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‘Go on, you tell me what it is about getting your hair cut that gets some people so worked up?’ Alana asked.

‘It’s no good asking me. You should have asked lover-boy when you had the chance’ the man replied. He was actually the guy who ran the so-called chatline business, although the only two girls that he had working for him were Alana and a woman in her mid-fifties. None of them was likely to get rich from the enterprise, especially while it stayed as “phone only”. He was reluctant to invest in reasonable-looking places for them to make the move to webcams, because that would mean that there would be less money for booze. The other reason was that he couldn’t put the older woman on public view. Her acceptable voice belied the fact that physically she would appeal to a very niche market indeed. She was Alana’s friend, but she wasn’t likely to get many people’s engines running if they were to see her.

Alana, on the other hand, was in her twenties, pretty, with waist-length wavy hair. She most definitely would be able to make the move to webcams and really wanted to believe Gerry each time he told her that he was putting the finishing touches to a studio. He had told her again only yesterday and she had decided that if it didn’t happen within the next two weeks, she was going to find somewhere that did or find another job. She only started doing the work as a favour for Gerry, a guy that she had known from when she was at college. He’d been full of the right sort of talk, always just about to close the deal of the century, which somehow slipped away at the last minute. Alana had been made redundant from her real job and Gerry was there to offer her a route to a comfortable life. She had yet to see any evidence of how it could possibly lead to anything more than subsistence level and at the moment she was dipping in to her savings just to bridge the gap. She had more to offer the world than listening to unimaginable filth, shift after shift.

The only caller who didn’t dive straight into the sewer was a guy called Andy, who just wanted to talk to her about her hair. He asked her to brush it while he talked to her and he was happy with that. She had thought it weird that someone would pay premium rates just to talk about how she was wearing her hair, how many brush strokes she had given it while they were talking, but as long as he was paying the bill, it was up to him what he talked about. The first call had been really odd, but she decided that it was sweet in a way and it certainly gave her a temporary reprieve from guys who should really be looking at the four walls of an institution. She actually found it relaxing to talk to him once she got used to the idea, although after the first few times he had moved on from wanting her to brush her hair to wanting her to cut it. It was this that she was struggling to understand.

Alana’s hair was testament to the fact that she was a stranger to hair salons. She trimmed the ends every now and again, but other than that, her hair care regime was based on a strict conditioning routine to keep it looking its best. The picture that Gerry used for publicity wasn’t the best or the clearest, but anyone who looked hard enough could see that her hair was longer than most women’s, even if it didn’t show the exact length. Andy had obviously seen this picture and chosen to ring her, so why did he do that if he didn’t want to talk to someone with long hair? It became clear once he started talking about cutting it. The more there was, the more there was to cut off. She had done a bit of internet research while she was waiting for callers and she had found that Andy was by no means alone in his interest, but she still couldn’t understand the appeal, for him or for anyone.

‘I can see that some men like women with long hair, some like women with short hair, but it’s the fascination with the cutting that just doesn’t make sense to me’ she went on.

‘You don’t have to understand it, just keep him calling’ Gerry replied.

That was typical of him, Alana thought. She went back to her ‘cupboard’, as she called it, to wait for the next call. The sight of Gerry was starting to annoy her.

It wasn’t that much longer after the conversation with Gerry that Alana had a real eye-opener. Andy called again, but this time he had his wife with him. At first Alana thought that the wife was on the call because she had caught Andy and discovered his little secret (which she had), but then she found out that the wife wanted to play too. Alana really hadn’t expected that. She thought that the woman just wanted to let rip at her or humiliate the husband, but Alana got the distinct impression that the wife was entering into the spirit of things by blowing the husband while they were on the call!

The next thing she knew, the wife was talking about the two of them getting their hair cut together. How much weirder could it get? If the husband wanted to see a woman get her hair cut and his wife was willing to cut her hair, what were they doing ringing a stranger and paying through the nose to ask her to cut hers? And what was all this about them going together? What were the chances of them living close enough for it to be possible? Anyway, there was no way that she would want to meet anyone who called the chatline, however sweet they sounded. She wanted to keep real life and her work with Gerry as far apart as possible.

The wife persisted and even called Alana on her own. Alana was wary and thought hard about the best way to discourage the woman, even if it meant that she would probably lose Andy as a caller as a result. The woman wanted Alana to cut her hair and it took Alana a while to come up with the best way to put an end to it. She told the woman to shave her head and then they could talk about Alana doing something herself. What better way to put the wind up a woman than to tell her to do that? Except the next thing Alana knew, the woman got back in touch to say that she had done it! She had really gone and shaved her head. Alana was dumbfounded and the only way that she could think to bring the thing to a close was to tell the woman that she was going to be on webcams and that Gerry didn’t want her to cut her hair. It was going to be goodbye to Andy, but she couldn’t think of a kinder way to end it than that. It was certainly preferable to telling him that he was married to a mad lady.

