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3 years have passed since the episode at the warehouse and all of the girls went their different ways to different college. Ivy went to take Engineering degree while the Linda, Christy and Sandy went to the same college to do Business. 2 other girls who joined the trio in their elite group, Amanda and Emma, was in the same college as Ivy. Amanda had black hair with big curls all the way to her waist while Emma had a shoulder length brown hair that is dip-dyed with blonde highlights. Though Amanda and Emma was part of the elite group, they were in fact closer to Ivy because they had been childhood friends. But Ivy obviously didn’t like it, that her 2 childhood friends joined those 3 superficial girl.

Ivy had moved out of her own home during the summer, as she wanted to be independent from her own family (but the house was bought under her father’s name, talk about being independent). She moved into a small but decent apartment that has a garage. It looked quite old from all the furnishings that seemed they were from the 1980s era. It took a while for her to clean it up herself and soon it looked brand new, a very simplistic home design.

Ivy didn’t maintain any contact with the trio since they went to different college, but Amanda and Emma still met up with them during some weekends, to gossip about the hot hunks and slutty bitches in their classes.

One day in cafeteria, Amanda and Emma saw Ivy sitting alone in the corner and decided to join her. Ivy, spotting the same black pixie every day has blended in well amongst all the other heads of long blond, bob red and mid-back brunettes. She looked like a boy from afar, just that her body is slender and sexy.

“Hi Ivy, what’s up!” Amanda said with a wave of her hand.

“Nothing much, same as usual,” Ivy replied with her eyes fixed on her food instead of the 2 girls approaching her.

Amanda and Emma made some small talk with Ivy to catch up about their boring lessons before proceeding to their own talk, leaving Ivy to herself. Ivy did not even bother to listen to what the girls were talking until something interesting caught her attention.

“Well, Linda, Christy and Sandy are intending to come over next summer for a vacation, but have trouble finding a location for their lodging,” Amanda said to Emma while twirling her long hair, “Maybe we can help them with some research so the next time we meet, we can pass those information to them.”

Ivy interrupted, “They need a place to stay? I just moved into my new house and it’s quite vacant with me staying alone. I don’t’ mind having some company next summer.” She said with a smile on her face, while her mind was beginning to hatch a plan to take revenge against those 3 girls.

“Really? That will be great!” Both girls replied with great delight. They did not know about that incident at the warehouse and Ivy’s hatred towards the trio.

“You girls can come over for a house warming lunch, it still needs a bit of touch up though. Maybe you can drop by in 2 weeks’ time, on a Saturday, when I make it more presentable for visitors and guests. You two can also give your feedback about my house to them.”

The bell rang and both girls thanked Ivy for her offer and walked off to class. Ivy went back to her own class, scheming on how to exact her pent up hatred on the girls. She knew what she needed to do for the first step of her plan.

Immediately after school, Ivy drove her pickup to the warehouse. When she arrived and searched the room, some of the chopped hair, of various lengths, were still found on the floor. Memories flooded back into her mind, of the 3 girls whom betrayed her trust and friendship. It took some time for her to transport the machine onto her vehicle but once it was done, she immediately fled the scene. Ivy took up engineering for a good reason, for one day she will require the skills to modify the slot machine to torture the trio. She dismantled the machine and did some changes to the options available. Instead of the part of head that gets cut, it’s changed to the style being cut. Also, instead of the amount of length cut, it was changed to the clothes to be worn during the haircut.

During the 2 weeks leading to Amanda and Emma’s arrival, Ivy did some furniture purchasing, buying 3 barber chair with arms and legs straps. She also bought other equipment like hairdryers and perms rollers. She wanted it to look just like a hair salon, giving her the pretense that she was interested in being a hairstylist, while her real motive is to exact revenge on the trio. The slot machine was also hidden under a white cloth, just like the time while it was at the warehouse. A hidden closed circuit camera was installed to record down the humiliation that the trio will face when Ivy administering the punishments.

The day has finally arrived. Ivy had prepared some food to cook when the girls arrive. She was in the garage admiring her work, a real hair salon just at her garage, a place where she can carry out her devious plot. Then the doorbell rang and Ivy ran towards the front door to welcome Amanda and Emma, but she had forgotten to lock the door to the garage. Ivy entertained them for a short while before hurrying to the kitchen to make a simple meal for the girls.

“Can we take a look around the house? So we can have a better idea of it and maybe take photos as well, so they can see it for themselves.” Amanda and Emma asked Ivy nicely for permission to wander around. Ivy was too busy with cooking the meal and she immediately nodded her head and continued cooking. Amanda and Emma walked into the guest bedrooms and inspect it thoroughly before snapping a photo of it. They then wandered towards the garage and noticed the door was unlocked. The 2 curious girls took a peak into the garage and was obviously surprised by what they saw, a hair salon right inside Ivy’s house. They immediately took several photos of the place that only Ivy knew. With lots of questions in their mind about the setup in the garage, Amanda and Emma went back to the dining area to find food already served on the table. Both of them hugged an obviously tired Ivy for cooking the meal and began to consume their bolognese spaghetti dish accompanied with red wine.

