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I am married and getting divorced. I had my first lesbian relationship after I was married over 10 years ago. My first lesbian experience was shortly after my marriage, when I realized we had such a tight bond with my very best friend. She was my maid of honor at my wedding and she got married a few months later. My relationship started so innocent. One night we were at her home and having some wine and she suggested giving me haircut because it was way too long it was past my waist and I had some dead ends that needed to be cut. I had no problem with that, because she has trimmed my hair in the past. She is a hairdresser and knows what she is doing. It was a chilly night and she opened the window she had washed my hair in her sink and messaged my scalp which felt awesome. Something was different about tonight, she did not start cutting my hair while it was wet, Instead she dried it and she brushed it out and played with my hair lifting it, pulling my hair forward and dropping it in her fingers before cutting it. I questioned her as to why she did not cut it wet and she told me she wanted to try something different tonight, she would cut it dry so she could judge it better as to how much to cut off. I thought she was going to take off about 2 inches of my hair off (that is the most I ever let her cut off my length) not over a foot of hair. After playing with my hair, and teasing me with the scissors by opening and closing them so I could hear them with no hair falling off yet she then slowly began trimming small pieces of my hair dropping the cut hair on my chest. Teasing me with the scissors made me very nervous, but she told me she was just kidding with me. She had assured me that it would not be more than a light trim or small reshaping. She cut off a little at a time and made sure it had landed on my chest and lap until it started to itch, it was all over me with the breeze blowing actually giving me goose bumps and a chill. She had asked me remove my shirt and took a what looked like a large makeup brush and she gently brushed the hair off my chest and continued very slowly trimming my hair. The pile of my cut hair got so large on my lap, I knew that it was getting much shorter than I wanted. I was enjoying this haircut so much I never realized how short it was getting. She then started to message and kiss my neck while dropping large pieces of cut hair sliding them off my shoulder and resumed snipping more hair off and dropped the hair on my cleavage now dusting it off with her hands and blowing some cut hair off my nape and dropping the hair onto my breasts. This feeling actually made me want her to keep cutting my hair shorter but I did not tell her that. She just kept on cutting until my hair was an inch above the top of my shirt collar and she was happy with the length. She said she absolutely hates hair that is hanging over the collar or touching it and not neatly trimmed, regardless of it being male of female. She picked up the mirror and showed me the back of my hair. At least my hair was short but still very thick. I was in total shock! I could not believe how short my hair was. Then she convinced me to let her shave my neck with the clippers, I was so scared of the clippers but I let her do it. She said she was going to clean my nape for a nice clean line. She turned on the buzzer and I had melted as she kept kissing and licking my neck and blowing in my ear as the clippers ate away at my hairline. I started to see more hair chunks tumbling off the clipper comb. She had stopped the buzzer which was full of my cut hair and asked me to push the hair off the comb and told me to feel the shorn silk with my hand and drop it on her face and blow it off. I dropped the hair on her face and gently blew it off her face giving her a kiss after that I had begged her to buzz more off . She re- started the buzzer and had not only cleaned my nape but took another inch and a half off the back. My hair was just below ear level. The feeling was so incredible she had talked me into letting her trim the rest of my hair off the back with the clippers, she then buzzed the back down with a number 12 comb the longest attachment that left my hair an inch and a half in length and I asked her to buzz it shorter she then used a 7 comb and then a 6 comb which left my hair about an 3/4 inch in length then buzz trimmed around the ears. After using the combs my hair was no longer thick, but extremely short. The more she buzzed my hair the wetter I got. She kept running her hands across the back of my freshly buzzed head, making sure all the lose hairs fall on my body. She then removed her shirt and sat on my lap pressing her breasts against mine taking short breaks to lick my neck and suck on my fingers and my breast then she proceeded to cut the top of my hair, she told me it was way too long and untidy for the rest of my hair! She cut the top so slowly you could hear every snipping sound and see the hair drop from the blades of the scissors closing on top of the comb over my face, she would then blow the hair off of my face and trim more she left the top a little bit longer than the back and sides . I ended up with a very short butch haircut and one thing led to another. It was the best experience of my life. My confession, I would love to re-live that now that it is over 10 years later and my hair is long again. Deep down I know that it will most likely never be the same as my first time. It was an incredible experience! I had enjoyed the fact that it just happened . Length of hair was never even discussed and the method in which she cut my hair made me want her to cut it short. I had always loved my very long hair and this did not even bother me that she cut it very short and buzzed it. Normally I would never let that happen. In fact I could not wait for her to buzz more hair off my head I had asked her to take it shorter after the first comb and she was happy to do it. She had assured me that it would be very short when she was done. It was the start of a long beautiful relationship together,  she had collected my hair and spread it on her bed where she had shaved my privates and we had relations for the first time.  She said my shorn silk on the bed was better than rose petals. which sadly did not last for more than a year and a half. From the day our relationship began. I had a standing appointment in her chair every six weeks to be trimmed up with scissor over comb and buzzed down the next time she buzzed me she had restrained me to the chair it was great fun . She told me that she would see to it that my hair would never touch the collar again as long as we were together. She had absolutely loved the butch look on me. I enjoyed getting my haircuts from her I would just melt as soon as she started to shear my hair and got very excited when I heard the the buzzer start, each pass of the buzzer on my head felt truly amazing and it guaranteed that my hair was coming off super short.

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