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I was feeling a little apprehensive as I drove the 10 kilometers or so to Countryton, Oz for my scheduled 9:30 appointment with Mel (Melissa) the barberette at Short Cuts Unisex Hair Salon. It was only my second appointment with Mel who owned and ran the salon herself. On my previous visit Mel had given my blonde hair a nice short cut using scissors only with scissors over comb to get the back and sides nice and short.

In the past I have had several of my previous haircuts done with the barberettes using electric clippers to get the back nice and short.

I arrived at the salon right on time for my appointment and as I walked through the door Mel who was on the phone pointed to the chair she wanted me in. I sat down and took a bit of time to look around the salon and at the array of tools set out on the bench in front of me. The first thing that caught my eye was the silver electric hair clipper lying on the bench and plugged onto the power outlet underneath. This definitely was not there on my previous visit. It was a “CLUKES” Silent Giant model similar to one among the many I use when I give my husband and the boys their regular haircuts in my home barbershop. I also do many of the men and boys in the country area where I live. Maybe Mel is planning to use them on me I secrectly hoped to myself or maybe her last client was a man or boy who needed a short back n sides cleanup.

There’s something about clippers that make me randy. I love using them on my husband and boys and my other neighbourhood friends who come into my home barbershop for their regular haircuts. I also like the feel of the vibes from my vibrating clippers when I hold them against my twat. The thought of Mel using her clippers on me was causing me to get moist just sitting in the chair.

It was only another couple of minutes before Mel was finished on the phone and came over to the chair. “Nice and short, same as last time” she said as she placed a paper strip around my neck followed by a lightweight black cape. “You can take it a little shorter than last time if you like” I replied thinking I was in for the scissor over comb treatment like the first time.

Mel took her comb and started to comb my hair into place. “It’s kept it’s shape really nice since I first cut it” Mel commented as she turned the chair away from the mirror and moved forward to her work vanity. Next thing I heard a click followed by the familiar low buzzing sound of the “CLUKES” clipper. She picked up some of the hair at the back of my neck with her comb and quickly ran the clipper across it buzzing it off. The thought of Mel using the clippers on me was now a reality and she was soon right into her work running the clippers over her comb time after time. Maybe I shouldn’t have told her to take it a little shorter than last time I began to think to myself as I could feel the hair being shorn from the back quite high up the back of my head. But I admit I was enjoying the feel of the comb lifting up the hair and the clippers shearing it off.

Mel continued using the clipper over her comb first around the right side then the left side of my head reducing all my hair down quite short on the back and sides. Once finished she started on the top by lifting the hair between her fingers and running the buzzing clippers over the top. Once finished with the top the clippers were turned off and I heard Mel fidgeting at the vanity behind me before the clippers were turned on again.

Next there was a firm push on the back of my head before I felt the clippers firmly on the back of my neck clipping upwards towards my accipital bone. Stroke after stroke she went up the back of my head before repeating the process on both sides. While I was enjoying the feeling of the clippers doing their job and I was going quite moist down below I knew I was getting a bit of a scalping. Once she had done both sides the clippers were turned off and then quickly turned on again before once again my head was pushed forward for the clipper to make another run up the back. This time I could feel the warmth of the clipper blades and I knew there was no guard on them and it was just bare blades cutting off the hair. Luckily for me she did not run them too high up my neck this time. It was not long before she was finished and the clippers were turned off once more.

Mel swung me around to face the mirror. “There how’s that” she said “a bit shorter than last time liked you asked for.” I took a bit of a gasp as I looked at myself in the mirror. Mel’s “a bit shorter than last time” was a bit of an understatement I thought to myself. I was pretty much scalped lower down on the sides and back with white walls showing. It was the shortest haircut I had ever received but I thought to myself “it is only hair and will grow back.” “Yeah that’s great” I lied to Mel “at least it will be a bit longer before the next one.” Mel quickly dusted me down and removed the cape and neckstrip. I hopped out of the chair and moved to the reception area to pay. “That will be fifteen dollars please” said Mel. I quickly paid and told Mel I will call her for my next appointment before making my way to the car for the 10 kilometer drive home.

Whilst the haircut was very short my panties were soaking wet after the sensational feeling of Mel using the clippers on me. Whilst driving home I just couldn’t wait to get into my own home barbershop to give myself a touch of the clipper vibes on my twat before calling my husband Marty to the chair for his regular trim. Little did he know what he was going to be in for.

I got home and parked the car in front of the garage before getting out and quickly making my way around the back to the outside entrance of my home barbershop. I unlocked the door and entered before locking the door behind me. I slipped off my knickers and made my way to the vanity.

