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I was now 6 days into my treatment, and on my way to becoming a permanent bald girl forever. There were a few times that Tim almost caught me without my wig on, but luckily I had a towel wrapped around my head coming out of the shower. I had a feeling that he would be perfectly fine with my baldness and I secretly yearned for him to run his fingers over my scalp during one of our marathon love-making sessions. However, I was also secretly terrified that he would find the idea of me being bald for life repulsive. 6 days after using the “cueball” cream, and my head looks like I never had a single hair on it my entire life. It felt sexy, and it felt right.

Laurie surprised me one afternoon while Tim was at work. Her husband had left on a business trip and she was bored out of her mind, so we did what we usually do when the men are away; we hung around my pool working on our tans.

“We should do something” Laurie said while floating on a inflatable pool toy

“Like what?” I asked sitting in one of my pool-side recliners.

“Maybe we should go get our nails done at that Korean place.” Laurie replied

“We just went last week, and I don’t need a touch-up yet.”

“Well lets go to the salon then.” Laurie retorted

I giggled “I don’t think I’ll be going to the salon any time soon.”

“Why’s that?” Laurie replied pulling down her sunglasses “You have a problem with one of the hairdressers?”

“Promise not to freak if I tell you a secret?” I asked, testing the waters. I just really wanted someone to know my secret.

“Of course! What’s up?”

“To have need of a hairdresser, I would first need to have hair.” I grinned as I slowly peeled away my wig, exposing my bare scalp.

Laurie said nothing. She just sat there with her eyes wide, and with her mouth gaped open.

“You can feel it if you’d like” I said breaking the silence.

Laurie swam to the edge of the pool still awestruck from my secret. She pulled herself out of the pool and moved towards my seat where she began to run my head.

“Oh my god Sabrina! When did you do this? And this feels amazing!.”

“Last week I decided to get rid of it all and try out a wig. Tim hasn’t noticed anything at all.” I said with a smile.

Laurie continued to touch every inch of my head making sure it wasn’t a prank.

“So that wig shop girl got you to do this?” Laurie asked.

“She helped spur me on a bit, but I wanted this, and I think I’m going to keep it like this for the time being.” I giggled again.

“Sean would freak if I did something like this.”

I could tell that I had her interest peaked, so I decided to push the boundaries a bit.

“If he’s anything like Tim, it’ll take him a lifetime to figure out you’re wearing a wig. I mean, did you have any idea until I pulled mine off? I asked.

“No I didn’t. It looked so natural.” Laurie said as she stared touching my wig.

“You still bored enough to want to do something?” I asked with a smirk.

“Where would I even begin?” Laurie asked.

“With the quickest haircut of your life. I have a spare wig you can use until we get you down to the shop.”

I lead Laurie back into the house and into my master bathroom where she sat down at my vanity. She was still wearing her bikini and her blonde hair cascaded over her shoulders.

“Last chance to back out.” I said as I pulled out Tim’s beard trimmers completely gaurdless.

“Do it quick.” Laurie said as the clippers came to life with a loud pop.

I ran the clippers down the middle of Laurie’s head and proceeded to sever each hair off of her head. As I finished, Laurie worked up the nerve to touch the beginnings of my work.

“Are you done, or are we going to make it as smooth as yours.” Laurie asked with a smile

“Smooth as silk” I said as I lead her into my shower where I lathered her up and gently scraped off all of her remaining hair with my Bic razor.

“Do you love it?” I asked, helping her towel off.

“Wow.” was all she could say as she ran her hands over her own head.

I walked over to the counter and took my bottle of “cueball” and squirted a generous portion into my hands and began to rub it all over Laurie’s head.

“What’s this?” She asked

“Just a cream to make your head feel smoother. Tell me when it stops tingling.” I replied

After 5 minutes I wiped down Laurie’s head, but I did not show her the follicles that were removed. I didn’t want her to be alarmed that I helped her begin a lifetime of baldness.

“Oh my god, this feels fantastic.” Laurie said as she ran her hands over her head again. “I can’t believe I let you shave me bald!” She giggled.

“Ready to try on my spare wig?” I asked pulling my wig box from my closet.


I help her secure a copper colored wig identical to mine on her head.

“This will have to do until we can get you’re a blonde wig at the shop.” I said, securing my own wig on my head.

We sat there in front of the mirror amazed at how similar we looked.

