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Grace, Pam, Sandy and I have been friends for a long time now. We are the perfect group. The studious Grace who wants to have all the knowledge in the world. She has a really pretty face with brown eyes and silky hair running just down her shoulder level. The tomboy Pam, who almost dresses and presents herself as a boy but for some reason, keeps her hair long. I do feel there might be a day she would want to cut her hair short. Sandy, she is one of a kind, as beautiful as an angel. Her always glowing skin make innocence and simplicity look sexy. You could see her hair shine in the sun. Her beautiful, extra long hair almost goes past her waist.

It all started when Pam was hurt by the comments made on her. She was pissed at the other two for making fun of her dressing and lifestyle and her ‘lack of feminism’. I didn’t really care about all this and considered it the casual and occasional fun making of one of us. After a few hours I received a phone call from Pam.

“Can u believe how insensitive they can be?”

“Just chill, they didn’t mean it.”

“Of course they did. You know what; I want to teach them a lesson. I want to teach them a lesson about feminism. I want you to think of something to get them to cut their hair.”

“What? Don’t you think you are overreacting? Anyways, I don’t think that you are in mood of a lecture. Yes, I will think of something. But send me a text message in an hour or two if you want to go through with this. Also dear, your actions may have consequences. I don’t think you can get away with this. You might also need to go all the away. It’s your choice. Bye.”

I spent the entire afternoon waiting for the text. Although I did expect a No but I had a plan, just in case. My phone rang and there it was, a YES. “Get together at my house, night stay, invite them.” I replied.

My doorbell rang and I knew it was show time. I had decided that it would be kind of fun and it would also not be my fault. I welcomed them in and was greeted by a wink from Pam.

“So what are we doing tonight?” asked Sandy.

“Today, my friend, we are going to kill these two bottles of vodka.” I said getting my plan underway.

“Cool”, said Grace. I knew Sandy didn’t like the idea but she had to go with the flow and step 1 of my plan was completed. I was sober enough to implement the plans I had thought about and so I proceeded.

“You know girls, we have these fun nights but we don’t have the nights to remember. I want something like that today. Let’s play a game. It’s called PIXIE, BOB AND BALD. I will ask a question with a numerical answer. The person answering closest to that actual answer gets a chin length bob haircut, the second closest gets a pixie haircut and the loser shaves her head. What do you say?”

Pam was stunned with my plan. She just realized what I meant when I said that actions will have consequences. Her face expression changed and she replied energetically, “Hell yeah! I am ready to have this night to remember.”

“Yes, it’s cool”, replied Grace. She was wasted enough to not think it through.

“Are you crazy? This game is totally unfair. Grace will have to cut just 3-4 inches to get a bob but even if I win I lose around 13 inches of my hair, forget a pixie or bald.”

I was amazed how much she could think about her hair being completely drunk but the next comments from Pam were good enough to get her going.

“So you are afraid now. A real challenging game comes and you want to run away. It’s not about the amount of loss of hair you idiot. It’s about the hairstyle.”

“You know what, bring it on!” said Sandy. I was nervous as well as excited but one thing I knew for sure, there was no turning back. The three girls sat on the couch while I arranged for a chair and all the stuff I needed, the scissors, razor, shaving cream, water, comb, cape etc. I read the question out loud and they answered.

“I have the results. But the only way to know who gets what haircut is to have that haircut right now. So who is up first?” I asked.

There was a moment of silence and then suddenly Grace stood from the couch and said, “Let’s get this started baby.”

I put the cape on her as Pam and Sandy watched. It felt like reality just hit them. That this fight has gone way too far and it will take a while to repair. I combed and watered her comparatively short hair and with a pause picked up the scissors and comb and started combing the left side of her head. I stopped the comb at the bottom of her face and snipped her hair off. The left side of her head now had a chin length haircut as hair fell on her lap. I started to work on the back of her head. I pushed her head down and started combing. The snip of scissors could be heard due to the silence as hair fell on her back. I quickly pushed her head to the left and evened up the right side of her hair giving her a chin length bob. The amount of hair fallen was remarkable. What was more amazing that it was just the start. I took the cape off of Grace and the hair fell on the floor. She saw her new look in the mirror and smiled. I knew she liked it. But I was concentrated on what was about to come next. Pam and Sandy were just stuck by the fact that their long hair are about to be cut. One of them is going bald and the other is getting a boy cut. I tried to keep the cheerfulness going and asked with a smile, “Wow that looks good. Who is next?”

