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We were kissing passionately hands roaming familiar paths in each other’s naked bodies. I tugged at his thick hair as he fondled me. I was becoming increasingly wet by the second. I wanted nothing but to take him inside me. Just as our heat of passion was becoming stronger, he lifted me up off the bed not leaving my lips alone. I straddled him as he carried me but I couldn’t care where he was taking me inside our house. He placed me on a chair beside the bed and he sat on my lap, littering my body with kisses. I moaned in ecstasy. I loved how my husband could turn me on every day. He grasped both my wrists behind the back of the chair as he ravished me. I was content to let him.

Just then I felt a tightening sensation around my arms. I stopped the kissing as I tugged my hands. They were tied with rope behind the chair.

I looked at him inquisitively, a question in my eyes. He smiled a crooked grin that sent chills down my spine. He got up from my lap and proceeded to bind my legs to the chair too, spreading my bare legs apart. I was confused.

“What are you doing, honey?”
He refused to reply as he disappeared behind my back. This was new to me. Was he planning on playing things up? BDSM? We have never done so before and though the idea was thrilling, I couldn’t help but feel a twinge of apprehension.
I heard him come up to me, but he was not in my plane of view as he was behind me. I heard the clank of metal as it was placed on a wooden table.
He came in front of me and I asked “What’s going – mmph!” I was silenced as he stuck a large strip of duct tape on my mouth. I could not make a sound. Though my fear heightened, I couldn’t help but feel butterflies in my abdomen as my crotch became wetter.
He spoke in a very foreboding tone, though there was a smile in his voice, “Don’t worry sweetie, you’re in good hands.”

Next second, I felt him grabbing hold of my hip length hair and felt him brushing them gently. I closed my eyes in relief. My husband did occasionally brush my hair, though not having me bound. I reveled in the sensation. He brushed out all the tangles and then placed the comb back on a table. He gathered all my hair into a low ponytail at the nape of my neck. He took another hair elastic and secured it somewhere lower on the ponytail.

And then came the ominous sound of the blades of scissors. SCHNICK, SCHNICK came the frightening sound right next to my ears. I jumped in terror, though I couldn’t control the arousing sensation between my legs. I wanted nothing but to have my hands relieved so I could stroke myself.

My eyes widened and my heart started pumping furiously when he grabbed hold of my ponytail. He kissed the nape of my neck and whispered in my ear, “Is that turning you on already?”
I had no idea how my husband knew about that. I moaned as he started shearing my silky hair. I can’t explain to you but the sound of scissors working through dry hair is one of the most arousing things on the planet.

The CRUNCH, CRUNCH of the scissors severing my ponytail was both the most intensely arousing and scary thing I had heard. One tiny part of my brain was frozen in shock. My hip-length silky black hair was being chopped in a matter of seconds.

The scissors snapped closed with a final crunch and I groaned. God, could somebody please stroke me down there?
My husband dangled the half-severed ponytail in front of me. Holy hell. Around half of my forty inches hair was dangling in front of my eyes from an hair elastic, but I couldn’t bring myself to mourn the loss of my long hair as my husband was intensely fingering my dripping clit. It was electrifying, the way he stroked my clit with his thumb faster and mercilessly pumping three fingers inside of me. He sucked at my breast and I was overcome with ecstasy. I groaned as I came into my husband’s fingers.

Only after the euphoria had subdued, could I feel the prickle of my newly shorn hair on my mid back. I had had long hair for a really long while and it was weird and a bit frightening to think about having my hair cut. But now the deed was done.

My husband grinned as he placed the shorn ponytail on my naked lap. I couldn’t take my eyes off it and I kept looking at it and feeling the prickle of my hair at my back, the arousal started to build up again. My heart was fluttering rapidly and I longed to have my husband inside me.

Just as I was wondering where he had gone off to and why he hadn’t let me go yet, I felt a gentle caress on my bare shoulder. I jerked in surprise and turned to see my husband looking at me with a manic glint in his eyes. He stood in front of me, scissors in hand. He stroked my clit and my eyes fluttered shut. Damn, that felt good.

He spoke softly, “How come you never told me you had a haircut fetish?”

I couldn’t respond to him as I was busy getting aroused by his fingering.

He whispered in my ear, “You didn’t respond to me honey and I am going to punish you for that.”

My eyes flew open as I whimpered, from fear of what he was going to do next or the vigorous stroking I couldn’t tell.

He went behind me and grabbed my half shorn ponytail again. Before I could comprehend what he was doing to me, he pushed my neck forward and pulled the ponytail taut as he plunged the scissors into my hair as he swiftly severed the hair from my head. CRUNCH, CRUNCH, CRUNCH!

