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Jujou was late. Traffic had been heavy and she had gotten a late start anyway. Emily was NOT going to be happy. It was bad enough she had lost the bet without pissing off her old rival as well.

The bet, That stupid bet.  Smiling bitterly Jujou wondered for the hundredth time “Why did I make that stupid bet?”

“Well,” she thought, “the large quantity of wine I drank probably had something to do with it.”

Still, it had been one strange night. How often to you have a reunion with your high school sweetheart AND his new wife…your ex rival for his affections. All in all however, the night had gone well. They were, as it turned out BOTH Bi and he had NO problem suggesting that they might hit it off if only they could put aside their old feud. His grin as they buried the hatchet and hugged said volumes about his motives.

Jujou had to admit the years had been more than kind to both of them. At 34 he was still as fit as he had been playing high school football and she…well SHE had actually improved with age. Gone was the geeky awkwardness of the young cheerleader with braces. In its place was a capable, classy and beautiful woman. Her figure looked perfect in the “little black dress” she’d picked out for this reunion and her long honey blond hair hung around her shoulders in cascades of lose curls.

John had always been partial to blonds and redheads. They were his one weakness and in high school and he and his buddies were constantly debating the merits of both. When he began dating Jujou the matter seemed to be settled and yet, here he was, MARRIED to a blond.

A evening of reminiscing had slowly devolved into a night of raucous laughter and nostalgic competition. In the end…the bet was made. She KNEW she shouldn’t drink and bet but, her blood was up and like a fool Jujou had fallen back into her old ways. Old ways that in the past had gotten her into a fair amount of trouble.

THAT was why she found herself knocking on the door of Emily’s Hair and Nails at 8:20 PM. an hour and more AFTER closing time. It was time to pay up but, she wasn’t worried.  Emily was a well known stylist and a new hair do couldn’t do any harm…right?

“Hell, I enjoy getting my hair cut.” she thought. “It’s really sensuous and Emily is HOT! Who knows, we might just start the evening’s entertainment right here!”

Emily or “Em” as she was known to her friends opened the door looking exquisite, her patrician features enhanced by the piles of blond hair resting casually atop her head. The cashmere dress she wore, with its high neck and cinched waist made her a vision of feminine beauty. It didn’t happen often but for a second Jujou felt just a bit intimidated. Of course, this only added to her growing excitement.

“Yes.” she thought, “This is going to be a night to remember.”

“You’re late.” The words were flat and unhappy. “Come in, we’re going to have to get started right away.”

Em led Jujou to the station at the rear of the store where John was waiting for them, He smiled and leaned down to kiss her on the cheek. Em seemed to be exasperated and curtly said “Enough, time to get started.”

She stepped back and began quickly removing her charcoal colored dress before pausing and looking at the still redhead.

“What?” she said, “You don’t expect me to get hair all over my nice clothes do you? You’ll need to strip down too.”

“I…I ah wasn’t expecting to do that…yet.” she answered with a smile. John chuffed knowingly as he received Em’s dress. She hadn’t bothered to wear anything beneath it. Jujou’s jaw dropped for just an instant as she gazed upon her rival’s toned and tanned body. My, how Em had matured since high school. The baby fat that had made her so cuddly in high school was just a memory. In its place was a body that any fitness model would envy. Toned thighs, graceful arms and tight sculpted abs that ended in a thick thatch of pubic hair. And her hair! She let it down and it flowed around her shoulders like a river of purest gold. YES, it was going to be a REALLY great night indeed.

Undressed now, Jujou felt tiny, even scrawny next to the exquisite form of her competitor.

“Have a seat my dear” she said with a stately flourish of her hand. Jujou sat.

Em came around behind the chair and released Jujou’s hair from the band that held it in a lose pony tail. In the mirror Jujou watched as she tossed it aside with an odd smirk on her face. Pushing her fingers deep into Jujou’s beautiful red hair she began to fluff it and fan it out.

“Your hair is truly magnificent JJ, one of your best features if you ask me! Very sexy. Shall we begin?

Something about Em’s smile disturbed Jujou. Suddenly, the petite redhead was scared and all she wanted to do was get dressed and leave…fast!

