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Saturday evening Gretta had decided to show her soft side to her new slave girl.  Sara was curled up in her cage, wearing the stinky sneakers and soiled panties, a new rule that Gretta had made.  Cage time was sneaker and panty time.

“Would you like to come out and play Sally?”  Gretta pushed her toes through the grate, to which Sara responded by licking wantonly over them.

“Yes Miss G, so much.” Sara begged.  Gretta opened the cage and allowed Sara to follow her into the bedroom.  

“Take off your sneakers and panties, put them in the bag, crawl onto the bed and lie on your back to wait for me Sally.”  Gretta watched as the petite little slave slipped off the ratty sneakers, her nose twitching from the smell of her own feet.  As she slipped the panties down her sexual arousal was evidenced by a small pearly string of her own juices, formed between to crusty panties and her smooth shaved cunt.  Gretta smiled as she crawled onto the bed and spread herself, her legs open to Gretta’s advances.  Gretta slipped into the walk in closet and came out completely naked.  She slid onto the bed and gave Sara and long wet kiss on the lips, their bodies now entwined.  For the first time Sara reached up and ran her hands over Gretta’s tightly clippered head.  The smooth sides were in sharp contrast to the bristled horseshoe that formed a sort of halo around her pale white scalp.  Gretta too was busy, running her hands over her slave’s baldness.  For the first time, they both were able to appreciate each other as lovers and not just as Mistress and slave.  Gretta slid down between Sara’s legs and placed her tongue against her glistening slot, smelling her old self as she was just one day before.  Her tongue darted along the length of Sara’s cunt and then circling her swollen clit.  Sara had her hands on Gretta’s head massaging the contrasty finish with a small pang of jealousy over the small amount of hair her Mistress sported.  Something that she would never know again, the feel of hair. Gretta swung around and slapped her pussy right down on Sara’s face, which prompted her into frantic service of her Mistress’ cunt and asshole.  They both came in a slithering tangle of hairless flesh, exhausted, their faces pushed into each other.  After a short silent interlude, Sara was ordered back to her cage, sneakers and panties on.  As she was about to climb into her new bed, there was a knock on the door.

“Oh my God!  Miss G, I completely forgot that one of the secretaries from work was to come by for some papers.”  Sara crawled over to her desk and grabbed a thick manila envelope in her teeth and then crawled back towards the door.  It then dawned on her that she was clad in only the panties and sneakers, and she was bald.  Gretta was amused at her dilemma as she slipped on the pink flannel pajamas that Sara loved so much.  

“So do you beg your Mistress to allow you to wear the wig and a robe, or shall we go to the door as you are?”  Gretta stepped into the bedroom and brought out her robe and allowed Sara to stand for the first time since the early morning.  Again there was knocking at the door.  Gretta placed the robe, begrudgingly around her slave’s shoulders.  Sara looked at her and her eyes rolled up to her bald head.  Gretta shook her head, no!

“Coming!” Sara spouted at the door.  “Please Mistress.”  Once again Gretta shook her head no.  She wanted Sara to feel the humiliation of being exposed to one of her co-workers and it was going to happen now.  A sad, resigned expression fell over Sara’s face as she turned the key in the lock and then opened the door to her fate.  There, waiting somewhat impatiently was Lydia Stone, one of the general secretaries in the office.  When she saw Sara, her mouth dropped open involuntarily.

“Oh my God, miss Waring. What happened?  Wow, you’re like bald.” A slight giggle was suppressed as she took the envelope from Sara’s shaking hand.

“Sally, where are your manners?  Invite the girl in.”  Sara was mortified that she would need to be exposed in this way, to one of her subordinates.  Lydia stepped through the doorway and into the living room where Gretta was seated comfortably on the sofa.  “Have a seat my dear.”  Lydia tentatively rested on one of the wingback chairs that framed the fireplace.  When Sara went to sit on the other, Gretta glared at her, and Sara immediately missed the chair, her bum landing firmly on the carpeted floor.  “So, you work with Sally here?”  Gretta was going to play this all the way. “Sally, why haven’t you introduced us?”

