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Kay Lee a 23 year old Native American girl had just started her mid-afternoon  shift at Dominiques Mexican Resturant when the resturant manager Silvia in her mid 40's called her into her office. Kay Lee came in. " Hi Silvia, you wanted to see me?"  Silvia " Yes, came over to me and turn around. Your hair is falling down again." Kay Lee  came over and stood in front of Silvia. Silvia reached into her desk drawer and took out a few bobby pins and started pulling Kay Lee's  shiny black hair tightly up against her nape and off her neck.
She spoke to Kay Lee " I know it's been tough trying to keep your long waist length thick hair up in accordance with the appearance rules but we must have you in compliance with  the health laws. I don't want to write you up again for violating the grooming rules."  Kay Lee turned around to  Silvia. " I know it's just that my hair is just not use to being put up and I haven't found a style that works for me yet."
Silvia thought for a moment. " Maybe that the answer to your problem is to go with a short hairstyle. I mean look at Gina and Jen. They have short  wash-n-go styles that they don't have to mess with and  they make good tips from the customers. They just come in and go to work. "  Kay Lee " Yes, and they can afford to pay $30 to $40  to go see a good stylist. I can't do that on my budget."
Silvia " I could style your hair short for no fee and I'd just want to keep your shorn locks.It is Sunday and  since we close early I could cut your hair tonight after we close tonight.  You would have two days to get use to it before work on Tuesday. I'll give you a cute short style and you won't be reaching up and correcting your hair while you work. You could concentrate on doing a good job."
Kay Lee " Wow, me with short hair? You want to cut it tonight.!  That is a lot to think about."
Silvia " To me it is a win win situation for both of us. Here is the deal. Now, if it is yes tonight you come up to me at the cash register and tell me that you will help me close tonight by cleaning the mens restroom an hour before we close. Now, if you say nothing then I will conclude that you will have a solution to your hair issue by Tuesday. Do we have a deal?"

Kay Lee looked at her boss Silvia " Yes, we do."  Silvia " Good now get back to work."
Silvia knew when she hired Kay Lee that her hair being long and thick might become an issue. Hair that looked and shined like black onyx. Hair that Silvia knew she wanted to have in her collection.
Kay Lee worked her shift and twice she had to go into the lady's room to tac up her thick hair. She looked at Jen who worked without ever having to mess with her short brown hair. Decision time came and she approached Silvia running the cash register. She waited for a break between customers. Sivia " I've decided to volunteer to help you close up tonight and I'll clean the mens bathroom to start." Silvia smiled back " That is great Kay Lee. I'll tell the other girls they can go home at closing." Kay Lee went back to work with an hour left in her shift and wondering if she had just made the right decision.
Closing time came and the doors were locked and all the major lights turned off. Floors were swept and bathrooms cleaned. Silvia balanced the registers and made the night deposit ready for taking to the bank. Silvia found Kay Lee in the kitchen creating silverware-napkin bundles for the tables the next day.
Silvia came over to Kay Lee " I'm ready to do your hair if you are ready to get started."  Kay Lee " What do you want me to do first?" Silvia " Since we are in the kitchen I need you to remove your Dominiques uniform blouse and skirt. We need to wash the food smell out of your hair in the last sink. I will help you." Kay Lee took off her company skirt and blouse as to not get the wet. Silvia helped her let down her long shiny black mane and finger combed the thick hair. Silvia then had Kay Lee stand on a foot stool and bend over with her long hair falling into the deep stainless steel sink. Using a nozzle attachment Kay Lee's thick hair was lathered up and conditioned cleansing it of any unpleasant odors. Removing Kay Lee's head and hair from the sink Kay Lee sat on a stool. Silvia twisted the thick black hair into a dish towel up and away from her neck and shoulders. Kay Lee took hold of the towel.
