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Our Reader Score [Total: 88   Average: 2.9/5]It started out as a night like any other.  My friends and I were drinking beers talking about where we would be heading that night downtown.  We settled on a bar called the Big Easy as our first stop of the...
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Priya’s Odyssey – Chapter-3

Our Reader Score [Total: 52   Average: 2.3/5]Priyanka (Priya) was self-centred and egoistic had hair length below her knees until she across her classmates when she attended the New Year party being held at her colony. Her friends, who were insulted by her during her school days, attending...
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Priya’s Odyssey – Chapter-2

Our Reader Score [Total: 50   Average: 2.1/5]In the first chapter, Priyanka’s (Priya’s) below knee length hair was shortened to waist length at the back by her classmates as a punishment for her. Her female classmates left the building thinking the punishment inflicted on her was over, but...
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Priya’s Odyssey – The beginning

Our Reader Score [Total: 40   Average: 2.1/5]Priyanka was a straight ace student ever since high school. She had always come first in her class ever since 8th standard. Since she didn’t have many competition for securing the top spot in her class, she turned out to be...
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Our Reader Score [Total: 12   Average: 3.1/5]We hebben elkaar lang niet gesproken. Nou ja, gesproken, daar klopt niets van. Hij en ik, we hebben elkaar nog nooit gezien. Het enige dat we tot nu toe gedaan hebben is chatten. Chatten over de passie die hij en ik...
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Our Reader Score [Total: 10   Average: 2.1/5]Vera, een jonge dame van 23 lentes jong, draagt haar lange blonde haren – los reikend tot aan haar stuitbeentje – in een tweetal vlechten, als ze bij haar vriendin Anne langs gaat. Anne, een kortharige brunette van eveneens 23 lentes...
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