“Lydia, this is Gr….” Gretta once again glared at Sara with a look that could kill. “my Mistress G, Miss G this is Lydia Stone.”  Lydia couldn’t keep her eyes away from Sara’s gleaming egg of a head, still shining from the barber’s buff job.  By now she had noticed the extent of Sara’s hairlessness, her eyebrows, and eyelashes were also missing.  Sara sat in shame, her legs crossed, her eyes down.

“Hello, nice to meet you.” Lydia chimed in. “So is your real name Sally then Miss Waring?”  Sara looked up from her lowered position on the floor, up at her subordinate.  

“Yes, Sally is her real name, Sara was just a pretentious name that Sally used to further her career.  No would take a Sally very seriously, would they.” Gretta grinned at the intense humiliation she was causing her slave. “As you have probably already figured out, Sally is my slave, my servant.”

“Wow!”  Lydia was suddenly fascinated.  “So you’re a lesbian after all, Miss Waring.” Lydia chuckled at the thought of her high and mighty superior, lapping at her Mistress’ cunt while she whipped her Fifth Avenue ass.  She often fantasized about running her hands through her beautiful locks and kissing those ruby lips that were always so aloof.

“Sally, you don’t need to call her Miss Waring, call her Sally if you like.”  Lydia was struck by the submissive nature of her normally dominant superior.  “Oh, Sally, I need my robe back now.”  Sara was shocked that Gretta would do this to her, but she relented and stripped out of the robe, exposing her nearly naked self to Lydia.  Lydia looked down at her, and could see, and smell, the sad state of the crusted panties and worn out all-stars.  She momentarily allowed her eyes to appreciate Sara’s perfect C cup breasts, before looking back to Gretta as she returned from the bedroom.

“So…Sally, will you be back at work tomorrow?  I wondered whether that long luscious hair of yours was a wig, now I know it was.”  Lydia giggled some more.

“Oh, Lydia, her hair was real, but I decided to have it shaved of
f this morning.  It suits her submissive role perfectly, don’t you agree?” Gretta was sitting in a very elevated fashion, her back straight and her feet squarely in front of her.  “So, what do you think about your once superior Sally now, Lydia.”

“Well, she looks very small, naked, exposed and very submissive, Ma’am.”  Gretta smiled as she knew this was going to haunt Sara at work.

“Lydia sweet, you may call me Gretta.  Sally, why don’t you crawl over to Lydia and show her what a good slave you are and clean her feet with your tongue.”  Sara was mortified but without thinking crawled under Lydia who was a little wide eyed at the moment.  Sara slipped off the pale pink sketchers and ankle socks that Lydia wore that evening and lowered her mouth to her toes.  Lydia’s feet smelled like they had been in them all day, sweaty and pungent.  Sara closed her eyes and began her task of cleaning her co-worker’s feet and toes her tongue busy and wet.  Lydia had never had anyone do this for her and was smiling ear to ear, especially as she looked down to see her superior’s bald head bobbing up and down.  “Do you want to touch it Lydia, go right ahead.”  She reached down and ran her hand deliberately over Sara’s head.

“My God,  it’s so smooth.” Lydia remarked as she stroked Sara’s head from side to side evoking a soft moan from her superior’s busy mouth.  