The old routine kicked in again over the next few days. The procession of lonely guys who wanted to do anatomically difficult / impossible things to her became a blur. She was thinking about how best to tell Gerry that she was leaving, but she was also thinking about Andy and his wife and how harmless their little interest was in comparison. It must have been a shock to the wife to find out what her husband was doing when she wasn’t around, but she clearly got over whatever objections she had and that must have surprised him.

Andy had never talked to Alana about her shaving her head. Would he have moved on to that if they had talked more? She had found out from her surfing that there were certainly guys who liked bald women, but was Andy even one of them? When Alana had suggested it to the wife, she had never thought that the woman would do it in a million years. Without being paid to do it, at that. Now Andy had a bald wife, but was it even something that he liked? Did it turn him on? Was it a step too far? She would’ve loved to know.

After a particularly unpleasant call about a week later, Alana told Gerry that she was leaving, although she didn’t have anything else to go to. She told him that she was going to take some time off, maybe travel, although she didn’t really know. He told her that he would sue her for breach of contract, but when she asked to see her employment contract, he had to acknowledge that there wasn’t one. He told her that he wouldn’t pay her what he owed and Alana walked out immediately, telling him that it was the end of a beautiful friendship with all of the sarcasm in her voice that she could muster.

Over the next few days, Alana enjoyed the freedom of doing exactly what she wanted, when she wanted. She avoided using the phone and tried to purge her mind of the memories of her time working for Gerry. Except there were some calls that she couldn’t forget and decided that she didn’t want to forget. They were what she started to think of as the “hair calls”

The more Alana thought about the calls with Andy and his wife, the more she was intrigued. She still wondered how things had worked out for the two of them. Had they both hated the wife’s shaved head? Had they loved it? How had it played out for them? She knew that she was opening herself up to all manner of potential issues, but she decided that she had to know. After all, it was like some sort of reality tv show without the exposure.

She had actually lied to the couple when they were trying to organise a meeting originally. She hadn’t wanted to tell them where she lived, so gave them a location way out on the coast. She actually only lived twenty miles or so from them and knew their town quite well. It was somewhere that she would go from time to time for a change of scenery, which led her to wonder whether she had actually seen the two of them on one of her trips. She wondered if she would see Trish if she went there now. How many bald woman could there be in a town like that?

She got in the car and drove, enjoying the freedom that she had, but acutely aware that she was going to need to get a new job before much longer. She parked the car and sauntered down the street, passing a hair salon and wondering if that was where Trish got her head shaved. What were the chances of that? She walked for half an hour or so, distracted from looking at clothes by thoughts of Andy and Trish. She still hadn’t worked out what the fascination with haircuts was, but knew that she had caught enough of whatever Andy and Trish had, to be looking in the window of every hair salon that she passed. She went and got coffee, playing with her phone as she waited for her drink to cool. She logged in to the email account that she had created to communicate with Trish, the only connection between her time with Gerry and her current freedom. Except that it wasn’t really a connection with Gerry’s world, that was a world that was distasteful to her, whereas Andy’s world was a gentler, more intriguing world altogether.

Alana read the brief exchanges with Trish, feeling bad about lying to her, even worse about telling her to shave her head. An idea was starting to form, although Alana thought that it was a bad one. She drank her coffee and left, heading back out onto the street. She walked down the street and stopped, plucking her phone from her bag. She took a photograph and attached it to an email to Trish, pausing, wondering for a long time before sending it. She had no other way of contacting Andy and Trish and the chances were that neither of them would check that temporary email account now that Alana had put an end to their game. Alana had told them that she wasn’t cutting her hair, was moving to a new job on a webcam, so there would be no reason for Andy to pursue things with her. It made Alana feel better, though, that she had made an attempt to make contact again, however futile.

When she got home, Trish opened up the laptop to check her email, getting distracted by something else before she remembered to have a look. It was only when she sat down at the breakfast bar and started going through the day’s spam that she saw something wholly unexpected. It was an email from Alana. Trish had done what Andy had shown her when setting up an email account and configured their email program to check the temporary account the same as it did with the other accounts that she used for online shopping and entering competitions. She had just forgotten to get rid of this particular one, not realising that it would keep looking for emails even though there would never be any more from Alana and nobody else had the address. Now here was a new mail, staring up at her tantalisingly.

