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“Hey Mia, I’m having a party at my place on Saturday night to celebrate the end of my mortgage.  Wanna come ?”

“Hang on, I have to check, I’m not sure I’m free”

This was a downright lie. Mia was perfectly free on Saturday night since her best friend had cancelled a nightclub party owing to the flu, but she didn’t want to sound too eager. Jack had been hitting on her since her arrival in the firm, and she hadn’t made up her mind about sleeping with him yet.

She took her agenda, opened it at the right page and flashed a broad smile at the handsome colleague standing in front of her.

“I’m free, so you can count on me. What shall I bring?”

“Whatever you want.  Alcohol will always be welcome. 8.30pm at my place, I’ll send you the address by email.”


She went back to her computer and carried on with her work.

At 32, she was a successful marketing advisor in a huge American firm in Paris. She earned a lot of money, had just bought a nice flat in the fashionable area of Le Marais. Still single, she enjoyed life, parties and most of all seducing men, which was like a game to her.

She was indeed a beautiful woman. Tall and slim with ice-blue eyes, her most striking feature was undoubtedly her thick auburn hair. It fell down her back and reached the top of her buttocks.  She spent an awful lot of time and money pampering her hair. The most expensive conditioners and shampoos crowded on her bathroom shelf.

Every three months, she had it trimmed in an expensive salon in the 16th, and she never cut more than 2 cm of it. She had never worn it shorter than mid-back (which she had considered way too short), and had never even considered cutting it. She even feared it. She couldn’t explain why, but the thought of scissors cutting through her hair actually scared her.

She viscerally hated short hair, whether it was worn by men or women. She couldn’t understand these women who proudly wore pixie cuts, she thought they had no feminity. What puzzled her more was men who liked short-haired women. She assumed they didn’t really like it but coped with it. All the men who had dated her had been crazy about her hair, and she knew men liked long hair.

As to men with short hair, she had the same feeling. She liked men with shoulder-length hair. She thought it gave them an aristocratic attitude which she loved. She loathed the new fashion for cropped hair and thought guys all looked like convicts with these cuts.

She finished working at 6 and decided she had time to go shopping for Saturday. She wanted to get a new outfit for the party.

Jack was the sales manager of the company. He was 45, divorced with no kids. She didn’t usually date older guys, but she had to admit Jack had a lot of charisma. He was broad-shouldered and his brown eyes always sparkled. He smiled a lot and had lovely black hair, slightly streaked with grey at the temples, that fell just above the collar of his well-cut shirts. He also had a lot of self confidence and she kind of felt like a young girl when he paid her compliments about her clothes and her beauty. He had already invited her for a drink once, but she had declined.

She believed it was not a good idea to accept dates at the first attempt. It made one look desperate. So she had said she already had plans, and had carried on teasing him like she did with most men.

More than once, she had felt his stare on her during board meetings, and he had often congratulated her on her hair, even attempting to touch it, which she had prevented with a cheeky smile.

She smiled at her reflection in the shop mirror. The dress she had picked would be perfect for the party. Black, straight and short, it showed a lot of her back and shoulders. She would be a hit, and she knew it.

She took an appointment at her hairdresser’s for Saturday. She had decided to have her hair streaked with a slightly lighter shade of auburn so as to give more light to it.

Saturday came, and she spent most of the afternoon at the hairdresser’s. Once again, the hairdresser congratulated her on her hair, and approved of her choice for the streaks.

“It will be a nice change. Would you like to tie it in a posh bun for tonight?”

“Mmm, I don’t think so, I want the streaks to be visible”

She wanted to be striking, she wasn’t about to hide her best feature, especially after having spent over 300 euros on streaks.

She arrived at Jack’s at 9. She didn’t want to be the first to arrive, and she thought it was good to make him wait a little.

The flat was crowded with people. She was the only one from work. Jack introduced her quickly to the other guests and left her to socialize. This wasn’t a problem for Mia, and she was soon surrounded by men who were all trying to attract her attention. She loved it, and most of all, she loved the loathing and jealousy she could read in some of the other women’s eyes. Two of them were about 45, with working-girl austere outfits. One had her hair in a bun, the other one a short bob. The other five women of the evening were about Mia’s age. Two with short hair and the other three with longer hair, but no way as long and as well groomed as hers. She smiled inwardly. None of them was a serious match to her beauty.

She kept teasing the guys, a little annoyed to notice that Jack wasn’t part of the crowd surrounding her. He spent most of the evening almost ignoring her, which she found surprising.

She drank a lot. She hadn’t eaten at home, and at the party, there were pizzas and quiches which were too fat for her so she had only nibbled at a pizza portion.