“Lydia,  I need someone to keep an eye on my property while she is at work.  How would you like to be that person?”  Lydia looked a little hesitant.  “I wouldn’t dream of doing anything to jeopardize your position, I just want you to take control of Sally while she’s at work.” Lydia was actually getting aroused at the thought of one of her bosses, serving her.  “She would no longer be your superior, and you could order her about, as long as it doesn’t interfere with her job.”  Sara was now juicing up her already crusty panties at the thought of Lydia being her superior at work, she didn’t even rate a cubical.  “Sally, you can stop now.”  Lydia’s feet had long since been well cleaned. “Sally I want you to kneel in front of Lydia.”  Sara pulled herself up onto her knees, her eyes just below Lydia’s as she gazed up at her face.  “From now on Sally, you will address your co-worker here as Miss Lydia.  She is now your superior in every way, just as I am.  She will be your Mistress, in my absence.”  Sara bowed her head as Lydia stroked her naked pate.  “Sally, kiss your new superior.”  Sara reached up to kiss Lydia, opening her mouth to meet hers as their tongues twisted around each other.  Lydia was in ecstasy as one of her fantasies was coming true, those ruby lips now planted firmly against hers, only the glorious auburn tresses were missing.  So she ran her hands over Sara’s baldness and in turn Sara caressed Lydia’s mousy brown locks, chopped so abruptly at her chin.  “Ok, that’s enough.” Gretta seeing that they both were enjoying this a bit too much.  “Lydia, in exchange for being Sally’s “work” Mistress, you will be compensated out of Sally’s salary, to the tune of $200 per week.”  Sara was shocked as that was a fifth of what she made.  “You will be expected to make a daily report to me, by telephone, on Sally’s behavior and transgressions.”  Gretta thought for a moment.  “You must make sure that she is respectful to her co-workers.  She should not be rude or interrupt anyone and treat everyone there as her superior, using “yes ma’am, or yes Sir” when addressing her co-workers.”  Gretta smiled “She will need to ask your permission to use the bathroom and is not allowed toilet paper or to use the seat.”  Lydia’s smile grew bigger and bigger as she realized the power she was going to have over Sally.  “Oh, and she is not allowed any underwear, so no panties and no bra.”  Lydia pictured Sara’s perfect C-cups bouncing free under her white button blouse, her nipples pointing obviously through the lite clingy fabric.  She would know that beneath that high power suit, there would be no panties, her cunt open and exposed.  

“I accept these responsibilities Gretta, and the paycheck will be nice too.”  Sara winced as Lydia called her Mistress by her given name, knowing that she could not, ever.

“Very well Lydia, I am certain you will enjoy this.”  Gretta opened the door.  “Masturbate for your new Mistress Sally, so she may see the degraded slut you’ve become.”  Sara slipped off her panties and spread her legs allowing her fingers to slide into her shaved cunt and pointing herself directly at the door, and Miss Lydia.

“My goodness, what a slut Sally!” Lydia exclaimed.  Gretta handed her the envelope that she came for, having completely forgotten about her errand.  As Gretta closed the door, Sara was moaning loudly in the corner, her fingers frantically whipping her cunt into a froth.  

“Stop that this instant!!” Gretta firmly chided her slave for nearly cumming without her permission. “Just look at yourself Sally, what have you become? Cage!”  Sara crawled into her prison bed and Gretta locked the door behind her. “Did you forget something?”  Sara looked out into the living room, to see her soiled panties rolled up in a ring on the floor.  Gretta unlocked the cage and allowed her to retrieve them.  “With your teeth slave”  Sara lowered her face to the disgusting fabric and took it between her teeth, crawling back into her cage with them hanging from her mouth.  “Put them on slave”.

“Thank you Miss G”  Sara said sincerely.

“For what my slave?”  

“For everything, for my new position, for my humiliation, for my shaven head.  A tear rolled down Sara’s cheek. “just….thank you Miss G”

“Well, you have come to accept yourself and realized how badly you needed to be where you are Sally.” Gretta smiled. “You are very welcome, my slave.  You really have sunk so very, very low, it’s good to see.”  Gretta shut out the light and retired to her bedroom, leaving Sara to think on her situation.  She was truly happy.

Sunday morning Sara awoke an hour or so before her Mistress, and was in desperate need of the toilet.  She rattled the cage door, and tried to get her fingers to release the hasp of the door but was unable.  She could feel the urge getting stronger as she waited for her Mistress to arise.  Finally Gretta came into the kitchen, groggy and half asleep, and released the hasp.  Sara made a valiant effort to reach the bathroom in t
ime, crawling on all fours.  She lifted the seat and sat herself down on the cold white porcelain allowing the urine to shoot out of her.  As she made her way back to her cage, Gretta looked displeased.

