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The Private Hairdresser

Location: Salon

Story type   Sexual Fantasy, Fiction



Heather is a very attractive blonde in her late twenties. Her hair is light ash blonde, and she has it highlighted periodically.  It is the full body wavy type, just past her shoulders.  She has 38D breasts, a small trim waist and a cute Playboy qualifying ass.  She has long well shaped legs, tapering to thin ankles.  She could be a Dallas Cowgirl if she wanted to try out for the squad.  She goes to the salon weekly to have her hair done, not that it needs that much attention.  She uses Wen as her shampoo and conditioner and her hair is in beautiful condition, soft, silky, the kind a brush just goes through, the kind that men would want to run their fingers through as they lifted it so as to be able to kiss her soft beckoning neck and shoulders.  But another reason she goes to the salon weekly is her hairdresser on whom she has a crush.  Periodically, she dreams of having a date with him.  Let her tell you about it:

I go to the beauty salon once a week. While I go for professional attention to my hair, the real reason I go so often is Jeffrey, my hairdresser.  He is about the same age as I am, just over six feet tall and has a muscular build, broad shoulders which narrow down to his hips.  He wears a loose fitting shirt but I can tell he has six-pack abs underneath.  He has wavy dark brown hair which he keeps just a bit longer than most men.  He has deep brown eyes which have a very caring look when he directs his attention to me, almost as if he wants to pamper me more than he can in the salon during work hours, that he wants me to fully enjoy my sessions at the shop, that he wants me to leave the shop feeling as if I was the most beautiful woman in the world.  As my weekly appointment nears, I find myself dreaming about him.

It’s Saturday and I am seated, caped, in the salon chair at his area of the shop. He is finishing style drying my hair when he whispers to me “What are you doing Monday evening?  Perhaps we can have dinner together?”

My heart skips a beat and I can feel my body flush. Jeffrey wants to date me!  I get myself under control and say evenly, “I believe I am open.  What time and where should I meet you?”

“Why don’t I pick you up at your place at say, 6:30?”

I tell him that would be fine and give him my address, my heart still pounding. He removes my cape and helps me out of the chair.  “It’s a date,” I respond.

“Fine, see you then.” He holds my hand just a bit longer than necessary, caressing it with his skillful hands.  I like to think he stares at me as I walk out of the salon, but I dare not turn back to see.  My mind is reeling about where we will go, what we will eat, how I should dress.  I can barely find my money to pay for my session.

The rest of the day and Sunday seem to rush by. All I can think about is my upcoming date with my hairdresser!  All kinds of different scenarios run through my head, all ending up with Jeffrey making love to me tenderly and me having the most and best orgasms of my life.  I can barely keep my mind on work on Monday and then I finally get home to get ready.

I shower but put on a shower cap as I do not want to undo Jeffrey’s work. I shave my legs in the shower as who knows what will happen, but I want him to love the feel of my legs if things go that way.  I wear red satin panties with matching bra, a black mini skirt with a white satin blouse.  I leave the top buttons undone, showing as much cleavage as I dare to without coming out and saying FONDLE MY BREASTS.  Black stilettos finish my look.  As I am putting on my shoes, my phone rings.  I don’t recognize the number, but do recognize the voice.  I can feel my heart rate increase and my breathing change in anticipation.

“Hi, Heather. It’s Jeffrey.  I will be pulling up in front in about two minutes.”

“I’ll be waiting in front,” I reply. I then leave and lock my door.  On the way down, I remember I did not put on any makeup!  Oh, well, too late now.

As I step outside, Jeffrey pulls up to the curb. He has a shiny black Lexus with a tan leather interior.  He gets out and comes around to open the door for me.  As I get inside, I make sure he gets as much of a look at my legs as I can show him.  After closing the door, he gets back into the driver’s seat and turns to me.

“I hope you like steak. I have reservations for us at Morton’s.  It’s not far from here.”

I could care less where we eat, just so long as I am with Jeffrey.  “Morton’s is fine,” I manage to get out.

We dine at Morton’s and begin by Jeffrey ordering Gimlets for us. I never had one before and it is cold and tasty with the lime juice.  Though I try to sip slowly, I finish it more quickly than I ever had finished a drink before.  Jeffrey orders another for me.  Over dinner, we share a few glasses of wine.  After dinner, we have desert and have  another round of Gimlets.  My heart starts to race as I sense this is the end of dinner and wonder where do we go from here.  I nurse this drink to prolong the time at the restaurant and I am feeling the drinks before dinner and the wine.  We continue with small talk, discussing world events, disclosing things about ourselves and I finish my drink.  Jeffrey pays the check and we leave.  The valet brings his car for us.

