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The Private Hairdresser

Location: Salon

Category: Surprise

Story type: Fantasy

Rating: R


Anne was a very attractive girl in her late twenties. She had shoulder length chestnut brown wavy hair.  She had a Barbie Doll type of figure with an ample chest, trim waist and well shaped legs that tapered to trim ankles.  She looked good and she knew it.  She dressed to show what she had and never failed to turn men’s heads as she passed them.  She was also on the adventurous side and was willing to try almost anything once.  So, she was intrigued when she came home from work to find an advertisement slipped under her door for a new beauty shop in her neighborhood.  It was called the Salon Robotique.  It offered full services and offered first time clients a free session if they called within 24 hours and used the special promo code on the flyer.  Ann was intrigued and called.

As with most businesses currently, the phone had an electronic answering system. It gave her a menu list and she selected #3, the button for first time clients.  The robotic voice then asked for her name and a requested date for her session.  Anne picked that day for 6 pm.  The voice repeated her, asking her to press 1 to confirm a session that day at 6 pm.  She did.  The voice said her session was confirmed.  Anne ended the call and had a quick dinner so she would be on time for her session.

She walked the two blocks to the address of the Salon Robotique and passed the glass windows of the facility. She opened the door and saw a young early 20’s redheaded receptionist at the desk.  The girl had a short bubble type cut and was very pretty.  Her makeup was flawless and she filled out her uniform to perfection.  “Hello,” she said.  “You must be Anne.  I’m Heather.  Welcome to Salon Robotique.  I’m sure you will enjoy your experience today.  We have a new concept in beauty treatments.  That’s why we offer first time clients a free session.  We know that they will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and so on.”

Anne responded, “I’m sure I will like it. But I am curious.  Just what is your new concept?”

“Our services are provided robotically. We will take you to your private room for your session and you will then have a computer screen to select the services you wish.  Push the start button and you will be given what you wish.”

A robotic salon session, Anne wondered to herself.  But her adventurous side took over. “Where do I go?”

“If you will follow me, please,” Heather said, leading her down a hallway to the second door on the right. “This is your private salon room.  Once I close the door, the session will begin.  The computers will direct you.  Have a nice time.”

Anne entered the room and Heather closed the door. A gentle female voice came out of nowhere.

“Welcome to Salon Robotique, Anne. Please have a seat in the salon chair.  A computer screen will appear and you may pick your desired services.”

Anne did as instructed and a screen came down in front of her. The screen listed a number of options for her to choose.  It included shampoo, conditioning, deep conditioning, hair coloring, hair cut, leg shaving/hair removal, manicures, pedicures, makeup, massage.  Anne let her daring side take over.  She tapped icons for the shampoo, conditioning, makeup, the manicure/pedicure, and hair removal.  There was one other button labeled “Surprise.”  The adventurer in her took over and she pressed that button as well.  Then she pressed the “enter” button.  Again the disembodied voice spoke to her.

“Confirming selection of shampoo, conditioning, makeup, manicure/pedicure, and hair removal. Please go to the wall opposite the chair and remove your clothing.  Place your clothes on the hooks provided and resume sitting in the chair with hands on the arm rests.”

Anne did as she was told and resumed her seat in the salon chair which now was towel draped. The chair then rose slightly and the back was tilted back.  Anne was wondering about being caped or what would happen next.  She soon found out.

Robotic arms appeared holding a cape. It was placed across Anne’s chest and fastened gently with Velcro behind her neck.  During this time, Anne had placed her hands on the arm rests of the chair.  Next, robotic arms appeared and attached her wrists to the armrests of the chair with Velcro straps.  Other arms did the same to her ankles.  Another set of arms placed a belt around her waist and finally, her neck was held by a Velcro strap to the head rest, but not so tight that she could not move her head. What was going to happen to her?   The voice then came back.

“Client restraints complete. Session now beginning.  Commencing shampoo.”  With that, the lights went down to a low level and romantic music started playing through speakers on the walls.  The air was filled with a lavender scented perfume.  Anne inhaled deeply and took in the aroma aiding in her relaxation.  Despite being restrained she felt a sense of calm and had no fear that she would be harmed in any way.  In fact, the restraints added a certain sexual tension to her feelings and senses.  On one wall, a movie of some sort seemed to start playing.  There was a woman in a beauty shop salon chair who had a cape and was apparently going to begin a session.   As Anne looked, she found that the movie “starred” her.  There was at least one camera which was playing on the wall her session. Is it being recorded somewhere, she wondered.