My head was getting dizzy with pleasure at that sound. The release of tension hair by hair was astoundingly arousing. A cascade of dry silky hair was let loose from its band and it rained in front of me on to my hard nipples. I couldn’t believe what he was doing! If hair could fall on my face, my hair was probably shoulder length or shorter now! The thought was so arousing that I moaned so loud in pleasure. It was the definition of lust and arousal. It was taking a while for him to cut through the whole ponytail. Finally, FINALLY, the scissors snapped closed with a loud crunch and all my cut hair fell on my shoulders and my back. Being naked, it felt extremely prickly and so damn arousing. My husband took the second ponytail along with the first and threw it aside. He untied the ropes binding my legs and lifted me up as he kneeled on the chair and placed me above his lap. My hands were still tied so it was awkward but my need for release overrided my pain.

He thrust into me in one complete push and I was trembling as the duct tape was still on my mouth. He tore the tape off of me and my lips smarted as it became swollen. He crashed his mouth into mine and swallowed my cry of pain and pleasure. He pumped hard and fast and I couldn’t get enough of it. He sucked at my breast as I buried my face into his hair. My newly shorn hair fell in front of my face as I whimpered, “Please, faster!”
He obliged, every thrust searing into me. As my pleasure heightened to an unfound degree, I climaxed and the rush of fluid and my clenching around him made him come almost simultaneously. We moaned and groaned together, as tidal waves of ecstasy crashed through our bodies. I slumped onto him and he kissed me gently, spent.

He ran his hands through my freshly cut hair and the feeling of mild shock set in. He whispered to me in between kisses, “I love how you look with short hair.”

I was still stunned but not very bothered about it as I asked him to untie me. He obliged. I stood up and walked on shaky legs to my dresser with the full-length mirror.
A pretty woman with healthy curves stood before me. But what was shocking was the silky hair that fell about one inch below my shoulder. I turned my head to the side to get a good angle and soft hair rustled in front of my shoulder. That was strange and arousing in itself.
I ran a hand through my hair and my heart beat stopped for a second as my hand ran out of hair to run fingers through as I was not accustomed to short hair.

My husband came from behind me and pulled me into a hug and stared at the mirror with me.
“You look sexy, baby.”

I smiled wickedly as I replied feistily, “I know.”

He grinned “I can’t believe I gave you an amazing haircut the first time. Maybe we should do this often and skip visiting salons. I think I may be developing a fetish for haircuts too.”

I kissed him and he responded, our tongues dancing. I let go and pulled a t his bottom lip with my teeth. I looked at him and said, “If it means I get the most amazing sex as my reward, you’re always welcome.”
We went to our bed, a tangle of limbs as we engaged in foreplay again. I was too aroused by the feeling of my blunt hair on my shoulders to sleep. I was curious though.
“How did you know I have this fetish?”

He smiled sheepishly, “Don’t yell now, but I read through your diary. I saw you had written a story which played out almost the same as we did just now. I wanted you to enjoy your fetish and not be ashamed of hiding it.”

I was touched and I pecked him on his lips. He added, “Also, I knew it was a huge turn on for you, so I might have just been looking for ideas on sexing things up in bed tonight.”
I laughed, “Oh yeah, that I believe.”


It had been almost an hour since my impromptu haircut and we were just lying in bed, happy to be in each other’s arms when suddenly my husband said “Hey I have an idea. Come on, get up!”

I was confused but went along. He stood beside the same chair waiting expectantly. I was apprehensive. I didn’t want to have any more of my hair cut. But the angel and the devil can be too much at war sometimes and my lust made me choose to follow the devil. This was going to be the best night ever.

My husband smiled invitingly as I sat down. He pulled a white towel around my neck and tied it securely. At least, there weren’t any ropes now.

He brushed my hair which was a ridiculously simple task now, what with the short hair. The feeling of the comb ending so many inches above where it usually ended was getting me wet all over again.

He then parted my hair from ear to ear and clipped them. I wondered when my husband had become oh-so-professional.

Then he took the scissors and my clitoris buzzed in response. This time, I had my hands free and I could stroke myself.

SCHNICK, SCHNICK, SCHNICK. The cold blades of the scissors touched the nape of my neck and hair pieces rained down my back. My stroking was becoming increasingly vigorous as I had two fingers thrusting into me and my eyes closed in pleasure. He trimmed and adjusted with a few snips then undid the clip. He brushed the front portion and then parted the hair to the side. He sectioned a small portion of the hair and with the scissors placed diagonally at my eye level, snipped at my hair. He then made a few trims and I moaned and he kissed me, drinking me in.

He then untied me and I stood before the mirror. He had given me a stylish lob haircut with soft side bangs. It was ultra-stylish and I loved how it looked on me. I felt for my neck and felt a slight jolt as there was even lesser hair than before.

My husband came up to me and said, “I understand why you find haircuts so damn arousing now. I couldn’t stop from earlier and I had to snip at it again.”

I looked at my husband and smiled chidingly, “Careful, if this goes on, I might end up with a pixie cut.”

He looked at me with a feral glint in his eyes and I hastened to correct, “Not on your life! I draw the line at lob haircuts.”

My husband smiled gently, “Don’t worry honey. I always love to have some hair to grab on to when we’re on bed.”
I sighed in relief, “Good. Now, get in the shower with me. All this hair on my body is too annoyingly arousing.”

Before I could enter the shower though, my husband grabbed me from behind and pulled me into the bed. That’s my man!

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