As we start to drive away, Jeffrey says to me, “What would you say to a nightcap at the salon? It will be quiet and we can be alone.”

Alone with Jeffrey anywhere! Yes!  I fight for control.  ‘That sounds nice.”

We drive in silence to the salon which is only a few blocks from the restaurant. We park in his spot in the garage and take the elevator up to the salon.  It is dark inside and Jeffrey unlocks the door and puts on some lights.  He comes up behind me and puts his arms on my upper arms.  He puts his head near my ear and whispers softly, “Heather, I find you a beautiful woman.  Would you allow me to give you a full session?  It is the type reserved for our special clientele.  No woman has ever not enjoyed it and I want to offer it to you.”

I am melting in his embrace. Jeffrey wants to give me an ultimate salon experience!  Can this really be happening?  “I would love to have a private session with you,” I whisper back.

He puts his arm around my waist whispers again, “Please come back to the private client area of the salon.” He then leads me to a room set up as a salon station.  It has a gleaming black granite  counter with a shampoo sink built in, a large mirror on the wall and the other tools and creams, lotions, used for a salon session for hair and body.  The walls are done in light, pastel lavender and the ceiling is white.  The still lingering aromas of the shampoos and other salon fragrances fill my brain.  What a lovely room to have a beauty session!  We stop at the chair and Jeffrey takes a large towel and drapes it over the chair.  I don’t understand why he needed to do that.  He takes my purse from me and places it on a shelf and then turns on some romantic music. He comes back to me and explains.

“Our special clients enjoy the privacy for their sessions and they always like the music while we see to their needs. Now, let me take this off.”  He gives me a caring smile and begins to unbutton my blouse!  I look past his shoulder and I can see him doing this in the mirror.  I stare at his handsome face which is intent on making sure my blouse is unbuttoned. He walks behind me and slips my blouse off. I hope he likes my bra.  Next I feel him moving my hair to the side and kissing my neck.  I start to shiver with delight. After a few soft kisses, I hear,  “Now this.  A beautiful bra, but I believe that you have beautiful breasts and they should not be covered.”  He unhooks my bra and in the mirror, I see him removing it from my breasts and sliding it off my arms.  I see him looking at our reflections in the mirror.  “I was right, they are beautiful.  I pride myself on being able to detect beautiful well-formed breasts and I am seldom wrong.”  He reaches under my arms and begins to softly rub my breasts and nipples, which are now quite erect, and resumes kissing my neck. I’m I heaven! I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I like it so far and I am really beginning to get excited.

I watch in the mirror as Jeffrey hangs my clothes on a hook. He then stands in front of me and begins to undo the buckle on my belt and then unsnap my dress.  “You won’t be needing this for a while,” he says as he unzips my skirt.  It falls to the white marble floor, exposing my red panties.  He smiles at me again and adds, “And you won’t be needing either.”  He then hooks his thumbs into my waist band and gently pulls my panties down to my ankles.  It is so sensual to watch him do this and to see myself in the mirror as I am having my clothes removed by my hairdresser. Here I am in a beauty salon with the man of my dreams and he has just undressed me.  Is this really happening?

Jeffrey then hangs up my skirt and panties. I watch him in the mirror and see myself in it as well, nude in high heels waiting to have who knows what done to me.  But I don’t care.  It is just so sexy and exciting.  Whatever he wants to do to me is fine.

He returns and assists me into the salon chair. He lifts my right ankle and removes my shoe.  “Your legs are beautiful and well shaped.  The shoes give you a sexy look for your legs, the look that men stare at.  And, they are so soft and silky.  He repeats the process with my left leg, caressing my legs after he has the shoes off.  I remember, Darn, I did not do my nails! What will he think?  He doesn’t comment on that and puts my shoes by my clothes.

Jeffrey moves to stand behind me and looks at me in the mirror. He pumps the chair a few times to raise it.  I see him as he brings his arms around to my breasts and again begin a gentle massage of them.  I see him lowering his head and watch as he tenderly kisses my neck.  He whispers, “I want to explain to you your session.  I will shampoo and condition your hair.  While the conditioner is on, I will do your nails.  Usually at that point, we shave the legs of our clients, but when I removed your shoes, I noticed that you seem to have just done that.  I will then dry and style your hair and then some extras.”

I can hardly hear him as I melt in the chair but I have some understanding that my hair and nails will be done. He said something about extras. Whatever he wants, I think as I feel the sensations rushing through my body from his strong hands as they play with my breasts. Whatever he wants.

