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Rani was happy that she received an assistant with no salary and she got some new accessories to accomplish the task quickly. She mentally thanked Sindhu for assisting

at trouble some times without her she could not yearn these customers. While she was at the wedding hall putting makeup Sindhu came and accompanied her.
They enjoyed the wedding happily and went late night for their home that day. Rani asked Sindhu what happened to Priya. She took a big cover labelled Goat no.1
Rani was awe struck seeing the pile of hair. She asked what is all about. Sindhu explained the whole story. 

Rani was much concerned about Sindhu now. She thought what will be her customers's reaction will it be any problem created due to her strange behavior.
Her customer told her it was short cut but now she shaved her head. Rani started scolding Sindhu but she was calm and composed.
Sindhu showed a clip taken in her mobile. She told she have evidence that only Priya asked and it was her consent for head shave. 
Sindhu told we can show it to her mom if there is any situation. Rani was not fully satisfied but she calmed down later.
The next day was not a good for both. Priya's mom hurried to the shop and blasted Rani like anything.She threatened her that she will lodge a police complaint
for the worst customer service. She asked her to cut her daughter's hair short but not to shave her head.She also demanded her to pay back the money.
Rani was helpless since Sindhu was the only hope. Sindhu immediately snapped in and showed the evidence from her mobile what Priya conversed.
Priya's mom argued that she is a school kid and she don't know to decide. Sindhu refused that she did the right thing and it will be a different experience.She told the entire story and showed the clipping that Priya's consent to shave her head.

Priya's mom now turned helpless and don't know what to do. Sindhu consoled her that this is the only way to control Priya that she will not lose her concentration rather she will study better without diverting much towards maintaining the hair.lf it was a rude way,Priya could ve taken some perilious decision,So both of the mission accomplished. Sindhu offered she will do the haircut for free as a return gift.
Priya's mom was shocked but she did not immediately refuse. Sindhu gained confidence and cajoled her more. Priya's mom told she will decide later and left immediately.

Rani was observing the entire scene as if watching a movie.She was a bit hopeful that Priya's mom did not create any problem and left. Two days later Priya's mom called Rani but
she told she wanted to speak to Sindhu. Rani gave her the phone to Sindhu. A bit later Sindhu happily returned to Rani and said Priya and her mom are coming for haircut and they're bringing two more customers for a haircut. Rani could not believe her ears but was so happy hearing this.

Later that evening Priya, Priya's mom, Tara came with a another couple of a ladies. Tara introduced them one is Suwarna and another is her daughter Neeraja.
She said it's her second block neighbor and she is her class mate.Priya immediately interrupted and told Sindhu that she was so happy and thanked that she does not had any problem maintaining the hair and she could feel free this summer. Also she could study more concentrated. It was only her mom got furious seeing her at first and started scolding her much but her dad didn't object her new look when she explained the benefits of it. Now her study got progressed and much relieved with hair free, her mom also decided to get head shaved! 
"Wow! that's very nice of you madam
while calling you never told me about this? "
Tara with a shy smile told "Yes Sindhu I could not take it hard on this stance,my family is orthodox and against shaving but my husband is a modern guy and doesn't concerned about it, moreover its my hair and I have complete freedom to take my decision. Above all l wanted to be uniform in looks and this summer is very much encouraging to take this bold decision." Sindhu applauded her and told her she will be looking uniform with her daughter and will be sexy cool sporting with a new look.

Rani could not believe what is happening around her, Sindhu is her assistant who is now turned out to be acting like a boss over her. Rani developed a slight ego
but she is happy about whatever charges being paid to it would be good amount to fill her purse. So Rani didn't bother about it much. Whatever happens Sindhu is responsible.
Sindhu asked Tara to take a seat. Nervous Tara could not stop shivering but she made herself happy. Sindhu told Maa'm since you were feeling nervous I recommend my boss Rani to take over for this makeover. Rani stood perplexed. She could'nt react to Sindhu or others but she felt a bit awkward. But she recovered immedately to normal,  but Sindhu never minded it and handed over the cape to Rani. Without a word, Rani quickly adjusted the seat in which Tara was sitting. She quickly caped her and took a comb and some bands. "Rani akka (Sister) why don't we try the older method of shaving Tara? Sindhu interrupted, Why not what you want me to do? Rani asked
her hesitantly.  Sindhu asked her to shave her head straight with razor instead of cutting her hair with scissors. Tara obliged that she dont want much time to taken for shaving her head. Sindhu quickly took the straight razor and loaded with the blade, Tara was nervous and started to dance in her seat out of excitement. Priya encouraged her mom to be enjoy the time. She asked her to close her eyes and enjoy the experience blindly. Tara obeyed and closed her eyes. Rani took the sprayer, Sindhu interrupted her and asked Rani to sprinkle and wet her hair and massage it nicely. Rani told Sindhu, why not you take over the entire process? Sindhu told I would enjoy, but I don't want to lose your shaving opportunity. Rani got annoyed and took a bowl with warm water and took some handful of water and started to sperad on Tara's head, she started to massage her head until the roots were drenched and wet. She took two minutes to completly wet her head and massage it nicely. Tara was enjoying already and her face showed it nicely.

Rani took the comb and parted her hair into two halves so it would be easy for the shaving. She bent Tara's head towards her chest and the water was dripping on Tara's face. The hair is not too long but it was thickly grown, up to her shoulders.it was free flowing and parted into two. Rani now moved back to the chair and Took a spot and positioned her blade. She started to slowly shave her head at the back portion starting from the crown area. The wet hair was raining at the back revealing the white patch of Tara's skin. Slowly she moved the blade with her expert fingers and within minutes her back portion was completely bald. Now she tilted her head towards her, making Tara to face the ceiling.
Rani moved her razor from her forehead towards right side  she quickly shaved until the earlobes. She bent her ear and neatly removed the stray hairs until her nape, it was good scene to see, her forehead was getting wided in the right side and now the left side remained alone dangling with some locks of hair, with bald back head! Within minutes she neatly shaved the left side portion repeating the same process. Now Tara was completely bald, but stubbled head. Tara's face was now looking brighter, with ears prominently viewable with earrings. Rani told her that head will look great with the bald head since her skull shape is round. She took the hot towel and wrapped it around Tara's head, after removing it few minutes later,shaving cre
am was applied all over her head and Rani took a new blade and replaced it in the razor, She took some cream and applied on her face also. slowly she started to shave her head top from crown until the nape and repeated it twice. 

She shaved her forehead, thinly shaped her eyebrows and removed the stray hairs from her face, neck and nape area. Tara who never expected that Rani would shave her head but also was gettign a facial shave did not left a breath. Rani completed her shaving process and dusted all the stray hairs and removed her cape.She took some baby lotion and applied all over the face and some baby oil to her head. Tara was looking awesome with glittering head, sporting her bald head. She ran her fingers and Priya immedeatly came to her mom kissed her freshly shaved head and ran her fingers on Tara's head and both were giggling at each other. Tara told Rani to shave Priya one more time which will perfectly match each other. Rani looked at Sindhu. Priya didn't spoke a word, but stared at Sindhu. Sindhu told Priya to take over the seat and told Rani will do her, Rani who was a bit consoled told Sindhu should make it since it is her customer. Without a word Sindhu happily covered Priya with a cape and loaded her razor with a new blade. But watch out for next part as how all others including the barbers got shaved 😉

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