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“On with it we go” my hairdresser, Christina, said tapping the hand rail of the salon chair. I got up from the couch and made me way over, my skirt swishing ever so slightly as I walked over. I knew my time was short with my blonde hair. I had done so much to make it grow to where it now sat just at my mid back.

I sat down in the chair and crossed my legs, folding my hands in my lap like my mother had taught me. “So, what are we doing today?” Christina asked, running her fingers through my blonde locks. “Well” my voice rose with my nerves and I cleared my throat and started again. “Well I want something completely different. A full 180.” I stated, recrossing my legs, I briefly glanced down at the black blouse I had on and then raised my head again. Christina paused what she was doing and looked quizzically at my reflection in the mirror. “Well we could certainly dye it and cut it short if that’s what you mean?” She turned my chair around so my left side was to her front.

“That sounds good!” I exclaimed. “Maybe… a black bob?” My words were awkward and my face started to blush a bit. “Ah” Christina smiled. “So she does know what she wants.” She smirked and then turned my hair back to its original position. “Hmm, that would work with your face.” She trailed off. “Maybe we could shave the nape as well?” My heart picked up at the word “shaved” I had always wanted to try shaving a part of my head, my boyfriend always told me how good it felt and I was eager to see what would happen.

My thoughts must have been present on my face because Christina laughed and said “Every fifteen year old girl wants to do something right?” I giggled and smiled a bit. “I suppose this is true.” “Right then.” She said, stoutly. “Let’s get you washed.”

With that she beckoned me out of the chair and to the shampoo stations. I sat down and laid back into the chair, my head in the bowl. She turned the sink on and I could feel at first cold droplets on my forehead but that soon turned to soothing warmth as the water heated.

She picked up the nozzle and ran it over my forehead, making a zig zag motion as she wet my hair, using her other hand to scrunch it up so all of it got a share of water. My eyes closed and I felt my body relax as the warmth penetrated my scalp. She set the nozzle back into its holder and grasped a bottle of shampoo and administered some to my scalp. With both hands she worked the shampoo into a lather. Using her nails to take up the back of my head and scrub it with the shampoo, she then reached for the nozzle again and made the same zig zag motion with the water, washing the shampoo off of my head.

With that she grabbed a towel and turned off the water. Bringing the towel over my head and moving it against my scalp, I felt my eyes close again. Christina wrapped the towel around my head and then with a flick of her wrist beckoned me to follow her back to her station. The heels of my ankle boots made a soft clacking noise as my petite little body sat up out of the shampoo bowl.

I sat down in her chair and crossed my legs again, and again I folded my arms in my lap. Christina then went to the back and came out with a black cape. She tossed it over my shoulders and let it sit as she wrapped a paper strip over my neck. It always felt good to be caped, to be trapped under its comforting veil. I came back to my senses as the buttons made a SNAP SNAP. Now I was trapped. My heart picked up and I felt my inner thighs get warmer.

“Hm.” Christina said, thoughtfully. “We’ll shave you first I think.” She then took a rat tail comb off of the counter and ran it horizontally at the back of my head. taking clips and combing my hair up then clipping it into place, doing so until she reached my ears. “How long, Steph?” She asked, my brain still racing and I responded with “short as possible, I suppose.” With that she smiled and went to a drawer to the right of my chair. Pulling out a pair of OSTER clippers and plugging them in. “I’m going to do what’s called a 0, no guard on them, see?” She held them in front of my face and I nodded, understanding what she was saying. She smiled as she said “head down for me sweetie.” POP hummmmmmmmmmmmmm was all I heard. I tilted my head down but she had a hand on the back of my head, pushing it further until it reached my breasts.

I felt the cold blades of the clippers at the back of my neck, I shuddered then I heard a buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. She pushed them up. Higher and higher they went until, with a flick of her wrist, my hair fell to the floor, my eighteen inches now sat, still slightly damp. “Oh well.” I thought to myself. “No use crying over it.”