Jeffrey lowers the chair and turns it around. He puts the back down so my neck rests on the cutout in the shampoo bowl and lifts my head to get all of my hair into the bowl.  I can’t believe this.  I have no cape and no clothes!  I AM HAVING MY HAIR SHAMPOOED AT A SALON IN THE NUDE!   He turns on the water and I feel a warmth on my head as he begins the shampoo. I smell the fragrance of the scented and perfumed shampoo as he puts it onto my hair and then begins to work it into a lather.  He does this somewhat too quickly for me but then after I am rinsed, I feel a second shampoo starting.  This time it results in a very rich lather.   His strong fingers work the lather through my hair.  He begins to massage my scalp while he is shampooing me.  It feels sooooo relaxing I can almost go to sleep in the chair.  He stops with his left hand and I think he is rinsing it off.  Out of the corner of my eye, I see him wiping it on a towel he has tucked into his waist.  I feel him bending over me to reach for something.  It’s my left boob.  He is kissing it gently and sucking on it.      HEAVEN!!. This is the way to have your hair shampooed! I open my eyes and can see that there is a large bulge in his pants.  MY HAIR DRESSER IS GETTING EXCITED OVER ME!!!  Maybe this WILL result in something.

“Did you like that?” he asks me. Like he needed to ask.

“It felt wonderful,” I reply. “I have never had my hair done nude before and certainly never had such attention to my breasts during a shampoo.”

“As I told you, this is for our special clients. We’ve never had a complaint yet.”

“And you won’t get one from me either.”

He smiles at me. “I’m glad you’re satisfied.  Now we are going to do a deep conditioning for you.”  I can feel as he puts the conditioner on my hair, bringing it through with his fingers and rubbing my hair.  Now he takes a styling brush and brushes my hair and then uses a comb to coat all of my hair with the conditioner.

“Now for your nails.” He takes my right hand and extends it over the handle of the chair.  He is standing so close to me as he reaches for his file that I want to reach out for his pants and let him know I appreciate his reaction to me, but I don’t.  He then sits on a stool next to me and uses a small electric tool to file and shape my nails.  When he is done with my right hand, he moves the stool to my left side and repeats the process.  Then he buffs my nails to a glossy finish.  He now puts on nail polish, a bright hot pink color.  I never went that bold before.  It’s a color only the naughty girls I knew would wear, but I love how he is making my hands look.  Maybe I’ll buy that color for home.

When he has finished with my hands, he inserts something on the arm rests of the chair on each side gently lifts my legs and places them into the devices which support my legs. I am spread and my pussy is on full display for my hairdresser! I can’t believe this is happening!  “Your toes need to match,” he says and repeats the process of doing my toes with the same hot pink color.  It matches my fingers, the same color all the naughty girls used on their toes when I was younger.  It kind of said something about the kind of girl you were.  Now here I am, having the same color and saying the same thing about me and loving it.  I sneak a peek at my toes and feel naughty and wicked.

When he has finished my toes, Jeffrey then retrieves something black from a drawer and sits on the stool in front of me. “Remember when I said we have something extra for you?  This is what I was talking about.  Our special clients like it and enjoy it.  I hope you will too.”

I feel a paper towel being placed near my pussy. Then I hear a click and then humming.  Now I feel vibration on my pussy. He’s clipping off my pubic hair!  I feel the vibrations from the clippers as he begins low and works up the sides of my slit.  He continues upward to and past my bikini line.  He now goes across.  I feel myself becoming wet!  My breathing is becoming faster and shallower. The vibrations from the clipper are giving me an orgasm!

Jeffrey clicks off the clippers and puts them back in the drawer. He lifts a batch of hair from the paper and shows me what he has cut off.  “Look at this hair.  No woman should have it covering her most intimate place.” That used to be on me just seconds ago. I wonder what I look like? I hear water running and I see Jeffrey with a basin which he fills from the faucet.  He puts the basin on a tray table.  The next thing I feel is a hot wet towel on me “down there.”  “This is to moisten your hair for the next part,” he says.  What next part? Oh, I get it.  He is going to actually SHAVE MY PUSSY!.  I’m right.  I see him with a razor and a can of shaving gel.  He resumes his seat on the stool and he takes the towel off of me.

The next thing I feel is Jeffrey massaging my pussy.  It feels heavenly.  I have dreamt about having Jeffrey play with me.  But it feels even better in real life than it does in my dreams.  I feel his fingers inside me.  Before I know it, I have a second orgasm and my body spasms.  Jeffrey slows his electric fingers and begins to gently lather me.

“I see you like this part of the session,” he whispers to me. I give him a big smile and nod my head.  “Good.  I’ve never had any complaints yet.”

“I’m not complaining,” I manage to respond.