Soon after one in the morning, the last guests left. She hesitated for a moment. If she stayed, she would be on her own with Jack, and he would probably take it as an open door to make a move on her. She thought for a moment, and decided she could use one more drink and a little teasing. She was annoyed at his attitude in the evening and wanted to make him regret ignoring her.

She sat on a chair, crossed her legs and asked him for a drink. He brought her a vodka and helped himself with scotch. He sat opposite to her in the couch, staring at her. He smiled.

“You were beautiful tonight Mia. Most of my friends are desperate to see you again. My male friends that is, because I think most women wanted to slap you…”

Mia sipped her drink and smiled confidently.

“I don’t know why, but it’s always like this. Women just don’t like me. I think they’re jealous”

Jack was smiling even more broadly.

“Why would they be?”

“Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? I’m more attractive than they are! I mean, that Mary girl, she looked like a schoolboy with her short hair and her jeans!”

Jack sighed. He could hardly understand how Mia could be so vain and self-satisfied. He really liked her. She was brilliant in her job, clever and well educated. With her, he could talk about football as well as the latest modern art exhibition of Beaubourg, and she was the sexiest woman he had even met. Just looking at her now gave him a huge hard on, which he hid by crossing his legs.  But sometimes, she behaved like a cheap bimbo. Still looking at her, he answered.

“I think she’s very attractive, and most guys think so too”

Mia smiled

“Yeah, right…. How could one like a woman who doesn’t look like one?”

She shook her head, gathered her thick hair in her hands and let it drop. She knew it drove men crazy when she did this, and now, she was quite drunk and had made up her mind. She wanted to sleep with Jack. She was fed up with his resisting her.

Jack silently observed her. He knew what she wanted, and he knew what he wanted. He wanted to have sex with her, but he also wanted to dominate her, because it was his way with women. He wanted her to be his, and his only. And most of all, he wanted to cut her hair.

He had wanted it since the very first time he had seen her. Jack didn’t like long hair on women. He liked it only to see it being cut, or to imagine it being cut. It had been a great source of disagreement with his ex wife. He always wanted her to cut her hair, and she wanted to grow it. Since the divorce, he had dated only short haired women.

Mia had aroused him from the very moment she had entered his office for the first time, and since then, he had been obsessed by the idea of cutting her hair. He really liked her, but her attitude with men made him want to butcher her mane, as if to punish her for being so vain. Besides, her features were delicate and she would probably be even more attractive with a short cut. He was conscious of the control freak aspect of his desire, but he had always been like this. And because he like strong-willed women, it wasn’t always easy.

He looked at her. She was sipping her vodka, looking at him, confident. She knew he wanted her, and she knew she was going to have him, like she had all the men.

He made up his mind in a second.

He got up.

“I’m coming back, I need ice for my drink” When he came by her, he slightly stroke her shoulder, which sent shivers through Mia’s spine.

She had him, she knew she had won this time again. No man could resist her anyway. She shook her hair and waited for him to come back.

He was back within seconds. She heard a metallic noise and felt her arms pulled at the back of the chair while handcuffs closed around her wrists. She started yelling “what the hell are you d…” but he put a huge piece of tape on her mouth.

Now Mia was scared. He was probably going to rape her. Her heart was beating really fast.

Jack sat on the coffee table in front of her and started stroking her hair. She relaxed. He was probably a little SM and she guessed he liked dominating. The feeling of his warm hand on her hair was pleasant and was beginning to arouse her. She closed her eyes. Jack smiled. He got up again and came back 10 seconds later.

He stood behind the chair and began toying with her hair. He wanted to make it last. He wanted her to have plenty of time to fully live the moment and understand what he was going to do to her. He started massaging her scalp, talking softly.

“Your hair is so thick and soft Mia…. You even had it streaked today. I guess it must have cost you a fortune. What a shame….”

He stopped stroking her head and sat in front of her, then spoke softly, looking into her eyes:

“I’ve wanted to sleep with you since the first time I saw you. It’s not only sexual attraction. I think you’re great, intelligent and witty and I really enjoy all the moments with you”.

Mia was relaxing…. She had him wrapped around her finger, he was like the others…

He stroked her hair again and took something in the back pocket of his Armani jeans. It was a pair of scissors. Mia opened her eyes wide, all sense of relaxation vanished.

“I’m going to cut your hair. All of it. I don’t like long hair.” He showed a disgusted pout.