Silvia " Kay Lee your doing fine so far now let's go down to the lady's restroom down the hall as I'm all set up for you there." Silvia took Kay Lee's uniform in her hands.  Kay Lee followed Silvia and upon entering the lady's restroom she noticed a bar stool with a back and  a light blue cape draped over it a few feet in front of the mirror. Now on the counter she saw scissors of various sizes,hair clips, combs, hair dryer  and most intimidating a pair of oyster clippers. It was quickly clear to Kay Lee she  was not Silvia's first customer. Kay Lee sat on the stool and Silvia quickly placed the cape over her and tightened it up around Kay Lee's slender neck. She removed the towel and with a wide tooth comb she gently combed out Kay Lee's raven hair. The wet shiny hair hung down to near the bottom rung of the chair. Silvia then made two thick pony tails at the base of  Kay Lee's ears. Silvia picked up a long pair of shinny scissors from the counter. " Kay Lee , This is your last chance to back out. I think your ponytails are about 22 inches long and once I cut off one there is no turning back. Can I begin?"
Kay Lee " Yes, you can."  Kay Lee looked in the mirror and saw Silvia putting tension on her right thick ponytail and above the band she saw Silvia place the silver shears. Kay Lee closed her eyes but heard a scrunching , schnip, schniip, sound as the shears cut their way through the wet hair which with the conditioning could not fight the force and sharpness of the scissors. A final snip, snip, snap and the right side ponytail was severed forever and placed on a towel on the counter to absorb the moisture. Then Silvia turned her attention to the left side pony and repeated the proccess; schnick, schick, snip, snip and Kay Lee no longer had long hair. Then Silvia came over in front of Kay Lee and starting at an inch inward on the top of her head combed a section of thick wet hair down over the front of Kay Lee's face. The scissors a shorter pair were called to duty as they cut bangs across the top of Kay Lee's eyebrows. Kay Lee looked down to see locks of black hair tumble floorward. Silvia then began using scissor over fingers  to shortening up Kay Lee's hair so that it was no longer than two inches on the sides and top. Kay Lee's hair was begining to dry and Silvia hit it briefly with a hair dryer and loosened up the cape around Kay Lee's neck. Silvia picked up the Oysters and looked at Kay Lee ' Now, I'm going to make sure your hair stays within the companys rules and the health department regulations. I'm going to put a number 2 attachment on my trusty Oysters and clip your hair up to your occipital bone. Then I'm going to shave your nape and neck area.
" Kay Lee tensed up as with a click she heard the Oysters come to life and Silvia shoved her head forward and place the clippers at the base of her head and began pushing them up the back of Kay Lee's head. Kay Lee saw more thick locks of her black hair tumble to the floor. She felt the coolness on her neck as the hair was removed.Kay Lee had come to work with long hair that was parted in the middle and hung to her waist. Now, her neck and ears were for the most part exposed. Kay Lee looked in the mirror and saw that an inverted  upside down U shaped bob style starting at her earlobes was emerging. It looked remarkably similar to the style Gina wore. Kay Lee felt a razor on her neck as it was shaved clean of any scraggly hair. Silvia took a blow dryer and a hairbrush and began the last styling of Kay Lees new look. She hit the hair with some hairspray and handed a hand mirror to Kay Lee . She smiled a conquest type of smile at Kay Lee " I think you look very pretty without all that long hair. I think a short hairdo is what you have needed for some time. A pair of earings and a necklace will make you look like a new mature woman. I bet you will see an increase in tips as men get a look at the new you. "
Kay Lee looked in the mirror and reached up and felt her short cropped hair and shaved neckline. Her head felt 10 lbs lighter. " Oh My ! Oh My! My long hair is all gone! My boyfriend is going to be shocked when he sees me in a few minutes! I hope he still likes me. It is defintely wash-n-go and will take me a few days to get use to for sure." Silvia " I know you are shocked by your new look. Change so drastic is always hard. Now, go home and I'll see you on Tuesday."
Kay Lee put back on her Dominiques uniform and went home. Silvia after letting out Kay Lee went back and cleaned up the ladies room putting the severed black hair in a trash bag and putting it in the dumpster outside. She went back to the drying long shiny black ponytails and held them up feeling the softness and thickness of Kay Lee's hair and smelling the sweet shampoo she had used. Kay Lee's thick ponytails would be added to those of Gina and Jen's plus a few others. Silvia was getting good at getting young long haired waitress's to surrender their hair to her. She loved the sense of power and a sense of mission accomplished when the makeover was done. She made sure no evidence of left in the bathroom of tonights after work activity even checking the washing sink in the kitchen. She could only dream of her next possible victiim as she turned out the lights and closed the doors and went home with Kay Lee's long black shiny ponytails.
The End.
Hope you Enjoyed..Mr. Snips 

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