“Ivy, are you intending to be a hairstylist after graduation? Your hair salon in the garage looks so grand and professional, just like those in a Mall.” Amanda queried Ivy while savoring her red wine.

Ivy was shocked and choked on her food. How did the girls know about the garage? Did they see the slot machine? Her thoughts was all scrambled and could not reply Amanda. “I’m interested to do hairstyling since young,” Ivy replied with a forced smile on her face.

“That’s a nice job to have! I hope we can get our hair cut under your scissors one day!” Emma said excitedly while finishing her drink.

“Let me refill your wine for you,” Ivy stood up and walked back to the kitchen with the wine glasses shaking in her hands. Ivy poured more wine into their glasses and peeked out to only see the girls getting engrossed in their conversation. She went back into the kitchen to grab her medication box in one of the cabinets. She rummaged through all her different pills and tablets and found the sleeping pill capsules. She slowly opened up the capsules and spiked both their drinks. She stirred it thoroughly for the powder to dissolve before bringing it back out for the girls. She had a plan for this two pesky girls for being so nosey.

“Since you girls are interested in the hair salon, I will give you a personal tour!” Ivy told Amanda and Emma while passing the wine to them. Both of them followed her and took a sip of the drugged wine. Ivy led them into the garage and later noticed the door was unlocked. “Oh shit, no wonder they could walk in so easily, maybe I should invest in those automated locks that requires fingerprints instead of locks and keys,” Ivy mumbled to herself as the girls took a closer look at the salon. The girls each took a seat on the barber chairs and immediately liked the way it feel. Their small body frame contrasted with the big red barber chair with restraints that were hidden from their view. They continued to chat until suddenly, Amanda and Emma’s bodies felt limp and head become dizzy. “I think we ate too much Emma,” Amanda slurred her words while Emma nodded her head to reply. They went into a deep sleep and Ivy hurriedly went to strap them onto the chair. And as a precaution, Ivy placed a gag in their mouth to prevent them from shouting and alerting her neighbours. Ivy knew she had some time before both girls would wake up, so she went to clean up the dishes in the kitchen and went to take a bath after that.

As Ivy turned on the tap for the shower, she looked at her small breast and body. She missed her long black silky hair that used to cover her body while bathing. She missed all the lather when she shampooed her hair. She missed the wet dripping hair when she walked out of the shower after her bath. She missed drying her hair while sitting in front of her mirror. She could never experience all these precious memories ever again, because of the three girls. She exited the shower with her pixie hair still wet and wore the same bikini when her hair was shaved bald. A sly grin appeared on the corner of her lips as she walked to her laptop which had access to the live footage to the garage to observe the girls.

2 hours passed and the girls were still sleeping. Ivy could not wait any longer and went back into the garage and pushed all the equipment to the middle of the room. She then removed the cloth covering the newly modified slot machine and flipped the switch for the power source. “Ding, Ding,Ding!” The machine came alive and Ivy gave it a few test to check whether it’s working. All the noise woke both Amanda and Emma up, still groggy from their deep slumber. They noticed Ivy in a bikini and all the different hair tools used on a trolley in the middle of the garage. They tried to move their bodies but realized that their limbs were tied down and they could not speak or scream because of the gag. Ivy turned around and saw both Amanda and Emma struggling to break free. She walked to the last empty barber chair, took her seat and explained what had happened on that tragic night. Amanda and Emma eyes went wide opened, after listening to Ivy about the warehouse incident and what had really happened that made her bald. They begin to tear up when they realized the amount of humiliation that Ivy had to endure after the incident.


“Well, I had no intention to do this to both of you, my closest friends. But since you already know my secret, I cannot afford to let you off that easily. ” Ivy stood up and walked behind the girls, teasing their hair by pulling it and taking a sniff at the scent of the shampoo in the hair. She walked towards Amanda and Emma to wipe off their tears before walking towards the slot machine.

“Who want to go first? I think Emma can try out a new hairstyle!” Ivy looked at Emma directly in her eyes as she pulled down the lever. Emma waited nervously for the machine to stop. “Perm, Underwear, Scissors” Emma immediately shook her head and rocked the chair to show her displeasure of the result, but Ivy didn’t care. She grabbed a small remote control from the trolley and pointed towards the camera and pressed the record button to film the entire process down. With the red light flashing on the camera, Ivy pushed the trolley beside Emma’s chair and the same was done for the hairdryers. Ivy ran her fingers into Emma hair to feel the texture and volume to determine how much chemical she should use for the perm. She put on the rubber gloves and took out the bottle of chemical for the perms and the hair rollers. Ivy skillfully sectioned Emma’s hair before rolling her hair tightly and administering the chemical to break down the keratin in her hair, so to make it easier to perm. Emma could not do anything and resigned to her faith as Ivy rolled up all of her hair tightly and placing the hairdryer hood over Emma’s head to set the perms in place. “This will take a while so let me undress you first,” Ivy take the scissors and ripped through Emma’s satin dress and stripping it off her body, exposing her lacy bra and leopard print panty, where some wet spots could be seen.

