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Both Carla and Amelia were devastated as they made their way to the bath.  Sara was equally horrified at the thought of them losing their locks.  

“Sara, may I have a word with you?”  Beatrice guided her to a corner outside the bath while the two girls sobbed into each other’s arms inside.  “Sara, Miss has made a request and I dare not refuse her.” Sara nodded “She has ordered that you be the one that shaves Carla and Amelia.”  Sara’s hand involuntarily shot up to cover her mouth.  “I will not be shaved, as I accompany Miss on her various errands.”

“Oh, Beatrice, this is just awful.  How will I ever be able to face them, and they being my superiors too.”  Now it was Sara that was sobbing, although not quite as forcefully as the two victims at hand.  “I am glad that I won’t have to shave you though.”

“Your joining this household does present Mistress with a problem, she’s quite decided on this as the only solution.  The three of you must be bald, and in fairly short order too.”  Beatrice pushed Sara’s bottom forward as she met with the two weeping girls now huddled together in the corner.  “Carla, Amelia, enough of this!” Beatrice barked.  “Miss Amanda has decided that it will be best if Sara shaves the two of you.  I will not be having my head shaved as I must accompany Miss, as you well know.” More composed now, the pair seemed more resigned to their fate.  Beatrice pulled an elaborately tufted stool in front of one of the mirrors and handed Sara a pair of scissors.  “Just don’t cut their ears off, ok?” Beatrice chimed in as Carla took her place on the stool.

Carla had long dark hair, almost black, which stood in contrast to her milky complexion.  It flowed gracefully down her back as she dressed it behind her shoulders.  Sara was so frightened at the prospect of cutting off this luxurious mane that she dropped the scissors on the floor.  Carla reached down and handed them to Sara.  “Just make it quick, please.”  Sara saw a trickle of a tear flow down her cheek, and in sympathy Sara’s eyes also began to water.  Sara gently took a strand of hair and lifted it away from Carla’s back, and a myriad of tiny strands followed in a trail until she held it almost straight up from her scalp.  Sara placed the blades as close to Carla’s scalp as she could and allowed them to close.  The hair was so thick that it took some sawing to cut through it, but after a few seconds the hair succumbed to the scissors and fell lifeless away from her head, dangling like so much black silk from Sara’s hand.  Beatrice moved an elegant waste bin over so that she could deposit the hair into it.

Amelia was in shock as she watched Sara hack away at Carla’s beautiful hair, random tufts now sticking up like thistles from her scalp.  The waste bin was getting full now as she continued to cut, her hand now a little sore from the action of it.  Carla had now stopped crying and was now more like a statue, swaying stiffly as Sara moved her head to grab more of her quickly vanishing tresses.  Every once in a while she would look down into the waste bin at her hair and a little pout formed and faded.  Suddenly the crunching of the scissors stopped, and both Sara and Carla stared at her reflection in the mirror.  For a moment Sara couldn’t get the notion of Jane Eyre sitting in front of her, she being the evil Mr. Brocklehurst.  Sara could smell the scent of Carla’s hair as she leaned in to comfort her a little.  

“I am so sorry, Carla, I really am.”  Beatrice handed Sara a pair of clippers that she used to trim up the Mistress’ dog now and again.

“These will have to do, I am sure they will work as well on people as they do on dogs.” On the face of the clippers it even said ‘Wahl Pet Grooming’.  This further humiliated poor Carla who was about to be shorn by them.  Sara plugged them in and flipped the small toggle on the side.  A familiar buzz popped in as it had for her so recently.  Sara could feel a tingle in her pussy and she knew she was getting aroused.  There was no way she could ever let either Carla or Amelia know this, but she was.  Carla was wide eyed in horror as the bare clippers were brought to her forehead and then dragged over her head leaving a creamy white path in their wake.  The bald patch grew wider and wider as Sara dutifully stripped the top of her head to stubble.  Sara noticed a different smell now, like hot skin, as she started on the sides and back.  There was a flurry of short dark hair as a huge clump fell off Carla’s shoulders and onto the tiled floor, which was now a mess.  Sara cleaned up at the end, running the clippers over and over Carla’s head until she was sure she had removed everything she could.

Suddenly, Sara felt a distinct wetness on the inside of her thigh.  She dare not look down as it would certainly draw attention to the fact that she was monstrously aroused.  Sara ran her hand over Carla’s head, feeling the sandpaper finish, until it met with Carla’s who was surveying the damage with hers.  Beatrice was busy setting up the razors and foam, which was mixed from powder.  Sara took the wispy brush and spread the foam over Carla’s head, until it was white with it.  All that they had were safety razors but they would have to do.  Sara remembered the barber’s straight razor and the feel of it on her scalp as she drew the blade back over Carla’s head.  It was stiff and raspy and took a couple strokes but soon, smooth bare scalp started to grow.  She was very careful not to cut, but wanted to get it as smooth as she could.  