“I…I think maybe we should do this another day. I’m kinda…kinda tired tonight and…”

“Not so fast!” said Em. John’s powerful hands rested upon Jujou’s shoulders now, pressing her back into the chair. “We made a bet…you lost and this was the night you were supposed to pay up.”

“Well…maybe tomorrow night would be better. It’s getting kinda la…”

“JJ” John’s husky voice got her attention. He was leaning in, staring into her eyes in that way that had always pinned more surely than his hands ever could. Do you remember what you ALWAYS used to tell me about betting? You used to say the worst thing in the world is a…?”

“A welsher…” she whispered as her head tilted downward.

“Are you a welsher JJ?”


“What was the Bet?”

“Who was voted class clown…”

“Did you Win?”


“And what was your wager?”

“if i lost Em could style my hair…”

“No JJ, That was not the bet. What was it? The EXACT words.”

“if i lose, my Hair is Em’s to style…”

“No…Not to style.”

“hers to do as she pleases”

“That’s right…HERS…to DO WITH AS SHE PLEASES.”

“Time to pay up.”

John rose and nodded to his beautiful wife.

Em bent over the chair and reaching down, ran her long red nails through Jujou’s neatly trimmed red pubes.

“First of all…” she said. “These are coming off. No more bush for you!” as her fingers pinched the red nether curls.

John grinned as Em rather roughly raked her claws across Jujou’s defenseless pubic mound.

The thought of Jujou sans pubic hair was one that had often crossed his mind in High School. Now, his wonderful wife was going to make that fantasy come true.

Em trailed her nails slowly up Jujou’s beautiful pale skin leaving the faintest trails of pink behind them. She stopped to squeeze the redhead’s lovely, pert breasts and then nodded to John. Without a word he lifted Jujou’s legs and one at a time draped them over the arm rests.

Em’s hands retraced their path down her body through Jujou’s landing strip and on to her exposed cunt. In less time than it takes to explain it she had Jujou’s ass lifting off the seat in an effort to achieve better contact but, a sharp slap to her mound ended her enjoyment.

“We all know you’re a slut!” she said with a bit of contempt. “No need to prove it!”

Em stood back and once again ran her fingers through Jujou’s glorious mane.

“Now, what shall we do with THIS, maybe dye it Mousey brown?” said Em as she grabbed a hand full of Jujou’s locks and pulled strongly.

“What do you think My Love?” she asked John with a hint of a smile.

“I was thinking it might look nice…shorter.”

Jujou gasped. She hadn’t had her hair cut in years!

“How short were you thinkin’ Babe?” asked Em.

“Just shorter…a LOT shorter.”

“A Bob perhaps?”


“Dutch boy?”


“My! A pixie? That’s VERY short!” she said with a touch of mockery in her voice.

“I was actually thinking a crew-cut…Army style!”

“That’s SUPER short! She might as well be…BALD!” she responded with a grin.

“Well then…BALD IT IS!”

Jujou began to tense but John silently mouthed the word “Welsher” and she settled down.

Em continued to play with Jujou’s glorious hair, lifting it above her head and wondering at how it fell perfectly back into place.

“Such a shame to loose all of this isn’t it JJ? But, A bet’s a bet and I can’t possibly have you and this wonderful hair running around and tempting my husband. You might as well have a last look as it’s the LAST time you’ll have all of this glorious hair!”

“WHAT!” Shrieked Jujou rising out of the chair. “No one said ANYTHING about that!”

John gently yet firmly pressed Jujou back into the chair. “What was the bet JJ?”

“If…if I loose my hair is…OH MY GOD!”

“Your hair is…?”

“Em’s.” she swallowed hard. “To do with as she pleases.”

“That’s right JJ. Your hair BELONGS to EM. Not just the hair you have now…All of it! Forever. If she wants to take it ALL now, that’s for HER to say. NOT you. It no longer belongs to you.”

Defeated, Jujou fell back into the chair, tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Take a last look at JJ, play with it and enjoy your last minutes together. In five minutes…it’s mine…all mine.”

Looking in the mirror the poor girl reached up and grasped an errant curl. Was it REALLY possible? Was Em really going to strip her of her hair? Her femininity? The very essence of her womanhood?