“What the fuck is this?” She grabbed Sara’s head and pointed her nose to a long thin puddle on the tiled floor. “Lick it up slave, now!”  Sara realized that although she thought she had made it to the bathroom in time, she had in fact leaked on the way there.  Slowly, Sara lapped up her own pee, the strong salty taste almost overwhelming her senses.  “That first morning pee is pretty tasty, isn’t it Sally?”  Gretta laughed.  “When you’re done there slave, get yourself shaved as we are heading to Mistress Amada’s this morning.” Sara realized that the slave tattoo on Gretta’s mound, still held true.  Her Mistress was also a slave.

After Sara finished lapping up her accident, she crawled to the bathroom and reached up for the pink razor that had made such short work of her brows and pubes.  She ran a hand over her head but found it to be smooth as glass, still.  Even so she wet her head and ran the razor over its surface.  The blade met with no resistance but the sensation of the blade scraping over her scalp was unbelievable.  She could feel her cunt getting moist as she finished with her brows.  She slipped off the bad panties as she was calling them now, and could feel the slight stubble of a day’s growth on her mound.  She ran the water and wet her skin.

“Don’t you be washing anything slut!” Gretta called out from the living room as she sipped her coffee. “Except for your forehead, I have that number memorized now.” Sara had forgotten all about it as she had not seen herself in a mirror at all.  Sara wondered why Miss Lydia hadn’t remarked on it.

“No Miss G.” Sara was running the razor over her pussy and ass, feeling the blade shave away all the fine stubble.  Sara slipped off the bad sneakers, and the stink of her feet wafted into her nostrils.  Getting used to the smell, she set about shaving her legs.  As she was shaving her legs, she noticed the fine pelt of down on her arms.  “Even Miss G missed this one” she muttered as she whisked off the fine blonde fuzz, leaving perfectly smooth skin behind.  A quick flick over her underarms and she was done.

“Here.” Gretta threw the bag of bad clothes at her and walked out. Sara slipped the moist and aromatic panties back over her smooth thighs, the yellowed white fabric pressing flush against her freshly shaved pussy.  As she pulled the clothes out of the bag, Sara realized that the water had indeed caused them to smell even worse.  She pulled the stained and torn wife beater over her breasts, under which they bounced and threatened to pop out the arm holes.  The fatigue pants were next, finally followed by the jean jacket and bad sneakers.  Back to grunge.  She stank of mildew, sweat and cigarettes as she emerged from the bathroom, still crawling.  “You may stand now slave as we are leaving.”  Sara stood and waited for Gretta to open the door.  “Well”  Gretta tapped her foot.  Suddenly Sara realized that she was expected to do that.  She jumped forward, opening the door for her Mistress.  Gretta held out her hand after Sara had locked the door and the keys were dutifully handed to her.

Once again Sara felt shame and humiliation as they walked towards the subway station, especially since she smelled so bad.  Once they were on the train, anyone that sat next to her soon slid away or changed seats entirely.  Gretta was aware of this, and Sara painfully so.  “Now you know how it feels to be homeless Sally.” Gretta said, sliding her hand over her head.”

Amanda lived in a spacious apartment on Central Park West.  It was an amazing building and Sara felt ashamed to be there, with her present appearance.  The doorman recognized Gretta right away, even with the new haircut.  “What’s with the hair girl, join the marines did ya?” he jostled.  Gretta just shot him a look and he back off.  “Hey, he can’t come in here.”  The doorman moved towards Sara, but Gretta assured him that Amanda would be expecting her. “Jeez Louise, take a bath or something kid, did you say she?” the doorman looked closer “Cripes, I coulda sworn she was a he, I mean, sorry kid.”  Gretta pushed past the doorman and towards the elevator, which took them to the top floor.  

“Welcome to the penthouse Sally. Strip.”  Sara was a little taken aback by Gretta’s demand but did as she was told and stripped completely naked.  Gretta pulled a plastic bag out of her purse and held it out so Sara could deposit them in their rightful place. “Put the bag in the box next to the door.”  Sara was completely surprised when Gretta also stripped, laying her clothes neatly on top of Sara’s.  Gretta closed the top and then rang the bell.

