sara wonders away from her mother after church service during the social time after the service.” Debbie stopped by the shop on Saturday to look around but more so to study Sara as she helped customers. Sara wore her hair up in a long tight ponytail exposing her slender neck.

Monday morning came and Debbie and Jessica were having coffee. Debbie ” Did you talk to Sara’s mom?”

Jessica ” Yes, I did and she has no problem with Sara getting her haircut now that she is past age 18. She has to cut it voluntarily.  Now what do you have in mind? Debbie smiled as she told Jessica of her plans for Sara’s long soft brown hair.

Wednesday at 1pm in walked Sara to work and her hair was worn staight down her back to her waist. She was wearing a pair of slacks and a blue blouse. Her long hair shone in the light of the day. Jessica saw her and smiled ” Sara, I need you to run these two bouquets up to Debbie at the ‘New You salon’. I want you to hand these to her personally. Sara took the bouquets and headed up the sidewalk towards the salon. Jessica watched as Sara walked up the sidewalk her long brown hair moving to and fro along her waist and back.She took out her cell phone. ‘Debbie she is on her way.Take good care of her” Debbie replied back” I hope to do just that. Now go to my salon website and turn on the webcams especially number 5.” Jessica went into her office and turned on her computer and under favorites was already listed Debbies salon. A click or two and she could watch the salon action.

Sara walked into the salon. A simple four station salon. She stopped at the reception desk. ” I haave flowers for Debbie.” The receptionist replied back ” Yes, she is expecting them. Take them back to her office down the hall to the third door on your right that has the sign ‘ Manager’ on it and knock.Sara did as she was told and knocked on the door. A voice said ” Come in.” Sara opened the door and there stood Debbie ” Hi Sara, How do you like my salon?” Sara “Oh, it is nice. Where do you want the flowers.” Debbie ” PUt them on my desk and I’ll give you a check to give to Jessica.” Sara put the flowers on the desk. Debbie went over to a corner of the room and puled back a black curtain which revealed a styling station complete with chair. She spoke to Sara ” Could you come over and take a seat. I want to talk to you about her hair.” Sara came over to the chair and sat down looking at herself in the mirror and all the various haircutting instruments on the counter. Debbie came over with her laptop She spoke to Sara ‘ Now, while I’m putting the flowers in water and writing a check I want you to watch the videos I have on my laptop.” Debbie put the laptop on Sara’s lap and turned it on and left Sara alone. Sara watched a prsentation from ” Locks of Love”  It told of donating hair to make wigs for under priveledge kids who are suffering from cancer. Kids as young or equal to Sara. The presentation ended and Sara placed the laptop  on the counter. Debbie came over to Sara ” So what do you think about what you just saw? Sara ” I think it is so sad and it makes me want to help those kids.”

Debbie ” I think you would make a perfect donator. You have thick virgin soft hair and it is in perfect condition. I bet they could make several wigs for several kids from your donation. I’ll send a picture of you in with the form and hair so they know you as a donar.” Sara looked at herself in the mirror with locks of her brown hair hanging down over her shoulders. She looked up at Debbie ” How much hair do you think I should donate? Debbie ” I thnk you should go for it and donate 36 inches which will put it up to the bottom of your ear. I can give you a nice short style but not too short. Since you have always had long hair it will probably be the only donation you ever make. Think of a young girl  who is now bald wearing a lovely wig made out of your lovely hair. Think how pretty she would feel and she could smile as she walks around. Your young and your hair grows fast so in no time your hair will be long again. How does that all sound to you?