Then, robotic arms began to brush her hair as it hung over the top of the chair. The soft lighting, music and hair brushing was very calming to Anne and any even remote concerns she may have had about her session began to disappear as she enjoyed the brushing.  Then the hands lifted her hair and the chair was more reclined, placing Anne’s neck into the cut-out portion of the shampoo bowl.  Next she felt warm water being sprayed on her hair.  She then detected a coconut aroma of what she found was shampoo as the robotic fingers began to shampoo her hair.  The fingers were very relaxing as they massaged her scalp.  Anne’s fears subsided further as she almost began to doze.  She could feel the lather in her hair and enjoyed how the fingers played with her hair as well as massaged her scalp.  She closed her eyes and enjoyed her shampoo.  She had no idea how long she had closed her eyes when the voice spoke.

“Shampoo complete. Beginning rinse.”  The warm water was again sprayed on her hair to rinse the lather out.

“Rinse complete. Towel drying hair.”  Anne then felt a towel being placed on her head and felt the robotic hands as they moved the towel about her hair, drying it. The chair was then placed upright.

“Commencing hair drying,” said the voice. A robot arm with a style drying brush then began to brush her hair and after it made sure there were no snarls or knots, another arm with a hair dryer began to work in unison with the brush to dry her hair. What happened to my conditioning? She glanced at the “movie” on the wall and saw herself having her hair dried and styled.  It was really kind of sexy and arousing seeing herself and having her hair done.  It was also arousing to know that the woman on the screen was nude underneath the cape.

“Commencing massage.” The chair reclined again. Two arms came up and lifted her cape up to her neck, exposing her body. Anne then saw two vacuum type devices being lowered from the ceiling. I didn’t select massage! What could they possibly be for? The ends of the hoses were placed on her perky breasts.  They then began an intermittent suctioning of her breasts.  The outer rings also had something that moved the cups around in circles.  Before she could say anything, she began to respond to the stimulation of her breasts.  She could sense her nipples becoming hard.  “That feels wonderful,” she murmured as she closed her eyes with pleasure.

“Commencing hair coloring.” Anne heard the voice and thought she did not punch any buttons for coloring her hair.  She than began to speak in a loud voice.  “I did not select hair color change.  That must be the…..”

But, before she could get the word “surprise’’ out of her mouth, the chair had again reclined and she felt the second part of the massage.  A robotic arm with a penis shaped vibrator had risen from under the chair.  It began to move over the outsides of her slit.  Being tied up heightened her sensitivity and she almost came as contact was made with her.  She forgot all about having her hair color changed.  As the device continued to circle her slit, she settled back into the chair with more sexual tension coursing through her body.  She could feel herself getting wet between her legs.  Then, the vibrator slipped inside her and began to move in and out and in circles.  Anne looked at the movie on the wall and saw her exposed pussy being pleasured by the vibrator. That, along with the combination of the breast stimulators and vibrator was more than Anne could handle.  She arched her back as much as she could in restraints and had her first orgasm.  “That felt soooo good,” she said to the empty room.  “I’ve never had an orgasm at a beauty shop before, but that was amazing.”

“Thank you. We are glad you are enjoying your session,” said the robot voice

The next thing that happened was a comb being run through her hair. “Lightening agent being applied,” she heard.  Then she felt her hair being sectioned and lifted and a spray of some sort being put all over her hair.  Apparently this was some type of color change being sprayed into her hair and combed through, but Anne was beyond caring about the color change.  She just continued to enjoy her boobs being massaged and sucked and the vibrator doing its job in and around her pussy.

The spraying of some agent on her hair was concurrent with brushes and combs being pulled gently through her hair to make sure the lightening agent covered each strand of her hair. The fingers massaged her scalp again, then brushed it again and put on a plastic shower cap.  As she lay back with her hair color being changed, she heard the voice again.  “Hair coloring application complete.  Commencing hair removal.”

The leg rest on the chair began to rise at her ankles and separate, so that her legs were completely exposed from ankle to crotch.  Dark glasses were placed over Anne’s eyes. What are these for?