Trish opened it, looking at what it said and peering at the picture. The picture was familiar, it was of a quirkily-named hair salon in town. The message was short and simple: “Should I?” it read. Trish didn’t quite know what to make of it. Had Alana just found the picture on the internet and sent it to taunt them? They had told her roughly where they lived, so it wouldn’t have been difficult to get a picture of a salon in town. Was it the start of a blackmail attempt of some sort? How would that work? They hadn’t done anything illegal and Trish already knew about Andy using chatlines. Trish enlarged the picture and was intrigued. Now that it was bigger, she could see the reflection of the photographer in the shop window. It was a woman with long, dark hair, who looked not unlike the picture of Alana that Andy had shown her. Trish typed a reply: “Can we talk first?” she wrote, giving her phone number. She couldn’t wait to show Andy.

Things had settled down for her and Andy since the excitement of getting her head shaved. She hadn’t regretted it for one minute and it had certainly infused her relationship with Andy with a new lease of life. She’d been back to Hayley twice to get re-shaved, knowing that she could probably do it herself, but liking the way that Hayley touched her. She enjoyed walking into the salon with a raspy scalp and walking out feeling so smooth. She liked the way people looked at her when she walked in, wondered whether there were any of the onlookers who wished that they had the guts to do it. Most of all, she liked coming home to Andy when she was freshly-shaved.

Andy could immediately sense that there was something that Trish was really excited about when he walked in through the door. If he hadn’t been aware, the tug on his sleeve would probably have given him a clue. Trish put her arms round him while he bent forward to look at whatever it was on the laptop.

‘I thought you’d found some really hot porn’ he said, easing his head back to nuzzle her.

‘Don’t you think this is better?’ she asked, giving his package a little squeeze through the material of his suit.

‘Maybe, but she could just be playing with us’ he replied cautiously.

Trish had to concede that he was probably right, but it didn’t prevent her from unzipping him and sliding her hand inside his trousers.

‘What about dinner?’ Andy asked.

‘I think I’ve just become the main course. The rest will keep’ Trish replied, sinking to her knees. She took him in her mouth, easing her head ever-closer to his belly. She heard a phone ring, annoyed that Andy picked it up and answered it while she was doing what she was doing.

‘She’s a little busy at the moment, can I help you?’ she heard Andy say in his best professional voice. ‘Well, hello, Alana’ she heard him add after a moment. Trish stopped what she was doing and stood up, unfastening Andy’s waistband while he put the phone to speaker.

‘Trish has just shown me your email’ Andy said, trying his best not to sound distracted as Trish worked him with her hand.

‘We didn’t think we’d hear from you again’ Trish said.

‘I know, I’m sorry about what I did, telling you to shave your head like that.’

‘We’re not’ Andy replied quickly.


‘Really’ Trish replied. ‘I keep it shaved now. I love it.’

‘I thought you’d hate me’ Trish said.

‘You would think so, but I love it’ Trish said.

‘I’m so relieved’ Alana replied.

‘What about that photo? You’ve been on a trip’ Andy said.

‘I wasn’t exactly truthful when I said where I lived. I’m only twenty minutes away.’

‘So how come you’re calling us? That can’t be good for business, surely?’

‘I don’t do that anymore. I was just helping a friend, but I quit’ Alana said.

‘So now what are you doing?’

‘Taking a break. Reaching out to you guys to make sure there’s no bad feelings.’

‘The only feelings are very good indeed’ Andy said, Trish’s movements starting to speed up.

‘I really am pleased’ Alana replied.

‘So now what do we do?’ Trish asked.

‘That’s up to you guys’ Alana responded tantalisingly.

‘I’d love to talk more, I don’t suppose you want to meet somewhere for a coffee?’ Trish asked.

‘Maybe’ Alana replied. The phone went dead.

Trish and Andy looked at each other.

‘What do you think we should do with this?’ Trish asked, looking down to where her hand was still wrapped around Andy’s cock. He made his suggestion by reaching down for the hem of her skirt and tugging it upwards.

A few minutes later, Trish eased her skirt down and picked her discarded knickers up off the floor.

‘That was a nice surprise, thank you’ she said.

‘I think we need to thank Alana for that one’ Andy replied, straightening his tie, even though his trousers were still round his ankles. He smiled at how they must look to anyone peering through their kitchen window.

‘Why do you think she hung up like that?’ Andy asked.

‘I don’t know. Maybe she wanted to think things through, decide whether she wanted to make that leap to meeting some guy that she spoke to on a chatline. There’s still the possibility that she’s just playing with us’ Trish replied.

They showered before they ate dinner, much of the meal spent discussing the sudden re-appearance of Alana and what it might mean. Both of them decided to sleep on their response, not that they ended up sleeping much that night.

After Andy went to work the following day, Trish thought about the best way to approach things with Alana. Despite Alana being a potential bump in the road for her marriage, Trish found the idea of Alana to be very exciting. She just wasn’t sure of the impact of seeing her in the flesh. Up until then, Alana was just a voice on the phone that could be removed easily. What if she got her hooks into Andy once they met? Was Trish inviting a cuckoo into her nest? She reached for the laptop and composed a quick email to Alana, wondering whether it would get a response:

“Hi Alana

So good of you to call to make sure we were okay.

