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It been a long hard year. A very stressful year. A very painful and mundane year. The new year was approaching and I knew I needed a change, a fresh start, a new beginning, and what better time to make a fresh start than new years. I had decided that was what I was going to do. I was going to start over again completely, a totally new me. I was tired of my life and the way I looked. I was tired of where I lived too. I was tired of everything. I figured the first thing I would do is find a new place to live so I could move in on new years or at least the day after. Some place where no one knew me what so ever. I found a place a couple of hours away from where I was before. I got new furniture to go with my new place too. As I was out shopping around I passed by a barbershop. I couldn’t help peek in as I was passing by. I then felt my hair and thought if I’m going to start everything over again I may as well start over with my hair too but with what style? I went home to start packing my stuff up and decide what was going to go where. As I was packing I noticed my hair was always getting in the way. A thought came to me saying to just get rid of it and start over from scratch after all you are starting your life over from scratch so it would be fitting. I couldn’t believe I was actually entertaining this thought. I decided to take a break an look up some new hairstyles and one of the pictures that came up was that of a bald woman. Her head was shaved completely and was as smooth as a cue ball. I got intrigued by this picture. I noticed how without her hair she had nothing to hide her face with and all of her features showed. It was defining her as it was her own style and expression of confidence. I began to wonder what that would be like. Finally it got late and I went to sleep. The next several days I couldn’t stop thinking about that picture I saw. I kept wondering what it would be like to go into a barbershop, have all my hair shaved off and come out with no hair on my head what so ever. What would it feel like? How would I look? Then the thought came again saying well you are starting your life over completely. You may as well start over completely with your hair too. I pondered the thought a little longer this time as I reached up and felt my hair. I kept thinking what would it be like? I went back online and searched for women shaving their head. I found several videos and pictures as well as articles about women shaving their head. I got even more intrigued by it. It seems like this is becoming a normal thing in society. I finally decided that for new years I was going to do it I was going to have my head shaved and make a complete new start in life. Not only was I starting over in a new location but I was going to start off the new year with a new me…. A BALD ME! A me that no one has ever known including me. It was going to be a completely fresh start. I went out shopping again to look for hats since it will be cold when I shave off all my hair and I do need to keep my head warm. After shopping I went back home and looked up more things about bald women and women shaving their head. I kept getting more and more fascinated by it. It was like it was becoming an obsession. Finally the big day arrived. New years eve. It was finally time for all my hair to come off. I got up and got in the shower and washed my hair for the last time. I got dressed and put what was left of my stuff in my car and drove over to my new place. I put everything away and went out to look for a barbershop. I figured while I was looking I could do some shopping. I was beginning to get nervous as I was looking around for a barbershop. I started thinking what if it doesn’t look right on me? What if I don’t like it. I then came to notice a wig shop and decided to go in and check it out. I went in and told the sales person I was going to be bald soon and wanted to get a wig. Without even asking she helped me find a nice wig that was very different from my own hair that I liked. I bought the wig and went to find a barbershop. It was starting to get late when I finally came across a little hole in the wall barbershop. I started to get really nervous. I kept thinking what if I don’t like it or it doesn’t look good on me? Then I reminded myself I just got a wig I can wear until it grows out. I sat in my car pondering about what to do then that thought came saying you’re starting your WHOLE LIFE over from scratch that includes your hair after all it will grow back and until it does you have a wig to wear. I finally made the decision final. I took a deep breath and got out of the car and went inside. The place was filled with people getting their hair cut for that night. I sat down and waited for my turn. Finally I hear next. I look around and I’m the only one left. There was no turning back now. I got up and went to the chair and took a seat. The barber quickly put a cape around me and asked what I wanted done. I took a deep breath and said all off please. The barber looked at me puzzled and said so you want it short? I said no I want it ALL OFF. I want nothing left. Are you sure ma’am? He asked. I’m sure. I said. I’m starting everything off fresh including my hair, so make sure you make me nice and smooth. Ok, if that’s what you really want. He said. It is. I said. I heard him grab something from behind. Then suddenly there was a loud pop and a loud humming buzz. I could hear the buzzing getting louder as the clippers got closer to my head. I took a deep breath as the clippers landed on my forehead and plowed a path straight down the middle of my head. There was no turning back now. I was on my way to becoming free and bald. The clippers went over my head again and again. I could see my hair falling to the floor. I could feel my head getting cold. All I could think about was how weird the clippers felt as they were going over my head and removing my hair. The barber moved my head around making sure he got every last bit of hair. When all of my hair was off he turned the clippers off. He then used a brush to wipe away all the stray hair. He then put a towel around my neck and covered my head with shaving cream. He took a sharp straight razor and began to shave off the remaining stubble off my head. The razor was cold and pulled on my skin and it stung. He shaved off all the stubble and wiped my head with a damp cloth. My scalp stung even more. I could feel the cold air on my scalp. It was cold and crisp. It was a feeling I had never felt before. I felt strange. I reached up to feel my freshly shaved scalp. It felt weird but it also felt good. it was very soft to the touch. I couldn’t stop feeling it. The barber removed the towel and cape and told me I was all done. I payed him and gave him a tip as I left. When I walked out I could feel the cold air on my scalp. It seemed to be colder than usual and crisper than usual. As I was walking to my car people kept looking at me strangely. I just kept going to my car. When I got in my car I felt my head again. My scalp felt so soft. I couldn’t believe how soft it felt. I finally drove home and went in to take a warm shower to warm up. The water felt strange on my scalp yet invigorating. This was a whole new experience for me. I couldn’t stop feeling my head and noticing how different everything felt on my head. When I got out of the shower I kept staring at myself in the mirror. I couldn’t believe I was seeing myself. I was unrecognizable to even myself. I noticed the features in my face that I had not noticed before. I was in awe at what I was seeing. Was I dreaming? I decided to shave the rest of my body while I was in there figuring if I don’t have any hair on my head I may as well not have any on my body either. I looked at myself again with no hair what so ever. I kept wondering who this person was I was looking at in the mirror. I couldn’t belive it was me. I was now a completely different person. The more I stared at myself the more I felt my head the more I liked it. I went to bed and woke up as a new person in a new year with a new life. Happy New Year

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