She started shaking her head and she tried screaming, but to no avail. He stood behind her, took a lock and cut it, at about 3 cm of her scalp. He dropped it in Mia’s lap before she could understand what was happening. She shook her head again, but he mercilessly took another lock and cut it, dropping the hair in her lap again. He kept cutting. Mia was now crying. He stopped for a while, massaging her scalp and murmuring soothing words.

“Shhhh, it’s gonna be okay, believe me, in the end, you’ll love it…” then he resumed his merciless shearing.

The crunching noise of the scissors was like a torture, and she couldn’t see how much length he was leaving on her head. She felt the blade on her neck and shivered when it cut, probably really close to the skin. She had butterflies in her stomach and she was beginning to feel strange. She was crying at the thought of losing her hair and at the same time, the scissors opening and closing on her locks as well as her head becoming lighter felt good. After a while, he stopped cutting.

A huge pile of dark hair was resting on her lap. He sat again in front of her, took some of the hair and dropped it on her head. It fell back in her lap. He massaged her head with both hands. She groaned. Unexpectedly, his hands felt good and she wanted him to carry on. She assumed it was because she was so drunk. The guy had just butchered her hair, had ruined her looks, and she liked his hands rubbing her head. She must be really mad.

Jack smiled and stopped rubbing.

“I’m sure you wonder what you look like with short hair. I’ll show you”

He left and came back with a mirror. She screamed inwardly: he had reduced her hair to a 3 cm length everywhere, and it was shapeless. She would have to have an ultra short pixie to make it look like something, and it would take her years to grow it back. She started crying again.

He rubbed her head and she stopped crying. It felt so good when he did this… She didn’t want him to stop. Now that her hair was short, his hands felt differently on her head. She moaned. He slowly stroked her crotch, which made her moan again.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to let you hair like this. I’m going to fix it” and he left again.

She didn’t know what he meant by fixing. He was probably going to try and shape it with gel or something. She was mad at him. Yet she hoped he was going to rub her head again like he had just done.

He came back and she heard him plug something. Again, he sat in front of her and her heart skipped a beat. He was holding big electric clippers in his hand. He turned them on and the engine started purring slowly. She drew back and started shaking her head again and crying.

Jack caught her chin and spoke softly.

“Don’t resist. You’ll love it, I swear you will. The feeling is wonderful. You’ll never want it to stop once I’ve started.”

She wondered how he could know this, since she had always seen him with longish hair. She was bursting with fear at the thought of being shaved. She shook her head wildly, hoping to discourage him, but he put a firm hand on top of her skull and made her chin touch her chest.

“I’m going to crop your hair, Mia”.

He insisted on the word. He wanted her to know what to expect.

“When I have finished, your hair will be no more than half a centimeter long, maybe less, one can never tell with those small guards. Enjoy!”

He put the clipper on her nape and turned it on. She heard its humming sound at the same time as she felt it vibrating against her skin. She was now sobbing so hard that her whole body was shaking. Suddenly, she felt the clipper go up her head and the noise changed. Her hair was thick and showed some resistance. The noise made by the clippers was sickening. She felt clumps of hair fall on her bare shoulders. Jack made a second pass on the same area, then a third. The second time, she unclenched a little. The damage was done and there was no way of fixing it. Maybe if she showed less resistance, he wouldn’t shave her whole head. The third time, she actually started feeling the vibration and realized it sent shivers through her body. Jack then attacked another hairy part of her skull and Mia realized she liked the feeling of the clippers and, worst of all, that she was aroused. She shivered and clenched her thighs, which Jack saw.

He stopped and turned off the clippers. He stroked the shorn areas of her skull with one finger. He had used one of the smallest guards and she had about 5 mm hair left. He loved the way it felt and his hard-on got even more painful. He sat in front of her and gently slid his hands between her legs: Mia was wet. He started stroking slowly then stopped and looked at her. Her eyes were half closed and she was panting.

“Do you want me to stop cutting you hair?”

Mia shook her head no. She was as horny as he was now, and she couldn’t wait till she felt the vibration of the clipper on her head again. She had reached a point when she no longer thought or even cared about what she was going to look like, she just wanted him to carry on butchering her hair and then have sex with her. She was actually enjoying this humiliating situation, although she felt vaguely ashamed of it.

Jack put the clippers into life again and carried on. He took all his time. He went slowly up her crown, three times for each patch of hair removed and thus sheared all the back of her head. He then did the same with the temples. Mia was no longer resisting and she was even offering her head to the hungry clippers. She was moaning and her panties were completely drenched. When he put the clippers on her forefront, she thought she was going to faint such was the feeling. Finally, her whole head was buzzed. Jack took the tape off her mouth, then rubbed his hands on her shorn scalp. Mia almost had an orgasm. The feeling of his warm hands on her skin was divine. He did this for several minutes, then slid again a hand between her thighs and lightly stroked her wet spot. She was still handcuffed. Her eyes were half closed, her legs spread and she whispered

“Please, take me now, Jack”

Jack stood up and opened the handcuffs. He rubbed her head again and said.

