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The bell rang as I pushed the door open. I was greeted with the sensual smell of sandalwood and aftershave. The barber beckoned me over to the chair with a titillating smirk, I sat on the cool vinyl chair and he swept a shiny white cape around my chest and tied it tight around my neck.
“What’ll it be?” he said. “I’m not so sure, surprise me” I replied. “Something to stop men in their tracks.” “I know just the thing, if you’re brave…” he had a glisten in his eye that I couldn’t disagree with. I stayed silent hoping he would just start already. He let down my heavy dark ponytail, the sound of the hair hitting the cape sent a shiver of pleasure up my spine. This was it. I glanced at my reflection, this would be the last time I saw my waist wavy waist length hair for some time…
He sectioned my hair at my occipital bone and the twisted the top section pinning it up, it was tight but I didn’t complain, I liked that he was in control. We made eye contact in the mirror. “Ready?” he asked. “Ready” I breathed.
He reached by me and grabbed a pair of clippers, when he removed the guard I pretended not to notice, this was turning into my deepest fantasy. He started behind my ear, letting the clippers nibble at my hair reducing it to stubble. I watched black waves tumble down the white cape and all I wanted to do was touch it, I longed to know what the back of my head felt like.
He let another section of my hair down. You couldn’t even tell that I was bald underneath, I almost wished that the haircut was over so that I could carry my little fetish around in secret but I heard the scissors snap shut. I felt a strand fall down the back of my shorn nape but I couldn’t tell what length it was. My groin ached with pleasure as I listened to more hair being cut off, my hair must be short as I felt the barbers hot breath on the back of my neck. “You can touch yourself if you want, nobody’s going to interrupt. You’re my last appointment of the day.” I hitched my skirt up and the barber hooked my thong from under the cape and dropped it to the floor, I lifted my feet up onto the chair, my bald cunt was pressed against the vinyl as he continued, it felt amazing, my fingers began to wander.
He let down the main section of my hair and crunched the scissors at my chin. He cut in an upwards angle towards the back of my head, there was no way I was hiding my shaven nape. My hair was falling down in masses, I could feel the cold steel of the scissors pressed against my neck as I circled my clit. He untied the cape and let it fall. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, my cunt glistened and I definitely had a lesser amount of hair but he wasn’t done. The barber span the chair around and gave me a penetrating look as he took a section of hair across my forehead and snipped. Tufts of hair fell into my crotch as I was given short bangs, I didn’t stop masturbating. The barber took his sharp scissors and cut through my shirt and yanked my bra so that my tits hung free, covered in bristles of my own hair.
I briefly saw my reflection again before my head was pushed forward into my bare chest. He rubbed foam slowly onto the back of my head and neck and left me sitting there for a moment with my head still pressed down. I didn’t dare move my head and look up even though I was dying to see myself be shaved to the bone. I felt like a submissive.
He continued, the sound of a straight razor peeling the stubble from the back of my head was almost too much to bear. When that was done he planted a wet kiss onto my truly bald skin and swung the chair round one last time. I saw the pile of hair for the first time, I couldn’t believe how much there was. My hands flew up to my head and I felt my short hair, my bald nape. It felt unreal.
I pulled the barber closer and kissed him deep, I shoved one hand down the front of his pants while the other was still rubbing the back of my head.. He unbuckled his belt and entered me hard, his erection was as smooth as the back of my head.
“How about you give me a haircut?” He moaned.
To be continued.

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