“Now you Amanda, your hair looks exactly like mine when my hair was taken away from me forcefully, let’s hope that you will enjoy the same fate that I got.”


Amanda could not bear to open her eyes as Ivy pulled the lever for the second time. “Bald, Underwear, Clippers.”

Ivy laughed out loud, “Guess that you are as unlucky as me!” Ivy quickly relieved her of her clothes by cutting her blouse and removing her jeans, only to see her not wearing anything inside. “You are quite an exhibitionist,” Ivy remarked as she fondled with Amanda’s big round breast as well as her wet clits. Amanda tried to resist it, but the arousal from Ivy’s soft touch and delicate fingers was too much for her to handle. Her body jerked and squirmed, all in response of Ivy’s doing. As Amanda was about to reach her orgasm, Ivy stopped teasing Amanda and immediately got hold of the clippers and flicked the switch.


“Bzzzzzzzzzzzz” the metal blades slowly ate through Amanda black mane, straight in the middle of her crown. The vibration of the clippers sent shivers throughout Amanda as she gets aroused from the shaving. She closed her eyes as she registers and enjoy the new sensation from the blades. Her long curly locks cascades down onto her body and ground. Emma was getting aroused just by looking at the removal of Amanda’s lovely black mane. Ivy sat on top of Amanda and push Amanda’s face into her breast. She slowly worked her way round the shaved head with passes made from the nape towards the crown. Amanda could not take it anymore and asked Ivy to make her orgasm again. Ivy obliged by releasing the restraint and allow Amanda to fondle with her own body parts. Amanda took out the gag from her sore mouth and saliva was dripping from it.


“I’m going to come, Ivy, let me come!” Amanda moaned and screamed. Ivy simply took the shaved locks and rub it over Amanda’s bare body. Finally, Amanda lost control and came on her own fingers. Ivy took her hands and licked it before allowing Amanda to lick the juice herself. Amanda took the clippers off of Ivy’s hand and pushed it straight down the middle of her pixie. The short black pixie offered no resistance as it made way for a path of white skin. Now Ivy get turned on and placed her own fingers on her panties and bra. Amanda held Ivy’s head firmly and took control over the punishing blades, which shaved through easily. Now it’s Ivy’s turn to come and Amanda of course gave a little assistance. Almost immediately, Ivy moaned and jerked hard as she came onto Amanda’s breast and body. While Amanda and Ivy passionately stripped each other of their pride and identity, Emma, who is sitting under the hood, want to get a piece of the action. She shook her chair and made moans to get their attention. The two horny girls only turned to look at Emma when both of them were totally shaved, just when the timer rang. Ivy and Amanda walked towards Emma with clippers and scissors in their hand. Amanda removed the gag and Ivy removed the hood from Emma’s head and both girls skillfully removed all the curls attached to her shoulder length hair, which shrunk due to the big curls. Ivy released the handle on the barber chair and lowered it down, with Emma almost horizontal to the ground. Amanda climbed on top of Emma and was directly looking into Emma’s panties, with her own dripping pussy above Emma’s tongue. Amanda used the scissors and snipped off the panties to expose Emma’s cleanly shaved pussy that was already wet from the arousal just minutes ago. Amanda went straight to work, with her tongue teasing the sensitive clits, that was about to go off any minute. Emma followed suit and probed her tongue into Amanda’s hole, making sure she licked it clean before she went to work herself. While the two girls get immersed in playing with each other, Ivy made her way to Emma’s head, with all the hair hanging down lifelessly. She flicked the switch on the clippers and made her first pass into the curly locks.


“Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz” the perfectly permed curls just fell off from Emma’s head and piled up nicely on the floor. Ivy made more long passes from her crown to her nape, with patches of pale white skin appearing before her. She took the chance the rub Emma’s head and it sent electricity charges to her whole body. The new sensation of feeling her scalp made her let out a loud moan and she came straight into Amanda’s face. Amanda didn’t expect Emma to come so quickly but loved the warm liquid on her face and immediately collected it in her hand before smearing back on Emma’s pussy. The girls continued to have fun amongst themselves and played through the night.

The next morning, Amanda and Emma climbed out from Ivy’s bed groggy. All the things that happened the night before seemed like a dream to them, but as soon as they saw each other with a bald head, they could not believe that they shaved their head. Both girls greeted each with a deep kiss before walking to the living room to find Ivy. The nude girls saw Ivy making breakfast for them on an early Sunday morning and went to give her a hug, to thank her for liberating both of them, from their long hair and embracing their new sensual look.

“I see you girls look extremely pleased with your new looks, I’m happy that you liked it,” Ivy greeted them with a smile before planting her lips on both of their cheeks.

“Yes Ivy! If not for you, we would not have known the humiliation that you went through, but also the fun things we did last night!” Emma replied.

“So how do you intend to carry out your plan to take revenge on the 3 bitches?” Amanda asked with a sly grin.

“Thanks for reminding me Amanda, I think after what had happened last night, we can pull off the plan together,” Ivy looked into the eyes of both girls as they consume their breakfast and continued discussing their plans.


And so the formation of the Trinity


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