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Natalia  a 35 year old women with lovely light golden brown hair that reaches the middle of her back walked into Ricks’s House of Hair. She had her usual bi-monthly trim appointment with Rick who had done her hair for the past several years. Natalia had lost her husband two years ago to a rare form of Cancer. She always wore her hair long and straight. Now Rick was in his early 40’s and had always liked Natalia. Rick had always thought Natalia would look great with short hair. Now on this day he thought he would present his case to remove Natalia’s long soft golden brown hair.

Natalia checked in with the receptionist and looked through a few style books while she waited to be called back to the  styling cubicle  where Rick worked. Rick came forward and told Natalia to come back to his station.Natalia sat down and Rick placed a light blue cape around her slender neck and pulled her soft thick brown hair up and out of the way. Rick took a brush and begain brushing out the lovely mane of hair. Rick spoke ” Hi Natalia. Can I shampoo your hair first like last time?” Natalia ” Yes, I would like that.” Natalia liked the way Rick washed her hair and massaged her scalp. Rick leaned Natalia back and filled the wash basin with her soft brown mane. Then he worked in some deep conditioning shampoo. He could see Natalia relax while he shampooed her hair. When he was done he gave her a good rinsing and helped her sit up straight and towel dried off her hair. He turned her toward the mirror and using a wide tooth comb he gently combed her wet locks into a tight wet ponytail. He kept tension on the ponytail and spoke softly to Natalia ” Natalia I think it is time for you to make a style change. Look in the mirror and see how pretty you would look with short hair. I think short hair would really bring out your facial features. I’ve seen you looking at the short hair style magazines the past few trips.” Natalia ” Oh, I know I need to make a change but I’m not sure how I will look with a different style and I’m a bit fearful of making a change.” Rick ” It has been two years since you lost your husband  and my friend Steve. I think when you look in the mirror with your long hair it only reminds you of Steve.I think you have wanted to cut it short but you knew Steve liked your long hair. I think it is time for you to make a change and move forward with your life. I don’t mean to sound so blunt. I can’t think of a better time than now in the Spring when nature begins anew.”

Natalia sat silent for a moment or two as she had  been taken by surprise.She looked at her long wet brown hair hanging down the front of the cape.” Rick, your absolutly right. I need to leave the past behind. I’ve just had my long hair in the same style for so many years. I guess it is time for me to get out of my comfort zone and move forward. How short do you want to cut it? I will trust your judgement today.Rick smiling from ear to ear began to explain his plan. ” I want to give you a nice short crop to show off your neck and cheekbones. I want it short enough so you can show off earings and be easy for you to style in the mornings. I want to add a bit of fluff to the top so you won’t be such a flat head. I know you will look beautiful without your long security blanket of hair. Today is a good day to say goodbye to the past. ” Natalia ” I was thinking more of a shoulder bob but if you think that a shorter look will be best then I will put myself in your hands. It will eventually grow out to a bob length anyway. I must agree that today is the day I move forward. So Rick I give you the ok to cut my long hair off but first I need a cup of strong coffee.”

Rick came back with a cup of Irish coffee and turning Natalia away from the mirror he went to work before she changed her mind. First to go was that long wet ponytail which he combed up into a high thick ponytail. She would be at the mercy of his clippers and scissors for the next few minutes. A point of no return was reached when he pulled the wet  ponytail tight to her head and after tying it off took out his shiny silver shears and begain snipping his way through the thick 20 inch ponytail that would soon join his collection. He had fantasised for months about having Natalia in this position. The scissor snipped easily through the wet hair. He looked down at the neck and nape area that he had wanted to expose for years. Now, he pushed Natalia head forward he placed the wahl clippers at the base of her neck and began pushing them upward. Locks of golden brown hair fell to the floor. The booth was quiet except for the sound of clippers clipping and the scissors snipping. Natalias security blanket of hair was being ruthlessly removed by a man on a mission. The hair was begining to dry so Rick worked quickly. He using a comb over fingers he pulled up her top hair at the the 3 inch length he chopped off the hair that exceeded his fingers. Natalia sat quiety as she saw lengths of 3 to 5 inches of brown hair hit the cape and tumble to the floor. Rick worked his way around Natalia’s head and repeated the technique of pulling the hair up with the comb and holding tight with his fingers cutting what Natalia didn’t need anymore off. He got to her sides and then used a comb and clipper technique which created a clicking sound on the comb. Then he put a number 3 guard on the clippers and worked the lower sides of Natalia’s slender head. A straight razor was produced with which Rick first produced soft bangs for the new look Natalia and then he shaved her neck area and around her ears like a barber does a man. The razor was used again to create some texture to the style. Locks of brown  made a ring around the chair. Rick knew that Natalia had never had hair this short and would never have again in all probability. He was seizing the moment  to create a look. He took a blow dryer and brush and finished up the style. He turned Natalia around to face the mirror so she could see herself for the first time.

” Ok, Natalia I’m finished. I hope you like it.” He handed her a mirror and pulled lose the styling cape. Natalia reached up and felt her new short crop.” Oh, my Jesus. It really is short. I feel naked in ways. I can feel a breeze on my neck. It sure is a new look for me. Steve would have never liked this hairstyle. I would be going home to a bad husband but he is gone now.” Rick, ” It will take a few days for you to get use to styling and I think it makes a statement to family and friends that you are ready to move on with your life.Let me know the reaction you get.” Natalia reached up and felt the soft crop and clippered neck. She looked up at Rick ” A statement it does make. My goodness I need to get home and put some jewlry on now. I know a necklace and earing set  in my jewlrey box will look great with this hair style. Rick, I want to thank you for pushing me toward  changing my hair. I’m sure leaving alot of it on the floor. You can keep my ponytail if you wish. Time for the outside world to see a new me. I’ll be back next month for a tuneup Rick.” Natalia got up and went to the front desk .She paid and left the salon. She had left a part of the past behind her. She was moving forward with her life and the time for mourning was over. She had a new and exciting look. She felt a need to show herself off. Rick stood at the door and went back to his cubilcle to clean up. He knew that within a month he would get up the courage to ask the Widow Natalia out for dinner. A widow that now sported a hairstyle he loved.

The End.

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