Jujou’s stared at the mirror with deep regret. What had ever possessed her to make that stupid bet?  Her small body, muscular from years of soccer and staying in shape was on full display with her legs over the arms of the salon chair exposing her well trimmed red pubic hair and her nether regions never looked better.  Her eyes traveled turned to their own reflection in the mirror and she sadly examined her impish face, its fine and delicate features framed by those long thick red curls that everyone knew her for so well.  They dangled beautifully around her face and over her shoulders, the ends trailing down to her small, pert breasts.  Her freckles made the red head look come together perfectly.  She ran a hand through the curls playing with the ends in disbelief, This bet was going to cost her dearly.  Looking up the poor girl saw Em staring at her hair in anticipation of what was to come.

“Yes, my little red headed nymph, it’s all coming off. I don’t want to see one more person drooling over that perfect red hair of yours.  You take the time you need to say goodbye to it and all that your hair and looks have gotten you for years.”

Jujou just winced then pouted and went back to silently looking in the mirror, still in denial…

“Awww…look John.” said Em. “They’re enjoying their last few minutes together.”

John laughed and said, “You know Em, when you first proposed this I was totally against it. I mean LOOK at that beautiful red hair. I thought it would be a cryin’ shame to destroy such beauty! But now, I totally see what you were getting at. She just can not be trusted. I mean, it’s just like after graduation. We were a COUPLE and what does she do? She runs off to college and starts bangin’ everyone in sight! And without even saying ANYTHING! She could have at least TOLD ME we were done before she left.”

“You poor dear! ” said Em as she reached in for a kiss. “Well, at least her man eating days are over now!”

John turned to her, a question on his lips. “By the way…have you made any decision as to the a…future of her appearance?”

“Well, the pubes and other body hair certainly have to go. As to the rest…I really haven’t made up my mind.”

“Permanent removal would really make her more tractable.” said John. “If nothing else, it would keep guys from playing into her hands.”

“I’ll think about it”

All the while Jujou sat and twirled and petted her lovely hair. This could not be happening to her! A glance in the mirror showed her pixie like features framed in masses of curly red hair. No, they were teasing her. Who in their right mind would even contemplate desecrating such a gorgeous mane?

Suddenly the word “permanent” caught her ear. What were they talking about?  Jujou turned to ask the question.

DING!!! The timer went off.

“Time’s up red. Let’s get started on making you a more suitable play companion for us.  You will be so much easier to deal with afterwards.”

“You’re…I mean, you’re not REALLY going to sh…shave my head, are you?

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t” replied Em with a wicked smile. “Just one really good reason and you can keep it.”

“I..a…I…um Because…I don’t want you to?”

“Not good enough” answered Em as she lifted a curl from her shoulder and brought scissors to bear on it. Snip! A hank of hair dropped lightly to Jujou’s lap.

“Please, there I said PLEASE, I’m begging you not to cut my hair off!”

“Still not good enough…”

SNIP!  A long beautiful red curl floated to the seat between her wide spread thighs.

“I…I’ll never hit on John again! I promise. Please! Just don’t do this!”

“HA!  When we’re done here you WON’T be able to hit on ANYONE! That is one of the best reasons to continue!”

SNIP! SNIP! SNIP! Hair was raining down around Jujou’s head as she received an old fashioned haircut with the intent obviously to rid her of its length before continuing. Her scalp was starting to show through in some areas as not much care was given to the length of each cut.

“Please! I’ll do anything you want! Just stop!”


In a matter of several minutes Jujou’s lovely head of red curly locks had been reduced to a scraggle of short red hair between patches almost showing scalp.  The overall length wasn’t much more than a few inches.  Jujou’s jaw slack in shock and denial at seeing her former curls spread across the ground and chair, almost fulfilling the terms of the bet she had so stupidly agreed to. Almost.

“Damn Em!” exclaimed John. “You made her look REALLY hideous! What’s next?”

The clippers sprang to life with a POP! that caused Jujou to jump.

Em pulled her head back as though to slit her throat and smiled at her man saying “These are next!!” She placed the clippers against Jujou’s forehead and savagely plunged them into what remained of her once beautiful, thick mane.

Jujou put up a good front but as the severed strands of hair passed before her eyes on their way to her lap…she lost it and began to sob uncontrollably.