A tall lovely woman with platinum blonde hair opened the door and was shocked to see Gretta.  “She will not be pleased, Gretta.” She motioned for us to enter. “And who is this creature?”  

“This is Sally.” Gretta cordially introduced her with her new name.  “Sally, this is Beatrice, she is Mistress Amanda’s first slave.” She was also naked and bore the same tattoo on her mound as Gretta.

“Hello, Miss Beatrice.” Sara submissively whispered.

“Just Beatrice will do for now Sally.”  She ran her hand over Sara’s head feeling its smooth surface. “No, she will not be pleased at all.”  She led them down a long hallway and into an equally large hall, with small but beautiful pool, adorned with flowers and palms.  There were three other women there.  Sara assumed that Mistress Amanda was the only clothed person in the room, the two servants being naked and also bearing the tattoo.  

“Is that you Gretta?” Mistress Amanda was a tall graceful woman and when she stood up it was obvious why she commanded such attention.  She was statuesque, with the form of a goddess; her hair was waist length and jet black, her skin like the purest alabaster.  Amanda’s face was so beautiful it was almost difficult to look at and maintain one’s composure. “Gretta, what on earth have you done to your hair?”  Amanda walked over to her slave and slapped her very hard across her face, twice.  Gretta did nothing at first, but then fell to her knees begging for forgiveness.  

“Please Mistress, I was desperate.  I was on the street; I had to cut it off to sell it, so I could eat.”  Sara was shocked that she would lie, especially when it was in fact her hair that was sold.  

“I don’t believe it for a minute Gretta, you have always wanted to cut your hair.  The girls tell me everything you know,
everything.”  Amanda paused to take in Sara, standing demurely above where Gretta had collapsed.  “Who is this….thing?”  She stepped closer to Sara.  “And what on earth is that smell.”  

“I beg your pardon Mistress Amanda, but I am afraid the smell is me.”  Amanda examined her more closely.

“Did Gretta do this to you?” she ran a gloved hand over Sara’s bald head.  Sara nodded but dared not say more. “Girls, take slave Gretta to the bath and finish what she started.”  Gretta was sobbing as the two attendants each grabbed an arm and escorted her to the bath.  “Shall we watch?” Amanda motioned for Beatrice and Sara to follow.  The bath was even more ornate than the hall.  There were Grecian statues and urns and the entire bath was done in the finest white marble.  As they walked in, Gretta had been seated at one of three basins.  “Hold still Gretta, or I will flog you.”  She stopped fighting immediately and allowed the girls to spread foam over her head.  Each took turns scraping away what remained of Gretta's hair.  Mistress Amanda watched with an amused expression on her face as Gretta’s bald head was revealed.  She looked around at Sara, closely and then back to the girls.  “The brows and the lashes too girls.”  Gretta wimpered as her dark brown eyebrows were removed, but had to stop while they trimmed her lashes off.  Leave us girls.  Amanda ushered Sara up to Gretta and had her look to see if anything was missed.  Sara inspected her Miss G, finding no hair at all.  Gretta looked very different than she did bald, almost alien. “Ok, Gretta, I want the truth.  The entire story, no embellishments and no lies.  If I even suspect you’re lying I’ll beat the truth out of….oh god, what is your name girl?”

“Sally, Mistress, my name is Sally.”  Gretta proceeded to tell her Mistress the entire story, leaving some things out, and adding a few more lies.  After she was finished Amanda stood up and told Gretta to leave Sara with her.

“Is everything she told me the truth Sara?” Sara was very pleased to hear her real name for a change.  Mistress Amanda looked her directly, there was no way she could lie to that face.

“Not everything Mistress, it was not exactly as she said.”  Sara was upset that Gretta had  lied again as it placed her in a very dangerous position.

