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Curly to Crewcut – Part 1 : Tonsure decision

It was 11-30 pm on a Saturday night in our Bangalore home.  Gaurav lay by my side gently running his fingers in my 2” long curly hairs.  Both were exhausted after 10 minutes of intense love making.  Both were fully naked.  I was running my palm on the half inch hair on top of his high and tight head.  Already my body was getting ready for another fuck session.  My hand was caressing the bald sides on his head – an eternal turn on for both.

“Priya, I want to say something. Are you ready to listen?” he said.

“First thing first.  It was one heck of a fuck you did to me just now.  Great.  Again if it is that you want to fuck my anus, it is a firm no”.  My m-i-l had warned me that I should not agree for it till all my children are born.  And we had planned at least three and possibly four.

“Not that Priya.  Why don’t you listen?”

“What is it that you want to say, shoot” I said.

“Pinky is completing 10 months next week.”

“Yeah, I know, what is new in that?”

“She will enter 11th month.  Mom said she has to be tonsured in Tirupati.”


That was news to me.  I had grown up in a family where there was traditionally no haircut for females.  But due to my insistence, I had been allowed to wear my curly hair short – something like Taslima Nasreen but I had tighter curls and I kept is shorter than her.  In PUC I had a mid-back length braid of curly hair.  When I entered B. Com. after getting very good marks in PUC Appa (dad) offered me to ask for a gift.  I asked to cut my hair short.  He was aghast at first.  Though there was no tradition of female hair cutting in our religious and traditional family, Amma (mom) supported me.  I was her darling elder daughter.  But both told me that no curling, no colouring, no tattoo etc.  I agreed.  So the next Sunday, mom took me to a parlour and told the stylist that I should get a short curly head – no perming, colouring etc.  The stylist said that since I had natural curl, further curling was not required.  She cut off the bulk, carefully trimmed the rest to leave a head of curly hair.  It looked great on me and I felt very good.  Appa, amma and my two siblings adored my look.  Amma said that I could keep it like this as long as l like it.  But for our middle class family it was a costly choice – Rs 300 per sitting in the late 1990s.  Appa told me that I could get a cut once in 3 months.  So that was it.  I kept it like that.  After I passed B. Com. and entered the service of a PSU Bank, I maintained the style.  My colleagues – male and female – also adored the look.  I started getting the trimmings done once a month with my own money.  And parents did not object.


When they started looking for a groom for me, five orthodox families rejected the 22 year old me though horoscopes matched.  The reason – I insisted to maintain my short curly hair style while they all wanted me to agree to grow it out.  My parents got annoyed at my behaviour and got severe scolding but I held my forte.  Then came this bob cut lady customer in my Bank who took my house address one day to meet my parents.  She was looking for a girl for her son ready keep her hair short.  Though she was orthodox like most families, on hair things she wanted her family females to have short hair.  Things moved fast and my marriage was conducted with 26 year old Gaurav with my short curly hair.  Everyone was happy.


A month after my marriage my m-i-l asked me whether I would accompany her to the salon.  We could get our haircuts together.  I happily agreed.  In the salon, she sat first and told the stylist to make her hair a bit shorter.  Till then I did not have an opportunity to see beneath her bob cut.  It was clippered close on the nape to mid ear level – an undercut as they called it.  As the stylist ran the clippers on her nape, she was smiling with satisfaction.  She got her bob cut to ear lobe level and m-i-l was beaming.  After that I got my usual cut. Though the salon was new, I got what I wanted.


From the first day he saw me, Gaurav was madly in love with my curly hair – its feel, its look.  His own hair style was always a crew cut – even when he came to ‘see’ me for the marriage ‘interview’.  And it suited him nicely.  The sides and back were clippered bald about 2 inches above the ears and the top cut very very short – about half inch long, may be.  The Engineering firm in which he worked accepted him like that.  And I adored it. So I encouraged him to keep it.   Six months down the line after marriage, we visited Tirupati.  Gaurav, his 22 year old brother Rajesh and their father got fully tonsured.  M-i-l got a few strands on her forehead shaved off.  She requested me to do the same.  I reluctantly did it.  Though I was 4 months pregnant then, this was not prohibited since Tirupati is a divine place.  Gaurav looked equally good with his bald head.  But he returned to his brand haircut after four weeks.


All this floated in front of my eyes when Gaurav told about Pinky’s proposed tonsure (her name is Anuradha.  We call her Pinky at home).  Even after being a daughter-in-law for 20 months, I did not know about this tradition in their house.  But this was a small thing.  And I should have no reason to oppose it.  So I said “Okay. Good. But will she not cry?”


“Babies do cry.  But that is for a few minutes.  Barbers there are experts.  With minimum crying of babies they tonsure them off neatly.  You do not worry about it.” Gaurav said.

