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There was silence in the car. A profound silence that doesn’t come from two people who just have nothing to say. It was a silence that came from a deep anger, from an uncomprehended hurt. Try as I might, I couldn’t work out where David’s enthusiasm had come from and why he wanted to humiliate me in front of all of those people. He’d tried to tell me that it was a spur of the moment thing, that he’d just got carried away, but after that I just stopped listening. I wanted to go home and reluctantly had to accept that he would be the one to take me there as it was too difficult to get a taxi at that time of night.

‘I’ll ring you’ he said as I was getting out of the car. At least he had the good grace not to try to come in, as at that point I couldn’t even bring myself to speak to him. Was this the end for us? After six months of what had looked like a good thing? I walked to my front door, hearing his car accelerate away a little too quickly. I took a deep breath and went in, heading straight for the bath and the chance to calm myself down. I slid into the water and closed my eyes, allowing it to envelop me. My mind was filled with the anticipation that I felt earlier in the evening. The anticipation of an evening with David, a trip to watch the recording of a tv show which I’d never done before. I thought about how we’d laughed as the show got underway, but how my enjoyment turned to apprehension and then curiosity as the performers sought volunteers for part of the show. A part where someone would end up having their head shaved as a forfeit. My curiosity had turned to something indescribable when I realised that David was volunteering me for it.

I felt so many things while he sat there with his hand up, trying to attract the attention of the presenter. I was afraid, but mostly disappointed that David appeared to take pleasure in the prospect of me having something done to me without even asking me. There had been no nudge in the ribs asking whether I thought it might be a bit of a laugh to do. No whisper in my ear to tell me that he really wanted me to do it because he’d find it sexy. No, he just put his arm up and then when the presenter did come, he just said “she wants to do it”. I didn’t know where to turn, what to say. There was a spotlight on me, a camera on me and I just wanted to be a million miles away. The presenter thought I was just playing hard to get and it was only when I said something unbroadcastable to him that he realised that there was some sort of a problem and scurried off to look for someone else. That left me sitting there, with the eyes of many in the audience boring into me, wanting a look at the car crash that had just happened. I waited until the presenter was well away and then gathered my coat and bag and headed for the exit. Those same pairs of eyes were no doubt following me, but I just had to get away. As I said, I would have preferred it to be on my own, but practicalities dictated that I had to endure David in the car. I cut off his attempts to placate me and that is what led to the heavy silence.

I thought about our relationship and how I had thought that it would go somewhere. Neither of us was getting younger and I was only too well-aware of being in my mid-thirties and that the prospect of marriage and a family was fading by the day. Despite that, I had seen a side of David that I didn’t like and couldn’t begin to imagine what else might be lurking inside him. By the time the water had become tepid, I had decided that I was single again.

I rose from the water like some mythical goddess, re-born and ready to launch myself into the world. That is to say that I was cold and it was time to get wrapped up in my robe and to make a cup of tea before bed. I stood in front of the mirror, assessing what was on offer. It might need the assistance of regular gym sessions, but the package was well-preserved and well-presented, at least I thought so. I was managing to keep things under control, my stomach wasn’t supermodel-flat, but it had a gentle curve that I found realistic. I cupped my boobs, small enough to be perky, but big enough to fill my hands. I felt my nipples harden against my palms and eased my hands away to enjoy the sight of my dark puppies’ noses testing the air. I looked up at my still-damp hair, lank and tangled from the towel. Until tonight, I’d thought of it as inviolate, something that proclaimed to the world that I was measured, in control. It was chestnut, all natural and grazed my collar bones when it was dried. It had been down to my mid-back not all that long ago, until I had it chopped off on a whim. I’d gone in for my usual trim, but for some devilish reason before going on holiday, told the stylist to do something a bit more meaningful. So that was me with what I thought of as short hair about a month before I met David.

I smiled at the thought of the power that my hairdresser had. With just a quick snip she had changed my appearance, changed my outlook on life in a way. I didn’t have to spend so long getting ready, had to develop new mannerisms to deal with shorter hair, could flick it this way and that. I had all manner of fun with it and yet, here I was breaking up with David over the prospect of another impromptu haircut. Although it wasn’t the haircut itself that was the problem, it was the underhand way that he had tried to do it. Was that why he had tickets to the show? Had he known that it would be a part of the show? Had he planned it? I just didn’t know, but I was determined not to give him the chance to explain. I gave my hair a last rub with a towel and then swung my robe around me. No, I decided. I wasn’t against haircuts, I was just against David.

I slept better than I thought that I would. When I went downstairs I found a whole slew of text messages from David begging for forgiveness, begging for the chance to explain. I put the phone back down and made coffee. Another message pinged through while I ate breakfast. I steeled myself and typed a reply. I wasn’t comfortable about breaking up by text, but at that point I wasn’t enamoured by the prospect of doing it face to face. The inevitable text came quickly back asking me to reconsider and telling me that he would give me time to think about it. I left it hanging there.

So, that was it. Footloose and fancy-free? Not really, just on the lookout again for Mr Right, I suppose. I didn’t mind the freedom of doing what I wanted once again, but there were the over-riding considerations of things that I wanted to be a part of my future that wouldn’t wait forever. Still, a little time off wouldn’t hurt!

I got dressed, thinking all the time that the time-honoured way to react to a break-up was to hit the shops and to cut your hair. How corny! I wondered about the best way to spend the day and decided that I did actually need to pick up a couple of things. I put on jeans and a shirt, casual, comfortable, not very fussy. I was dressing for me today, not anyone else. I got in the car and headed for town.

It was wonderful just to wander round, looking a bits and bobs without having to worry about someone else who really didn’t want to be there and who tried to keep as close to me as humanly possible to show that he wasn’t just some weirdo in a woman’s clothes shop. If only men knew just how irritating that is! Take a step back, look for something to suggest, something that might get you Brownie points or maybe something more, but don’t tag along like a lost sheep. I tried things on just because I could, revelling in the lack of remorse that I was feeling just then. Maybe it would hit me later, maybe it wouldn’t come at all, but it all pointed to the fact that it was the right decision to split with David. Maybe he’d done me a favour by being a complete shit last night!

I mosied along, looking in shop windows, popping in and out of more shops than I had been in for ages. It was wonderful! I looked in a window, inadvertently catching the eye of a woman sitting at a reception desk. It was almost an intrusion into my private little world, although there was no law stopping anyone from looking out onto the street from their workplace. It jarred and I carried on walking, looking straight ahead for a while rather than into the shops themselves.

After a couple more minutes, I’d reached the end of the main street and had to decide whether to go left or right. I stood for a moment and looked, trying to make up my mind, before surprising myself. I turned 180 degrees and retraced my steps back the way that I had come. In a couple of minutes I’d reached the shop where I’d made eye-contact with the receptionist. As I approached, I could see that she was still there, so without breaking my step, I opened the door and walked in.

