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It was Wednesday night at the Bible Believers Christian Church. Wednesday night was when ” Purification Ceremonies” were done on new members.Tonight it was going to be Cindy’s sister-in-law Annie. Annie was a 25 year old Native American Indian girl who had married Cindy’s brother Peter a year ago. She stood 5 foot 7 inches tall. She had a slender young body and had the most fantastic lucious thick dark black brownish hair that reached the bottom of her buttocks. She had never attended a Wednesday night Purification Ceremony as it was restricted to members only. She had been to the Church building during the past year for holiday and birthday parties with the family. Her husband Peter and sister-in-law Cindy had strongly encouraged her to get ‘Purified’. They had explained it to her as a simple ‘Baptism” ceremony with imersion in a water filled basin similar to other churches. The Church Minister Jacob had also noticed Annie and her lovely assets at the Party events and had encouraged Cindy and her husband Marvin to get her ‘ Purified’. Thus it came to be that on a spring Wednesday night Cindy and Marvin came to brother Peters door to pickup Annie at 6:30pm.

Cindy knocked at the door and Peter answered ” Is Annie Ready?” asked Cindy. Peter ” Yes, she is.”  Peter announced ” Annie, Cindy and Marvin  are here to take you to the church.”  Annie replied  ” I’ll be right there.”  Annie came forward wearing a tourquoise dress that reached just above her knees. Her beautiful lush Raven hung down her back in a soft series of curls. Peter gave his young wife a hug ” Now, honey you have a good time, do what they tell you, don’t be afraid and I’ll see you later tonight.”

They got into Marvins pickup and Annie sat in between Cindy and Marvin. Cindy looked at Annie ” Annie , you look very pretty tonight. Now, I promise tonight will be  a memorable one for you.Just remember that your promising your soul to Jesus.It was a 20 minute drive to the church. They got to the Church and Cindy took Annie to a back room and opened the door. There waiting was the Pastor Jacob and his wife Pee Wee. A bench with a pad on it was in the background. Pastor Jacob came over to Annie ” I’m so glad you have decided to become a member of our simple church. I’ll leave you in the hands of my wife and I’ll see you later.” The door closed and Pee Wee came over to Annie.” Ok, Annie I need you to remove all your cloths including your panties and bra. I want you to come lay down on the bench over there.” Annie looked at Pee Wee and asked ” Why?” Pee Wee smiled at Annie ” To be purified, you must be hairless like when you came out of your mothers womb. So, I need to remove your pubic hair which we hear from your husband is very thick and bushy.” Cindy took Annies hand.” It is ok Annie, I’ll be right here. Pee Wee is very gentle. You won’t be needing your cloths till afterwards asyou will be wearing a silky white robe like gown.” Annie removed all her cloths and handed them to Cindy who set them aside. Annie went and laid down on the bench and a pillow was placed under her head. Her long Raven hair was pulled back and hung down over the side of the bench. PeeWee looked up toward Cindy ” She has quite a head of hair. I figure that with that much hair at one end the other end should have a nice growth. Not like Native American girls to prune themselves. Annie, where are you from?” Annie ” Arizona, near the Grand Canyon.” Pee Wee takes a position near the end of the bench.” Now, Annie I need you to spread your pretty skinny legs wide so I can get to work.Cindy I need you to assist me down at this end.She is so thick I think I need to start with the clippers.” Cindy handed the clippers to PeeWee and she went to work on Annie’s pubic area. Annie didn’t notice that the clippings were being gathered and saved in a large baggie. Pee Wee looked at Cindy ” She is tensing up. I think she needs a shot of Item A to relax her. Annie, I’m going to give you a shot of an substance in your thigh that will help you relax for what is ahead. You will feel a pinch and it will wear off later.” Like a diabetic taking a shot of insulin the shot was given. Annie looked over and saw Marvin filming the action. She spoke to Cindy ” What is Marvin doing? Cindy, ” We film all ‘Purification ” Ceremonies as many members want a copy to remember later.” She forgot to add that the Ceremonies were ‘hot ticket items’ with the congregation and internet shoppers. Annie’s pubic hair would be put up for sale later as the church made nice money from the Ceremonies. Annie began to relax so Pee WEe moved on in the proceess and slowly and methodically shaved Annie’s pubic area free from any hair. She used shaving cream and also shaved Annies underarms and legs. That left only one area of Annie with any hair which was her head. That hadn’t occured to her as PeeWee took a wet cloth and wiped your young brown young body clean. Pee Wee looked at Annie. ” Your doing so well, you can feel yourself now.”

Just then a young black man called Deacon Jones opened the door.” Pee Wee we need Annie on stage in ten minutes.!!”. 

A wheel chair like chair was brought up close to the bench. Annie was told to sit in it which she did. Marvin and Cindy came over and with the attached restrains strapped Annie in at her ancles, her wrist and finally around her neck. Pee Wee came over to Annie.” Don’t be afraid Annie. We just don’t want you running off or falling down on stage during the next sequence.”