Would love to meet for coffee on Saturday morning if it suits. How about 10:30 at “The Grinder”.

Hope you can make it. We’re both excited to meet you.


Trish fired the message off into the unknown, wondering whether it was too much, too soon and whether she would even get a reply. Only minutes later, the new message notification popped up. She hadn’t even had a chance to finish her second cup of coffee. She opened the message.

“We’ll see.”

That was the end of it. That was the exchange that she had to show Andy when he came home. He was as unsure as Trish as to what Saturday would bring. All they could do was wait.

Saturday arrived and the three of them got to meet at last. It was tentative at first, reservations on both sides, but they eventually managed to convince each other that there was nothing sinister about the other side. They actually got on well without the stigma of talking on a chatline and decided to meet again. That meeting spawned an invitation for Alana to stay for the weekend, happy that she would have her own room. She found Andy and Trish to be good company and felt no pressure to get involved in anything heavy. She explained to them that she might have met them through her colourful recent activities, but that she had no desire to intrude on their relationship. She considered herself a friend and she wanted it to stay that way.

A second weekend stay followed, which began in an equally relaxing fashion. They had dinner on the Friday evening and on the Saturday morning Andy went out early to play golf, which had skipped the previous week in order to maximise the time that he could spend with Alana. Now that it looked like they would meet regularly, he returned to his normal routine.

Even though she was in the kitchen, Trish had heard the shower running in the upstairs bathroom and heard it stop again after a few minutes. She had got up early with Andy, leaving Alana to surface in her own time. It sounded like that time had arrived. She headed upstairs to make sure that Alana had everything that she needed, but held back from calling out to her as she walked down the landing. Trish lightened her step as she approached, feeling a sort of excitement as she saw that Alana had left the door ajar. Andy had said that he would be out early, so Alana clearly felt confident that he was already out of the house. Trish stood and watched Alana through the partially open bathroom door, unsure as to whether Alana knew that she was there or not. She moved closer so that there was no doubt.

‘Hi, you’ Alana said, brushing her damp hair in the mirror. She was wearing her long bathrobe, which was only loosely fastened at the waist. She turned slightly and offered the brush to Trish, before turning back to the mirror expectantly. Trish began to brush Alana’s hair, drawing the brush downwards, trying not to pull. The two women stood silently, at ease with each other as Trish brushed. She looked over Alana’s shoulder to watch herself in the mirror, her own baldness contrasting with Alana’s lush hair. Trish’s left hand was on Alana’s shoulder, acting as a guide and a support as Trish stroked downwards. The brush was catching in the fabric of the robe every now and again, interrupting Trish’s rhythm. She moved her hand down the length of Alana’s back until she reached the belt, which she followed with her fingers round to the front until she found the loose knot. Alana’s hands came up to meet Trish’s, stopping it from moving further and then eased Trish’s hand away gently.

Trish cursed herself silently for over-stepping the boundary that Alana had set, but then she leant forward slightly and whispered in Alana’s ear.

‘It’ll make it easier to cut your hair.’

Trish stopped brushing, feeling the silence grow heavier. There hadn’t been any discussion about Alana cutting her hair since the first meeting over coffee and even then, it had been laughed off. It wasn’t something that Alana wanted to discuss in detail. She had been happy to take some time to get to know Andy and Trish and had been pleased with the space that they had given her. No pressure about cutting her hair, no pressure about anything more than a platonic friendship. They talked, Andy admired her hair, she let him brush it when he wanted and that suited everybody. Alana’s hands moved slowly to her belt, her breathing growing more rapid. She jiggled her shoulders and the robe fell to the floor. She looked at herself in the mirror, naked, a bald woman looking over her shoulder, seeing what she was seeing, seeing her boobs, her hairless mound. Seeing all of her.

Trish set the brush down on the counter, opening a drawer in the vanity unit to take out a pair of scissors. Alana felt a shudder go through her as she watched. She looked back at herself in the mirror, flicked her hair so that it fell in front of her and covered her boobs. She watched Trish ease round and place the scissor blades just above her shoulders. Alana knew that she could stop what was about to happen, take a step back, but then she thought about how easy it had been to cross the lines that she had drawn for herself. She had made a conscious decision not to get involved sexually as she didn’t want the complication in her life, but there was nothing sexual about what was happening. A tremble deep down told her that she was wrong. Standing there naked in front of a fully-clothed woman wielding scissors was suddenly very sensual, bordering on the sexual. She thought of the phone calls, the requests to cut her hair, but they were requests made by a man to a fantasy woman that he would never meet. Now there had been no request, just a simple statement of intent. The scissors were there, she heard the blades close.

