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The Truth About Sara
Part 2

Sara was completely numb.  She sat by herself as the barber and Gretta talked and chuckled over the fast $300 they had just made, at Sara’s expense.  Now she sat, bald as an onion, but not as sad and forlorn as she thought she could be.  The old Sara would be hysterical, and that may come soon enough, especially when she went back to work Monday.  Shit, work, what the hell was she going to do about work.  She certainly couldn’t show up like this.  She lowered her head into her hands, her fingertips resting on her denuded scalp.
   “Let’s go baldy.”  Gretta joked as she grabbed Sara by the arm and headed back to her apartment, or so she thought.  As they walked out onto the streets of New York, Gretta had decided that they should show off their new look around the area, so they went for a little walk.  Gretta looked very chic, with her ultra-short hair and her conservative suit.  She looked as though she could devour the world.  Sara on the other hand wanted to crawl into hole and die.  Each person she passed would bring anxiety, until she realized that no one was staring anymore.  She was getting more looks with her long red hair in this outfit than she was bald.  “Here’s let’s try this.”  Gretta, ran her hand along a fence until it was nice and black and then rubbed it into Sara’s face, grubbing her up considerably.  “Better, now you look homeless.”  As they rounded the next corner Sara’s worst fear was realized.  There was a man from her office walking straight towards them, he had even hit on her a few times.  Much to Sara’s astonishment, he never looked twice.  She was completely unrecognizable as her old self.  After some showing off, Gretta dragged Sara back to her apartment.
   Once inside, Gretta made herself at home and opened a bottle of wine that was in the refrigerator.  “I would offer you some Sally, but this stuff is totally wasted on slaves like you.  Strip for me Sally.”  Sara slipped out of the stinky clothes, sneakers and disgusting panties and set them in a neat pile on the floor.  “No, I want you to put them in a plastic bag, sprinkle some water on them and seal it up for next time Sally.”  Sara did as her Mistress asked, knowing that the clothes would smell even worse the next time from the moisture and bacteria growing in them.  “Sit on the floor and smell your feet.”  Sara sat in front of Gretta and lifted her foot up to her nose.  It reeked of dirty feet, sour and stinky.  “See how quickly you have become dirty Sally,”  Gretta got down and smelled Sara’s feet herself “Now the germs that were once living on my feet are living on yours, and will be forever, stinky Sally.”  Sara was dismayed at the idea of always having smelly feet, she had never had any problems with foot odor her entire life.
“Ok, slave here are some ground rules that you will follow, and some new realizations for you to absorb.  The realizations first: Firstly, You belong to me now, completely.  You are my property, a possession, not a person anymore. Do you understand this slave Sally?”  Sara nodded her understanding.  “Secondly, this is now my apartment, and you live here only to pay the bills.  Everything I say goes, without question.  Do you understand this slave?”
   “Yes Miss G.” Sara was excited and scared at the same time.
   “Good, now along with being my apartment, everything in the apartment also now belongs to me. This includes your clothing, your furniture, your jewelry and even your private things like photos and personal mementos.  Those fancy degrees hanging on the wall, those are mine too.”  Sara seemed a little shell shocked but nodded her understanding.  “You see Sally, slaves are possessions, so they cannot own anything themselves, as they themselves are owned.”  Gretta thought for a minute and then had Sara get the bag that she had transferred her things into that morning.  “I am now removing you Sally.” She took her phone out of the purse “mine” her keys “definitely mine” each personal thing Gretta made her own until she came down to her wallet.  She opened it slowly as Sara watched wide eyed. “Get me a pair of scissors Sally” Sara got the large kitchen shears and handed them to Gretta.  “Watch me Sally, watch me destroy you.”  Gretta smiled and took the first thing out of her wallet “hmm, library card” snip “voter registration card, hmm” snip “Visa bank card, I’ll keep that one. Oh, your pin slave?”
   “9156” without even thinking Sara was giving herself away entirely.  
