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[this is my first time writing a story so I apologize if it well sucks this idea just came to me and I decided to get in down before I forgot it either way enjoy]

It had been two months since I died and well things started to get boring honestly sure Heaven is nice and all though a little weird so I left my “house” and went exploring. When I said weird I mean there is a part for both sex and fetishes which I did not expect to be here so I guess I should admit I have a fetish for hair long hair, cutting hair, shaving heads while I never got to indulge in my fantasy’s in my life so I planed on doing something here. I was thinking about just finding a fake human people created by heaven usually as people who are not dead yet or from a real persons imagination anyway I was going to find one and bring them to a secluded spot and shave her there but then I spotted a door with a familiar sound resonating inside.

Yes the sound of clippers buzzing away sweet harmony to my ears the door was simply entitled fetish type: hair which is not very original of a name but I did not care I took a deep breath and entered inside. It was one of those pure white voids you usually see in heaven with people wondering about holding silver cases I immediately recognized as being ones home barbers use after taking a few steps I felt something brush up beside me it was long blond hair freshly cut on the floor I was about to pick it up when I heard someone start speaking to me. When I looked up there was a lady she was a fake human they are often marked that way above their heads so people knew she had long brown waist length hair that looked perfectly cared for “Hello welcome to hair fetish please accept this gift and enjoy yourself” She provided me with one of the cases. She then stood there smiling patiently seemingly expecting me to do something I asked her what she wanted and she picked a long lock of her hair and looked at the case she gave me she told me to do as I please.

My heart was racing out of confusion I asked her if she wanted me to shave her head she nodded and my heart skipped a beat I opened the case and saw all the tools I needed scissors,razors,clippers,etc of all different types at my disposal. I looked around and saw a small crowd gathering to watch the event occur as if it was some kind of initiation I even recognized some major hair video producers from the internet during the period of time I was alive. I took out a sharp pair of scissors and took hold the lock she was holding in front of me it was a soft as it looked my heart was about to burst out of my chest as I lined up the scissors along the lock of hair and took a snip. The crunch of the scissors the stands of the lock separating it was a huge rush the crowd cheered as I held the lock in my hands the lady smiled at me but I knew the fun was far from over.

I decided to bob her hair first since you could tell where I cut her hair from I brushed her hair to her shoulders and angled the the scissors I began cutting from one side to the other the hair falling onto the floor softly I was so happy this was happening every snip felt like well heaven. After a couple of minuets her waist length hair was now a long bob which came out way better then it should have so I was pleased with it I knew it was time so I grabbed the clippers and put on the number 0 I took a deep breath and turned them on. The clippers roared to life as the crowd watched in excitement knowing I should not disappoint them I brushed back her bangs and shaved a straight line right down the middle leaving only little tiny hairs where there use to be long shiny hair. What hair use to be there fell behind her sticking to the back of her hair making it look almost longer. I took another swipe and another and another until there was nothing left but all those little tiny hairs I knew I was not done yet.

I took the shaving cream and razor out of the case and sprayed the cream on her head I proceeded to later her head in it once it was perfect I took the razor and began carefully shaving her head. the razor gliding along her head as I went along it was not long before I was done I cleaned her head and looked upon my master piece and crowd applauded at the result of the smooth bald head I created the lady thanked me and walked away i watched her for a minute as i then saw her hair magically grow back ready for the next person to shave feeling complete I walked on looking for someone else to shave in this wonderful place.

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