The next she could see through the classes, robotic arms held devices which were flashing as they moved along her legs from ankle to crotch. I’m being lasered! That’s what they meant by hair removal!  They are giving me a permanent hair removal session!  Well, if they want to do me for nothing, who am I to object.  While this was proceeding, she felt the vibrator work its way to the top of her slit and find her clit and stay there, moving in small circles around her pouting love button.  Shortly after THAT massage began, she came again!  The vibrator then resumed its moving about her pussy for another few minutes.  Anne was in heaven!

The vibrator was then removed and Anne heard further buzzing. The dark glasses were also removed.  She thought it was the vibrator getting ready to continue when she felt a metallic object being run up the sides of her pussy.  There was also the sound of a small vacuum.  Electric clippers! The vibration continued, but it was different from the other vibrator.  It moved up above her pussy to her bikini area and continued moving against her skin in various directions.  She also heard the small vacuum and felt light suction at her crotch as clipped pubic hair was sucked away.  I’m having my pussy shaved! I didn’t think hair removal meant THAT, but apparently it did, at least here. She had a curiosity about what this would look like and turned to see herself in the movie on the wall.  She could see the clippers as they went through her bush, leaving the faintest of stubble that the thought was there but was not really visible on the screen.  Still, it was quite a turn on to watch your pussy hair being removed.  She could feel herself getting wet with excitement.

After the clippers moved from her slit, the dark glasses were again put on and she again saw the flashing light. She was having her pussy lasered!  The robot or someone had decided to make her permanently bald!  But, the vibrator and the breast massage had taken over from her conscious self.  She also looked at her movie and had seen what was happening.  She could see herself with her legs spread and considering she was tied into the chair, she accepted that she could do nothing about it and closed her eyes and let the breast massage continue.  She began dreaming of how she would look hairless, how smooth she would feel, and what her boyfriend would say when he saw her.  It just heightened her stimulation and sensations.  After she thought about it a bit, she was glad she was being lasered.  She hated shaving her legs and had on more than one occasion considered shaving her bush (or having Andrew do it for her—he might have really liked that) but now the decision was made for her. After she was done, arms removed the protective dark glasses.

“Hair removal complete. Commencing mani/pedi and resuming massage.” Anne felt robotic hands taking her hands and feet into a grasp.  She felt rotary nail shapers trimming and filing the ends of her fingers and toes.  She also felt the vibrating penis return to her now smooth and soft slit. This is the way to have a manicure and pedicure! Next she felt buffers working each individual nail.  Once the buffing was completed,  she felt nail polish being applied to her fingers and toes.  She tried to lift her head to see the color but she was unable to because of the neck restraint.  Next she heard “Mani/pedi complete.  Shampoo hair to remove bleach.”

Again she felt her hair being placed in the bowl and the warm water sprayed into her hair. Again she felt the fingers working the shampoo into a lather with the same comforting coconut aroma.  “Shampoo complete.  Commence rinsing.”  The gentle warm spray then rinsed the lather from her hair.  ‘Commence conditioning.”  Anne now saw a hose with a squirt type nozzle.  She saw it go over her hair and felt conditioner being applied to her hair.  It was the same coconut aroma as the shampoo.  Next the arms brushed and combed it through her hair.

“Laser process now being completed.” Anne continued to lie back and the vibrator was removed.  She now felt lotion being applied to her legs and pussy.  Four robotic hands began to massage the lotion on her legs and a fifth began application to her now bald pussy.  Also, the breast massagers stopped and were raised back up and lotion was applied to her tits and two more hands massaged the lotion into her breast tissue.  They also did playing with her erect nipples and some pinching but softly. Can I really be having all of this done to me? I don’t know whose idea this place is, but it is REALLY different from conventional shops.

The lotion massage continued for a few minutes and again the voice came back. “Lotioning complete.  Commence rinsing conditioner.”  The restraints holding her legs lowered and the gentle robotic hands which were massaging her legs, tits and pussy stopped.  But while the hand had stopped on her pussy, she felt the penis vibrator back in her slit, this time being pushed in and out, just like having intercourse with her boyfriend, but different. He doesn’t vibrate. .  It felt so different being screwed by a vibrator while having a beauty session done by robots, but Anne just laid back and enjoyed what was being done to her.    After a few minutes of this, the vibrator withdrew and was replaced by a small egg-shaped vibrator held against her clit.  It was set on low and it set Anne back into sexual arousal and comfort.   This was followed again by the warm water spraying into her hair and rinsing out the conditioner. “Rinse complete.  Commence towel drying.”  Her hair was towel dried as before and the chair was raised upright.