I picked up my Silver “CLUKES” Silent Giant vibrating clipper and clicked it on. I held my skirt up and with my legs wide open and with the lever fully up giving the shortest cut possible ran the clipper up the right hand side of my twat. The clipper shaved the hairs off right down to the skin and the feeling was absolutely sensational. My juices were really starting to flow as I repeated the process running the clipper up the left side shaving down to the skin. By now I was feeling soooo randy I decided to shave my complete minge before calling Marty in for his treatment.

I finished clipping my twat and turned off the “CLUKES” machine before grabbing my “HORSTATOR PICCOLO 55” motor driven machine from the vanity. I turned the machine on and swapped the blade from the 11mm one to the “00000” one for the closest cut possible. I slipped off my short skirt and while watching myself in the mirror made pass after pass across my torso with the big whirring machine. I could feel the juices from my twat running down the inside of my legs as I watched the long hair from my minge tumbling to the floor with each pass of the clippers. I brushed my free hand across my minge and could feel the smooth job the clippers had made.

Finished, I turned off the machine and placed it back on the hook on the vanity before taking the fluffy neck brush from the vanity. I gave my minge and twat a good brush and was able to remove most of the free newly cut hair although I’m sure there was a bit of hair still stuck to the insides of my legs from the juices from my twat. Likewise, I’m sure there was some of my juice left sticking to the neck brush.

Finished, I took off my top blouse leaving myself completely naked and opened the inside door to the house. “Hey Marty” I called out “I’ve just got back from having Mel cut my hair and I’m in a really randy mood. I think you should come down to the barbershop as it’s time for your six weekly trim.”

“Okay” he replied “I’ll be there in a minute.”

He walked into my barbershop and took one look at my short buzzed hair.
“Wow” he said “that is one mighty fine short haircut you’ve got darling. Mel must have been in fine fettle with her clippers this morning.”

“She was” I replied “and she has gotten me so randy I think you’re in for a super short cut as well so get yourself up here into the chair. My knickers got soaking wet so I have taken them and the rest of my clothes off. You can feel me up as much as you like while I’m doing your haircut as I’m already soooo moist down there and after I’m finished we are both off to the bedroom for you know what. In fact you may as well get undressed before you get in the chair.”

I’m a reformed smoker but I allow myself a smoke on special occaisions so I keep a pack in the drawer of my barber shop vanity. Marty doesn’t seem to mind me having the odd puff. Marty got himself undressed and sat himself down on the towel I had laid on the chair. He was already getting a hard on as I took my ciggies from the drawer and removed one from the pack and lit up. I took a long hard drag on the ciggie as I removed my big “OSTER 97” clipper from its hook and fired it up. I swapped the 00000 close cutting blade for the 3.75 14mm one. “No cape today darling” I said and while holding his head with my left hand holding my ciggie I put the roaring clipper to the middle of Marty’s forehead and plunged it back across the top of his head. This obviously aroused Marty as I could feel his hand instantly feeling for my moist twat.

I don’t think I have ever been so aroused when giving Marty a haircut as stroke after stroke I continued to plunge the big machine through Marty’s hair from front to back. Copious quantities of hair was being clippered off with each stroke onto the floor behind the chair. I took another long drag on my ciggie and exhaled the smoke over Marty in the chair. By now Marty had found my “G” spot and was giving it the full on massage with his right hand and it was not long before I had to pull his hand away so that I did not have a full on early orgasm.

I was soon finished what I could clipper off from the right side of the chair and moved around to the left. I swapped the clipper to my left hand and my ciggie to my right and once again commenced to buzz over the top of Marty’s head. It did not take long for Marty to refind my sensative spot with his left hand and soon I was enjoying the sweet spot massaging again. I took a final drag on my ciggie and stubbed it out in the vanity ash tray just as I finished clippering the top left of Marty’s head. I pulled his hand away from my twat and commenced buzzing up the back of his head still with the giant clipper. I worked my way around both sides buzzing to the top of his occipital bone.

Finished with the 3.75 blade, with the clipper still running I swapped to the 8mm blade and repeated the process starting once again at the centre back of his nape and sweeping the clipper about half way up his neck before pulling the clipper slowly away so as to blend into the 14mm cut hair. I worked my way first around the right side with Marty still trying to get in and tickle my spot and then to the left. As I finished on the left side and turned off the big machine I leaned in and gave Marty a big kiss inserting my tongue deep into his throat. At the same time I grabbed his rock hard pole with my left hand and gave it a few strong strokes. It was covered in his leaked juices so was very well lubricated so to say. Marty had once again found my spot with the fingers of his left hand and was giving me the full on treatment. When I was just about to orgasm I pulled his hand away again and said “Let’s wait till we get on the bed together” to which he agreed although by this stage we were both really really horny.