“You were the one who was so excited to play this game, at least you can go second.” said Sandy with a sense of hatred for Pam. Pam nervously came and sat on the chair. I put the cape around Pam as Sandy looked worriedly. Grace had already passed out on the floor and nobody cared, not now. It all depended on whether I would pick up the clippers or the scissors. That was what would reveal the fate of Pam and Sandy. I combed Pam’s hair and tied her hair in a rough ponytail. I picked up the scissors and started to cut off her long hair. With five to six hard snips, the entire chunk of hair was separated and was now in my hand as Pam now had uneven shoulder length hair. With a big sigh and a little pause I picked up the clippers and turned them on. The buzz of the clippers was very loud due to the silence of the night. Pam was horrified. She would have been very satisfied, maybe even happy with a pixie but it was not to be, she was about to go bald. It was hard to judge how Sandy felt. On one hand, she was not going to feel the buzz of the clippers but on the other hand her waist length, silky, shiny hair were about to go from waist length to 2-3 inches on the head. I stopped my train of thoughts and let clippers do its job. I ignored the expressions of misery of Pam and put the clippers on front of head and brought it right to the back. There was a strip of skin seen on her head as I continued to clear her head. Pam’s face was facing down as I ran clippers continuously on the back of her head. Large amount of hair fell on her shoulder and back as she grabbed her former ponytail tightly in her hand. I put the clippers on the left side of her head and continued the continuous and never ending hair fall. I had never seen such large amount of hair fallen all over her lap, shoulder and back. She threw her ponytail hair on the floor as if she had accepted her new bald look. But I was not done. I put shaving cream all over her head and gave her a clean head shave with blade. Sandy had not blinked once for the past 20 minutes of this great hair cut which took away the long lower back length hair of Pam. I took the cape off Pam and hugged her, stroking her bald head and gave her the mirror. She looked at her shaved head and lay on the couch and closing her eyes. I was shocked. The moment had come for which all this was done and she didn’t bother to see. Maybe she had realized what I had been saying all along.

Sandy slowly walked up to the chair and took her seat. I put the cape around her and started the combing. As I combed her beautiful hair I meant to say something and eventually I did. “You don’t have to do this.” With a pause she replied,” That’s not the game. Actually, I have to.”

I did not utter another word and without a care in the world started snipping through her hair. I didn’t bother getting the hair to the same length and kept cutting her hair wherever I could find them. I first took a small part and cut off an inch. Then I picked her hair from the other side of her head and cut off 6 inches of her hair. The room was full of hair around the chair, piles of hair that belonged to all three of my friends. The ultimate haircutting was far from over. I continued the snipping until the hair was short enough for me to cut them properly for a pixie. I started to work on her left side using comb to even the hair up. I finally left 1-2 inches to the left, right and back of her head as Sandy, to my surprise, sat motionless on the chair. The centre of her head had uneven hair. I took the comb and scissors and left 3 to 4 inches on the centre of her head. I put more water on her head and combed her hair with a left side partition. “Honestly speaking, you are really rocking this boy cut. I never thought you would look better in this than long hair.” I said with a smile and stroking and settling her hair on the top of her head. I took off her cape and yanked it to get it rid of all the hair. I used the broom and piled up all the hair to one corner forming a large heap of hair, some rough, some shiny but all off as Sandy sat motionless on the chair. “Let’s just sleep on the floor for a few hours, it’s late.” I said.

The next morning Grace woke up with a big scream. She was horrified, not only to see her hair in a chin length bob but more because Pam was bald and realizing that Sandy was now not the long haired girl.

“Don’t tell me you don’t remember what happened last night.” I said with partially opened eyes.

“I like it. Yes, long hair was cool but it was getting old. I do pull this look off.” Sandy said stroking her hair from all corners of her head.

“Yes, you look sexy Sandy. Maybe I should also get rid of this chin length and get a pixie instead.” Said Grace.

“I am ready to do it for you again.” I said with a smile.

“Very funny. You just got lucky with the cuts. I will prefer a pro next time. We should get going.”

“Fine, Pam is still asleep. You guys go ahead.”

“They are gone. I know you are awake.” I said looking at Pam who lay with her eyes closed.

We both sat beside one another as Pam stared at the mirror and I stared at her. After a few moments she stroked her head and smiled.



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    why didn’t you get a haircut too? nice story though.

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