‘Hello’ she said.

‘Hi’ I replied. ‘I walked past a couple of minutes ago. I saw you didn’t have anyone waiting’ I said. It was true, but wasn’t the reason why I’d felt the need to come back.

‘Something told me you might be back’ the woman replied.


‘You had the air of looking for something and then realising that you had found it.’

‘You can tell all that just from someone walking past?’

‘I have lots of time and a vivid imagination’ she replied with a smile. ‘Now, what are we doing for you?’

‘I don’t know’ I replied candidly.

‘Interesting. We like a challenge’ she replied.

I was starting to like her. I heard the door open and was aware of someone come in behind me. I saw the receptionist’s eyes flick towards the newcomer in a bid to assess the best course of action. I looked round and saw a non-descript man and smiled at him gingerly.

‘Do you want to…’ I said, motioning him in front of me. ‘I might be a while.’

He smiled his thanks and I stepped aside while the receptionist dealt with Martin as he was called. It was a welcome distraction that gave me the chance to catch my breath and take in my surroundings. It was clinically white, but with many softening touches and remarkably enough, there was nothing really to give away what lurked behind the saloon-style doors to my right except for the various hair-related product names emblazoned on the plate-glass window. I looked at the receptionist as she led Martin through the decorative doors and into the salon itself. She was similarly clad in a uniform that was white with a pink edging. Very stern looking, but pretty at the same time. She was a mature woman, probably early fifties, although she obviously looked after herself in more ways that just the services that the salon offered. She was trim, immaculate, a perfect representative for any salon with serious intentions. It was then that I realised that what had probably caught my eye was her hair. It was a vibrant red, short and expertly cut, the sort of thing you’d see in magazines. The sort of cut that you’d give to someone who spends a lot of time on show in your reception. The woman was a walking advertisement for the salon.

My back was turned to the counter when she came back.

‘Now, where were we?’ I heard her say.

‘Sorry, I was dreaming. I didn’t realise this was a unisex salon’ I said.

‘Does it matter?’

‘Oh no, it just doesn’t look like the sort of place that a man would be comfortable’ I said for no particular reason.

‘We don’t have many men, but we don’t turn them away. Anyway, we were trying to work out what we can do for you.’

‘Yes, I’m sorry. I’m being a bit blonde’ I said. I saw her smile, her eyes lingering on my chestnut hair. ‘Is it best if I book an appointment?’

‘We can, if that will give you more time to decide. I’m happy to talk it through with you now if you’ve got the time. Then we can see what’s best. Can I offer you a coffee?’

‘Thank you, that’d be lovely’ I replied.

She poured me a coffee from the machine behind her and came around the front of the counter to sit with me in reception. I took the cup from her and waited.

‘You start’ she invited, with one of those smiles again.

‘That would probably be best, wouldn’t it’ I replied, feeling a little stupid. ‘Well, we’re talking impulse. I’m in the sort of mood to do something over-the-top, something daft.’

‘Such as?’

‘Cut it all off’ I said, reaching up to touch the ends of my threatened hair.

‘Boyfriend? Husband?’

‘I know, you’ve probably heard it all before’ I replied.

‘Just a couple of times. So, this is where I try to talk you out of whatever you think you want to do’ she replied.

‘This is where you become a counsellor’ I smiled.

‘Well, if that’s the case, I’d better introduce myself. I’m Sadie’ she said, proffering a hand.

‘I’m Helen’ I replied.

‘So Helen, you think everything will be better if you cut off this lovely hair of yours’ she said, reaching up to touch my hair with the tips of her fingers.

‘I’m not sure it’s that. I think that I need to prove to myself that I can do it’ I replied. She looked suitably puzzled. ‘It’s a long story, but we split because he put me in a position where I was going to get my head shaved without even asking me’ I explained.

‘Is it best that I don’t ask about the details?’

‘I’ll tell you if you want, but that’s it in a nutshell. He tried to get me to do something without asking. If he’d asked me, I might have agreed, but it was the way that he went about it that got me.’

She took a sip of her coffee, giving herself time to think about how best to get a mad woman out of her salon, no doubt.

‘So now you want to do it just to prove that you would have done it if only he’d asked you. But since he didn’t ask you, you wouldn’t do it and you dumped him, is that about it?’

‘Pretty much’ I agreed. I took refuge in my coffee. I could feel her watching me. I took another sip.

‘Do you want to bring your coffee through?’ she said after a moment.

I looked at her, swallowing the last mouthful.

‘I can do it for you now. It’ll only take five minutes and Kelly can cover reception if anyone comes in’ she said. She put her own cup on the table to her side. She hadn’t finished. I looked at her again, putting my own cup to one side.

‘I wasn’t expecting…’

‘What? You weren’t expecting someone to be free or you weren’t expecting me to agree to do it for you?’

‘Both, I suppose.’

She wrinkled her nose at me. ‘Probably best that you take some time to think it through. I’ll give you my card and you can give me a ring when you’ve decided.’

‘Would you really do it?’ I asked.

‘If it’s what the customer wants and it’s legal, I’ll do just about anything’ she chuckled.

‘I’m not sure I want to do it where there’s men’ I said weakly.

‘You don’t have to. I’ve got a separate area where we could do it, but it sounds to me like you should sleep on it.’

‘Then I might not do it’ I replied.

‘Doesn’t that tell you something?’

‘What if I just walked into a barbershop on the way home?’ I asked, realising almost straight away that it was a silly thing to say

‘You’ve got the same dilemma wherever you go. But between you and me, I think you’ll find that there are men in barbershops’ she said with the sort of smile that is generally reserved for people who aren’t quite with it. I’d walked straight into that one.

‘I’d better go’ I said.

‘Promise me one thing’ Sadie said, her left hand coming to rest over the top of my own,

‘What’s that?’

‘If you decide to do it, let me do it for you. Don’t go to some barbershop. You could come in here after closing time, we could have a glass of wine, do it properly.’

‘Wow, you’d really do that?’

‘You’ve got me intrigued. Even if you decide not to do it, I’d love the chance to show you what I can do. Become your regular hairdresser, you know.’

With that, she stood up and went to fetch a card from reception. She scribbled something on it and came back over to hand it to me.

‘Promise me?’ she said.

‘No barbershops, I promise’ I said compliantly, taking the card from her.

‘See you’ she said with a squeeze of my hand.

‘Thank you. I’ll be in touch’ I said, turning for the door.

I walked up the street, my heart pounding, thinking of the narrow escape that I’d just had. I looked at myself in shop windows as I passed, dark hair blowing gently in the wind. I saw a trash can a little further up and took a quick glance at the card in my hand before I got there. “You’ll look beautiful. Ring me. Sadie.” it said. She’d drawn a little smiley face which I thought was so sweet. I held it out as I approached the trash can, but then drew my hand back. I looked at the card again. I slid it inside my bag and turned around.