“Well, my dear, here’s the long and the short of it.” Sara thought for a moment that there was a way out of her situation, but did she really want out. “ Even though I expressly forbade any of my slaves from taking on subordinate servants, you gave yourself to her freely and without coercion.  You and all you were now belongs to her, without question.” Sara was sad and relieved all at the same time. “There is one thing that Gretta may have overlooked.” Amanda smiled and evil smile. “You see Sara, you do belong to Gretta, but Gretta belongs to me.  Therefore, my dear you also belong to me.”  Sara suddenly felt as though she was about to commit a grave mistake.  “Run yourself a bath and wash off that stink, and we’ll talk some more about this.”

Was this really happening?  Sara was confused, happy and sad, scared and excited all at the same time.  As she relaxed in the luxurious marble tub, up to her neck in silken bubbles she pondered what she was to be presented with.  When she was convinced that she had removed all of the previous day’s filth, taking extra care with her feet, Sara drained the tub. She had left a ring of dirt on the marble so she took time to rinse it off.  She carefully dried herself and emerged from the bath.  There was no one to guide her so she tried to find her way back to the pool.  The penthouse was enormous, and must have taken the entire top floor of the building.  She suddenly heard voices and followed her ears to the room where they were.  As she walked in the first thing she saw was Gretta, tied to an X and covered with red welts.  “Oh my god!” Sara said under her breath.  Gretta’s mascara had run down her face and it was clear that this had been going on for the entire time she was in the bath.  

“This is what happens to liars, Sara.”  Amanda boasted. “I simply can’t abide them”  She walked over to Sara and smelled the air around her.  “Ahhhh, so much better my dear, soooo much better.”  Amanda took Sara by the hand and led her over to a small table, where one of the attendants stood with a packet in her hands.  “Sara, I will only offer this to you once so be sure to think this through clearly in your mind.  I want you.  I want to keep you here under my tutelage and train you to be my slave.  You will have to give up all that you once knew in your life, your job, your things, even your family Sara.  In return I will nestle you in the lap of luxury, you will be cared for and loved.  You will of course have certain responsibilities, which we will be deciding upon as we get to know your abilities more clearly.  For instance, I understand from Gretta that you have an MBA from New York University.  That may play into what I have planned for you my dear.  You will also be getting your identity back Sara.  Gretta’s foolish game of destroying your ID’s was superficial and easily remedied.  Be warned though Sara, I am kind for the most part and treat my servants well, but as you can see from Gretta’s sorry state, I don’t suffer fools.  Punishment for transgressions will be swift and severe.”  Sara tried to imagine herself in Gretta’s place, her deep red welts, raised and angry were food for thought.

“May I have a moment Mistress.”  Sara asked carefully.

“Yes of course.  I would have thought less of you had you not asked.”  Amanda rose to leave the room.  “Give them the room girls.”  Like a small entourage the girls followed Amanda out of the pool room and closed the tall French doors behind them.

“Sara, I know what she’s trying to do.  You don’t know her like I do Sara.”  Gretta was angry and apparently desperate.  “Please, don’t leave me Sara.”

“So….suddenly it’s Sara again.” Sara was angry and vindictive. “What happened to Sally? Hmmm?”  Sara walked over to Gretta and stood toe to toe with her.  “You shaved my fucking head? You had me Gretta, I would have followed you anywhere, done anything for you.  Even the baldness wasn’t a big deal.  You lied Gretta, and those lies will directly influence my decision.  I can’t trust you Gretta.” Sara walked over to the small table and sat down, whereupon Amanda and her three slaves came to Sara and stood around her. &
nbsp;Amanda sat across from her and folded her hands.

“Your decision Sara?” Amanda closed her eyes.

“I give myself to you Mistress Amanda.”  There was a sudden outburst of profanity from Gretta as she heard Sara’s decision.  She made threats, against her, against her family before Amanda gagged her.  