Alana looked at herself in the mirror, her right breast exposed, her left still concealed behind her wavy, dark hair. She could see her nipple was erect, but still reached up to check. She closed her eyes as she pinched herself, drawing a sharp breath of satisfaction as she sensed Trish move round behind her again. She felt the lightest touch of her hair as it brushed her buttocks on its way to the floor and then she was conscious of Trish to her left. Alana moved her hand from her right breast to her left, no longer needing to flick hair out of the way. She felt Trish’s hand on the back of her neck, pushing her head down as it moved up the back of her head. She sensed the ends of her hair brush her cheek and then felt the lightest kiss on the back of her neck. Her bare feet were covered in long, dark hair, the hair that remained on her head was a rough bob.

Alana wanted to look, but wasn’t ready to let go of what was in her head. Her right hand slid deliberately down her body, her fingers burrowing between her slippery folds. She knew that Trish was still close by, but it didn’t matter. She felt another light kiss on her neck and then tentative fingertips on the swell of her boob. She pressed herself back against the soft material of Trish’s dress, her right foot sliding easily over the hair-covered tile as she abandoned the pretence of non-indulgence. She reached up to guide Trish’s hand down to where she wanted it most.

Trish inhaled Alana, her nose nuzzling the back of Alana’s exposed neck while she wondered just how embarrassed she would be when she had to look Alana in the eye in a few minutes. She hadn’t intended to cut Alana’s hair, it just seemed the right thing to do at the time. She had hoped to persuade Alana to go with her to see Hayley, maybe convincing her to have a generous trim as a first step, but she never thought that Alana would stand there and let her just cut. What would Andy say about her doing it when he wasn’t there to watch? The poor man had missed out on another milestone hair cut! What would Andy say about what she was doing now, her fingers wet with Alana? There was probably enough material in the previous few minutes to keep him in fantasies until his dying day! Alana was kneading her boobs, happy that Trish was doing a good job down below. For her part, Trish was listening to Alana’s breathing, using the movements against her own body as a guide to whether she was doing it right. She was doing what she liked to do for herself, but it’s very different when you can’t feel the result of what your fingers are doing. Alana bent her knees slightly to accommodate the third finger that wanted to enter her.

Alana wondered how all of the chatline guys would react if they could see her now. She had enjoyed a drunken kiss with a female friend at a party once, but she had never let herself go like this. She had seen more than a few porn encounters online, but it was one thing to watch it, quite another to do it yourself. She suspected that it was new to Trish too, but between them, they were getting where they needed to go. Alana wriggled loose from Trish, turning to look at her, reaching down to the hem of Trish’s dress, trying to pull it up. Trish took a step back to unzip it and then let it drop to the floor. Alana was pleased that they were closer to being on equal terms, but wasn’t happy until Trish’s boobs were free from their support. She slid her index fingers inside the waistband of Trish’s knickers and eased them down, pausing only to plant a kiss on Trish’s mound as she knelt.

Trish looked down to watch Alana’s fingers as they trailed up the skin of her inner thigh, from her knee right up almost as far as she could go. The fingers paused. Trish widened her stance and the journey continued. She felt Alana gently pull her lips apart and then watched her head lean forward to press the tip of her tongue home. Trish looked at Alana’s bare back, looked at the hair on the floor, felt herself get wetter at the thought of what she had done. She gripped Alana’s head, feeling the hair, short, but still relatively long. Too long. Trish reached for the scissors, lifted a tress and cut a couple of inches off. She dropped the tuft so that it fell onto Alana’s forehead, before its fall was impeded by the meeting of Alana’s face and Trish’s lower belly. There was no reaction from Alana, so Trish selected a second tress and touched the scissors to Alana’s scalp carefully before bringing the blades together. Alana’s tongue continued to play over Trish’s pussy flesh, nibbling her, drinking her. Trish cut again and again, leaving Alana’s head with a ragged covering of stunted, dark hair. Trish had a flashback of doing something similar with one of her dolls as a child, the memory of the sense of satisfaction meeting the reality of what she was doing now. The one difference was that her childhood “victim” hadn’t looked up at her and smiled the way that Alana had just done. Trish put the scissors out of the way and pressed Alana’s face back towards where it had been. The light covering of hair gave Trish almost nothing to hold on to, but the texture and the knowledge of what she had done accelerated her towards her final release.

After a pause to catch their breath, Alana sat on the vanity stool while Trish did her best to put a proper finish on what she had started. It seemed the most natural thing in the world for Trish to be shaving a naked woman’s head while she was herself naked. She had thankfully found an unopened razor and some foam in the bottom drawer and was now gingerly sliding the blade across Alana’s scalp, using her memory of Hayley’s technique as her guide. They had agreed to concentrate on the job in hand, but Alana couldn’t resist the occasional grope whenever Trish was rinsing the blade.