“Many of our clients like to see what they look like lathered for their shave. Would you?”

The idea of seeing my pussy lathered is exciting to me. “Yes, I would.”

Jeffrey takes a large mirror and holds it at an angle so I can see my lathered slit. It is fascinating.  I’ve never seen a lathered pussy.  It increases the sexual tension I feel as I anticipate what he will be doing.

“Now, just hold still. I don’t want to nick you, but I do want you to have a proper shave.”  The next I feel is the razor being drawn against my skin, taking away the shave gel as well as the stubble.  I look down as much as I can and I see him staring intently at my pussy as he concentrates on his task at hand.  Once he has finished, he runs his hand over me to check his work.  Then he re-lathers me and does the process again.  He re-shaves my entire pussy and then checks his work and returns to any areas that still have some bits of hair, shaving those areas until he is satisfied.  Then he uses the wet towel to rinse me and towels me dry.

“Would you like to see the ‘after’ look?”

I nod and he again positions the mirror. I’ve never looked like that since before high school.  But I feel the air moving over my newly shaved slit and I enjoy it.  It also goes with the wicked and naughty feelings I am having about myself.

“You look very sexy. I think you should keep it this way.  Of course, if you do, it will require my shaving you on a regular basis.”

“You can shave me as often as you wish. I love my new look.  I don’t think I will ever go back to the old look.”

“If you feel that way, there are lotions which will kill the root over time and you can be permanently soft, smooth, and hairless. But before you make that decision, I think you should get used to your new “look.”

“Whatever my hairdresser thinks is best.”

“Would you like me to inspect more closely?” he asks with a smile.

I don’t know what he has in mind, but whatever it is, it’s fine with me. I nod to him.

The next thing I feel is his tongue inside me, and I feel his lips as he kisses me. I cum again! I’ve never had this many orgasms in one play period in my life.  I settle down and Jeffrey stops.  “We must now be sure you have no razor burn.”  I see him getting some lotion on his hand and the next I feel is him massaging the lotion all over where he has shaved.  While he is doing this with his left hand, he takes his right hand and inserts his finger into me.  I cum again!  No man has ever brought out these feelings in me.  After I relax back into the chair, he gives me a soft and tender kiss and says, “Now, let’s finish your hair.”

He takes my legs from the arm rest stirrups and rinses the conditioner out of my hair. I love the feel of his strong fingers as he goes through my hair with the warm water, rinsing the conditioner from my hair.  Next I feel him kissing my breast again.  He is so gentle and it feels so good.  I don’t want him to stop.  He then wraps a towel around my hair and puts the chair upright.  He then turns the chair so I am facing the mirror and can watch the both of us.  I see he still has his erection! Maybe I can do something about that.

Jeffrey runs a brush through my hair and then a comb to make sure there are no knots or snarls. The conditioner has done its job and they glide through my hair with no resistance.  He then takes the brush and picks up a dryer and begins to dry my hair.  He begins on my right side, taking hair and bringing it away from my scalp.  He starts at my scalp and then works out toward the ends.  I can feel his erection against my right arm as it rests on the armrest.  I lift my arm from the armrest and reach for his pants.  I feel his hardness with the back of my hand.  He does not pull away, but continues to dry and style my hair.  I begin to slide the back of my hand against his pants, getting excited again myself, feeling his penis through his pants.

“Is there something else I can do for you?” he asks me, moving the brush and dryer to the back of my hair.

“No, but I think there is something I can do for you,” I answer. I find his zipper and pull it down.  I reach inside and find his erect member.  It is hard and I can feel the blood throbbing as I hold onto it.  “I want to show my hairdresser that I appreciate the attention he is giving me.”  I want to stroke him but by this time, he has moved to my left side.  So, I take my left hand and find him as he works on my left side.  I slowly begin to stroke him and fondle him.  He is repeating the drying and styling procedure on my left side and back of my head.  I look in the mirror and it feels so deliciously wicked as I see the reflection of the two of us in the mirror.  There I am nude in a posh salon, having my hair dried and styled, and there is Jeffrey standing to my left with my hand inside his pants.  I watch, almost as a third person, as I see my hair style taking shape and I also see my hand working up and down on his penis.  I feel like such a naughty girl doing this, but I am really enjoying myself and I like that Jeffrey seems to be enjoying it as well.

After he finishes my left side and back, he moves in front of me to dry the top of my head and my hand leaves his pants. He does this by straddling my legs.  While this blocks my view of the mirror, it puts Jeffrey and his penis right in front of me.  I then reach with my left hand and pull it out of his pants.  It looks as pretty as it has been feeling and I resume stroking him and I can imagine him inside me.  The thought causes another small orgasm.

