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It was the start of the new school year and at the local middle school Randy was restocking the candy machine which he did every two weeks. Peggy the school Principal stop by and Randy looked up at her.” Wow, you got your hair cut short!” Peggy reached up and touched her short cropped hair.”  Yes, I decided to have it cut short about a week ago. I got it done by Debbie at the ‘New You Salon’. I take it you like  change.

Randy looked back at her ” I sure do. I wish my wife Brenda would cut her hair short like yours. It is too bad that my wife can’t meet your stylist Debbie. Speaking of my wife she is on your substitute Teacher list this year so if you need a sub call her as we need the money. Her name is Brenda Simson.” Peggy ” I’ll give her name to my secretary that calls in the subs. Thanks for the compliments on my hair as I like it too.” Randy finished his job went back and gave Brenda’s name to the sub secretary. Peggy liked Randy and liked to flirt with him when she saw him.

The next week the Math teacher was sick and they called in Brenda to sub. During the lunch period break Brenda was in the break room using the microwave.Peggy walked in and introduced herself ” Hi, I’m Peggy the Principal and you must be the new substitute teacher. ” Brenda ” Yes, my name is Brenda Simson.” Peggy looked at Brenda ” You are Brenda whose husband is Randy that works the Vending machines right?” Brenda “Yes, that is him.” Peggy looked at Brenda ” That explains his comment.” Brenda ” What comment?” Peggy ” It was just something he said that makes sense now. Have a nice day Brenda and it was nice to meet you.” Peggy had seen Brenda’s who at age 30 had long to her lower back dark chocolate brown hair that was very thick and shiny. It was parted in a simple middle part and hung straight.

The next week Peggy saw Randy on his way out. ” Randy, I met your wife last week. She has very pretty hair. Are you sure you would like to see her cut it short like mine? Randy ” She has worn it the same way the last ten years. I think it is time for her to make a change but I can’t say the right words to get her to cut it. You went from long to short and really like your haircut. I’d like to see Brenda do the same.”

Brenda was called in a few more times to sub and Peggy noticed that what Randy had said was true that she always wore it the same simple way. A variation might be for her to have her long chocolate brown hair curled at the ends. Peggy decided help her friend Randy out.She scheduled Brenda  in to sub but unkown to Brenda it was only going to be a half day on a Thursday. The sub secretary told Brenda to report to the Principals office after lunch.Brenda arrived and went into Peggy’s office. Peggy saw her “Hi Brenda I have an errand to run and I want you to go with me.It shouldn’t take too long. We will take my car.”  Brenda saw nothing wrong with the idea so out to Peggy’s car they went. While walking to her car Peggy reached over and felt Brenda’s thick soft mane of chocolate hair. They stopped at the POst Office and then pulled up to the front door of the ‘New You Salon’. Peggy looked at Brenda ” I want you to meet my stylist.” Brenda ” Ok, but I don’t need a haircut today.” Brenda and Peggy entered the salon and  a middle aged women greeted them. “Hi Peggy, Is this the young woman you told me about? Peggy ” Yes, this is Brenda. Brenda this is Debbie my stylist.”  Debbie looked at Brenda ” Brenda would you please come over and sit in my styling chair.?I think Peggy has something to tell you.” Brenda sat in the chair befuddled. Peggy came over to her “Brenda do you like my hairstyle? Do you think it is pretty?” Brenda ” Yes, but it is really short.” Peggy ” Well, your husband Randy likes it too and wants your hair cut just like it!” Brenda ” No! He likes my long hair.” Peggy ” He might have liked your long  hair when you were first married but I bet you havent’ changed it in ten years. You give him the same look day after day.”  Debbie ” I bet you’ve caught him looking at other women with short hair but thought he was looking at something else. Think about it. If Randy is complimenting Peggy on her short hairstyle don’t  you think he is giving compliments to other women? I’m sure he has given you hints to cut your hair. Your husband is lusting after other women with their short hair when he should be lusting after you with your great little body.” Brenda looked at Peggy and Debbie ” Oh ,I have been blind to the obvious.It is just that I have had my hair long for so many years and I have been afraid to make a change for fear Randy would be mad at me.” Peggy came over close to Brenda and lifted up a section of her long soft hair. I hated to be the one to tell you about Randy and your hair.I know it might be upsetting to you. The Good News is that if you say YES to Change Debbie can cut your hair into a new sexy short style that will put life back into your marriage. Tonight Randy will see a new you.I will take some photo’s of your makeover. What do you think Brenda are you ready to make a change and say goodbye to the old you.?” Brenda reached over and took a section of her brown tresses.  ”You two speak the truth. I do want my husband looking at me the way he looks at others.I just hope that my fear of looking ugly with short hair won’t become reality.”

Debbie ” I promise you that you will like the short style I will give you.”Brenda looked up at Debbie ” Debbie you can cut my hair short now. I want you to do it quickly.” Now , what Brenda didn’t know was that Randy had been in a week before and talked with Debbie. A short A-line bob style was in the works for Brenda. A silver cape was placed tightly around Brenda neck. Her long soft chocolate brown hair was divided into two 18″ long ponytails. Brenda heard the schnip, schinip,snip, sound as the sharp silver shears were cutting off the right side ponytail. Debbie took out a pair of oyster clippers and Brenda heard a buzzing sound in her left ear as they cut the thick soft ponytail off. The tails were placed in a baggie so she could take them home to Randy. Debbie then started shaping the hair using clippers over comb as with a clickity sound an angle was made from chin upward to a point high in the back of Brenda’s nape. Locks of brown hair tumbled to the cape and then to the floor. Her nape hair was clippered to a number  2 guide length and her neck shaved smooth with a straight razor. Peggy took photo’s from time to time with a big smile. Hair that had taken years to grow was cut off in minutes. Debbie came in front of Brenda and gave her the soft bangs that Randy had told her he wanted on his new look wife.Debbie took a spray bottle and slightly dampened the hair to be able to fine tune the style with a sharp pair of styling shears. Brenda looked down at a flloor covered in short and long pieces of her brown hair. The sound of a blowdryer and the useing of a brush was the signal that the new look for Brenda was nearly done. The cape was pulled off and a hand mirror was handed to Brenda as she was turned toward the main mirror.

Peggy came over to Brenda ” :YOU look just beautiful. That hairstyle with turn heads including Randy’s.and he will look at no other.” Brenda took the hand mirror and with her free hand felt her new short hairstyle. ” Oh, ladies I do look pretty with short hair.I like the way it moves to and fro when I move my head.I sure look different than I did this morning.” Debbie ” You look very pretty indeed Brenda and don’t be surpised if Randy wants to kiss you shaven neck line. I do think it is time for you two to go back to work as it is 2:30pm.” Brenda ” How much do I owe you? ” Debbie ” I had fun giving you a new look and I’ll post a few of the pictures that Peggy took in my makeover  album. I’ll only charge you $25 and hope you’ll come back to see me in a month or two for a shape up.”

Peggy and Brenda went back to school. Peggy told Brenda to go home where she greeted a very happy husband and had
a sexy evening. Randy loved kissing her shaven nape and nibbling on her easy to exposed ears. Later that week she met her mom and dad who both gave the stamp of approval to her new look. Brenda started wearing more earings and necklaces now that they could be seen without her long hair covering them. Making a change from long hair to short hair had been a tough one for Brenda but as she got reactions she realized it had been the right one and long over due. It took a bit of strong persuasion and a good argument for her to do it.

The End. 

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