‘Will you promise me one thing?’ Alana said.

‘What’s that?’

‘Don’t tell Andy about our little lapse. I really, really don’t want to get involved in anything complicated.’

‘That’s fine. We’ll be all cleaned up by the time he’s back. It’ll be our little secret.’

‘Thank you’ Alana said, trailing a finger down from Trish’s belly button and into her groove. Trish paused, savouring the knowing touch of Alana’s finger as it found her clit once more.

‘We might need to save that for later unless you want to be only half done when Andy comes back’ Trish said reluctantly.

Alana took her finger away and tried to look in the mirror to get a sneak preview.

‘You’re a bit messy still’ Trish said, razor poised. Alana settled back down and let Trish get back to work. It took her about five more minutes to get Alana’s scalp as smooth as she thought she could, after which, Alana reached up and touched her scalp tentatively, giggling as she made contact for the first time.

‘Not bad for a first attempt’ she said.

‘Not the only “first” that wasn’t bad today, either’ Trish said, standing back to watch Alana examine herself in the mirror.

‘Did you ever think you would see yourself like this? Trish asked.

‘I should’ve expected it really. I told myself that I would just go with whatever happened. I like you guys, you’re fun and it makes such a difference after Gerry and his sleaze.’

‘Ahem’ Trish uttered, drawing attention to how they found themselves.

Alana laughed.

‘This isn’t sleaze. This has been lovely’ Alana replied, leaning forward to give Trish a peck on the cheek. She was so happy to be enjoying something different, pleased that she had overcome her reservations about meeting her new friends.

‘Thank you for letting me play’ Trish replied, taking a final opportunity to caress Alana’s left boob slowly. ‘It wasn’t planned you know, it was just the sight of you standing there brushing your hair. I really don’t know what came over me’ she said. Alana raised her eyebrows and laughed.

‘We’d better get dressed’ Alana said.

By the time Andy got back from golf, Alana and Trish were sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee. The golf had not gone well, because Andy had been pre-occupied with thoughts of Alana and her hair. He was remembering how she let him brush it for hours the night before as they sat and watched a movie. Trish had sat next to him on the sofa, Alana had sat on the floor in front of them, listening to more of the movie than she saw. Andy couldn’t believe how things had worked out, how Trish had joined him where he had always wanted her to be, but had never dared invite her. He brushed for as long as Alana let him, loving the way the wave in her hair shimmered as he brushed. All the time he was playing golf, he wanted to be at home.

Andy dumped his clubs in the garage and went in to the house through the utility room. He could smell coffee, hoped that there was some left for him. He breezed in, a cheery “Good morning” primed and ready to go. He looked across at where Trish and Alana were sitting, two women poring over a laptop. Two bald women. He wasn’t sure what to say.

‘You’ve been busy’ he managed.

‘While the cat’s away, and all that’ Trish replied, holding up a cup to ask him if he wanted coffee. He nodded, trying to take in the transformation in Alana. She turned round so that he could look at her properly.

‘How did that happen?’ Andy asked, still stunned.

‘I fancied a change, so Trish did it for me’ Alana replied, as innocently as she could.

‘You look beautiful’ Andy told her.

‘So you didn’t really like the long hair, after all?’ Alana teased.

‘I did, I enjoyed brushing it last night, but this is something entirely different.’


‘Different’ Andy confirmed.

‘Make sure you thank your lovely wife properly when I’ve gone’ Alana said.

‘Wow, so you just asked her and she did it, just like that?’ Andy said, still not quite believing what he was seeing.

‘Something like that’ Alana said, a picture of innocence. Andy nodded his appreciation, looking at his wife for some sign of confirmation or denial. She smiled enigmatically. He knew that he would have to wait until they were alone to find out how it happened, and more importantly, how it had happened while he wasn’t there. It was a long day, although a long day which allowed him to stare at two beautiful bald women.

Andy was surprised at how mundane Trish’s explanation was when it eventually came. “She asked, I did it” she told him as they lay in bed after a frantic, stealth-fuck that night. Trish had concentrated really hard on not making much noise while Andy was pounding in to her. She would have preferred for them to be alone in the house, but she knew that she couldn’t make Andy wait that long. His enthusiasm was remarkable, as was his restraint in respecting the boundaries that Alana had set out when they first met. She didn’t want to come between the couple which Andy had understandably taken as applying to him. He could look, but not touch, not anywhere that mattered anyway. As for Trish, she hung on to her guilty little secret, considering it payback for Andy having called chatlines in the first place.