“Commence style drying.” Again robotic arms brushed her hair with a drying brush and her hair was style dried.  Anne had no idea how she was being done, but since her hair had not been cut, she felt safe in thinking that her new style would be somewhat similar to her old one.

“Commencing makeup sequence.” Two small pads came up from the sides of the head rest and pressed against the sides of Anne’s head.  She was now unable to move her head!  Now what?

As she sat in the chair unable to move, an arm came from the side with what looked like an air brush. It began moving from side to side applying a mist to her face.  This must be the foundation. I’ve seen this thing on TV. 

Next she saw two arms moving toward her. One held a small brush about a quarter inch wide and about an eighth of an inch long.  The other held a square shaped container.  As she watched, the first arm moved the brush into the container.  It then moved to her left eyebrow.  She could feel the brush as it applied color to her brow, starting at the inner corner and stopping about halfway.  It came back to the container for more of the color and finished the outer half of her brow. The process was repeated on her right eyebrow.  The hands then disappeared.  They returned with one hand holding an applicator for eye shadow.  She could not see the color but could feel it being applied to her lids.  The eye shadow container then disappeared and was replaced by another one.  She could feel the applicator putting color into her creases.  Again the color disappeared and reappeared and she felt color being applied to her brow bones.

Suddenly, the intensity level of the egg vibrator on her clit increased. Anne could not hold back and had another orgasm.  Once that passed, she relaxed back into the chair and the vibrator intensity lessened.

These two hands disappeared and reappeared with eye liner. She could feel as it was applied to her eyelids and going out to the corners.  She imagined herself with the exotic look she would have and smiled to herself.  Next the hands appeared with mascara which was applied to her lashes.  She wondered how she would look, as she did not usually use mascara.

The chair then reclined a bit and the hand came toward her mouth with a lip liner. She could feel her lips being outlined, but again had no idea as to colors.   When this was done, two hands appeared, one with a brush and another with lip color.  Again, she could not see the color due to her head being held in place.  The arm began to put the brush into the color and she could feel her lips being painted with the color.  For some reason, this caused an arousal in her as she knew she was near completion but felt she was going to look very sexy, even more than she did usually.

Lastly, she saw the hand with a brush to apply blush and the other with a container of what she felt was in fact, blush. The hand worked the brush into the container and brushed her cheeks with the blush.  Again, she had no idea of what color:  peach, pink, mauve whatever but she felt that it was being applied expertly by the computer which had been in control of her since she removed her clothes and sat in the chair.

“Makeup procedure complete,” she heard the voice say. The chair turned and she was able to see herself in the mirror. “Session complete. Please stand up and  put on your clothes.”  The vibrator was removed from her bald pussy and the cape and restraints removed from her ankles, wrists, waist, and neck.  The pads holding her head in place collapsed back onto the head rest.  The soft lighting was replaced by brighter lights and the music had stopped.

Anne got off the chair and turned to the mirror. She could not believe what she saw.  She was gorgeous, even more than she looked usually.  Her hair had been lightened to a medium blonde but the style was the same.  It cascaded in waves into a soft shoulder-length page boy.  As she shook her head, her hair moved and bounced like the models on TV.

She inspected her makeup. Her brows were perfect, starting full at the inner corner, going up to an arch midway and then tapering to points at the outer corners of her eyes.  Her eye shadow was lighter on the inner half of her lids and darker at the outsides.  The eyeliner gave her the exotic, sultry look she thought she would have.  Her lips were hot pink.  She looked at her fingers and toes and saw that the color matched her lips.  Her eyes then looked down to her pussy.

She was fascinated by her look. She had not looked like this since 8th grade before puberty..  Then it was a sign of womanhood to begin to have your pussy covered by hair.  But now, she put her hand to her slit and felt how smooth she was.  Andrew will love this. He has been kind of hinting I should do this, but I love the way it looks and how it feels.  It is much more sensitive for me.

She felt her legs and they were just as smooth. Andrew loves to feel my legs just after a shave. I bet he will love how soft and smooth they are now.  And, who knows how much this will be permanent with the laser.  If not, I can always come back and have my legs and pussy redone until it is.