   “Come here.” Gretta grabbed a marker from the table and wrote in large letters “9156” on Sara’s forehead.  “By the end of the day I’ll never forget it slave.” Gretta giggled “Next, Macys card” snip “Social security card, hmmm” snip “MasterCard, definitely” snip “New York State Driver’s License, hmmm” snip. Sara thought she was now without identification but Gretta was smarter than Sara.  “Bring me your birth certificate and your passport Sally.”  Sara got up and moved to her bedroom shaking now. “And bring me your NYU IDs too, all of them.”  Gretta must have gone through her drawers while she was in the bedroom, she knew what Sara had in there.  She grabbed her passport, birth certificate and five different college ids from NYU.  “Let’s see them.”  Sara handed her the lot and watched as each of her college IDs was snipped in two.  Next was her passport, she never even had a chance to use it.  “Can’t just snip this, it has to be burned.  Does this fireplace work?”
   “Yes, but just for gas Miss G” Sara was hopeful she could keep at least something.  Gretta removed one of the stone logs and started the flames.  Gretta took everything she had snipped including the passport and laid it on the flames and watched as they burned into ash.  Gretta still held Sara’s birth certificate, and waved it over the flames.  “Bye bye Sara” she dropped it and it burst into flames immediately, the ashes of her former life floating up her chimney and into the NY sky. “You no longer exist Sara, you are officially Sally, by my hand you are Sally, and will always be Sally.  Is that understood?”  Gretta turned off the fire and replaced the log.  She sat next to her slave and stroked her baldness.
   “I am Sally, Miss G. and I no longer exist.” Sara sobbed, holding her skin tight head in her hands.  Gretta took all the clothes including the bag of smelly ones into the bedroom and locked the door, taking the key out of the door.  
;nbsp;“We will discuss more rules and limits slave, but right now I have an errand to run.” Gretta locked the door on the way out and without the key, Sara couldn’t even get out as it was a double key lock.  She found her way to the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. Her head shone like a glass ball in the clear incandescent light and as she ran her hand over the silky smooth surface she once again felt a burning in her pussy.  Her Mistress had forbidden her from playing without her permission, but she wasn’t there and she so wanted to feel this deeply and strongly.  Sara sat on the cold tile floor and laid back allowing her bare head to slide along the cool tiles, her fingers were sliding in and out of her hairless pussy, not as skillfully as they should but certainly well enough to feel wonderful.  In a single day a dirty little street girl had taken control of her completely, and now she belonged to her.  All she once had belonged to her, everything she would ever have will belong to her.  She had nothing, not even a stitch of clothing or a strand of hair to call her own.  Sara’s head slid back and forth over the tile until her finger found its smooth surface and rubbed over it again and again until she came violently and loudly.
   Sara felt very guilty about having taken such liberties without her Mistresses permission, but she needed to feel good about what had happened so desperately and now she perhaps had come to terms with her situation.  Sara crawled back to the living room and curled up on the wool rug and fell asleep.
   “Hello, my slave, I’m back and I have a surprise for you.”  Gretta walked in and found Sara asleep on the floor of the living room.  “Hey, wake up stinky.” Gretta pushed her bare foot into Sara’s face which woke her with a start.  Sara in turn licked and kissed Gretta’s foot, which now smelled clean and leathery, like hers used to.  “I have something for you, well for us really.” Gretta opened a box and pulled out a wig.  A beautiful auburn wig that very closely resembled Sara’s former glory.  “Let’s see it on, ok.”  Sara lifted the wig carefully and slid it onto her bald head.  It fit very tightly and once adjusted, Sara looked very close to her old self, minus a few inches.  “The woman at the wig shop said that it was made for a bald head so I had to try it on and if it fit me, I knew it would fit you slave.”  Sara admired the look in the mirror over the mantle, it really did look good, good enough to fool even.  “OK, that’s enough vanity Sally, that’s only for work.”  Gretta lifted the wig gingerly off the top of Sara’s head leaving her bald once again.  