“Not today my dear.”

Then he went to the cupboard in the entrance and brought her purse and jacket which he handed to her.

“See you at work.” And with a smile, he pushed her to the door.

Like an automat, she managed to leave the building, get a taxi and go back home, in a sort of semi conscious state.

When she saw her face for the first time in the hall mirror, she almost had a fit. Her beautiful hair had been reduced to a 5 mm stubble, and she hardly recognized herself. She went to bed crying and soon fell asleep.

The following day, Mia woke up with a terrible headache. She put a hand on her head and made a start when she felt the stubble. The previous night’s memories came back and she started crying again. She put both hands on her skull and started rubbing it. She stopped crying almost instantly. The feeling was amazing. She had loved stroking her long mane, but rubbing her shorn scalp was a lot more erotic. The sort hair felt like fur and brought back the butterflies in her stomach.

She then remembered the clippers on her head and how she had almost fainted with lust and expectation. Then, she thought of Jack’s hands on her head and between her legs and she was wet again.

Finally, she remembered how he had dismissed her and it brought a shadow of annoyance to her face. Why had he done this? She knew he had a hard on while he was shearing her, she had seen it. Why had he not shagged her?

She went to her bathroom avoiding the mirrors and took a long shower. The feeling of the warm water on the skin of her head was great. She shampooed the short stubble, which felt erotic, but she stopped in frustration. She didn’t want to use her vibro, she was dying for Jack’s dick inside of her.

She started drying herself and finally resolved to confront her reflection in the mirror.

Without any trace of make-up and without the usual mop of hair to hide her features, she looked a lot younger. She was surprised to notice that her eyes looked even bigger and that her head’s shape was nice. Once again, she rubbed her skull and shivered. She had to find a way of hiding this shorn head or everybody was going to make fun of her.

She put on black trousers and a white fashionable blouse and went back to the bathroom to put some make up on. She only used eye-liner and gloss and checked her image again. She was surprised to realize that she actually liked what she saw. The ultra short hair and the classical garments made her look really elegant and sexy.

She decided to go out like this and see how passers-by reacted. By precaution, she took a scarf that she could put on her head if people reacted badly.

She grabbed a basket and went to the market.

Since she lived in the Marais, she didn’t expect people to react too strangely. Lots of gays and lesbians lived in this hype district, and one could see people with the weirdest looks.

Indeed, no one really paid attention to her, and a couple of women actually smiled at her. An elegant man even came and told her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Reassured, she decided to try another district and went for a walk to the Jardins du Luxembourg, which was full of bobos and traditional families on Sundays. She sat on a bench and observed people’s reactions. A couple of kids stared and pointed, and their embarrassed mothers gave her weak apologizing smiles but otherwise, she went on unnoticed. While she was walking back to the tube, an elegant woman about the same age as her with mid-back blonde locks came to her and said “I love your hair. I’ve always wanted to try it but never had the guts. You are beautiful”.

Flattered, Mia smiled “Well, I have to say I didn’t choose the style, but you should go for it. And have your boyfriend do it for you, it will be even better”.

The woman shot her an understanding smile and winked. “Well, I’ll think about it”.

At home, Mia considered calling Jack but decided against it. He had humiliated her, and even if she had finally loved the whole process, there was no way she was going to give him the satisfaction of knowing she was desperate for sex with him.

She couldn’t stop rubbing her head.

On Monday, she arrived at work wearing black leather trousers, stilettos and a black satin blouse. She put on a silver chain belt and chose to apply a heavy line of black eye liner. She looked like a domineering SM mistress.

All her colleagues gaped when she sat at her open space desk. She smiled mischievously to a male colleague who winked at her and opened her email.

Her colleague and friend Rose came with a cup of dark coffee for her like she did every morning. She almost screamed when she saw Mia’s shorn head.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe it! What the hell happened? I love it by the way, you just look perfect. So, how come you gave up your cherished treasure?”

Rose’s hair was at the moment bobbed at chin length but she often changed and she loved short hair. She had always gently mocked Mia’s passion for her hair, but she had also respected it and never suggested she cut it, which Mia had always appreciated.

She was looking at her expectantly.

Mia blushed and sipped coffee, trying to find a believable lie.