‘I didn’t expect you back quite so soon’ Sadie said as I closed the door behind me.

‘Do you mean what you wrote on your card?’

She nodded. ‘Definitely.’

‘Are you still free?’

She nodded and moved towards a door to one side of the counter, beckoning me with her index finger and an enigmatic smile. This wasn’t the saloon doors that led through to where I saw her take that guy earlier, this was a different door, less stylised.

‘This is a part of the salon we use for training, modelling, that sort of stuff’ she said. ‘Excuse the mess, but we don’t use it for the public that often.’

I looked around and couldn’t see what she was talking about. It was in far better shape than some salons I had been in.

‘If you think this is messy, the main salon must be out of this world. This is fine.’

‘I thought you might rather be in here than next door’ she said considerately.

‘Thank you, this is perfect’ I said, putting my bag down. I did a full turn, looking, taking everything in. I could feel my heart beating in my chest, putting it down to a mixture of the brisk walk back to the salon and the excitement of actually coming through the door again. I took a couple of steps closer to the only basin in the room. I always felt awkward trying to find the proper way to get in the chair, but once I was settled back, it always felt like the most comfortable thing in the world.

‘I’ll be back in a sec, I just need to let them know that I’m in here’ Sadie said, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I made my way across to the styling chairs, neatly lined up and ready for occupants. I still couldn’t believe how well everything was done. In a way, I wanted to see the main salon, just to compare the two. Maybe I could ask her to clear it of men first of all, I thought, rather radically.

‘Any one will do’ I heard Sadie say.

‘That was quick’ I replied.

‘I wouldn’t want you to get cold feet now, would I?’ she smiled.

I touched the back of the chair nearest to me as if seeking approval, but then drew it back more purposefully, my mind made up. I sat down and waited for Sadie. I looked towards her, wondering what she would look like in “street clothes” rather than the uniform that she was wearing. I decided that she would look immaculate whatever she had on. The air around me was disturbed by the fluid movement of a light grey gown which settled silently over me. Sadie folded in the collar of my shirt and just as I expected her to fasten the gown, she wrapped a sort of tape around my neck.

‘Stops the little bits going down your back’ she explained before joining the velcro fastenings to seal me up completely.

I looked at myself in the mirror, the contours of my body obscured by the grey tent.

‘Looks like it’s make your mind up time!’ I said. It really brought home to me that I was about to say goodbye to my chestnut locks and that it would be quite a long time before I would see myself looking like this again.

I saw Sadie smile and watched as she opened the drawer in the adjacent workstation, lifting out some electric clippers. She crouched down beside me to plug them into the socket, sending a pulse through me as her arm inadvertently brushed my leg. She stood up, inspecting the clippers. I tried to work out just how brave I would be. Would I get Sadie to take me right down to bristly all over or should I get her to leave it a little longer? I wasn’t sure what the options were.

‘Put your head down for me’ she said, touching the back of my head lightly. I heard a sort of popping, switch-type sound and then a steady humming noise.

‘You’re just taking me short first, aren’t you?’ I asked.

‘Head up again’ she said, the clippers falling quiet.

‘I thought we were shaving your head’ Sadie said with a slightly perplexed look.

‘We are, but it’ll still be bristly, won’t it?’ I said, picturing some of the girls I’d seen at a charity headshave in the pub last year.

‘You do hear people talk about shaving their head and actually meaning a crewcut. Is that what you meant?’ Sadie asked.

‘I don’t know what they were talking about last night. I stormed out before I actually saw what they were going to do. I just assumed that they’d scalp some unassuming member of an audience, they’d just cut most of it with clippers like those’ I said, wondering just how close I had come to an awful misunderstanding.

‘Just as well you mentioned it. When you said “shave”, that’s what I was going to do and there’s not a lot to talk about. If you want a crewcut, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. We need to talk about that.’

‘So those wouldn’t have left me with anything?’ I asked, looking at the dormant clippers dangling from Sadie’s hand.
‘Nothing worth mentioning, no’ she replied, putting the clippers down on the worktop.

‘But wouldn’t that look really hard?’

‘It depends on the features. Yours are wonderful, you could certainly carry it off.’

‘But bald? I’d look like an old man.’

‘Not at all. You’d look like a model. Beautiful.’

‘I wouldn’t claim to be beautiful with hair and I certainly wouldn’t imagine myself as looking better without any hair’ I said.

‘You’d be surprised. At the moment you’re pretty, but if you take this off, you’ll be striking’ she said, scraping back my hair with both hands to emphasise her point.

‘I’d look like an alien’ I objected.

‘Do you think your boyfriend would want to do something to make you less attractive?’

‘I really don’t know what he was thinking. That was the problem. He didn’t tell me why or how, whether it was going to be super-short or bald or what.’

‘The whole point of you being here is to do something that you want to do. Nobody’s forcing you to do anything, although we did nearly have an accident a moment ago!’ she laughed.

‘I bet you wish you’d never seen me’ I said with a nervous smile.

‘Not at all. I’m pleased that you came to me rather than going to a barbershop. They would’ve just ploughed ahead and who knows what state you’d have been in.’

‘Thank you’ I said.

‘It’s no problem. Now, tell me what you have in mind in words of one syllable. And don’t use the word “shave” unless that’s what you mean. I can dig out a men’s style book if that would help.’

‘But then I’d think of it as a man’s haircut’ I objected.

‘It’ll be your haircut, whatever we do, it’s just we’ll both know what you want if there’s a picture we can start with.’

‘I suppose you’re right’ I conceded.

Sadie went out, presumably into the main salon, but she was back quite quickly. I barely had time to think about what had nearly happened. She sat down in the styling chair next to mine and opened a file with a series of photographs in those plastic pockets. I smiled.

‘What?’ she asked.

‘Some of those are very 1970’s’ I replied.

‘They are a bit, but ignore those. Just have a flick through and see if you can find something that’s close to what you’re thinking.’

I scanned the pictures, from one to another, skipping dreadful footballer perms and teddy-boy quiffs before moving on to more sensible cuts.

‘They’re all just “man cuts”‘ I said.

‘Not helpful?’

‘It’s shown me what I don’t want, that’s for sure’ I replied, laughing.

‘Maybe you should stick with a more traditional sort of style’ she ventured.

‘I can’t get away from last night though. I still think that I came back to prove a point.’

‘But do you need to if you’re not going to see him again?’

‘I’ll think about it every time I look in the mirror’ I replied.

She nodded. I put my hand to my forehead and scraped my hair back.

‘I’m still seeing “old man”‘ I said.

‘You wouldn’t if you actually did it. You’d definitely see “very sexy woman”‘

‘You really think I should, don’t you? I asked, looking at her seriously.