   “Thank you so much Miss G.”  Sara was genuinely pleased
   “Yes, I had to take money out of my new account for it, but it was worth every penny.” Gretta made sure to rub in the fact that she had control over the money now.  “I did take out a few extra hundred for myself too.”  She showed her feet to Sara. “So…I stopped and got a pedicure.”  No wonder her feet smelled so fresh and clean.  
“So Sally, are you ready for the rest of your new rules and limitations.”  Sara pulled herself up under Gretta as she sat comfortably on the sofa.  “You will lick my feet as I tell you about them is that clear, there will be no response until I have finished, and then I want a verbal confirmation is that understood?  Sara nodded and began licking Grettas now perfect feet.  “As previously stated the bedroom is now mine and completely off limits to you, unless I invite you inside.  You will not sit or sleep on any of the furniture, ever.  Your place is the floor.  Once inside the apartment your method of movement is crawling, no walking is allowed.  You will be allowed one, two minute shower a week, each Sunday night, but you must wear plastic bags over your feet so they are not washed.” Sara was shocked at this request as it meant that her feet would be horribly dirty, and probably smell even worse. “Does that bother you little Sally, hmmmm, your feet are going to be completely filthy in a week or two.”  Sara continued her worshipping of Gretta’s feet. “You will wear my old stinky clothes for one hour each day, and my old sneakers for at least two hours a day, other than those times you will be naked when not at work. You will eat table scraps that I will put in a bowl on the floor by the kitchen garbage can.  You will drink only water and that will also be in a bowl next to the other.  You will sleep in this.”  Gretta stepped into the hall and pulled a large dog cage into the entryway and through into the kitchen. After it was set up Gretta had Sara crawl inside and she locked the door.  She stuck her toes through the grates and Sara continued to lick. “Ok, ready for the rest?” Gretta gleamed at her power over Sara, who was completely under her control. “You will not be allowed to use the toilet seat but must sit directly on the porcelain, you will clean yourself using your fingers and the water in the bowl, no drying.  You must shave your body and head completely free of all hair once each day.  Now that concludes the rules for home, now there are rules for work.  At no time will you talk back or interrupt another person, no matter whom they are, you are lower than they are, as a slave. The same rules for toileting apply at work, no toilet seat and clean with your fingers from the bowl, no drying and no washing your hands afterwards.  You will wear only clothes that I lay out for you.  I have purchased two cheaply made suits and one pair of imitation leather shoes for you to wear.  You will not be allowed stockings or hose, and definitely no underwear, so no panties or bra.  You can have no perfume, and no makeup.”  Sara was beginning to realize that this was going to be difficult and her worshipping slowed as she contemplated her tasks ahead of her.  “Do you understand all of these rules slave Sally?”
   Somewhat bewildered, Sara looked up from inside her cage facing Gretta said “Yes Miss G, I understand your rules and limitations completely and will do my very best to obey and to follow them each day.”  Sara curled up in her new cage, Gretta having walked away to get something.  She came back with a small box, a jewelry box.  
   “I am giving you this gift but you will have to make a promise to keep what is inside.  It will be your only possession in the whole world, should you accept it.”  Sara sat up on her knees as best she could in the cramped cage.  Gretta let her out  and had Sara follow her into the Living Room, crawling of course.  She took the little box and opened it slowly and showed it to Sara.  Inside was the most delicate necklace she had ever seen.  The central pendant was a heart, and on the heart were inscribed very fine letters.  Sara bent in to read them.  “Property of Mistress Gretta.”  In the most elegant script.  “Would you like to see what’s on the other side?&
rdquo;  Gretta quizzed.  She flipped the pendant over and on the opposite side read in much larger letters, “Slave Sally”.  Gretta took the pendant and held it towards Sara’s neck and asked her “Do you swear to obey me in all things, be my slave and my property for all time Sally?”  Sara crawled forward so the necklace touched her throat.
