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My wife has had a thing for short hair long before we got married.  While I don’t share her “thing” I have really enjoyed playing with it and incorporating it into our love life.  I must add that I think my wife looks great with short hair.  The shorter it is the more distinctive she looks and the more she stands out from the crowd and I like that.  I have learned over the years that it isn’t just short hair that arouses her, it’s also the anticipation of the cut and the trip to the salon that really gets her juices flowing.

We have been married for 12 years and she has worn her hair in everything from long bobs to short pixie cuts. If you only saw her every six months you would never see her with the same style. Her natural hair color is raven black, but over the years it has been red, auburn, dark blond, light blond and her most recent platinum blond.

Our friends and co-workers are accustomed to seeing us with different looks all the time.  We’ve had numerous conversations with them about hair and haircuts and on a couple of occasions my wife has been able to go with them and watch them get a short haircut.  She has some very good suggestions for them, almost always short to very short styles, and they actually listen to her sometimes.

We enjoy making a game out of haircuts every so often.  She enjoys seeing me get a haircut almost as much as getting one herself.  When we play the “haircut game” one of us takes control and the other one must get the haircut they are told to get or the one in control will instruct the barber/stylist what to do.  This has led to all kinds of different haircuts and colorings for both of us over the years. 

One of my most memorable “haircut game”  adventures was when I was taken into a small one chair barbershop by my wife. She was playing the part of a very controlling wife and began complaining as soon as I got in the chair that she didn’t like my hair this long.  She was tired of me spending so much money on fancy haircuts and wanted something much simpler and less expensive to maintain.   She was really getting into it, I actually wondered if she had taken acting lesson before we met.  She told him she had brought me here to fix the problem once and for all. She instructed the barber to “take it all off”.  The barber looked at me and I just told him “whatever makes her happy”.  I left the shop with a #1 buzz cut.  That barber had to think I was the biggest wimp in the world.  On that particular occasion I had walked in with a long business man’s cut covering my ears.  Once outside in the car we both couldn’t stop laughing, that had been fun.  The sex when we got home was fantastic.  My wife kept rubbing my stubbly head for days and each time it led to a romp wherever we happened to be.

As we were packing for our most recent vacation I decided I would initiate the “haircut game”. We were packing the car up to drive to Colorado for a couple of weeks.  We had rented a small cabin where we could hike and fish a lot and just relax with each other.

My wife’s current hairstyle was a platinum blond bob a little longer than chin length. It had a wave in it and her dark roots were showing a little more than half an inch.  The morning we were leaving on our trip I walked up to her and ran my hands through her hair telling her.  “You need a haircut and I’m going to take care of it.”

Her eyes lit up and a big smile appeared on her face.  She really liked the “haircut game”.  “What do you have in mind?”

“This time you’re gonna just have to wait and see.” I wanted the anticipation to build.  I tussled her hair a little more and then told her “I’ll give you one hint.  Most of this is coming off and it’s going to happen today.”

Her grin was from ear to ear.  She ran her hands through her hair a couple of times and I could see the excitement start to build.  “Give me another hint?”


“Pleeease… Pleeease…?”

“Nope, you’re just gonna to have to go with what you’ve got till it’s time for you to lose some of this hair.” I said as I slowly ran my hand up through the hair on the back of her head.

“So, you’re in charge?” She asked.

“I am.”

“Okay, let’s finish packing and get on the road then.”

“That’s the plan.”

We finished loading the car and hit the road.  She kept trying to get something more out of me about what I had in mind but I wasn’t giving her any more information.  Each town we drove through she would look for beauty shops and salons.  I could see the anticipation was getting to her.  As we drove into a town she would fidget in the seat wondering if this was it. 

