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Kim Braun had just been elected the new school district Superintendent. She had impressed the school board by telling them she would make changes and cut the budget. Now, Kim was a no-nonsense woman in her early 50's. She wore men's business suits and her hair was cropped in a manly fashion. She liked those around her to have short hairstyles not too different from hers. She interpreted the school district appearance code to mean that short hair styles created a more proffessional impression. She thought long hair was fine on young school girls  but not on older women. Long hair up in a bun made a worse impression on her. A bun meant that you were too lazy to fix your long hair before coming to work. Kim had brought her long time secretary Eva with her to her position. Eva like Kim had short cropped hair and was near the same age as Kim. The rumor whispers were that Kim and Eva had a " Private" relationship. So it was that Kim and Evamake the rounds of the Central office personnel staff. It was clear that a few examples were need to be made. 
One of the first ladies they came in contact with was Jamie Brown the Community Public Relations director down the hall from the Superintendent's office. Jamie had the longest thickest brown hair like Kate Middleton that reached her buttock. She would barrel curl the ends or put it up in a high bun. Kim and Eva noticed how when she wore it up it revealed a lovely neck line and made Jamie's facial features stand out.
The second lady that came to their attention was Verna Oshi Nguyen a young lady of Asian decent who was head of Personnel. Her thick black asian hair was never wore down but always up in a thick bun or twist. Kim and Eva decided that these two ladies would be the apperance examples they needed to set the tone of change. Jamie and Verna would be the examples of what a Proffesional and neat apperance equaled in the eyes of the new Superintendent. Now, if they didn't want to make the personal commitment to change then replacements would be found. Kim observed another week and called in Kim.
Jamie came in and sat down in front of Kim with Eva seated nearby. Her long brown hair parted in the middle hung down behind the chair. Kim spoke " Hi Jamie,as you know I'm evaluating people in all positions. Now, I've looked at your body of work and it looks fine. The problem I have with you is your professional apperance specifically your long hair. However, your not in collge anymore. Now I know it's pretty and you get lots of compliments on it.  My point is that I prefer a person on your position representing the school district to have a shorter more professional and neat apperance as stated in the Human Resource hand book. Let's face it you don't see female evening news correspondents with long hair like yours. I want you in the next week to think about making a personal commitment to a more professional look. I will help you achieve this look. Course, if you decided that your vanity won't allow you to make this personal commitment then we will discuss the terms of your seperation of employment. "  Jamie " How about if I wear it up all the time?"  Kim " So, you want to walk around looking dated and like an old maid librarian. Again look at the proffessional examples in other work places. Now, Eva will be in touch with you next week about your decision." Jamie walked back to her office with her long brown hair flowing down her back. She sat down and put her head in her hands at her desk.
Thirty minutes later in walked Verna Nguyen her asian black hair piled high on her head as usual. She sat down in front of Kim. Kim spoke " Verna as you know I'm evaluating all personel in positions of authority. Your doing a wonderful job but the problem I have is your meeting the rule of a proffessional and neat appearance when it comes to your choice or lack there of in a work hairsytle. Speaking of your hair could you please stand up and let your hair down for me please." 
Verna stood up and reaching up she pulled the pins from her hair and it tumbled down past her waist in a thick shiny black mass of hair. Kim was amazed " Verna you sure do have a lot of hair. You can put it back up and sit down. Now my preference is for a person in your position in accordance with the Personal Policy handbook policy of having a neat and proffessional appearance  is to have a shorter neater style. Now, in my opinion you wearing your hair up every day in a bun or twist doesn't meet  those standards. Maybe you could get by wearing your hair up like  that as an obscure secretary or small town librarian. However, your represent a large school district in a very up front position. Now, I want you to make a personal commitment to me and this district by changing to a shorter hairstyle. I will help you make this change. Now, I'm going to give you a week to make this choice. Eva will be in touch with you. Should you not be able to make this personel commitment then we will discuss your seperation terms. Do you have anything to say?"

Verna " You will guide me in the look you want  me to have?" Kim," Yes " Verna left wearing a simple long dress and her shiny black hair piled back up in a bun.