   “Yes Miss G, I swear.”  Gretta fastened the necklace behind Sara’s neck and took a small pair of pliers and smashed the clasp so it could never be removed without ruining it.  “This is your only property Sally and will remain around your neck until you die or I release you, which is never going to happen.”  Gretta kissed Sara deeply on her lips and they fell into a tangled pile on the carpet as Sara wrapped her legs around Gretta’s still well fashioned form.
   “Now slave, let me take these lovely clothes off before you ruin them with your stink, and then we’ll play.”  Gretta slid off her slave and into the bedroom, where she disrobed and returned to Sara naked.  Gretta squatted over Sara’s mouth, her pussy colliding with her face as she pressed down.  Sara struggled to breathe but continued to probe deeply into Gretta’s cunt with her tongue.  She smelled so good, so fresh.  Sara’s nose was pressed into Gretta’s anus and even that smelled perfumed, and clean.  Gretta slid forward allowing Sara access to her rosebud, her tongue darting in and out of its puckered recesses.  Gretta moaned with excitement as she realized that Sara was going to be the best slave, as she was so good and so new to it.  Sara could feel Gretta rubbing her hands over her slippery head as she came closer to orgasm.  She slid forward again and centered her clit over Sara’s eager mouth.  She sucked deeply and pulled aggressively at Gretta’s clit, nibbling ever so gently with her teeth while her tongue played circles around it.  As Gretta came a dribble of pee slipped out and into Sara’s mouth.  Sara was surprised, but to Gretta’s amazement, she swallowed all of it.  “Very good Sally, your first drink of nectar and you didn’t spill a drop.”  Gretta looked down between her legs at her slave and realized that she had overlooked something. “Do you remember that I forbid you to have any hair, Sally?”
   “Yes, Miss G.  I have none anywhere.”  Sara ran her hand over her naked pate and smiled.
   “Actually, we overlooked some, my sweet Sally, we did.”  Gretta popped up and into the bathroom and returned with a razor and nail clippers.  “Sit up for me Sally.”  Sara sat upright and was for the first time in a while, eye to eye with her Mistress.  “Close your eyes, my sweet.”  Sara did as directed.  She felt a tugging on her brow and realized that Gretta was shaving off her eyebrows.  She made short work of it and in a minute Sara was browless.  She ran her fingers over the nakedness where they once where and felt nothing but blank skin.  “Now the tricky part.  Close your eyes again my sweet.”  Sara couldn’t imagine what was next but was not in dark for long as she felt the clippers slide up against her upper eyelid and close.  She felt a delicate rain of lashes slide down her cheek.  Three clips for the top, and three for the bottom and the right eye was done.  “I wonder if I should leave the other eye, I always loved asymmetry.  No….Your lashes are too long, it just looks too lopsided.”  Gretta set about clipping off the other eye, until Sara was bald, browless and lashless.  She again ran her fingers over her eyebrows and eyes, feeling the tiniest stubble where her eyelashes had been ravaged.  “Cant shave them, too dangerous, so that will have to do Sally.”  Gretta stood up, towering over her slave. “Now, you are truly hairless, Sally my Sally.  You may masturbate for me.”  Sara sat back against the cold stone of the fireplace and let her hand slide down into her cunt.  She could smell herself now, not as clean as she usually was, and not only her cunt but her feet also smelled as she became aroused, interestingly.  She lifted her left foot to her face, smelling the intense aroma, which stirred her juices even more.  Gretta bent down to watch more closely. “You do stink now Sally, not the sugar and spice girl in the pink pajamas now, are you?”  Gretta disappeared into the bedroom and returned with the soiled panties from the plastic bag.  “Here, smell these.”  She slid the panties over Sara’s head so the crotch sat in front of her nose and mouth.  She inhaled deeply through her nose, allowing the intense stink of piss, sweat and ass to waft through her.  Gretta was astonished at what she saw next, as Sara’s tongue slid out and caressed the crusted crotch of her panties.  She did it only once and came immediately, but it was a true signal to Gretta, how far she could push her new slave.
To be Continued…

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