“She is powerless my dear, your affairs will be wrapped up by my staff,  your employer will be notified of your departure, your apartment closed and as part of our deal your belongings will be destroyed.  Gretta will have access to none of them.”  Amanda walked over to Gretta. “You fool.”  Gretta was taken down off the “X” and held firmly in place over a table, her legs spread by Amanda’s form standing between them.  “Beatrice.” Amanda motioned to her and she brought a small case.  Inside was a single cigarette.  Amanda lit it, and took a long drag.  “God, I do miss smoking.”  With that, Mistress Amanda said something in what sounded like Latin and proceeded to touch the lit end of the cigarette to Gretta’s tattoo.  Gretta was screaming, but not from pain, she begged Amanda to stop.  Time after time the cigarette was placed in a different spot, until the entire tattoo was burned into a heart shaped brand.  The air smelled like burned flesh and Sara was horrified by what she had just witnessed.  “You are banished Gretta.”  Amanda turned her back to her as she was taken off the table.  “Throw her out girls! And make sure she leaves with her clothes, not with Sara’s.” Gretta looked defeated and wild eyed. Her hairless alien head and face was the last Sara ever saw of her as she disappeared through the doorway.  Sara suddenly felt weak and Beatrice recognized that she was about to fall

“Steady Sara.” Amanda sighed “I am so sorry you had to witness that, but it is what happens to girls who disappoint me once too often.  You will never see her again.”  Amanda motioned Sara back over to the table where she was served a glass of wine.  “We have some paperwork to do Sara, then things will be official.”  Sara examined the documents and was surprised at how professionally drawn up they were.  

“May I speak freely Mistress?”  Sara said over the top of a page of the document.

“Yes, of course my dear.”  Amanda smiled.

“These look more like business and employment propositions than a slave contract Mistress?”  Sara didn’t want to appear ungrateful so she phrased her statement more as a question.

“Very observant my dear Sara.  Well, we are going to enjoy having you here, so intelligent.”  Amanda ran her hand back and forth over Sara’s head in a gesture normally used to tousle hair.  Sara, filled in her name and signed in all the appropriate places as Mistress instructed.  You see Sara, these documents you just signed are legally binding contracts in every way.  They are worded as legal documents because they are.  My lawyers have been working on this for years and have finally come up with what is essentially a legally binding slave contract.  It states in a more complex way, that you can leave any time you wish, but everything you make monetarily after you do,  comes to me…. forever.  Financially, you would be ruined with no way out.”  Sara saw the truth of it, and how it was done legally.

“Is that what happened to Gretta.”  Sara asked.

“Essentially, yes.  She left and tried to make a go of it, but any monies that she made were removed from her check or her bank before she ever saw them.  I had offered to take her back, which is why she was here, I suspect.  But as she always had, Gretta was a malcontent and returned my kindness with lies. Now she is gone.”  Amanda sighed. “Line up girls”  Beatrice guided Sara to her place at the end of the line below the two girls.  Amanda came to Sara and began to introduce her to the others.  “Sara, this is Carla and next to her is Amelia.”  They each nodded briefly to each other.  Stand up straight girls.  “Sara, because you are the newest, you are also the lowest, and will take direction from both Carla and Amelia.  They in turn take direction from Beatrice who gets her orders straight from me.”  She seemed more cross and more serious now. “Do you understand this Sara?”  

“Yes Mistress Amanda.”  Sara almost jumped at the response.

“Just Miss, will do Sara, Mistress Amanda is reserved for special occasions and introductions.”

“Yes Miss.”  Sara felt at peace, as though she had made a wonderful decision.

“Well girls, this just will not do.  Together, you just look wrong.”  The other girls looked at each other worriedly, as if they knew something was coming, something bad.  “Well, I can either wait until Sara grows some hair, and you all know how much I love waiting for things, or I can shave all of you.”  Both Carla and Amelia had beautiful hair.  Sara would feel terrible if she was the reason they had to have it shaved off and the thought of Beatrice losing her beautiful blonde tresses was unimaginable.  “Come on girls, let’s not put off the inevitable. To the bath with you, and don’t come back until you are all bald.”  Beatrice herded the girls towards the bath and tears were flowing down all their cheeks.  “Bea, not you dear.  You spend too much time with me out in the world, and I can’t be seen with a bald assistant.”  Beatrice was relieved that she had been spared the razor, but felt badly for Amelia and Carla.  “Make sure they don’t cut themselves Bea, oh and Bea, make sure Sara shaves both of them.

To be Continued.

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