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Priyanka (Priya) was self-centred and egoistic had hair length below her knees until she across her classmates when she attended the New Year party being held at her colony. Her friends, who were insulted by her during her school days, attending the party too. Priya was put in a situation where she got herself caught and her classmates bought her hair length as well as her egoism down.

Priya was made to undergo pleasure and pain so much that she turned out to be a masochist slave and signed a contract with the men to be their masochist slave. Priya has till now had her hair length reduced up to her butt level all around except the nape where her hair lays at mid-back level. Also a dildo is stuck up her ass with her hair stuck to its bottom which makes it look like Priya has a tail. Priya has experienced about 5-7 orgasms till now and is very sensitive to touch, so in order to keep her steady the men have suspended her with a rope and made her to sit on a stool.

Priya is now a slave at the hand of her masters and not the self-centred and egoistic person she was before. Her training to get full submission continues..

The men were in no control now as they had got themselves a slave with whom they could do anything. The men first started using verbal abuses. They called her all the bad names they knew at her. They justly held her responsible for what the men had become as it was her lie which had got them suspended from school and their careers destroyed. But Priya was not hearing any of this.. She was enjoying the pleasures being given by the vibrating dildo which was up her ass. This dildo also had her cut hair stuck to it as tail. The men teased her for having a tail and termed her as a bitch with overgrown hair on her head who would be punished for being unhygienic. Seeing that Priya was engrossed in her own world of pleasure, the men got agitated.

They bought all her hair to her front blinding her sight. Priya became nervous now. They then took the top middle part of hair on her head, i.e. at the crown level, made it into a bun and pinned it at the crown level. Enough hair was left in front to give her heavy bangs and also hair around 1” above her ears were left free to be snipped off. Her puke and scat covered saree was still beneath her to catch all her clippings from her 3rd cut. The remaining hair was divided into 5 equal parts to be cut.

One was the front part above the forehead, next two the hair between the forehead to front of her ear on both sides and the last two the hair between the nape and back of the ear on both sides. To Priya’s horror, it was decided each person can cut his section of hair anyway he wants. This created a sense of excitement among both Priya and the men and they started gathering what they required. One guy took the scissors, other a 3-bladed razor, other a clipper, other a straight razor and the last guy a waxing kit.

The guy with scissors decided to go last. The others jumped in to ravage the remainder of Priya’s gorgeous hair. The guys with razors and clippers cut the hair with their tools as they liked. The pile of cut hair had started growing bigger and bigger and eventually there was so much hair on the floor that floor was not visible in Priya’s cut off strands of hair lying on the floor. While the razor guys were cutting Priya’s hair, other men were telling them, “Look you missed a strand of hair here” thus making the length shorter and shorter on her sides! While clippers were running on her temple, Priya reached her climax at a fast pace and her body shook when she came. The men with razors stopped for a few seconds before resuming their work. Finally after a long time for Priya, her hair stopped raining.

Priya’s hair was in various shapes all around her ears. The razor side had 1” of hair left whereas the clipper guy had just left ¼” of her hair. The waxing guy was getting ready to his cut and everywhere were interested in what he would do. The waxing kit guy didn’t use his kit at all! Instead he started plucking her hair. No wonder it would be painful for Priya, but Priya was getting aroused by the pain passing through her and she was at the verge of another orgasm. But just before she could experience it, her feet were bound by the ropes which had passed through the hoops and they hoisted her upside down again.

The guy continued plucking the hair. Priya came while she was still hanging upside-down and her moans were muffled out as the panties were still in her mouth. At last the waxing guy finished and later the others applied shaving cream on the sides of Priya’s head and shaved the stubbles and remaining hair off. Again the waxing was done to ensure smoothness on both sides of her head around her ears. By the time her sides were waxed, Priya had yet another orgasm.

Priya was again rested on the chair and her top bun was released. All her hair cascaded around her crown. The released bun hid the shaved part completely. The men then complemented the thinking of the barber, Shaym, to pin up the hair into a bun. Priya’s mind calmed down as she didn’t experience another pleasure in the time her hair was being combed. Priya still couldn’t believe this was happening to her. She wanted to experience pleasure but not at the cost of her precious hair.

She still had love for her hair and she was not ready to lose them. She had thought that she could save her hair by being their slave and enjoy sexual intercourse but the men had not penetrated her even once. The only thing in her was a dildo which was now her tail. She wanted to save her remaining amount of hair and decided to do something to save them.

She pleaded her captors by making puppy eyes to let her and her hair go, at least she could salvage something from the remaining amount of hair left on her head. Seeing her tearing eyes, they teased her further by saying Puppy wants some water and then force-fed her the vodka. But Priya still kept making these eyes hoping the men would release her sooner rather than later but it enraged them. They again suspended her upside down and they started clearing Priya’s mould around her pussy.

The mould was so thick that it was clear that it was never trimmed. The pubic hair was first trimmed with scissors, later with clippers and then it was shaved, once with the straight razor and thrice with the 3 bladed razor. Priya’s pussy was completely exposed. It still had some minute stubble which called the waxing guy into action again and he enjoyed tormenting her. Finally her pussy was as smooth as it was before puberty struck her. Priya was almost at the verge of another orgasm but the men kept stopping at right time to avoid her from experiencing it. Priya got enraged again and started to say something through her muffled mouth.

One of the men removed the panties from her mouth and she said, “Are you real men or what? You don’t want to fuck me? Are you gays? Why don’t you all fuck me? Are you all pussies? Does any one of you have a dick so he can fuck me? FUCK ME you all God damn it!” The men were calm and composed while Priya was still blurting out the thinks that just came to her head. Finally, one of the men shut her mouth by stuffing her panties back into it and Priya stopped from talking.

Then one of them went close to her face and asked her, “Are you not our slave?”

Priya nodded.

He continued, “Didn’t you give us permission to do what we want with you and any part of your body?”

Priya nodded. She didn’t knew where this was going but she felt she shouldn’t have said those words.

The guy continued, “Do you want to be fucked? Are you sure you can handle us? US ALL?”

Priya was now a bit confused. She blurted out of anger and desperation that she wanted to be fucked but what did he mean by handle us all she wondered. She had returned to her previous egoistic self and thought they must have tiny dicks, hence they were not fucking her. After thinking all this she gave another nod.

The guy, own with a smile on his face and seeing the smile on the face of all his co-conspirators, said slowly, “We’ll fuck you in any way we want, any time we want and anywhere we want. Do you agree?”

Priya was now completely back to her own self. Her eyes showed the words which were running in her mind “Bring it on” her eyes said. But the men waited till she nodded. The after she nodded, this clause was added to her previous contract, she was bought down and made to sit on her stool and her signature was got on the contract.

As soon as Priya signed the updated contract, the men burst with joy and got ready to fuck her. They had a round of champagne and made Priya gulp some more of her same old vodka which had her piss, vomit and scat in it. Priya had a lurch in her stomach by seeing the way the men had reacted and just got a bit nervous. Maybe she had bit more than she could swallow…

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