“You are nuts.  If this is the news you want to tell me you have chosen the wrong time.  When I am ready for one more intense session, you bring up this crap.”  I said with annoyance.

“Not that dear.  Mom says that with Pinky she wants you and me also to go bald in Tirumala” he said.

This was a bomb shell.  Suddenly I got up and glared at him. “What are you talking?”

“I am serious.  She says it will be good for you, good for the family.  What do you say?”

When my marriage was settled, I was apprehensive about how my m-i-l would be – dictator or meek or a true elderly mother like figure.  Within a month my apprehensions were laid to rest when I found that she belonged to the third category.  I was happy.  And in the 20 months I had developed a lot of respect and love for her.  Though she appeared a bit modern with her bob cut and sleeveless blouse and occasionally base language easily came tumbling out of her lips, she was highly disciplined and deeply religious and above all fair to all.  This being a religious matter it would not be possible for me to say no to her.  But could I go out bald? To Bank?  I had my doubts.

“Can we think about it? Discuss it?”

“What is there to discuss or think?  When Amma says that it is good for the family, it is in the family’s interest that you do it.  What is your apprehension? After all you have about 2 inches of hair.  And that 2 inch hair can be grown from scratch in about four months, probably earlier.  Why are you bothered?”  He was still lying down, caressing his ‘shaft’.  I was sitting by his side with the legs stretched, my crotch wet with his semen.

“What will my colleagues say?  The neighbours?” I queried half-heartedly.

“Why, you forgot Sneha, Mandakini?  They carried on bald happily and no one really bothered.  They had long hair.  You have very short hair.  Why are you hesitating?  Please accept happily.”


A married female colleague of Gaurav – her name Sneha – had tonsured her head in Palani a year ago.  She had mid back braided hair.  She went about with a scarf for just two days and then with bare head.  She had come to our house also with her nice smooth head and touched my m-i-l’s feet seeking her blessings.  My m-i-l had affectionately caressed her bald head and blessed her.  She had looked good.  I had asked her how she faced her colleagues.  She said “What is there in it, Priya?  Some do look a second time, some do laugh a bit. But all this fades away in a few days. I am quite happy with this.”  In fact a month later, she attended a promotion interview with half inch hair and she did get promotion.   Another lady – Mandakini – two houses down from our house got her head tonsured a month ago as thanksgiving for getting Doctorate.  She never covered her bald head.  She teaches physics in a college.  None of the neighbours’ gaze troubled her.


I did not have much to argue.  I thought for a minute and then gave in.  “O…kay” I said.

Next came another bomb from Gaurav.  “Thank you dear.  Now it will be a clean slate in the house.  Otherwise, you would have been the odd-girl-out in our household.”

I looked at him with startled and confused expression.  He said “Don’t look like that.  It is nothing much.  Along with Appa, myself, Pinky and now you, Amma also will get tonsured.  And Sheela (his 26 year old married sister living in Delhi with her husband and two kid sons) will also join us and all of them including Sheela will get tonsured.”  Now this was some news.

“But why?”

“She wanted to do it a year before marriage.  Amma got a bit nervous about the groom availability and said no.  After marriage, her highly westernised in-laws said ‘not now’.  It got postponed several times.  Now that Amma also is getting tonsured, she put pressure on her husband.  Finally her in-laws (who have migrated to USA along with their elder son and his wife) gave in and told her to go ahead.  So she is coming and joining us.  It will be one big lot of baldies.”  I smiled with happiness.  Sheela has been good to me always.  Gaurav continued “Mom had got Sheela’s head shaved off after SSLC, maintained her head a boy cut during her PUC, but later asked her to grow it long after shaving it all off once more after her PUC.  And in four years she got mid back hair.  It was this mid back braid she wanted to shave off and get back to boy cut.  But who would marry a boy cut girl was mom’s apprehension.  Since then the case is hanging.  Now Sheela feels she is ‘free’”.

“Will she grow it back or not?”

“No way of growing back.  Ranjan (Sheela’s husband) wanted her to get back to boy cut straightaway after marriage.  His westernised parents urged her to do it at the earliest.  But she being highly religious did not want that long virgin hair to be cut anywhere other than in Tirupati and that too fully to the roots.  Her stand was clear – Tirupati bald or no hair cut till then.  Now, after Tirupati tonsure she will have a nice boycut and a Tirupati tonsure once in a while.”  Suddenly I imagined a bald Sheela, a boycut Sheela, a bald myself, a bald m-i-l and giggled.  I could not stop giggling for about half a minute.

“So you happily agree, is it not?”

“Yes…” Again I giggled.  It was almost midnight.  Some intense love making followed which resulted in my second baby.

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