Trish and Alana said their furtive goodbye the following morning while Andy was getting dressed. They snatched a moment in the kitchen, knowing that they would have to be discrete. They hugged, holding each other’s head as they kissed. Both of them knew that they were saying goodbye to something that they had both enjoyed, but that couldn’t happen again. Trish couldn’t do that to Andy and as much as the fantasy of Alana joining them in their bed appealed to her, it would only end badly for everybody, as far as she could see. She squeezed Alana’s backside quickly and then stepped back from the danger zone. When Andy came down he was pleased to see two friends chatting over their breakfast, although he was more intent on not allowing any physical betrayal of just how much he liked what he saw.

It was more than three weeks before they saw each other again. They had emailed, but Alana appeared to want to make their time together more of an occasion, less of a routine. They had actually got to the point where Trish wasn’t sure if they would meet again, but then she saw an email from Alana late one evening. Andy had already gone up to bed, when Trish decided that she would make one final check for email.

“Hi both

Are you free this weekend?

Was thinking that we should go and see that hairdresser of yours. Will you book for all of us?

Looking forward to seeing you

Trish stared at the message. Alana hadn’t said “both of us” she’d written “all of us”! Trish had joked about Andy shaving his head when they were out on that first “hairless” evening, but she hadn’t been serious. It was possibly short-sighted of her, but she had thought that his “thing” was for women with short hair or no hair. He certainly didn’t wear his own hair that short, it was scissor-cut, not clipper-cut. Had he talked to Alana about his own hair? Surely, Alana would have brought that up. She sat and thought. The more she thought, the more she liked the idea. She wasn’t sure about what Andy would say though. She started to type.

“Will ring them first thing. Hope you’ll come anyway.

T & A”

Trish had only started signing off with “T & A” the past few times. She wondered if Alana would understand the double meaning. It amused her regardless.

Trish went upstairs and jumped in the shower, feeling her stubbly head. She had intended to shave it the following day, but now there were other plans. She loved the idea of going with Alana. She was really warming to the idea of Andy joining them.

She slid into the bed beside Andy, whose back was to her while he read his book. Her hand reached over and around, distracting him very quickly indeed. His book forgotten, he was soon looking up at her, watching her as she squeezed her breasts with her hands while squeezing him with her pussy. She leant forward, holding his face, her hands moving backward slightly to cup his head. She grabbed his hair in each hand, bending closer to him.

‘How about we take you for a haircut?’ she said, concentrating hard on her rhythm.

‘Now?’ he asked.

‘Saturday’ she panted. ‘Hayley’s going to shave me.’ Trish squeezed hard. ‘Then she’s going to shave Alana.’ Trish squeezed hard again. ‘Then she’s going to shave you.’ Trish squeezed hard for a third time, staring deep into his eyes as she spoke.

Andy didn’t want to shave his head, but knew that he would if Trish asked him. It had been something that he had imagined doing many times, just walking in and having a short-haired barberette clipper his hair into oblivion. He had never seriously considered it though, because everyone was used to seeing him with hair. Besides which, he always thought that Trish wouldn’t like it, even though she had joked about it that time. However, the vice-like grip of her pussy lips told him otherwise. He bucked upwards, managed to reverse their positions with more dexterity that he usually managed and then pinned her to the mattress, her wrists gripped in his palms. She leered at him, squeezing him again.

‘You want to be bald, don’t you?’ she challenged. ‘You want me to tell Hayley to shave your head clean as a whistle.’ He thrust his response, pounding into her harder than he normally would. Her eyes were wide, he had released her wrists and now she was pulling his hair, spurring him into even greater effort. He wondered for a moment if she might break. Then he wondered if he could actually keep up the pace. Then he came, shuddering into her. They lay in each other’s arms, spent.

‘Does that mean you’re not against the idea?’ Trish asked eventually, wondering if it was too soon to try to walk.

‘What makes you ask?’

‘Alana emailed. Asked me to make appointments with Hayley for the three of us on Saturday.’

‘Fuck. I can’t’ Andy said.


‘Golf’ he said.

‘Looks like it’s time to see where your priorities lie’ Trish replied, deciding that she would try to make it across the bedroom after all.

Andy was away to work before Trish got up the next morning. When she went downstairs she found a note by the laptop. “Thanks for a great fuck. Anytime Saturday” it read. Who said romance was dead?

Saturday couldn’t come a moment too soon. Alana arrived on the Saturday morning, the fuzz on her head a witness to the fact that she hadn’t done anything with her hair since her previous visit. It was like she hadn’t been away, the three of them clicked, chatting about what sort of reaction Alana had had from people back home. She told them how jaws dropped, how people thought that she would never cut her hair, let alone do what she had done. Trish hadn’t shaved hers for a week, so it was bristly, but not to the same extent as Alana’s. They ruffled each other’s heads, before taking a conscious step back from each other. They had time for a quick cup of tea and then it was time to go.