Pass after pass, short and sometimes even longer red hair rained down as the clippers swiftly, efficiently did their job. A glance in the mirror revealed her worst nightmare. Most of the hair had been buzzed from the front of her head. Jujou had a rapidly receding hairline! Red hair rained down EVERYWHERE and was stuck to her face where the tears had wet it. Each time the clippers bit the sound deepened and hair fell until the clipper’s pitch rose again. Now Em was passing the top of Jujou’s head and she was beginning to get an idea of just how she would look from now on…bald. Tears flowed once again.  The sides were the next to go in subsequent passes and then Jujou’s head was pushed forward so Em could take care of the back. Jujou looked down at her obscenely displayed taut body and the pubic hair that was now longer than that of her head.

The silence was deafening. Em laid the clippers on the counter and ran her hand over Jujou’s prickly head with a satisfied look on her face. She looked at her husband, shook her head and muttered “not good enough” with a knowing wink to him.

“I didn’t think it would be.” replied John with a grin. Staring the teary Jujou in the face he added, “She looks like one of those refugees you always see on the news.  Better clean her up.”

“I’m on it Babe!” answered Em with a grin as she dispensed a hand full of hot lather and smeared it over Jujou’s shorn pate. It burned something awful but quickly cooled down. Em lathered up Jujou’s head until it was covered in white cream.  She washed her hands and absentmindedly ran a finger over Jujou’s now full exposed shoulders and neck thinking happily that the poor thing still has this great body but her allure as a potential secret lover for her husband was over. Without her beautiful copper locks her long-time rival was now no more than a cute fuck doll. A toy to be played with every now and then and then discarded.

Jujou’s eyes widened in fear as Em stropped a razor to keen sharpness.

“Aw, don’t worry Hun, I do this all the time. When I’m done your head will be as smooth as a baby’s butt!.”

The straight razor scratched across Jujou’s head, removing strip after strip of foam and with it, the last of the hair on her poor head. True to her word Em didn’t nick her once. Not even when she went over it a second and a third time.

Almost a hour later, after 3 careful razorings Jujou’s once glorious head of hair had been reduced to an expanse of smooth, hairless skin.

A squirting sound startled the poor girl and before she could react Em was spreading shaving foam across the fine hair of her pubic mound taking time to ensure the small manicured hair around her nether lips was covered as well.

“Bet you thought I’d forgotten this!” Em said with an evil grin as she took up the razor and continued the process of totally removing Jujou’s hair.  There wasn’t much to start with and after some quick strokes Jujou’s cunt was as hairless and smooth as her head.

Em wiped a remnant of foam from Jujou’s thigh and smeared it across her furrowed brow.

“I am nothing if not thorough and you wont be needing these anymore anyway” she said as she erased Jujou’s eyebrows from her face. “You can look now.  You can keep your lashes for the time being. It’ll just be easier to laser them off if we decide to make all of the this permanent but I may let you re-grow the eyebrows and lashes if you are good.  After seeing you  totally bald though, I think your head is going to have to permanently remain this way just to ensure that you can’t use even the potential of having those fabulous red curls again to become a menace.  A bet is a bet my little former redheaded minx. You lost big time and you know you deserved it.”

John helped Jujou to her feet in the gentlemanly way she remembered from high school. How strange it was for her tormentor to be so kind and gentle to her.

Together they walked the degraded girl to the depilation studio. They let her stand in the center of the dark room and suddenly snapped the lights on.

Blinded, Jujou’s hands rose to cover her denuded face. A few seconds later her eyes had adjusted and she lowered them. Her mind simply refused to believe that the creature reflected on the room’s wall to wall mirrors was herself. Everywhere she looked her gaze was returned by a strange, pale, hairless creature that bore little resemblance to any human she had ever seen.

“We will begin the laser treatments tomorrow. By the weekend there shouldn’t be a single hair left on you.” said Em. “Of course, there will be a few follow up sessions throughout the next year or so but, I dare say that in about 18 months you’ll be as smooth as you can be. After that, you wont have to worry about the hair returning…it wont and I wont have to worry about you trying to steal my man again…EVER!”

“Now…suck his dick my safe little bald fuck toy!”

Jujou sunk to her knees and opened wide.

The End

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