The tease is what I really enjoy about the “haircut game”.  Seeing my wife get all worked up excites me.  To tease her for this haircut I’d slow down a bit when I saw a beauty shop.  Most of them were in small towns and looked the part.  We did see women going in and out of a couple and none of them were young.  They all appeared to have “old lady hairstyles”, you know, perms or curls.  Once I pulled into a strip center and slowly drove by a really old looking beauty shop, I could almost smell the perming solution from the car, instead of stopping I drove down to the convenience store at the end to make a pit stop.  Not until we were back on the road was she convinced we weren’t stopping there for the cut.

We chatted about different things until it was lunch time.  We stopped for gas and I saw a café up ahead in the center of town and suggested we have lunch there.  We drove over and parked.  It was then I noticed the barber pole three doors down.  It suddenly struck me, this was it, and she wouldn’t be expecting a barbershop haircut.  She has been in several barbershops over the years but never to get her hair cut, always to get my hair cut. 

We were standing in front of the café when I ran my hand up the back of her head and gently grabbed a handful of her locks.  “It’s time for this to come off.”  I said as I gently tugged the hair in my hand before letting it go.

“What?”  She had been distracted by the thought of lunch and hadn’t noticed the barber pole.

“It’s time.  See that barber pole right there?”


“I want you to go in there and when it’s your turn you are going to tell the barber you want ALL of the blond hair cut off.  I don’t care how you tell him but there is to be no doubt you want the blond gone.  Next, if he gives you a choice of length you are to choose the shortest option.  Do you understand?”

She looked at me with wide eyes and a nervous smile.  “I understand.” It was only a little louder than a whisper.

“Do you need a moment to think of what you’re gonna say?”

She nodded her head.  I had caught her off guard.  It was obvious she hadn’t anticipated a barbershop and I don’t think she had thought it was going to be so short.  I reached up with both hands and grabbed handfuls of hair, leaned forward and kissed her tenderly on the lips.  “I won’t be able to grab any of this when the barber’s done with you will I?
”  I teased.  “It’s all coming off honey, no more blond hair.”

A little moan escaped from her as I kissed her again telling her I loved her very much and how good she was going to look with really short hair.  Her eyes were excited, the sparkle of anticipation was coming back.  The reality of the cut was sinking in.  She was nervous with anticipation.

“That’s going to be really short.” She said.

“It is.  Shorter than you’ve had it since we’ve been together.”

“Shorter than I’ve ever had it in my life.  I’ve thought about it and a part of me has wanted to do it but I didn’t know if I would look good with it THAT short!”  She said.

“It’s time to find out then isn’t it!  Remember, I love you, not your hair.  I get excited because of the game and what it does to you and what we share from it.  Now, are you ready to get sheared like a sheep?”  I teased.

“I don’t guess I have a choice do I?”  She said with a twinkle in her eye.

“No you don’t! Now off we go.”  I nudged her to start walking toward the barbershop.  As we’re walking I’m gently running my hand through her hair, subtly reminding her of what’s coming off.  Just before we get there I say “Remember what you are supposed to do?”

“I remember.”

We get there and I open the door for her.  It’s a small shop, only two chairs.  One has a customer in it and the other is occupied by a barber reading the paper, they both look up.  Both barbers appear to be in their 50’s.  The unoccupied barber got out of his chair and greeted us.  He’s a bit taken aback when my wife walks to the chair and I head to a waiting chair.

The barber recovered quickly and settled into his routine.  He put the tissue around her neck and then draped the cape over her and fastened it in back.  He grabbed his comb and began combing out her hair. While combing he asked her the inevitable question.  “What are we doing today?”

It was now my wife’s turn to play the “haircut game”.  She didn’t miss a beat.  “Well, we’re going on vacation and I thought it’d be a great time to take care of this mess.” She said as she ran a hand through her hair.  “I’m tired of having to bleach my roots every six weeks and want to start over.  I want to get rid of ALL the blond so only my natural color is left.  I want it all gone.  I know it’ll be short but I’m tired of maintaining it all the time and something much shorter will be so much easier to deal with.”

“That it will.  I can handle that for you.” He said.  “Do you want it the same length all over or do you want the back blocked or tapered?”