Kim looked at Eva " Well, how do you think I did?" Eva " Both ladies look fine in dress and figure. Their hair is a real problem. I can't believe Verna and her mass of hair.  Wow. " I'm going to call in my friends Cindy and Courie. Show them around and let it be rumored that they are interested in the positions of Public relations and Personel director." Eva smiled as she knew that both Courie and Cindy were former military officers and wore their hair very short and looked sharp in public.
A week went by and Eva approached Jamie and Verna in private in the morning and they both indicated that they had made their choice to make a personel commitment to change and comply with Kim's apperance preferences. Eva informned them that there was going to be an informal party at the Superintendents home the following night and it was mandatory that they both come.

Jamie was to be there at 6:30pm and Verna to arrive at 8:30pm. Eva reported back to Kim at 11am.  Kim was getting her way as usual through veiled threats and intimidation.
Kim had been collecting still images of Verna and Jamie from the in house surveilance cameras. Eva had taken some from her cell phone. That evening they sat down with Vina their personal hairstylist to discuss the ladies new styles. Vina had arranged for a complete styling station to be brought from her salon to Kim's home and set up in a spare room. All the tools and a large standing mirror would be there for the transformation of the two staffers. A few small video cameras were placed in strategic places within the room to capture the makeovers.
The next night at 6:25 pm up to the door walked Jamie. She wore a pretty shiny blue dress to her knees and her luscious hair  was down with  barrel rolled curls at the ends. Kim opened the door and let Jamie come in. " Jamie, you look lovely  and your on time." Jamie looked around and saw Kim, Eva, and Vina. Jamie " I must be early for the party. Where are the others?' Kim looked at Jamie. " Jamie we are having a special party just for you.  It is called a Haircutting Party and this is my stylist Vina. You two are going to get aquainted in the oth
er room." Jamie stopped in her tracks. " My haircut tonight! So soon!? I'm not ready. " Kim took Jamie by the hand and led her to the door to the special room. Kim spoke " Now, Jamie no one is ever ready for change but it comes and many times for the best." Kim opened the door to the room and Jamie's eyes looked upon the styling chair, scissors, clippers, a mirror and a light blue cape draped over the styling chair in the center. Kim led Jamie to the chair." Now we don't want to soil your pretty dress and beside you might get hot under the cape. Hand your purse to Eva and hand me your dress. Then sit in the chair. I will turn you over to Vina now." Vina came over to her and lifted up Jamies mass of brown hair and clipped it to the back of her head. She then place the cape tightly around Jamies neck. She let down the mass of hair and began combing it out. " Kim was right you do have lovely long hair but the style is not very proffessional. You really need a more modern look. We love your bouncy curls. I'm going to give you a modern inverted bob and a nice clippered nape up to your occiptial bone angled up from your ears. First we need to remove the bulk of your hair."  Kim " I think we should start by removing all the hair below ear level by tying it off into several sections." 

Vina agreed and they began sectioning Jamies long thick soft curly brown hair into six thick sections. Kim came to Jamies front " Jamie it is time to give you a new professional look."
Kim lifted up on of Jamies' 32 inch curly ponytails and placed silver scissors at the base above the rubber band tie off. Schnick, schnick, schnick, snip, snip went the scissors severing the first tail. The long soft brown tail was placed on the counter. Vina reached over and grabbed  hold of another ponytail and putting tension on it she started to snip, snip,schnick,schick the soft virgin hair. Jamie sat in the silence listening to the sounds of the scissors removing her long hair treasure. The sound of schnick, schnick, snip would be in her memory for days. It didn't take long for the two ladies to have six long thick ponytails laying on the counter. Jamie could feel the weight difference immediatly. Vina combed out the remaining hair and grabbed the wahl clippers. She inverted them and with the help of a comb she made a line from Jamie's ear up to her occipital bone and down the other side. She inverted them and pushed them down toward Jamies slender neck leaving a nice shiny white area behind. Jamies neck and nape were now void of any thick brown hair. During this proccess though the floor around the chair became filled with thick chunks of Jamie's brown hair. Kim watched the thick hair being ruthlessly removed and remarked ' Now, that is the way to remove unwanted hair." Vina just smiled back and using a pair of small scissors and spraying a bit of water fine tuned the style. To top it off she came over in front of Jamie and gave her soft thin bangs. Vina loosened the cape and took a straight razor to Jamies neck and nape area getting rid of any stray hairs. The new style was finally finished. Kim came over and ran her fingers over Jamies new shaven neck area. " Jamie, it feels so smooth. Reach up and feel it yourself."  Jamie reached up and felt her short hairdo and shaven neck area " Oh, my God! It is shaven to the bone." Kim " I want you to keep it this way. You will come over once a month till I tell you to stop and we will keep it looking that way. You and your long hair are a thing of the past so get use to it. Now, get up and get dressed and go home. Your Party is over. You did very well. " Jamie got up and looked at her long hair on the counter and herself in the mirror.She looked at all her brown hair laying on the floor in piles. A tear made it out of her eye. Kim looked at Vina " Can you use the hair for extensions?" Vina " Yes, I can and you can keep a couple of them for yourself." Eva " We need to clean up as our next girl is due in 20 minutes."