‘I’d be disappointed if you’d come this close and didn’t at least try it’ she replied with striking honesty.

‘How long would it take to grow back though?’

‘Depends how long you want it to be. It would take a couple of years to get back to what you’ve got now, but you’d have a decent covering of brand new, healthy hair in a couple of weeks.’

‘And what would I do in the meantime?’

‘You’ll be a sexy, bald woman for a while. Unless you decide to keep it shaved, of course. Then you’ll always be a sexy, bald woman.’

I picked up on her choice of tense.

‘You said that like I’m going to do it.’

‘I think we both know that you are. It’s just that now you’re going to ask me to shave you, knowing that you’re going to be bald, not thinking that you’re just going to have a very short haircut.’


‘Really. And you’re going to have to say the words.’

‘You’re really mean, you know that?’ I said, thinking that she was someone that I wished that I had for a friend. She smiled and waited. I looked in the mirror. Stared at my head peeping out from the grey tent. Stared at my familiar chestnut hair, diligently kept free from all chemicals. Well, ones that weren’t shampoo or conditioner at least. I’d looked after it so well, cared for it, nurtured it. Then I thought about how happy I’d been when that hairdresser took me up on my offer of cutting off a bit more than usual. Thought about how brave I was. How daring. Now here I was again. Different hairdresser. Much more serious change in prospect. Should I? Could I?

‘I want to do it. I want to see how I look bald’ I said.

Sadie said nothing. She leaned in to pick up the clippers, turning them on even before she was upright again. A moment later she was standing behind me, clippers jauntily poised, smiling at me in the mirror. My eyes darted between looking at her and looking at the gap where my hairline had been until seconds ago. She had somehow managed to pick up the clippers, stand up and drag them across the top of my head in a single movement.

‘No going back now!’ she said.

‘Apparently not’ I said, trying to maintain my composure. What had I done?

I’d just asked someone to cut my hair off and she’d done it. There was no halfway house for the unconvinced, no fraction of an inch of stubble, there was just an impression of a road between two verges across the top of my head. She stopped looking at me and widened the strip, leaving me with dark hair hanging down either side of a bald patch, looking like the most desperate middle-aged man you could wish to see. She’d said that I wouldn’t look like an old man and I was starting to think that she’d lied. I didn’t want her to be my friend anymore, but all I could do was sit there and watch everything unfurl or unravel or whatever my hair was doing. Mainly tumbling to the floor, eagerly assisted on its way by Sadie’s sweeping free hand. Very soon, even the hair hanging either side of my face was no more. I must still have hair on the back of my head, but it was no good to me now. As far as I could see, I had no hair.

Sadie got me to put my chin down while she stripped the hair from the back of my head. I couldn’t see my reflection in the mirror anymore, leaving me to process the image of my new self in my mind until I could see again. I just had an impression of an expanse of skin, an image of the way that the proportions of my face had changed by the removal of the boundaries that had been so familiar for so long. I was going to have to get used to a whole new version of me or get a wig. I felt Sadie’s hand moulded to the contours of my head, sweeping over the barren expanse of my scalp.

‘Dare I look?’ I asked, wanting to, but not wanting to, all at the same time. What if I hated it? She didn’t answer me as such. Instead she placed a hand gently either side of my head and eased my head back upright. I saw myself totally without hair.

‘Oh God!’ I said.

‘Take a breath and just look at yourself. Just
take it all in, see how beautiful you are and I’ll be back in just a moment.’

I couldn’t look away. I just looked so weird. I picked up a tress that was perched on the armrest and felt a deep sadness. It was like a little animal that had died. I don’t know what I thought. I was sad, I was surprised that I had gone through with it, I was excited that I had done it. Most of all, I was unsure about what I would do now. How could I walk through town without everyone looking at me? Who would want to go out with a bald woman, apart from David, of course?

I heard Sadie come back.

‘Well?’ she asked.

‘I’m not sure’ I replied.

‘There isn’t really an option not to be sure. You’re bald, you need to get used to it and enjoy it.’

‘That might take a while’ I replied, realising that I was still holding a forlorn piece of my hair.

‘Okay. This is where Auntie Sadie turns Agony Aunt’ she said. ‘Before you walk out of that door, we need to get to a point where you think that shaving your head is the best thing that you’ve ever done. You’ve done it for you, not because your ex wanted you to do it’ she said.

‘I think we’ll be here a long time!’ I replied.

‘Okay, are you sorry you did it?’

‘A little bit’ I replied.


‘Because people will stare at me.’

‘And what if they stare at you because you’re beautiful?’

‘How would I know?’

‘Because you’ll know that you are beautiful. Just look at you. Look at your eyes, look at your neck’ she said, a hand on the back of my head.

‘Would you do it?’ I asked, not sure where the question came from.

‘If my husband asked me to. Whose idea do you think this is?’ she asked, pointing to her own hair.


‘I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, expecting him to ask for some golf balls or something like that. Turns out he wanted this’ she said, pointing to her head.

‘How did you have it before?’

‘It was a dark blonde bob, but that obviously didn’t do it for him.’

‘So he just told you he wanted you to have it short and red?’

‘Not as such. He told one of the stylists what he wanted and I agreed to let her do whatever it was. When I sat down, I had no idea.’

‘Did you like it?’

‘The thing that I like is that he wanted it enough to do that. It doesn’t bother me what colour it is and it’s easier to manage now.’

‘It suits you. It’s very striking.’

‘You’re the one who’s striking, young lady’ she said. That was something that I hadn’t been called in a while.

‘But would you shave your head if he asked?’

‘Knowing what this did for him, I wouldn’t hesitate’ she replied with a wink.

‘So you don’t think that I should have any regrets?’

‘I wouldn’t say that. But you’ve done it. It looks fabulous and you should embrace it wholeheartedly.’

‘I suppose you’re right. It’s not as if I can put it back on, is it?’

‘Have I convinced you?’

‘Maybe a little bit’ I replied with a smile.

‘Okay then, what I need you to do now is to shave you smooth.’

I looked at her.

‘Haven’t you already done that?’ I asked.

She held up the can of shaving foam that she had been holding out of my line of vision.

‘You’re kidding.’

‘Not at all. I can’t let you go out half-finished, but I want you to ask me to do it.’

This was getting weird.

‘That’s part of the Agony Aunt therapy is it?’

‘Most definitely. I want you to like it, I want you to really accept it and what better way than to have it completely smooth?’

‘But it’ll take longer to grow back’ I objected.

‘Of course, but I think once you’ve done it properly, you’ll keep it.’ There she went again. Why was she so sure?

‘You really think so?’

‘I do and I’ll do it for free for you anytime you want.’

‘That’s not very good business for you though, is it?’

‘It would be pleasure rather than business. So how about it?’