As she started another pass I closed my eyes again. Again and again she made passes and then stopped only to turn my chair slightly so she could have better access to my left ear. The constant buzz and the feel of them at my skin was so much better than anything I had experienced prior.

As she finished, she turned my chair back around so I faced the mirror. I wanted to do badly touch my newly shaved nape but I resisted. My mother always told me that a lady does not take her arms out from under the cape when at the beauty parlor. A lady sits still and waits until she is pronounced done. With that, Christina let me hair down and started combing it, getting all of the knots and tangles out. “See” she said, playfully. “Good as new.” I smiled and chuckled along.

She gathered all of my hair at the middle of my neck and took up her shears. “This is the worst bit hun, I promise.” She said as her shears went SCHINK SCHINK SCHINK. My hair immediately framed my face, coming down to just below my chin. “Oh, we’ll fix that, don’t worry.” She assured me. She then combed the back of my hair and SNIP SNIP SNIP little clumps of hair started to fall. SNIP SNIP SNIP. Combing and tugging until my chair was turned to the left and it began again. Little bits of wet blonde hair falling to the floor. I couldn’t contain my smile as I was turned to the right and it began again.

“Someone seems happy.” She said with a little amusement. “I’m finally free, what’s there not to be happy about.” I said, smiling openly at this point. She finished the right side and then turned me so my back faced the mirror. With her comb she brought my hair over my face. “This is it, I know what this is!” I was excited. Then my left eye was able to see. SNIP SNIP SNIP and my vision was cleared. I was turned around again and the girl who looked back at me was a completely different person. Bangs coming just above my arched brows, a long, slender neck. I looked stunning.

“We still have a ways to go.” Christina reminded me. “Oh yes! That’s right, it’s getting colored as well!” I remembered. Christina went off to the back room and came back with black rubber gloves on and a bowl of foul smelling brown paste, a brush lay in the bowl. “Now” she said as she grabbed the bowl in one hand and with the other, started moving the brush and mixing it further. “This may burn a bit hun, sorry.” She set down the bowl and picked up a comb, coming my hair flat in an even patting down my head. She picked up the bowl and started applying the color. As she deemed each section of my hair done, she would use the rat tail to make a line down my head that exposed the still blonde, completely dried hair. Soon my whole head was covered in it and it started to itch.

“Is it supposed to itch?” I asked, my scalp almost unbearable. “Yes, that means it’s taking well to the color. Hm, let’s start on your makeup!” She exclaimed and went into a drawer under the station, and pulled out lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, tweezers, eyeliner, and a pallet, as well as some foundation. “Close your eyes hun.” She said as she set the makeup down, and pulling a plastic cap over my head, then from the ceiling, a hooded dryer on a long extendable arm. The dryer covered my whole head, but she lifted the hood so my face was exposed. I did as I was told and closed me eyes.

After what felt like hours of rubbing, pulling, pulling, pinching, and smearing, the hood was lifted and I was told to open my eyes. When I did, the girl looking back at me looked even less like the previous ones. My brows arched further and ended in pencil thin lines. My eyes were lined delicately and eloquently, wings came ever so slightly off of my eyes. My lashes were full and broad. My face was clear of any blemish or redness. My cheeks were just barely rosey and my lips were a shade of pink that completely overpowered my natural shade and made them burst; full and alive.

Christina then beckoned me out of the chair one last time, pulling up the dryer and lead me to the shampooing station. Running the warm water over my now midnight black hair. I looked at myself in the mirror as she led me back to her station. I was radiantly gorgeous.

I sat down in her chair again and she fired up her blow dryer and took a brush, she started brushing my hair against the dryer, curling the ends in and then curling my new bangs so they lay coming off of my forehead.

Christina undid my cape and I immediately went to my shorn nape, feeling nothing but bristles gave me goosebumps. I got up and hugged her. Thanking her profusely for her help. I was going to be the marvel of prom tonight, I just knew it.

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