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Stephanie’s Makeover

Our Reader Score [Total: 91   Average: 2.6/5]“On with it we go” my hairdresser, Christina, said tapping the hand rail of the salon chair. I got up from the couch and made me way over, my skirt swishing ever so slightly as I walked over. I knew my...
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The Barber.

Our Reader Score [Total: 132   Average: 2.5/5]The bell rang as I pushed the door open. I was greeted with the sensual smell of sandalwood and aftershave. The barber beckoned me over to the chair with a titillating smirk, I sat on the cool vinyl chair and he...
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Nisha’s barbershop surprise

Our Reader Score [Total: 125   Average: 2.6/5]19 year old Nisha is all ready for going to barbers. She combed her hair once more, checked it once again in the mirror. The hair is dark, black and touching her bra strap length. She grasped all the hair and...
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Mia’s New Style

Our Reader Score [Total: 224   Average: 1.9/5]“Hey Mia, I’m having a party at my place on Saturday night to celebrate the end of my mortgage.  Wanna come ?” “Hang on, I have to check, I’m not sure I’m free” This was a downright lie. Mia was perfectly...
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