Did I really want to prolong the time before my hair started to grow again? I ran a hand over my scalp. It felt sandpapery, even though to the naked eye it looked completely bald. I thought of kissing a man with a few hours’ beard growth. Would I like it more if it didn’t have that masculine roughness?

‘Will you shave it properly for me?’ I said quietly. ‘Please?’

Sadie didn’t need asking twice. The top was off the can and she was smothering shaving foam over my head before I had time to change my mind.

‘That looks really sexy’ I observed with more than a hint of sarcasm.

‘On you it does’ Sadie replied. That surprised me.

‘So are you going to tell your husband about me?’ I asked.

‘Most certainly.’

‘What happens if he asks you to do it too?’

‘That depends if he’s been a good boy’ she replied, putting the can to one side. I saw her take a package out of her pocket and watched as she unwrapped a razor.

‘You have those just in case?’

‘We keep a few in the salon. It’s either one of these or a cut-throat razor and I’m not sure that you’re ready for that yet?’

‘There you go again with the assumption that this is going to happen again’ I observed, as the razor made contact with my scalp. Her reply was a smile and then she turned her attention to the job in hand. Which was to remove the last vestiges of hair from my head. Would they really have done this to me if I’d played along in that studio last night? Would they expect to get any takers for something like this? It takes all sorts, I suppose. Had I gone beyond proving a point? Was I now doing it because I was actually getting a thrill out of it? I’d have to think about that one later on.

Sadie scraped away the white foam bit by bit, the strokes hardly registering with me. It was almost like being caressed ever-so lightly by someone who was trying to turn you on. That’s what it was! It was foreplay of sorts. That’s the best comparison that I could make. I was being barely stroked, but each of those strokes had the potential to lead to something else. I was fairly certain that she was making my nipples hard in anticipation of something that wouldn’t be happening. That way disappointment lay. I closed my eyes, determined to enjoy whatever it was, as there would certainly be no sort of relief waiting for me when I got out of the salon. Although I had done all that David had wanted me to do and probably more, he wasn’t going to benefit from it. I was adamant about that.

I could feel a different sensation and opened my eyes. Sadie was dabbing at my ears with a towel, in search of wayward foam no doubt.

‘I thought I’d lost you for a minute there’ she said.

‘Sorry, I drifted off. Although you were shaving the last of my hair off, it was actually very relaxing.’

‘That’s the spirit!’ she said.

It was time to negotiate the washbasin, even though there was nothing to wash in the conventional sense. Sadie explained that it would get rid of the soapy residue, so who was I to argue? I just lay back and thought of walking out of the salon in a couple of minutes. Bald. Completely bald. What had possessed me? Then I felt Sadie’s fingertips on my scalp and knew that I had my answer.

‘I might have to rent you by the hour to do that for me’ I said, pulling the two sides of the towel closer around me so that I didn’t get wet.

‘I’m sure we could come to some sort of arrangement’ she laughed. I closed my eyes again and drifted off for the few seconds that would remain of this experience. The water played over my scalp with nothing to slow its progress. That was certainly a different sensation. For a moment I had a dreadful thought that gravity might be allowing my nipples to announce their interest through the thin material of the gown. I could hardly reach up and put an arm across my chest, I’d just have to hope that I was safe and that I’d be able to sit up fairly shortly. The spray was no longer directed at my head, so I was almost there. The water carried on flowing and I heard what could only be the plunger of a shampoo dispenser, which was confirmed quickly by Sadie’s hands massaging my scalp.

‘I thought I wouldn’t need to use shampoo for a while’ I said.

‘Let’s just say that this isn’t entirely what the manufacturers intended it for. Just enjoy it’ she said.

That confirmed it. I was lying back and all she could see was the twin peaks sticking up in the air. Should I apologise or just get out of there as quickly as I could? She was showing no sign of letting me escape, her fingers tracing endless circles across my scalp with the occasional touch of an earlobe. She was a wicked woman, but clearly very skilled when it came to teasing someone.

The sound of the water changed as she picked up the shower and rinsed me off, the fingers of her left hand still trailing across my skin under the pretence of doing something useful. I adjusted my position slightly, telegraphing me eagerness to get up, but Sadie carried on playing the water over my scalp. I was going to have to get in the shower when I got home and see if I could re-create what she was doing. It was lovely, so feminine, so different from male roughness, however hard they try to be gentle. Sadie eased the towel to where she wanted it to be and swept it up and over my head. At least it would serve to hide my embarrassment for a moment or two. She was patting me gently the way that you would with a new-born. The lightest touch to dab the drops of water, that was all. I wondered if she was doing it deliberately now.

‘Nearly done. Just have a seat over there again for me’ she said.

I had a quick glance down my front to check for any signs of betrayal while I walked, but they were thankfully not apparent. I sat down as instructed, looking at my slightly flushed cheeks in the mirror. Sadie followed moments later, tipping something out of a bottle into the palm of her hand. She put the bottle on the next styling table and even though the label was turned away from me, I knew what it was.

‘Just something to help your skin’ she said, rubbing her palms together before enveloping my scalp with them. She worked her hands lightly in a circular massaging motion before increasing the pressure. I was actually sitting in a public place having someone massage me with baby oil! Nipple pokies were going to be the least of my worries if she kept this up. Round and round she went and I still had no-one to benefit from all this attention.

‘There’ she said. ‘You admire yourself for a moment just while I clean up and then I want to introduce you to somebody.’

‘Really? Who?’ I asked.

‘I’ll be back in a sec’ she said, ignoring the question and left me with my thoughts. I took the opportunity to have a quick check on my wayward chest. True enough, they were making their presence known. I tried to will them to behave, but then heard footsteps coming back. I just had time to realise that during the time that Sadie was away I hadn’t paid any attention to my lack of hair. Acceptance had come quickly, ably assisted by Sadie’s magic fingers.

‘Helen’ Sadie said. ‘Can I introduce you to my husband, Bill. He’s my partner in this little venture, usually hides himself away in the office upstairs unless there’s a good reason for him to come out, isn’t that right dear?’

I turned to face the newcomer, still covered by the gown. I reached out my hand to meet his, but could tell that he was on auto-pilot. He was transfixed by my head. I was looking at a man of similar age to Sadie, trim, well-preserved, attractive in a wealthy benefactor kind of way. I wasn’t sure about the jeans though. There comes a time when you have to acknowledge that jeans days are behind you.

‘Pleased to meet you, Bill’ I said politely.

‘Likewise’ he said.

‘Bill, you can put your tongue in now’ Sadie said.

‘Did she do that to you?’ Bill asked.

Bill!’ Sadie chided sharply. ‘You must forgive him, I don’t let him mix with people very often, so his manners aren’t quite what they should be.’

I smiled.

‘I asked her to’ I replied.

‘I’m sure there’s a very good reason’ he acknowledged.

