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This is kiranjot . I am a 23 year old girl from a village near Patiala city. I work as a hairstylist now as i cut my own hair 5 years back first time and then started doing this job. At first i am going to share my own haircut story.

When i was in my teenage my friend Manpreet in school cut her hair first time . We used to be best friends togethor but haircut suddenly changed her and she was suddenly more superior than me . She always kept playing with her hair . And even boys used to enjoy messing with her pony . But my gutt always seemed too boring in front of her layered and edgy hairstyle.

Then one day i went to salon with her . we both went for threading and facials but then she suddenly asked hairstylist for a haircut also. She asked her to cut her hair to her shoulders. I was so shocked to see her haircut and invented my liking for the scissors and their sound. Her hair falling on floor were awesome.

Then one month after that i went to salon with her for hairwash. To experience how it feels to let someone else do your hair. She got a hair trim and got her bangs cut. I was staring at her when she saw me in the mirror. And said me ” Kiran tu vi cutting karwa de ” … I was numb and pale but i wanted it soo badly that i sat on the seat right to her …. There were some hair already fallen on the floor below that seat. I felt very good sitting there and looking myself in mirror like a good customer.

After her haircut the stylist Priya came to me . She held my gutt in her hands and gave a close look to it . She asked me “Pehli baar baal katwane hain?” I had no answer to it . Then Manpreet said ” Hanji. Meri siss hai ye. ” . After that stylist asked me no more questions and started opening my gutt with her hands. She opened it and then moved her fingers in my hair to untangle them softly . Her nails were touching my scalp and i felt soo good. She combed my hair properly and i experienced no pain at all due to tangles. She was such a good hairdresser. She asked me “Length ki koi problem toh nahi ? 10-12 inch cutting karni pagegi. Damaged hain baal kaafi …” Again without letting me reply Manpreet said her “No problem ji. Jitne kaatne hain kaat do. Side bangs te layers vi kar dena.”

I was totally statue there. I didn’t even move my head upwards or downwards as i had no experience. Priya moved my head downwards to the front… she Partitioned my hair and took the nape hair first. She sprayed water on them . Combed my hair on my neck and back. And snip .. snipp… snippp …. She cut my hair to mid back length. Just 3 inches longer than my shoulders. She repeated this process many times and cut all the nape hair to Mid back. I kept hearing snip …snip … snipp…. snippp….. It was wonderful. I was in heaven.

Then she took center hair partition and cut them slightly shorter than before . Then she cut my side hair near the ears…. It was great hearing “Snip .. snip…. snip.” near the ears . My bangs were cut and Layers done. Then she dried my hair and straightened them…. I looked like a bollywood actress . When i touched my hair they were silky smooth. No damaged hair. Smooth ends. Were amazing to touch and play……

When i got out of salon i could feel my hair flowing with the wind. It was amazing and i didn’t believe it was me . After 3 days from that i got my body waxed properly . And after 6 months from that i cut my hair to BOB cut. I can not wear short dresses because my body and hair are perfect and i can easily flaunt them and look gorgeous .)

This was my transformation.

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  1. Shweta says:

    Such a nice story! Even I’m planning to be hairstylist, please give me some tips. So now, planning to go long or happy with short hair?

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