Trish felt odd going to a salon with Andy. Andy felt weird going to a salon with Trish or any woman for that matter. Salon trips were best enjoyed alone, without distractions, particularly if the hairdresser looked like the woman walking towards him at that moment. Her hair was too long, but the experience with Alana had proved to Andy that there was no such thing as a lost cause.

‘So you’ve brought reinforcements this time’ Hayley said as she greeted Trish. Introductions were made and then awkwardness set in.

‘Who drew the short straw then?’ Hayley asked, looking at each of them in turn. Alana and Trish both looked at Andy.

‘You said you were going first’ Andy said.

‘When?’ she challenged, knowing precisely when she had said it and also that Andy couldn’t answer truthfully with an audience.

‘The other day’ he replied eventually.

‘Change of plan. We’ll be over here’ Trish replied.

Andy shrugged and allowed himself to be settled into a chair by the lovely Hayley. Jeans that tight weren’t meant to be worn when Trish was anywhere near him. What an arse the girl had on her! Decent tits too, he thought. He was interrupted in his musings by a request for instructions.

‘It’s best to ask the evil twins over there’ he replied, before wondering whether the girl had a sense of humour. She was stony-faced when she came back, the initial warmth no longer evident.

She combed through Andy’s mousey hair, instinctively knowing how to make it look its best. Andy was due for a cut, but it looked like his most recent barberette was about to be replaced. Who would have thought that he would share a hairdresser with Trish, or a hairstyle for that matter?

Andy tried to watch Trish and Alana in the mirror, but then his field of vision fixed on a pair of clippers heading straight for him. He took one last look at his hair and watched as his favourite look on women was underway on his own head. He had a wide strip of skin across the top of his head and three smiling women at his side. Hayley had rediscovered her warm smile, her seriousness part of an act that Alana had suggested. Alana and Trish stayed where they were while Alana stripped him of the rest of his hair. He wondered if they could sense his attempts to control the forces of nature with sheer will-power, wondered if they could see a bulge through the gown. He would replay these few minutes for as long as he lived. The rest of the process was light-hearted once the initial milestone had been passed. He was clippered to nothing and then razor-shaved to even less, the only cloud being the ridicule that awaited him from people that he used to think of as friends and colleagues.

Hayley released him from the gown eventually, allowing Trish to hug him and stroke him. ‘You were very brave’ she told him with a little pat on his scalp.

Hayley wasn’t one to wait and had Alana in the chair while Andy was still being admired. Hayley refused to believe that Alana’s hair had been so long before she cut it off and Trish was grateful that her part in the process wasn’t mentioned. That would have been difficult to explain. Andy watched first the clippers, then the razor, wondering whether he could have coped with watching Trish do the original cut. It had been so long before. Even going from the re-growth that she had come in with, made a difference.

Andy was then able to witness something that he had never dared hope for. His wife climbing into what was effectively a barber’s chair, her head covered with foam and then watching as she was shaved smooth by an attractive woman. His hair journey had been bumpy, almost abandoned at times, but it was now complete. He had no idea what he was going to tell people at work, he had no idea how he was going to keep his hands off Trish until bedtime, but he knew that he was happy. The three of them headed out of the salon to compare notes over lunch.

Andy found it almost unnerving to have Trish and Alana looking at him across the table so intently. It was only now that he had done it himself that he was starting to understand just what a massive leap it must be for a woman to shave her head.

‘What?’ he asked.

‘There’s something different about you and I can’t quite put my finger on it’ Trish said.

‘It’ll come to you eventually’ he replied, still wondering what his reception was going to be like at work. He had already decided while he was in Hayley’s chair that he might have to give golf a miss for a while.

Alana smiled, wondering what the restaurant staff must be making of the group of baldies on table four. She had noticed the waitress looking at them out of the corner of her eye as she walked past to get to other tables. The smile that she gave when their table was her destination suggested that she was interested rather than repelled. So much so, that as they were leaving, Alana handed the woman the card that she had taken from the salon on her way out. ‘Ask for Hayley’ she said with a knowing smile.

The three of them walked round the shops for a while until neither of the women could put up with Andy’s pained expression anymore. Not only had they exposed him to ridicule in his workplace, they also expected him to trail round every dress and shoe shop in the town! If only he’d known that Alana was as disinterested as himself while they walked. She was distracted by the dilemma of how she was going to stick to her vow not to get involved with her friends. She kept trying to banish the image of Andy’s freshly-bald head between her legs and struggled to keep her hands to herself when she was in a changing room with Trish. She knew that if she showed any signs of weakness, the walls would come tumbling down. It was a long time until she was due to go back home.

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