‘Yes there is, but the less said the better’ Sadie said.

I could see that Sadie was about to say something, so I dived in quickly.

‘Sadie tells me that you like her to be adventurous with her hair’ I said.

‘It’s good for business if people see someone eye-catching in reception’ he replied.

‘She’s the reason that I came in, so I can definitely say that it works’ I told him.

‘I only brought you down because Helen thought that it might give you ideas’ Sadie said invitingly.

‘I’d need to dwell on it’ he said.

‘It’s not as if you can do one of your spreadsheets and work out the best option is it?’ she said with a hint of exasperation.

I smiled politely. ‘I’d ought to be off’ I said.

‘Nonsense’ Bill said, surprising me. ‘Why don’t you stay and have lunch with us?’ he asked.

I looked at Sadie. ‘You’re very kind, but I’m sure Sadie has appointments’ I said, slightly taken aback by the offer.

‘Not at all. One of the benefits of owning the place. Come and go as you please. How about you? Your man won’t mind, will he? Not expecting you back or anything?’

I looked at Sadie again, not quite sure how to respond.

‘Helen’s freshly single, you might need to tread carefully round that one’ Sadie said kindly.

‘Ah! I see’ Bill said. ‘So, how about it?’

‘That’s very kind’ I said, not knowing how to say no.

Bill went back upstairs to close his computer down or so he said, leaving me with Sadie.

‘Don’t feel that you have to or anything, but I think it’ll take your mind off that ex of yours’ she said.

‘Maybe that wouldn’t be a bad thing. I won’t be walking out of here on my own either’ I replied.

So that was how I came to be sitting in Sadie and Bill’s front room with a glass of wine in my hand. When Bill invited me to lunch I had expected a restaurant, but he had other plans. We’d chatted in the car on the way and I actually quite liked him. He had a wicked sense of humour and was quite informal. We’d only had a light lunch, served by Bill and now he’d gone into the kitchen to do the dishes, leaving Sadie and I to chat amongst ourselves.

‘You know, I can’t get over how good you look’ she said.

‘Thank you’ I replied bashfully.

‘Just while he’s not here though, I wanted to ask you something.’

‘Fire away’ I replied, wondering what was about to come.

‘You enjoyed me shaving you, didn’t you?’

‘You’ve got a good touch’ I replied, trying to be as non-committal as possible.

‘I could see that you liked it’ she said, taking a sip of wine. She had played her trump card. I was starting to feel awkward.

‘I want you to watch Bill shave me, but I don’t want you to feel awkward about it. We’re quite broad-minded, if you know what I mean?’

She had got it right at “awkward”.

‘So what are we saying?’

‘Let’s just say that I want to feel my hair fall and I can’t do that with clothes on’ she said.

I nodded sagely.

‘And will Bill be keeping his jeans on?’ I asked, trying to keep a straight face. I thought about all of those spy books where people make sure that they sit in clear sight of an exit in case they need to leave quickly.

‘I doubt that he’s got them on even now’ she replied.

I looked at her, still in her uniform, all businesslike.

‘You’re really going to shave your head?’

‘I think you understand why’ she said, a faint rustle evident as she uncrossed her legs.

She stood up and came to sit beside me on the sofa. Oh my God!

‘I’d understand if you want to go, but I’d really like it if you stayed with us’ she said.

I could feel her eyes scanning me for a reaction.

‘I don’t know what to say’ I replied.

She was still looking at me intently. My mind was spinning. I’d barely broken up with David and now I was sitting shaven-headed in a swinger’s front room. Her eyes didn’t move, but I felt a hand on my thigh. I looked down, not really knowing why. I knew what a hand looked like. It moved further up and onto my hip, pausing briefly before moving to my waist. It was so unexpected that I said nothing. The wandering hand was cupping my right breast.

‘I wanted to do this in the salon. I knew you were enjoying yourself a little too much’ she said, squeezing. I reached up and removed her hand with my own, our eyes still locked.

‘I don’t know if I can.’

‘I think you can and I think you were ready in the salon’ she said. ‘It’s more comfortable here though.’

‘I don’t know’ I replied.

She turned her back to me.

‘Be a dear would you?’ she asked.

‘I’d better go.’

‘I think it would be good for you after all that’s happened’ she said, her back still turned.

I reached up and slid the zipper down. Her bra strap was the sort of quality that I would have expected, tasteful and obviously expensive.

She stood up and turned around, slipping the tunic off her shoulders and down onto the floor. She stood there in her underwear, her figure a testament to someone who looks after herself. She was wearing hold-ups, the lacy tops barely making an indent into her flesh. The tunic had been tight, but it hadn’t been holding her in. She was toned and tanned. The lacy bra that I had been admiring came off and she draped it over my shoulder the way that I imagine a stripper would. I couldn’t believe that I was sitting there watching another woman take her clothes off. Or watching another woman ease her knickers aside to show me that she is also very good at shaving her pussy.

I’d been so entranced by Sadie that I hadn’t noticed Bill come back in. He was holding a tea towel, drying a plate which would have been quite normal if he hadn’t been stark naked and sporting an erection.

‘Ah, I’m so glad that Sadie persuaded you to stay’ he said as if he was talking to someone at a coffee morning. I didn’t know where to look.

‘I’m not sure that I am staying. I don’t want to intrude’ I said, maintaining coffee morning civility.

‘Please do. You’ve no idea how much it would mean to me to watch you cut Sadie’s hair’ Bill said.

‘I thought you wanted to do it’ I said.

‘Why would I want to do that when I can watch a lovely little thing like you cut it. I want to watch while you make her look like you’ he said.

I was so tempted to tell him that nothing I could do could bridge the fifteen years or so that she had on me, but when I looked at her, her body was much better than you would have expected from what it said on her birth certificate. The same went for him really, apart from a hint of a paunch, the years had been kind to him too.

‘I’ll do it if I can keep my clothes on’ I said abruptly.

‘That’s no fun’ Sadie interjected.

I looked from her to him, with only her knickers and her stockings between the pair of them and complete nudity. She must have read my mind as she slid the knickers down and deftly flicked them away. The stockings stayed on. I hadn’t taken in whether they had any neighbours who overlooked them, but I was hoping that it wasn’t the case. Sadie took my hands in hers, gently easing me to my feet.

‘We don’t bite’ she said ‘not unless you want us to’ she added.

She raised my hands and gave me my first encounter with another woman’s boobs in a non-innocent way. She pressed my palms into her, rubbing my hands over her hard nipples.

‘That’s what I wanted to do to you while I was massaging your scalp’ she said.

‘You saw?’

‘It’s what made me asked Bill to invite you’ she said.

‘So it was your idea?’