A long silky white robe was placed over Annie and the chair. Her long hair was pulled free and hung down the back of the chair almost to the floor. Cindy brushed it out and wheeled her out to the stage but just before a mouth restraining device was inserted into Annies mouth that allowed her to breath but made a whistling sound as she did. She was pushed on Stage and Pastor Jacobs took the microphone. Members of the church I wish to introduce you to Annie. Annie is going to be purified tonight before she joins our congregation.” A cheer went up. The pastor turned the chair and lifted the robe up exposing Annie bottom.” You can see she has be prepped in her bottom region.” He let the robe down. He turned the chair to the audience exposing Annies long Raven hair touching the floor.He spoke to the congregation ” You can also see she has only one other area to be prepped. Members what is your wish?” Shave her! Shave her! Shave her smooth and bald! ” roared the audience. Pastor Jacobs ” You wish is my command.” Cindy came over and saw Annies eyes getting big and a terrified look on her face.’ Cindy, ” It is ok Annie, we sell your hair to make money for the church. Your hair will grow back in time.” Cindy and two other ladies sectioned Annies mane of hair into three thick sections. One on each side and a thick top section of Raven black. They backed away from the chair. Pastor Jacobs approached Annie ” I’m so glad that you didn’t take your husbands suggestion and get your long hair cut short a few months ago. You really need to do what your husband ask you from now on.” The pastor clicked on the microphone. The inhouse video camera showed Annie on a big screen. Members are you ready for me to Shave Annie? A roaring yes went up. The Pastor decided to shave the thick middle section first for dramatic effect. The Oyster clippers were turned on and with no guard attached they were placed dead center of Annies forehead. They began to move backward toward the back of Annies head. The congregation went crazy as they witnessed Annie’s scalp being exposed. Annie was breathing so hard that a loud whistling noise was heard coming from her mouth.Slowly but ruthlessly Annies long soft Raven mane was being removed. Pastor Jacobs hung and pulled onto the ponytail with one hand as the other hand manuevered the clippers over the top of Annies head. Annie could feel the pulling of her mane and hear the buzzing of the clippers but no one else could.  What seemed like a long time took only minutes. The severed thick hair was held up in front of the
congregation. A yard stick was produced and the Pastor announced “Annie has sacrified 37 inches of her crowning glory to be purified tonight. Lets hear a big cheer for Annie!”

Annie just sat restrained and helpless. Not able to move and seeing herself on the big screen with her head bald in the center area. Just her long hair on the sides remained to be removed. Pastor Jacobs quickly worked to remove her remainng hair. She felt the clippers working on her neck and sides of her head. Her head got lighter and lighter. Her lovely head of hair she had cherished for so long was gone in just under a half hour. PeeWee again appeared on stage and using the same razor and shaving cream she had used on Annies bottom and body procceeded to make  Annie’s head a nice Shiny dome.

Her thick head of Raven hair was laying at rest on a nearby table.

Cindy and and Deacon Jones came over and removed the robe from Annie. They reached over and removed the restraints and the mouth retraint and set Annie free as by now she was sedated and in a minor state of shock.They stood Annie up and pulled away the chair. A naked and hairless Annie from head to toe stood before the Congregation. Pastor Jacobs stood beside her and announced to the Congregation.  ”WE can all see that Annie has been ‘ Purified” and can now be immersed in the holy water and baptised.Let us now Baptise our newest member Annie.” The white robe was placed back over Annie and she was led to the Baptismal dunking tank and with Marvins and Deacon Jones help she was Baptised by the Pastor in the name of the Father, son , and Holy Ghost.” Annie felt water on her hairless body and head for the first time. A mixed set of emotions came over her. Her naked body felt things it had never felt before. She was stood wet in front of the church members. The Pastor raised her hand ” Church members, Please welcome to our church our newest member Annie.” A big cheer of  Annie, Annie, went up and after a closing prayer the Service ended.

Annie was taken back to the room where it all began. She was dried off and she put back on her pretty Turquoise dress. Marvin and Cindy drove her home where her husband Peter waited. A scarf and been placed on Annies head. Cindy, ” I told you it would be a memorable night for you Annie . Im’ so glad that your a member of our church now.” Peter heard Marvins pickup pull into the driveway. Peter greeted his sister cindy. ” Is she Purified? ” Cindy ” Yes, she is but we had to give her a shot of item A as she got nervous.” Marvin came over and handed Peter a large brown bag which held not only Annie’s severed Raven locks but also the clippings from her pubic area.” Peter greeted his wife Annie as she walked up the steps.” I see you have been ” I’m sure you must have lots to tell me. Goodnight Marvin and Cindy.”  Peter couldn’t hugged and conforted his young wife.” The truth be told he had been at the church filming and witnessing her ” Purification”. He couldn’t wait to feel and make love to his hairless wife. To feel her shaved pubes and shaved head. To be left alone to feel and touch the massive mane of hair that had been removed from her head and to play with it and the pubic clippings. Annie would wake up undrugged in a few hours to the reality of what a ” Purification Ceremony’ really was and scream at what she saw and felt in the bathroom mirror. She felt a primal sexuality at being hairless. Still, her and Peter couldn’t wait to attend the next ” Purification” as they were now members of the Church. Annie wouldn’t not forget being ‘Purified’ for a long time.

The End.

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