Jeffrey continues styling my hair but as if he read my mind, he says, “This is something only naughty girls do. Are you a naughty girl?”

I have no idea where this is going but I answer, “Am I being a naughty girl, Jeffrey?”

“Yes you are,” he answers. He continues to style my hair for a few minutes and then says to me “At our salon, we have a special way we treat naughty girls.  If you keep this up, I will have to treat you like we treat all naughty girls here at the salon.  Is that what you want?”

I reply, “I am behaving like a naughty girl, so I suppose that I deserve to be treated lilke a naughty girl.”

He responds, “First, we do make-up for naughty girls so that when people see them, they will be easily identified as naughty girls. Your hair is done and now we’re going to do your naughty girl make-up.”

He moves back from the chair and puts the dryer and brush down. I sneak a peek at my hair.  I love it.  It is smooth and sleek with it being styled in a blown back way.  It is wavy in just the right spots and curled under at the ends.  It looks fabulous, as always.  I feel very sexy with my hair done, my toes and fingers done, and now especially with my pussy just shaved.

Jeffrey then begins my make-up. He applies powder with a spray applicator.  I had seen them on TV but never used one.  I feel it lightly covering my face.  When he is done, my face is one tone. Maybe I should get one of these.

He moves to my brows, applying brow color with a brush. He starts in the corners of my brows and moves to the outsides.  I watch as he uses the brush in a wide fashion for the inner brow up to the arch.  From the arch to the corner, he turns the brush 90 degrees and tapers the brows to a point at the outside corner.  It looks very sexy. I need to learn how to do this.

He then applies blue eye shadow to my lids with a deeper blue in the crease and a silvery color on the brow bone. My eyes are starting to really pop out! Next he does eyeliner on the lids, taking it out just past the corner, giving me a sly, sexy sultry look.  When he finishes with the mascara, I really do look sexy.

Next Jeffrey outlines my lips, going just outside of the actual lips. My lips are thin and I am waiting to see how this looks.  He applies something colorless which feels cold on my lips.  “This is lip plumper,” he says.  “It will cause your lips to be fuller.”

While the plumper is taking effect, he brushes on a pink blush to my cheeks, working up to the hair line. As he brushes on the blush, I feel my lips feeling bigger.   Botox without the cost.  I can get used to this. I get a glimpse of myself as he puts the blush and brush down and returns with lipstick and a small brush.  I never used a brush.  I just use the stick.  Let’s see how this turns out.

Jeffrey runs the brush through the lipstick. “Most women don’t use a brush,” Can he read my mind? “But when you use the brush it allows for better control and shaping.”  He then paints my lips.  I can see the color.  It’s bright pink.  Like Pamela Anderson would wear.  “I am color coordinating to match your lips to your nails.  That’s something else naughty girls do.”  When he is done, he steps aside.  “What do you think?”

I look at myself in the mirror. I have just watched myself going from wet head to professionally styled and a plain face to this. I have a hard time believing it is me! I look like a real hottie! I have expressive brows, sultry eyes, plump pouty lips, as Jeffrey did not go to the corners of my mouth but stopped short. Maybe I can take him home with me to do this for me regularly?

“I love it, Jeffrey. But, then, again, I love anything you do to me.” I smile and whisper to him, “You said now that I look like a naughty girl, you are going to treat me like one.”

“And so I shall.”  He helps me from the chair.  He then puts his arm around my waist.  I can’t believe this!  I am nude with my hairdresser in a salon where I have had my hair done, my nails done, my pussy shaved and my make-up done.  What could possibly be next?  Just how do they treat “naughty girls” here at the salon?

As Jeffrey guides me down a partially lit hallway, he takes his arm from my waist. The next thing I feel is a stinging on my ass.  He spanked me! Is this how they treat naughty girls?  I can’t explain it but I find it sexually exciting.

“That is one of the ways naughty girls are punished and treated here,” he says.

We stop halfway and he opens a door and puts the light on. It is a bedroom.  The walls are a soft pink.  The bed has red satin sheets.  The ceiling has mirrors!  We enter and Jeffrey pulls the top sheet down.  He turns to me and kisses me gently and sensually.  As he does that, he starts to play with my right breast.  We continue to kiss and his hand reaches down to my soft, smooth, freshly shaved pussy.  He begins to play with me.  “Let me show you what we do to naughty girls here at our salon.”

Rrrrrrrrrrrring! My alarm is going off.  Was this only a dream?  I feel my pussy.  It is still hairy but I am wet.  My toes are not done.  Well, I can dream, can’t I?

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