‘Does that surprise you?’ she asked, moving my hands lower. It was so strange being conducted like that over another woman’s body, but then I wouldn’t have done it off my own bat. Her firm belly gave way to the curves of her pussy that had to have been shaved that morning. I could hear her breathing hasten as she rubbed herself using the back of my hand. I could feel her fingers toying with mine, separating out my middle finger, directing it. She kissed me as she eased my finger inside her. I didn’t know how to respond, whether I wanted to respond. Yesterday evening I had a boyfriend and hair and was strictly straight. Now, a matter of hours later, I was bald and knuckle deep in another woman. That would take some processing, but for now I eased my mouth open and accepted her tongue.

A reflex made me straighten slightly. That’s the obvious response when you have a strange man grope you. Although, it wasn’t a grope as such, it was more of an attempt to locate the buttons on my shirt while I was in the middle of my first kiss with another woman. I felt Sadie ease back sufficiently to give him better access and then he was off. Shortly afterwards, so was my shirt, although I was in the awkward position of having to take my finger out of his wife so that he could get it all the way off! That’s not something that you can say everyday!

Sadie traced the edge of my bra with her finger, easing each of my straps off my shoulders. Bill undid the clasp and drew it off. I was just thinking what a good team they made when Sadie went to work on my nipples.

‘Such a shame to hide these away’ she said. ‘Look at them Bill, aren’t they beautiful. Look how dark and hard they are. Like chocolate buttons’ she said. I was so unused to being appraised like that, but would have to admit to finding it quite a turn-on. The two of them tackled my jeans, unfastening them and pulling them down with my knickers rapidly following. I hoped that Sadie wouldn’t notice that it had been a day or two since I last shaved myself down there. I couldn’t be bothered before I went out last night and as it turned out, it would have been wasted effort.

‘That’s the playing field levelled anyway’ Bill said with a tweak of one of my nipples. I barely knew the man and here he was helping himself.

‘Aren’t we supposed to be cutting some hair?’ I said in a bid to divert attention away from me.

‘Of course, all in good time’ Bill said.

‘She’s right dear. Anyway, why do you think she’d be interested in a wizened old man like you’ Sadie said.

Bill was anything but wizened, but I could see that she didn’t really mean it. The remark had served to re-focus attention on the reason why I had been invited, or at least the reason why I thought that I’d been invited. Sadie excused herself to go and get what she needed, leaving me alone with Bill and his cock.

‘Don’t mind me, I’m only having a bit of fun’ he said, the cloth and plate now put out of harms’ way.

‘It’s alright. I’ve just never done anything like this before’ I said, looking around me in a bid to appear disinterested.

‘First time for everything. Once you’ve decided, it’s best just to go for it and enjoy it. Grab the opportunity with both hands, if you like.’

‘What do you want her to grab with both hands?’ Sadie said as she was coming down the stairs.

‘My massive dick, dear, what else’ Bill replied, taking hold of himself theatrically and thrusting his hips forward.

‘Poor, deluded old man’ Sadie replied with a chuckle.

Sadie laid out various bits and pieces on the table. She’d got a towel, some clippers, a can of foam and a new razor, the same sort as she’d used on me in the shops. I hoped that she wasn’t going to ask me to use it on her. She smiled at me and put a hand on my forearm. It was so weird to be standing there naked like that, as if there was nothing more natural in the world. I looked at her, looked at her hair that had a glow about it, even though there was no longer the stark white uniform to serve as a contrast. It was beautiful hair, so healthy and so well cut. And she wanted me to cut it all off! She pulled a chair out from underneath the dining table, although at that point I was distracted by Bill, who had come up behind me and slid the flat of his hand between my buttocks.

‘Hurry up dear, before he loses interest, you know what he’s like’ Bill said, clearly referring to his erection in that boyish way that men appear to think is endearing. There was sideways pressure from Bill’s hand, urging me to open my legs wider for him. I don’t know why, but I did.

‘You’re a wet little thing, aren’t you’ he said, thinking that he was whispering, but it wasn’t low enough to escape Sadie.

‘I think that I should take credit for that, my dear, not you’ she said, raising her eyebrows at him.

‘I’m not going to argue’ he said. I breathed in sharply as he slid a finger inside me. What was I doing? I’d only just met him and I was letting him do that. Sadie sat down and was watching. Bill had become just hands and cock, fingers inside me, pinching my nipples, cock pressed against me. Sadie opened her legs, licked an index finger and went exploring.

‘Doesn’t anybody want to cut my hair’ she said, pretending to sound annoyed. Maybe she was, I don’t know, but I don’t think that Bill cared one way or the other. I reached behind me to take hold of his wrist and stop his movement.

‘Shouldn’t we do what Sadie wants’ I said.

Bill withdrew and I took a moment to gather myself.

‘How do you want to do this?’ I asked Sadie, who was still sitting there looking beautiful and wicked.

‘Anyway you want. I think Bill just wants me bald like you. He’s a simple man once he gets his clothes off.’

‘Don’t these need to be plugged in?’ I asked, picking up the clippers.

‘They’re cordless, makes life easier’ she replied.

I went closer to her, clippers in hand. I looked round to see where Bill was. He’d sat down in an armchair, leaning back, comforting himself with a hand wrapped around his cock. Sadie took the opportunity to run her free hand up my inner thigh until it was nudging my pussy lips. What was it with these people?

‘How do these work?’ I asked, turning the clippers over in my hand. She took her hand away from where it had been nestled.

‘Just like you saw me do in the salon. Just hold them at this sort of angle and move them slowly. Don’t press too hard. You want to cut, not plough a furrow. Then you just turn them on here. It was all so matter-of-fact and as if she had no qualms whatsoever about shaving her own head. She saw me looking at her.

‘It’ll grow back. It’s only a bit of fun’ she said, trying to comfort me with a smile.

I flicked the switch, slightly startled by the sound. They were much more insistent than the clippers that Sadie had used in the salon. Sadie didn’t flinch. I was still standing in front of her, but then worked out that hairdressers stand behind people for a reason when they cut hair. I moved behind her, immediately appreciating the less awkward grip that was required from this angle. I thought back to the salon. She’d started at my forehead. I placed the clippers there, careful to mimic the angle that she had shown me. I moved them back towards myself, feeling a sudden thrill as I saw hair moving with them. I had cut her hair! I paused to see exactly what I’d done and could see that I’d probably held the clippers at a slightly jaunty angle because there was an uneven patch of hair where I’d just been. There was nothing on the one side, but it was a couple of millimetres long on the other side of the cut. I went back for another go. I looked at the strip again and was happier that I’d got it right this time. I sneaked a look over to Bill, who seemed to be a picture of contentment, settled back in his chair, cock still in hand.

‘Carry on’ he said.