She was already at her first decision point and not a hair had been cut yet.  Well not really.  She didn’t have a choice, the barber just didn’t know it.  Staring at me and with a smile on her face she said “Tapered please.”

“You got it” he said.  With that the barber turned around and picked up his big red Oster clippers and attached a guide.  He switched them on and with a comb in one hand and the clippers in the other he brought them up to my wife’s forehead.  He used the comb to lift the bangs and then without any hesitation ran them quickly over the top of her head. 

My wife was looking at me as the clippers made their first pass.  This was the first time she had ever experienced the clippers on top of her head and I thought I detected a little concern on her face.  They were very efficient, everything above the guide was easily dumped down the back of the chair and he immediately returned to the front for his second pass.  Front to back, flick the shorn locks over the back of the chair, return to the front and make another pass.

The top was finished in five quick passes.  There was very little left.  What was left clung tightly to her head.  No porcupine hair for my wife.  She was settling down now and beginning to enjoy the feel of the clippers and the transformation she was experiencing.  She gave me a smile and mouthed “I love you” to me.  I sent her a kiss back.

The barber moved to the left side and quickly clipped off the blond locks.  In about seven minutes he had removed all of the blond hair and gone over her entire head again to make sure it was all cut to the same length.  It looked like he had cut it down to a half inch in length.  He brushed his hand over her head a couple of times to shake out any small stray hairs.  There was blond hair on the floor, in her lap and on her shoulders.

He returned to the counter.  My wife looked at me with a questioning look.  I looked back and then realized she hadn’t seen the results yet.  There wasn’t a mirror in front of her.  She pulled a hand out from under the cape and ran it over her head while the barber was at the counter.  Still looking at me she mouthed “Wow!”

I smiled back and told her “It really looks good.”  And it did.  She was left with a shiny black cap of hair.  It looked like a really short version of Morena Baccarin’s “V” haircut.

The barber came back with his hand mirror and showed her the back.  Using the mirror she felt the back and then looked at the barber in the mirror.  He asked her “What kind of taper you want?” 

Another decision point and a little more hair was going to come off.  “I don’t know, what are my choices?”  She knew that was a dangerous question but that was part of the game for her too.  She knew she was going to have to pick the shortest option he gave her. 

The barber thought for a moment and said “Depends on how short you want it.  I can taper it a little more to create a nice blocked look in back or if you’re feeling brave I could taper it shorter at the hairline. You know, if you were a young man sitting in my chair I’d suggest tapering it down to a #2 or even a #1 with the top being as short as it is.  Another popular choice young men are asking for these days is the fade for the back and sides.”  Oh what a choice of words can do sometimes.  He didn’t know about the game and thought he was just providing information.  I’m sure he didn’t think he had said anything significant.  He had thrown the last 2 cuts out there for conversational purposes, as an afterthought. He might even have done it to scare her a bit, knowing it was truly a severe guys cut not one a lady would pick.

She knew what a fade was and I know she hadn’t expected it.  I’m pretty sure she would have been happy with the first choice or even the second and now hearing what she had, wished the question hadn’t been asked at all.  She didn’t have a choice now but I think the last option really surprised her.  My wife loves short hair but she is still a girly-girl at heart.  She was now going to have a very un-girly-girl haircut and this was disconcerting for her.  She had played with fire and she was now going to get burned.  She looked at me before she answered.  I think she was hoping I would let her off the hook.  I just smiled back at her though.

Knowing she was trapped and I’m
sure wishing she hadn’t asked such an open ended question and in a much less confident voice I heard “Wow! Those pretty much cover everything don’t they?  I don’t really want to look like a boy, but just out of curiosity, how do you think the fade would look?” she asked him.

A little surprised, he looked at her and responded “I think it will look fine but it will really be short.  You better be sure that’s what you want, I can’t put it back on once I shave it off.  Just so you know, it’ll be shaved to the skin through here.” He said as he pulled his fingers along her hairline.  “You’ll be showing skin all around up to about here.” He indicated with his hands near the top of her head.