In only a half hour, Carla had gone from a raven beauty to a stark white baldy.  As Sara finished, Beatrice pointed out that she was browless and therefore Carla would also need to be to match.  She shrugged as if it meant nothing as she sat back down.  So Sara made the few quick strokes necessary to rid Carla of her brows, leaving her the same expressionless face that she herself sported.  All three of them looked over at Amelia who was looking more and more frightened as Carla reached hairlessness.

Carla walked over and guided Amelia onto the stool.  On doing so it became apparent that Sara wasn’t the only one that was aroused.  There was a definite wet spot on the upholstery where Carla had only just been sitting.  By now it had to painfully obvious that Sara was excited as she could feel moisture on both her thighs now.  Not only that but she could smell herself as well, a little present from Gretta, that lingered on.

“Does this excite you Sara?”  OMG, the cat was out of the bag now, she thought.  Beatrice reached down and stroked Sara’s hairless pussy, her fingers sopping wet as they returned to her nose.  “For all her apologizing girls, it seems Sara enjoys your humiliation.” Beatrice was also quick to point out that Carla had also been leak
ing down there during her shaving.  “Let’s see if Amelia enjoys this as much as the two of you.”  Once again Beatrice handed Sara the scissors.

Amelia was strawberry blonde and her freckled face gave away that it was her natural color.  Although it was quite fine, her hair was extremely long, flowing in waves down over her bottom cheeks and curling in underneath them.  Amelia revealed to Sara that she had never had her hair cut shorter than her shoulders, ever.  Sara looked over at Carla who was busy exploring her new head with her hands and then at Beatrice, who nodded for her to get started.

Then Sara made bold decision and set down the scissors, and instead going straight for the clippers.  Beatrice made no objection, but Amelia was hoping to prolong the inevitable for a little while longer.  As the clippers came to life, Carla came over to the pair and knelt between Amelia’s legs, lowering her tongue to her mound.  Beatrice was amused as Carla’s bald head worked back and forth as she attended to Amelia’s pussy.  Sara raised the guardless clippers to Amelia’s forehead and slowly drew them back, sighing as the rosy blonde tendrils slithered over her naked body, some falling onto Carla as she worked.  Amelia was crying but enjoying Carla’s attention so much that the tears were almost unnoticed.  As Sara reset the clippers to take another swathe, she could feel something touching her between her thighs.  She looked down to see Beatrice’s hand caressing her as she stood behind her.  As the clippers changed tone and the second row of silken tresses began to fall, all were moaning, including Amelia.  With each pass, there was more excitement and more moaning, until none could resist any longer.  Sara had to stop as Beatrice brought her over the top, just as Amelia tensed and came.  It seemed that Carla’s right hand hadn’t been idle either, as she brought it up to Amelia’s lips, her tongue licking the glistening juices off the tips.

“Is this an orgy or a barber shop?” All eyes turned towards the door to see Mistress Amanda with an amused look on her face.  “Well, I was expecting to have to do some consoling, but this is a pleasant surprise.”  

“We apologize Miss, for our playing without your permission.” Beatrice was sincere in her remorse. “Things were so intense in here that a little levity was needed.  We beg your forgiveness.”  All bowed.

Amanda looked over at the new Carla and then over at the half shaven Amelia, her stubbled crown, surrounded with swirling locks.  “Well, no harm done.  Finish up now, we have a guest coming for dinner.”  As quickly as she arrived she left, and girls fell into a relieved pile around Amelia who plopped back onto the stool.  

There was a different attitude in the room as Sara finished Amelia and as the sea of golden waves accumulated around their feet, they all seemed happy to have escaped the wrath of their Mistress.  

“What a mess.” Beatrice chided as she looked over the scene.  Carla was still holding Amelia as her head was lathered.  It appeared that her freckles didn’t stop at her face but indeed carried right onto the top of her bald head.  As Sara finished with her eyebrows, she was amazed at how good Amelia looked bald, almost as if she were meant to be that way.

“It’s almost as if you never had a hair there in your life.”  Carla exclaimed as she ran her hands over Amelia’s smooth pate.  Amelia also agreed that she liked the look, and said that she would never have hair like she had again in her life, so this was a nice alternative.  

“Alright you eggheads, clean this mess up and report to me in the kitchen in fifteen minutes.”  Beatrice left the three hairless knobs to clean up their own hair.  All the angst and trepidation that Sara had felt seemed to have vanished, for now.  After the hair had all been cleaned and discarded the three made their way upstairs where Sara was shown her living quarters.  It was a large room, rather stark with four simple beds.  There were no dressers or armoires, not even a closet.  Sara was about to ask but stopped herself as she realized that they were always naked, there was no need of such things.  Always naked, that would take some getting used to.  

To be Continued

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