8:30pm and up to the door wearing a simple flowered dress with her thick black hair in a twist up walks Verna. Kim tells a surprise Verna of the " Haircutting Party " and she is escorted into the styling room. Kim " Verna, this is Vina and she will be giving you your new style tonight. We want  you to remove your dress and hand it to Eva. Then sit down in the styling chair."  Vina placed the light blue cape tightly around Verna's skinny neck. Vina came up from behind Verna and let down the thick shiny oriental hair. It was so long it almost reached the floor. Vina began combing it out. "Verna, you have such great hair and you should have worn it down more but it is too late for that now. I've discussed your hairstyle problem with Kim and it is important for her that you not be able to wear your hair in a bun for a long time. Therefore the style we have chosen for you is the Miley Cyrus hairstyle of last year. Do you know of Miley Cyrus of which I speak?" Verna "No, Im not familiar with her but have heard her name." Vina smiled " Ok, to put it in simple terms your hair will be fluffy on top and clippered very short on the sides all around. Your young enough to handle the style." Verna had no clue as to what was about to happen to her as Vina made a thick ponytail of her thick hair on top of her little asian head. The thick ponytail must have been at least 36 inches long as Vina tied it off at a length she liked. Vina " Ok, here we go !" Vina turned on the wahl clippers and dug them into the thick hair with Kim holding tight on the ponytail.The Wahl clippers dug into the thick tail but it stood no chance and it a matter of just a few minutes the long asian mane was removed. Then the clippers started attacking the  sides of Verna's head. Verna was getting really nervous " Your going to shave my head?! Looking at Kim " Kim responded " No Verna we are going to give you a short modern easy to wash-n-go look. It will make you look more modern and not so old fashioned.You will have to use a bit of gel to style it  but Im sure you will get use to it in a few days." Verna sat stunned as her head felt lighter and lighter as more hair was removed and fell to the floor. Vina buzzed the left side of Verna's hair and cut the top just long enough to  fall down the other side to the top of her ears. Verna's neck after the cape was loosened was shaved smooth with a straight razor. Vina anounced the style finished as she handed Verna a hand mirror. Verna " I don't like short hair and now I have no hair, I look like Ugly man.!" Kim "No you don't. You look proffesional and modern. Now, here is some money to buy you a pants suit at Penny's  that I have on hold for you. They close at 10pm and it is 9:30pm." Vina looked at the thick pony tail on the counter and the mass of black hair on the floor. " That girl had a lot of hair." Kim "  I had to give her and extreme cut . it was the only solution to our problem. Lets clean up and all go have a drink. It's been an interesting but rewarding evening."
The next day at work the two ladies Verna and Jamie came to work as scheduled with their new hairstyles and dressed in business suits. To avoid whispering and the wasting of time Kim had all female staffers assemble in the board room. Kim got up in front of them with Verna and Jamie standing beside her. " Last night Verna and Jamie made a decision to
make a personal proffessional apperance commitment in accordance with my preferences as I read the district's personal handbook when it says a Profffesional and neat appearance. I want you to give them a big hand for haveing the courage to make a change on behalf of the school district. Should any of you feel the need to make a similar change at no charge to you please contact my Asssitant Eva. That is all for now. Feel free to come up and talk with Jamie and Verna for the next 20 minutes."
The two were rushed by several female staffers. Kim and Eva returned to their office but watched the reactions on their computers via the cameras that were in the room. Kim had change in mind for a few other females in particular a girl with long blonde hair. Eva looked over at Kim " Well,it looks like you got your way again." Kim " I always do one way or another. Now, what is next on todays schedule. " 
The End
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