“Well, you remember I went to the hairdresser for streaks? They turned too blond and it was really ugly so…”

“So you shaved your head? I don’t believe it, I’m sure you’re hiding some fishy story… Anyway” she smiled and reached for Mia’s head “Can I touch it? I’ve always wanted my boyfriend to shave his head but he doesn’t want to”

Mia bent her head and Rose stroked the stubble “Oh my God, it feels so….”

All morning, Mia received emails from colleagues congratulating her on her new style. Most men said she had done something very courageous. Some of the women thought she was crazy, but globally, everybody reacted well.

At lunchtime, she was about to leave when she saw Jack had just sent her an email.

Curious, she opened it.

There was a picture of electric clippers and a sentence: “If you want your revenge, come to my place Saturday, 8.30”

She didn’t answer the email, knowing that he was in London till the end of the week anyway. She wondered what he meant.

The week passed and she decided that, having no more hair to loose, she could go to his place and see what he meant by revenge.

She was really curious and horny when she arrived in his building.

She was wearing the same black dress as the week before and this time, she arrived at 8.30 exactly. Her heart was beating fast. She didn’t know what she was expecting. Maybe he was going to shave her hair even shorter? She shivered at the thought of the clippers running on her head.

She was about to ring when she noticed the door was slightly ajar. She pushed it open.

“Jack? Are you there?”

She closed the door and walked to the living room.

Jack was sitting on the chair on which she had sat the week before. A vodka was poured in a glass, a scotch in another.

He silently gave her the vodka while sipping the scotch. She swallowed it in one gulp and poured herself another one. Then, she sat on the couch. Jack was back in the chair, looking at her.

“You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, Mia. You must be mad at me for what I did last week”.

She rubbed her head and smiled. “Well, I think you know better than this Jack”

He smiled too and got up. Mia’s heartbeat accelerated. Was he going to tie her again? Shave her again? The thought of it made her wet her panties, but she showed nothing of it.

He disappeared and came back a minute later carrying the electric clippers.

He plugged them and put them on the table, then sat on the chair and looked at Mia in the eyes.

She hadn’t moved from the couch and she was drinking her third vodka.

“Since I forced you to have your hair shaved last week, I thought it would only be fair if you did the same thing to me”

Mia almost choked on her drink.

“You must be crazy! I can’t do this, what will people say when they see you with a convict head? Your hair is great and you look great with it”.

“So did yours, and so did you…. But you look even greater without it, and I think you can hardly imagine how exciting it is to shave someone. I’m sure you’ll like it”

She thought for a moment. Last week, he had told her she was gonna like being sheared, and she had actually more than liked it. She imagined herself wildly shaving his head, punishing him for what he had done to her. She was sure he would look ugly without his hair, but she didn’t care.

“Okay”. She stood up, turned the engine of the clippers on and without further notice, firmly pushed Jack’s head against his chest.

She had never used clippers, but she imagined it wasn’t very complicated. She put them at the back of his neck and pushed them up his crown, leaving an almost white path on his skull while large clumps of hair fell on Jack’s shoulders. Remembering how he had done last week, she made three passes and then carried on shearing the beautiful hair. Jack was groaning and his hard on was clearly visible now.

Mia enjoyed seeing the hair fall and it aroused her, but not as much as being sheared had aroused her.

When she had done the back of his head, she sat in front of him and smiled. She rubbed his dick through the jeans. Jack moaned.

She grabbed the clippers and resumed her buzzing. Now, she was feeling really horny. Her panties were drenched and she couldn’t wait to rub Jack’s skull. Finally, the last clump of hair hit the floor. She turned the clippers off and rubbed the freshly shorn skin. It felt amazing, and apparently, it also had some effect on Jack.

She unzipped his trousers, took off her panties and sat on him. The sex was amazing. While she sat on his dick, she could stroke his shorn head, which send shivers all over her body. They both came very quickly and started panting, even hornier than before.

He took her to the bedroom and they had wild sex all night. They couldn’t help rubbing one another’s head, and each time they did so, it aroused them. Most of all, she loved feeling his big hands on her buzzed skull while she was sucking his dick. It felt so good and so erotic.

When they woke up, she looked at him and decided he was better looking without hair. He later confessed that he usually wore his hair ultra short, but liked to let it grow from time to time just for the pleasure of being shaved. He explained that the longer it was, the more intense the pleasure was. He actually loved seeing large chunks of his hair hit the floor while he was being shaved.

Nobody dared make a comment at work when they both arrived together on Monday with their ultra short hair, but Rose winked at Mia and whispered in her ear “I knew there was something fishy…”

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