“We could pass as twins Sabrina.” Laurie said as she stood up from the vanity and walked over to me and kissed me on the neck.

Instinctively I looked up and kissed Laurie on the mouth. The act of shaving my best friend smooth as silk had gotten both of us turned on.

Laurie led me to my bed and pealed the wigs off of herself and me before she buried her bald head between my legs. As she went to town on me, I ran my finger tips over her freshly shorn head and she began to moan loudly. After I finished, I beckoned Laurie to sit on the bed so I could return the favor. I had experimented a little in college, but I had never eaten pussy before today, but it was amazing. I gently caressed her sensitive areas with my tongue until she exploded with pleasure. After we were both finished, we laid in bed fondling each other’s hairless bodies. The moment was perfect until we heard the front door open. Time was home early.

We both scrabbled to find the wigs we had tossed around during our love making session. Laurie found one, but I couldn’t find the other. I could heard Tim’s footsteps coming upstairs, so I quickly retreated to my walk-in closet and telling Laurie to play it cool and act like me.

Laurie quickly put on my discarded bikini and wrapped a towel around herself.

“Hey honey. Its been a really long day, I kind of just want to lay down with you for a bit and take a nap.”

I watched through the door-slits are Tim lead Laurie in my clothes and wig to the bed.

Tim began to kiss on Laurie’s neck and undid my bikini from her exposing her breasts.

I found myself getting turned on with the idea of Tim having sex with Laurie and him thinking its me. It looked as if Laurie was game to play too and she unzipped Tim’s pants an escorted him inside of her. As I watched all of this happen in front of me, I masturbated feverishly. When Tim finished, he quickly fell asleep. Laurie waited a moment before gathering her clothes and beckoning me outside of the closet.

“That was pretty hot.” I said with a smirk as I searched for my extra wig.

“I was afraid you’d be mad that I let him have his way with me.” Laurie replied.

“Of course not! I found it! Lets head to the mall.”

Once we arrived at the mall I went into the wig shop alone and selected a wig similar to Laurie’s old style and quickly took my purchase out to the car where Laurie put it on.

“I look like me again!” she said with a giggle.

I drove home and Laurie opted to walk down the block to her house saying that “she needed to walk off some of the excitement from today.

I walked upstairs and slid into bed with Tim.

We snuggled for a bit before he decided to wake up and go for “Round 2”

After he finished inside of me, we lay their naked as he ran his fingers through my hair. It felt nice, but It would feel better without the wig on. So I decided to tell him.

“Hey baby. Remember how you told me to cut my hair as short as I wanted to go?” I asked

“Yeah honey.” He said as he continued to pet me

I led his hand to the wig seam and helped his fingers underneath. Time slowly pulled my wig off of my head.

“Is this short enough for you baby?” I asked as I kissed my way down to his penis

“Wow. That’s really short Sabrina.” Tim said as he touched every inch of my head

“You told me to shave it smooth if I wanted to, remember?” I said as I engulfed his now-throbbing cock into my mouth. Tim ran his fingers hard into my scalp as he came inside of my mouth.

“I’ll take your silence as approval for my haircut.”

“You can say that again” Tim said

“Good, because I’m going to keep it smooth for a while.” I smiled

“How long were you thinking.” He asked as he continued to rub my hairless head.

“How about I leave that up to you? I’m fine to keep this forever, but are you okay with having a bald wife forever?” I replied.

“I’d be okay with it, if it made you happy.” Time replied like a good husband.

I quickly got up from the bed and grabbed my bottle of “Cueball” from the bathroom.

“Rub this on my head and I’ll be bald forever.” I said as I handed Tim the bottle.

I was surprised to see that Tim did not hesitate to unscrew the cap and begin to massage the cream into my scalp. We said nothing as I counted down the last 5 minutes of myself ever being able to have hair again. After 5 minutes I walked into the shower for the first time being permanently bald. It felt great. It felt liberating.

Over the next week, Laurie continued to come over for touch ups on her head. She loved the look and decided to keep it bald for a while. When I shared with her the properties of the cream, she was mad at first, but gladly welcomed the final treatments to rid herself from hair on her head forever. Sean still doesn’t know that she is bald to this day.

I decided to go to a dermatologist to confirm that my hair is gone forever. Dr. Frank told me that I surely had Alopecia and that my hair will definitely never com back. That was the best news I ever got from anyone!

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