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My name is Desire and I have a head shaving fetish. I also have a strong desire to shave my head. I “desire to be bald” from head to toe. My husband knows this and still won’t let me do it. I have been wanting my head shaved for several years now but still no luck. This christmas was a rather cold one. My husband and I were opening our gifts on christmas morning. After we were done my husband said to me “oh wait, I forgot, there is one more for you.” I looked at him rather puzzled. He then brought out a big present for me. When I opened it, it was a hat box. I looked at him even more puzzled. “Well open it.” he said. I opened the hat box to find a wig head with a wig and hat on it. Again I looked at him puzzled. “What’s this for?” I asked. He replied ” I’ve been thinking about it and I’ve decided to let you get your head shaved.” My eyes lit up and opened wide. ” really?” I said. ” Oh honey thank you. I so excited. This will be great for summer.” “no no.” He said. “actually I’ve made an appointment for you for today to get your head shaved. That’s why I got you the wig and hat so you could keep your head warm.” He said. ” But honey it’s Christmas. There is no place open. is there?” I asked. “there is one place that is. Your appointment is at 3:00 pm. ” he said. I was speechless. All I could do was stare at him in amazement. “oh my goodness, really?” I said surprised. I gave him a hug as he nodded and smiled. We ate breakfast and I went in to get ready and shower. I couldn’t believe it was going to be the last time I had to wash my hair. I finished getting ready and we left.

When 3:00 came we went to a little barbershop just outside of town. When we walked in my husband went to the receptionist and gave his name. Then the receptionist went to get the barber.

When the barber came out he was tall, nice, and good looking. My husband had a few words with him and he escorted us to the chair. As I sat in the chair he put a neon flowered cape on me and began to comb out my hair. I suddenly heard a loud pop and buzzing sound. My husband stood in front of me with a video camera recording the whole thing. The barber then placed the clippers at my forehead and pushed them back right down the middle. There was no turning back now. I was actually getting my head shaved. The barber ran the clippers over my head again and again ever so slowly so I could enjoy the feeling and sensation of the clippers going over my head and my hair falling down to the ground. Every pass of the clippers was invigorating and was turning me on. I had to fight to keep my composure. My husband saw the look on my face and couldn’t believe it. He knew what was going on. After a while the barber turned the clippers off. I so didn’t want it to end. He then put a hot towel on my head then lathered it up and began to shave me with a straight razor. I could feel the razor pull gently on my skin as it was removing the stubble off my head. The razor felt so good as it scraped across my scalp. When the barber was done he wiped my head with a cold towel and dusted it with talc. I couldn’t wait to feel it. It was so smooth, like a baby’s bottom. I loved it! I loveed it so much I couldn’t stop feeling my head. I was almost scared to get up afraid there would be evidence of what I was experiencing. I got up and hugged my husband and thanked the barber. He said “your welcome, it’s on me. Merry Christmas.” We then left for home. As we were going to the car I felt the cold, crisp air on my newly shaved head making me want to feel it even more. When we got home my husband felt and kissed my shaved head. We began to make love and he shaved me again head to toe. It was truly a night to remember and the best christmas ever

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