Anne left the chair and looked to see if the movie was still on. It apparently stopped when the session was complete.  She put her clothes on, well at least some of them.  She did not put on her bra and panties, putting them in a plastic bag which apparently was put there for just such a decision by clients.  She slipped on her black mid-thigh mini skirt and her white blouse.  She was still feeling the effects of her session as she could see her nipples poking through the satin fabric.  Let the men look. They can see what they are missing.

She exited her room and walked down the hallway to the reception area. Heather was still there.

“You look lovely, Anne. And I think you made a great choice in changing your hair color.  You look beautiful as a blonde.  I hope everything was satisfactory and you enjoyed your session with us.

“Well,” Ann replied, “I have to admit I never had an experience like this before. There were some things I did not order, like having my hair lightened.  But I did press the ‘surprise’ button so I guess that my color change was my surprise.”

“You are the second client who pressed that button,” Heather said.

“What happened to the first one?” Anne asked.

“Well, we are not supposed to talk about other clients, but I feel safe in talking to you about it. She came in as a blonde, but when she sat in the chair for her session, the computers detected that her pubic hair was dark.  So, her ‘surprise’ was having her pussy hair bleached so it matched the hair on her head.”

“That’s something I won’t have to worry about.” Heather looked puzzled, so Anne explained.  “I pushed the selection for hair removal and, well, I had a laser treatment for my legs, and the next thing I knew, my pubic hair was being clippered  away and I was lasered there as well.  So, for me now, color is not an issue.”

Heather smiled knowingly. “Not an issue for me either.  On my first day here, I pushed the hair removal button and had the same thing.  I’ve had it done a few times since and my legs and pussy are soft and smooth.  The hair roots were killed, so I guess I am permanently bald.  But, my boyfriend loves it.  He used to shave me, but now I’m smooth and ready for him at any time.  Trust me.  You’ll like it too.

“What is the time frame for the laser treatments? And what is the usual cost?

“Well, hair grows at different times. So, it is not all of your hair which pokes through your skin, only a percentage of it.  Hair goes through periods of dormancy and when it is dormant, the laser has no effect.  It only works on active hair.  We suggest once a week for about a month.  That usually takes care of all the hair as it all gets to go through its active phase.  Our clients are usually permanently hair free after that.  As to cost, that is one of the great things about Salon Robotique.  Since we are automated and robotic, our overhead is not as high as if we had to have live aestheticians doing the treatments.  To have your legs and pussy done is only $30.00.  So, do the math.  Today is free and three more sessions means you will be permanently hair free for less than $100.00”

“That’s a fantastic price. I’ve heard of laser treatments costing in the thousands.  That alone would cause me to refer my friends.  As to what I had done today, what would be my regular cost as I would no longer be a first timer?”

“Shampoos, conditioning and style drying are $20.00 Mani/pedi is $20.00.  Make-up is also $20.00  Basically, all of our treatments are $20.00.  However, having highlighting is $30.00 since it is more ‘robot intensive.’  If you’ve ever had highlighting done, you know you need to be capped and strands of hair pulled through, so that is a little bit more.”

“I don’t think any other shop can beat your prices,” Anne said. “And, I know that no other shop gives the massage I had this evening.”  She smiled as she remembered what had been done to her.

“On the surprise issue, my manager told me that pressing the ‘surprise’ button means that any service we provide can be done to the client. When the time comes for that service during the session, that’s the ‘surprise.’  We find it adds to the experience.  And, I guess it’s a success since you are not complaining about it.  There are still some computer glitches we are working on, but I think you look really great as a blonde.   Was there anything else you think we should know about to be sure all of our clients are satisfied with their sessions?”

Anne thought about her entire experience, the disembodied voice, the restraints, her “massages” and all the rest and smiled. “No, everything else was just fine.”

“Thank you for that,” Heather said. “Can we count on you as a repeat client?  Will you recommend us to your friends?”

“Most definitely,” Ann answered. “I will certainly be back and I will tell all of my friends just how enjoyable having a session here can be.  I’ll be calling to set up my next appointment.”  With that, she walked out of the salon to find two good looking men passing by.  As they walked past, they stopped and stared at the beautiful, sexy and desirable blonde who had come out of the Salon Robotique.

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