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Sally slowly raised herself from the sofa, she would go next. Her already short hair had just been washed before the pair came out, it looked stunning. Sue gently helped her up into the red leather chair and slowly Sally drew herself back into its arms, it was comfortable.

Sally relaxed as Sue ran her fingers over and thru the short hair. A fresh cape was fixed firmly round Sally’s neck followed by the black rubber nape mat. Without a word Sue picked up the already warm hair clippers and grabbed the number 1 guard from the small shelf at the base of the mirror, clipped it in place on the Oster hair clipper’s.

Sue intended to be ruthless. She didn’t even open any conversation with her client, she just eased Sally’s head forward chin to chest and ploughed the humming clippers into the 2 inch long hair. Sally audibly gasped as she felt the clippers ruthlessly push their way right up to the crown area. Even though Sally had never dared to have her hair cut this short she was enjoying every second.

 Her hand quickly escaped the confines of the cape and she rubbed the stubble left in the wake of the clippers. Sue gave a smile into the mirror as if to say, that’s what you wanted wasn’t it?

Sally returned her hand to meet with a warm crouch, she smiled, it was a good day. Sue showed no mercy and all of her hair was now being shaved down to leave the barest of stubble.  Sue took time out every now and then to gently flick her hand over the denuded head. It felt nice as her hand skimmed over the faint stubble she loved that sensation.

Kate just sat helplessly as her lover was sheared, she had never before seen her hair so short, and could not believe that the stylist never even made an attempt to consult her on how she wanted it before clipping it all off. It was then Kate made her mind up not to get her hair cut here, no way hose.

Sally however had other ideas in fact, definite ideas, on how she wanted Kate’s hair to be RESTYLED.!!!

Sally rubbed her nape as Sue slipped the cape and mat off her small body. Sue shook the cape out and hung it over her slender arm. NEXT!

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