‘Sorry!’ I said and went back to work. I was amazed at how the hair just fell away under the blades, but at the same time I was thinking what a shame it was to be taking something so beautiful away. I couldn’t get over what a wonderful colour it was, so vivid and red. I was careful around Sadie’s ears, unsure just how exposed the blades were. For her part, Sadie was serene, her legs apart so that her husband could alternate between watching her hair fall or watching her play with her clit. That was when he wasn’t watching me, of course, which I was well-aware that he was doing from time to time. I couldn’t blame him for that though, I was fresh meat for him, however often he was a part of the swinger-type scenario. I carried on, starting to enjoy the power that I’d been given to transform this woman. The more I enjoyed cutting her hair off, the more I realised that I was getting closer to the end of the experience. She only had so much hair after all.

I went over and over her bare scalp, the way that she had with me, confident enough in what I was doing by that time to spend more time looking at Bill than looking at what I was doing. There was something sweet about the way that somebody could take such pleasure from being with his wife, even if there was someone else in the room at the time. I didn’t know how long they had been together, but they certainly didn’t rank among couples who wanted to take their pleasure far from a jaded spouse. They wanted to share their experiences and there was a lot to be said for that, however unconventional I thought that my view might be considered. I turned the clippers off and went round to stand in front of Sadie so that I could examine what I’d done. She looked up at me with wide, bright eyes. I could see then what she’d meant about me. Her features were more prominent without the distraction of the red hair. Before, your eyes had been drawn upwards by the colour, lingering to appreciate the skill of whoever had cut it for her. Now there were just those eyes and an expanse of baldness.

She held a finger up towards me, the slightest of smiles on her lips. I leant forward, my lips open slightly, Sadie’s finger slipping into my mouth. It reminded me of the way that my grandmother used to dip her finger into the cake mix when she was baking to let us kids have a taste. Not quite a remembrance of things past, more a taste of what was to come. I played my tongue over her fingertip, savouring her.

There were hands on my hips. Bill had stirred out of his relaxation and had come to join the party.

‘Don’t worry. I’ve had him done’ Sadie said, her smile broadening. She slipped her finger from my mouth, rotating her wrist to cup one of my boobs while I was trying to work out how to brace myself for the impending attention from Bill. I managed to get one hand either side of Sadie’s legs, just on the edge of the chair as Bill officially replaced David as my most recent sexual partner. It would usually be socially awkward to have your face so close to another woman’s when her husband has just mounted you, but she was loveliness itself, dotting my bald head with tiny kisses while her husband gently rocked backwards and forwards behind me. It’s so strange to be thinking about the strength of a relationship at such a moment, but I would be delighted to have that sort of understanding with my partner. I’m not sure about the swinging thing, but if I could get anywhere near that level of comfort with someone else, I would be quite happy. Sadie drew her head back and sat watching my expression as Bill slid in and out like a metronome, slowly and deliberately. Her eyes scanned my features, her hands making occasional forays to pinch my nipples or further afield towards my clit and her husband’s balls. What a way to spend an afternoon!

I was starting to wonder if Bill was one of those tantric sex people and whether my arms would hold out. I was even more concerned when Sadie sat back and reached over to the table. I watched as she squirted shaving foam into her hand and reached up to smear it on her head. The angle wasn’t right now for me to watch what she was doing without getting a serious crick in my neck, but I knew that she was going to shave her own head. There’s confidence for you. Bill, on the other hand, had a perfect vantage point’ looking over my back and straight at his wife. She opened the razor package and got started. I could feel a change in Bill. He wasn’t going to last as long as I’d feared, which wasn’t surprising given the sensory overload that he was having to endure. He upped the pace slightly, although he had to be careful that he wasn’t transmitting too much vibration down my arms and onto the chair.

I think he realised the danger too, as he slapped my backside and told me to get on my knees.

‘Ever the gentleman, Bill’ Sadie commented. Changing position gave me the chance to see her, her scalp partially covered in white foam, but a good portion of it already cleared by the razor. I tried to work out whether Bill wanted me kneeling up facing him or whether he wanted me facing Sadie. The “all fours” comment removed my doubt and Bill’s hand on the back of my neck gave me the chance to inspect their rather expensive carpet at close quarters. Bill pressed home again and settled into his steady rhythm once more. I could only picture the scenario of devoted husband and wife facing each other, looking deep into each other’s eyes as the wife shaved her head and the husband took a stranger from behind. The pumping started to pick up pace as if Bill had changed gear. He settled into the new rhythm, rocking me steadily and wonderfully, his hands resting politely on my hips as he worked away. It was so lovely that I could have fallen asleep at Sadie’s feet. That was until Bill caught me out with a forceful thrust. And another. And another. Placid Bill had given way to hungry, urgent Bill, forcing grunts out of my whereas before I had only uttered little sighs of satisfaction.

I liked both Bills, but was starting to worry about carpet burns! Polite hands on my hips became cowboy hands on my shoulders, holding on as the frenzied beast bucked. Then there was calm and arms wrapped around my middle. The storm had passed. I felt a kiss on the back of my head and Bill dismounted, allowing me to lift my head from floor level. Bill had moved around to stand between Sadie and me. I stroked his hairy leg and planted a kiss on his firm backside, easing myself into a sitting position so that I could see Sadie. I looked at her bald head, looked at her face supported by Bill’s fingers under her chin. I watched as he bent down to kiss her, waited while their tongues danced and then looked at her again when Bill drew back. I could see now the point at which Bill probably started to pick up the pace. Sadie had shaved her head, but she’d also shaved off her eyebrows. Was that what did it for him?

I knelt up and kissed her forehead as she lowered her head for inspection. She lifted her head to look at me and I planted a gentle kiss where each eyebrow had been.

‘You look beautiful’ I said, although not entirely sure about the eyebrow thing.

‘Likewise’ she replied. I sat back on my heels.

‘And you. What have you done to deserve all this?’ Sadie asked Bill.

‘I really have no idea’ he replied.

‘You’ll be needing a lie down, I’m sure’ Sadie joked.

‘Later’ he replied.

There seemed to be expectation in the air, which was confirmed when Bill knelt beside me, a hand resting gently on my lower back. There was the lightest pressure, but the intention was clear. I adjusted my position slightly and bent my head, steeling myself in those moments, hoping that I could do it. I closed my eyes and put out my tongue, Sadie’s wetness about to become less mysterious.

It probably won’t surprise you to know that it was dark by the time I got home. A morning’s shopping had turned into a day of new experiences, for me at least. I showered and went back downstairs naked, revelling in both my bald head and my expertly-shaven pussy that Sadie had done for me before I left. I’d declined her offer to shave my eyebrows for me, telling her that I would think about it. Would I see David again? NO, definitely not! Would I spend time with Sadie and Bill again? Maybe. Would I shave my head again? I was already booked for 11 o’clock on Tuesday. I curled my legs underneath me and closed my eyes, clutching the warmth of a cup of tea.

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