Gulp!!!  Not nearly as confident now but determined to play the game out she told him “Okay, I’ll try the fade.” 

“Are you sure?  Like I said, I’ll be removing most of what you have left.” 

There was a short pause before she said.  “I’m sure.  I don’t have to be back at work for a little while and I did say I wanted to get rid of all the blond and try something really short.”

“Well you’re certainly going to do that!  This’ll be the first time I’ve ever skinned a lady.  Well, if you don’t like it, it should be back to its current length in about a month or so.” 

I could see the comment about growing back in a month made her feel a little better.  A week of that would be on vacation, when it was its shortest.  Maybe not so bad.  With that he went to the counter and picked up a different pair of clippers.  There wasn’t an attachment on these.  I’m no expert but it didn’t look like they would leave much hair.  They weren’t supposed too and they didn’t.

Returning to the chair he went to the left side and placed his hand on top of her head tilting it to the side.  With a long even stroke he peeled the hair away at her temple.  It was gone, there was nothing left at the hairline.  As he had gone higher he had gradually pulled the clippers away until near the top her hair was perhaps a ¼ inch long.  He was very methodical and took his time.  He slowly worked his way around her head repeating the process.  Everything was removed at the hairline and gradually increased in length to a ¼” at the top.  He grabbed a comb and evened the fade up in a few places and blended the top into the back and sides.  The fade had taken a lot longer than cutting all the blond off had.

When he was done he asked her if she wanted her neck shaved.  I guess he figured since she had come this far she might as well get the full treatment.  She had seen this done when she had taken me to the barbershop and said yes.  He lathered her and used an old straight razor to shave her.  He wiped the excess lather off and then spun her around so she could get her first look at what was left.  At this point I think there was more hair on the floor from cutting the fade than was left on her head.

It was a haircut, a very extreme haircut, nothing girly-girl about it.  The barber was right though, it did look good on her.  The beauty of her face really stood out.  There was certainly no hair to hide behind.  The bald portion of the fade was about an inch high.  You could clearly see her scalp all the way to the top.  I thought she looked fantastic, her face, those big green eyes and that smile.  That smile, albeit a timid one, she was smiling, a great sign.  She was running her fingers over her head.  She wouldn’t be running her hands through her hair unless it was the top for quite a while.  She ran a hand up the back as I had done not 30 minutes before and met no resistance, only skin.  She looked at me in the mirror and blew me a kiss.  Wow!

The barber picked up a hand mirror and showed her the back.  I watched her play with it a moment with her fingers, feeling the skin that was left at her nape.  He removed the cape dumping her blond locks onto the black and white tiled floor.  She hopped out of the chair and gave me a big hug and I had my first chance to feel her haircut.  The back was going to take some getting used to.  After my crew cut I felt stubble and all I felt on her nape was smooth skin and only a hint of stubble.  We followed the barber to the register and he said “That’ll be $14.”

I gave him a $20 and we left the shop.  Outside my wife could hardly contain herself.  I think she was ready to jump my bones right there on the sidewalk.  I’ve never seen her this aroused after one of our “haircut games”.  There was an alley around the corner and I pulled her into it.  There was a large indentation in the buildings where someone could park a car about halfway down the alley.  We went there and had a go at it right there.  It was very intense and didn’t last very long, but it would last us until we got to the hotel later that night.

We did go and have lunch at the café.  My wife got a lot of looks and I wondered if any of the customers had seen us earlier standing on the sidewalk before the haircut.  I love my wife and really enjoy playing the “haircut game”.  We had a fantastic vacation, lots of love making everywhere. 

Her co-workers were a bit surprised when she went back to work.  Stubble was visible at her nape by the time she went to work.  The barber was right, about a month later the sides and back had grown out nicely.  Can’t wait until it’s time to play the next “haircut game”.

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