Sara “Oh,my that is a lot of hair.( She holds a lock of her hair at ear level.)  What would my mom and dad say? Debbie ” I think since you are making a donation to a worthy cause she will be ok with it. I’ve heard she has mentioned to people that it is time for her daughter to get rid of her ‘little girl look’ and move on to a more adult look.” Sara ” That is true that this is a one time event. When do you want to do it?” Debbie “I think we should do it right here, Right now. We usually do donations in the mair salon but I think you would feel best doing it right here in private.” Sara ” YOu want to cut my hair right now, right here. What about Jessica? She will be expecting me back at work?” Debbie ” Jessica told me she would pay you for the time ti takes for you to make a donation and
for you to do it and not worry. Just report back to work when we are done. I don’t see any point in putting off your donation. I can get it in the mail this afternoon.” Sara ” Wow, this is all a surprise. What do you want me to do next?” Debbie ” The only problem with the styling station here is that when I put on the cape you will get hot and uncomfortable in a short time. Therefore, I need you to remove your cloths except for your bra and panties. You can hang them up on the coat rack there. I have hangers but first I need to take a few before pictures of you so stand up over to the side. Debbie opened a drawer and pulled out a digital camera. Sara took a brush and brushed out her long soft brown locks and Debbie took a few pictures of Sara’s long hair hanging over her shoulders and cascading doown her back. Then she motioned Sara to remove her slacks and blouse. Debbie reached over into a drawer and hit a switch which durned on all the recording equipment and microphones so Sara’s donation could be recorded and broadcast in detail. Debbie had Sara sit in the chair and pulled up Sara’s thick hair and clipped it up on top of her head. She then took out a white cape with a picture of large shears on it and placed it tightly around Sara’s neck. She had Sara stand and snapped a few photos. Then she seated Sara and divided Sara thick soft brown hair into three thick  tight  ponytails right below Sara’s ears. One ponytail near each ear and one in the back middle area. She leaned over to Sara ” Ok, Sara it is time for you to make a donation and say goodbye to long hair for a while. Are you ready?” Sara nodded yes and closed her eyes. Debbie took a large pair of silver shears and placed them at the base of the first ponytail. She shears opened wide and came together with s scrnching, schnicking sound as they began cuting the thick brown hair. Sara listened to the cutting sound of scnnick, schnnick, snip , snip and finally a plopping sound as the last strands were cut. Debbie held up the long soft thick ponytail the mirror so Sara could see it. ” That is one down and two to go Sara.” She placed on the counter so SAra could easily see it. She moved on to the other side and again the sound of hair being cut from it’s long home was heard snip, snip, snip, schinkck,schnick and finally plop. The rear ponntail was a 3 inch thick monster so Debbie called upon the heavy equipment which meant the Oyster heavy duty clippers. Sara heard the sound of click and then a loud buzzing sound as the oysters dug into the thick ponytail. Debbie pushed the oysters into the thick tail and they attacked the mass of hair. It took just a few minutes for them to do their job and Debbie held up the thick ponytail and made Sara look at it. She took out a measuring tape and spoke to Sara ” Yes, this one is a bit longer at 37 inches.” Sara looked into the mirror and swung her head of hair back and forth which now looked liked a very rough cut ear level bob. She looked at Debbie ” Oh, Wow what a change!” Debbie ” Im not done yet. You will look terrific soon but first I want to wash and conditon your hair.” She leaned Sara back into the washing basin She could feel Sara relax as she shampooed Saras thick but shortened hair. Then she had Sara sit back up and she towel dried off Sara’s wet hair. It was time to style the hair. She took a comb and using ocmb over sissors she created a line from the bottom of the ear to the top middle back of Sara’s head. It was quiet except for the snipping sound of  sharp short scissors doing their works. Locks of wet brown hair tumbled to the cape and then to the floor. Then Debbie pushed Sara’s head forward and activated the oysters and using them over comb buzzed the back of Sara’s head nice and short up to the meeting point from the sides. It meant it would be a long time before Sara would be able to wear her hair into a ponytail.

More hair tumbled to the floor around the chair. Sara who had delivered flowers with wwaist length hair was now having it cut short to just a few inches on the sides and even less than an inch for the nape and back of her head. Debbie even came around the front to give Sara a nice fringe around the front of her face including short bangs. Sara would leave with a truly wash-n-go crop. It was just what Debbie had invisioned that Saturday when she had seen the long haired Sara through the flower shop window. A blowdryer being tuned on signified the end of the haircut was near with it being used with a brush. The white cape was loosened and Debbie took out a personal small clipper and shaved Sara neckline smooth of any remaning hair. Debbie took the blowdryer and blew away any left over pieces of hair and removed the cape and handed a mirror to Sara.

Ok, Sara we are all done. What do you think? Sara reached up and felt the shortness of her neck hair and moved her head back and forth looking at her new look. ” My, oh, my, that is alot of hair gone. I’ve never had hair this short. I sure do look different and it will take me a few days to get use to the new me.I sure dont look like a little girl now.” Debbie ” No you don’t but I think you look really cute. Just remember you did it for a worthy cause. Now stand up put your cloths on and I’ll take a few after photos,Then we will fill out the ‘ locks of love’ donation form and you can get back to work as it is 3pm.” Sara took one last look at the three long thick soft ponytails that came from her head before she put them in a zip lock baggie to be mailed off. Debbie looked over at Sara ” Im so glad I met you and you agreed to make a donation.Here is the check to give to Jessica. When Sara walked past the receptionist the girl went “ Wow, girl you look hot with you new look.” Sara walked down the sidewalk back to the flower shop. She felf the air around her head and neck are for the first time. She reached up and felt her buzzed nape area and felt her short hair moving here and there. Sara had walked up the sidewalk with long one length hair and now walking back down it was cut into a short inverted type bob with angled sides meetng at a short cut back area. Sara walked into the shop unaware that Jessica had seen and heard her entire transformation on the Salons website and Debbies private area #5. Jessica smiled at Sara ” I see Debbie has done her ’ Magic’ on you.”

Sara handed Debbies check to Jessica ” Yes, I decided to donate my long hair to ‘locks of love’ and the needy children.” Jessica looked over at Sara ” Yes, you have made quite a change in your appearance the last couple of hours. I think you should take the rest of the day off and go show your mom. Im sure she will be pleased with your new adult look.

Jessica smiled as Sara left with her new short hair style. Sara was not the first and nor would she be the last of her young long haired workers who would be changed by simply ‘ Meeting Debbie’.

The End. Hope you enjoy Story.

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