“I still have to finish your haircut” I said as I hung the “OSTER” back on the hook and took my trusty “CLUKES Silent Giant” silver clipper from its hook and fired it up. With the taper lever fully up for the shortest cut, once again I started at the middle of Marty’s nape and this time slowly moved the clipper upwards giving the closest shave possible and leaving his neck with a positive white wall. As before I worked my way first around his right side to in front of his ear and then to his left at the end of which I gave him another big kiss and his pole some more stroking. Marty of course returned the favour. With the haircut complete I returned the clipper to its hook.

It was then I did a spur of the moment thing which I have never done with Marty in the chair before. I moved behind the chair and quickly laid it back to the fully reclined position. I think Marty thought he must have been about to receive a full on face shave but how wrong he was. Reclining the chair exposed his fully erect pole even more and I think after I had stroked it a couple of times it was almost ready to explode. I thought about climbing on and rocking and rolling for a while but no I needed to carry through my original plan.

I grabbed my “CLUKES” clipper from its hook once more and fired it up again. Marty’s giant bush of pubic hair was about to be no more. But first I clippered the hair from both his legs from his knees up to his groin. Then I took hold of his pole in my left hand and ran the clipper straight down his giant erection and over his torso up to his navel. With the lever fully up on the clipper it shaved off the hair completely down to the skin. In fact I had to be very careful to avoid knicking anywhere and drawing blood. A few more vertical strokes down and around his pole with the clipper and I soon had it as smooth as a babys bottom.

I then moved to clipping the hair from his lower torso below Marty’s navel down to his ball sac. First the left side from the strip I had mown from the bottom of his pole to his navel and then the right side, his lower torso was now completely bald. I then moved down and clipped the hair from the top of his ball sac and the inside area of both legs down through his groin area. Satisfied that I had clippered everything I could access from his knees to his groin with Marty on his back in the chair I got him to roll over and lay facedown. I knew it would be extremely uncomfortable for him with his raging hard on but I was in my dominatrix mood and if he wanted a good time in bed he would need to do as he was told.

While Marty was rolling over and getting himself comfortable I held the now warm clipper on my newly buzzed twat up against my sweet spot. God I love the feel of the vibrating clipper when I hold it down there and it’s even better when the machine is nice and warm. Ladies you should try it sometime, you will be amazed at how easy it is to get yourself turned on and get your juices running. Buy yourself some clippers and give you twat a good clean buzz. Believe you me girls the feeling of the warm vibrating blades from the clipper as they mow off your pubes is absolutely adorable. And when you’ve finished clipping hold the vibrating machine to your “G” spot for an absolitely sensuous feeling of arousal. It’s even better if you’ve just come home from your favourite barberette having been subjected to the shortest most vicious clippering you’ve ever had and then subjected your favourite man to a similar short clipper cut with your own home clippers. If you’ve never done it and you have not got clippers at home I suggest you go and buy yourself a set. Girls, you will only try it once and you will be hooked and you will see why I’m “Addicted to Clippers.”

The motor driven one such as the “OSTER” are good for creaming off your guys longer hair whereas the vibrating ones such as “WAHL” are good for shorter hair and giving you a thrill from the vibes. You can also have fun with your man in bed by taking turns to clipper the hair from each others private parts.

With Marty now lying facedown I removed the still buzzing machine from my twat and started clipping the hair from the backsides of his legs from the back of his knees up to his groin. First the left leg and then the right. After finishing the backs of his legs I held his ass cheeks open with my free hand and slowly and very carefully buzzed all the hair from both sides of Marty’s back crack being particularly careful with the area around his hole. I then finished by clipping all the remaining hair from the bottom of his sac. Marty was now as bald as a cue ball from his knees to his navel. I turned off the clipper and returned it to the shelf before taking my juice covered neck brush and giving Marty a complete brushdown.

He got up from the chair and took a look at himself in the mirror. “Boy Mel must have got you really randy as I don’t think you have ever given me a baldoff like that.”

“Yeah it is a pretty good one” I replied “and I might have got a bit carried away but after all it is only hair and it will grow back. Anyway lets get to the bedroom I’m ready for some bed fun.”

Needless to say with us both naked it did not take long for us both to get into it and we ended up having one of our best afternoon sex sessions ever.

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