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It started out as a night like any other.  My friends and I were drinking beers talking about where we would be heading that night downtown.  We settled on a bar called the Big Easy as our first stop of the night. When we arrived I rushed to the bar to buy a drink.  Those beers were already starting to wear off.  Soon I saw some buddies that had come to the bar separately.  After a few more shots with them I turned to look for my friends.  They were nowhere to be found!  After I had checked the whole bar, I was certain they had left without me, but that was my plan all along.  Just before I had gone out to join them I had been checking up on a fetish forum that I liked to visit and I had learned that a new fetish club had just opened up in the downtown area.  It was quite a walk from where I was at the moment, but from what I had read the club didn’t really get going until 1am.

After about a 30 minute walk I arrived at the club.  The sign read “Denials.”  Dressed in a polo, jeans, and loafers, I looked pretty normal, it was the ideal look for going out to most of the bars downtown.  I soon realized that I would have a difficult time fitting in at “Denials,” though.  Many of the people I saw in line were decked out in leather, or covered in tattoos or piercings.  I was glad I hadn’t tried to invite my friends, who knows what kind of kinky things would go on in this place!

When I got through the line, I noticed that the inside seemed like the normal club downtown.  Popular electronic music that I recognized from college blasted over the speakers and people were grinding all over the dance floor.  There was even a bar with normal looking bartenders.  I asked for a whiskey ginger.  The bartender passed me my drink and said, “You look a little out of place here.  We don’t have many people walked in dressed like the typical partier.” I asked the bartender “What’s the point of this place anyways? I’ve never seen any crowd like this.”  He answered, “It’s a place where people can meet other kinks who share their interests.  You know how some people have things for goths or tattooed girls? Well they can come here and meet each other.  Not everyone likes to hangout with completely normal people every night ya know?  Sometimes they need a little variety.  Get down like a freak.  Everyone’s got a little freak inside of them.”  He turned away to serve another customer, so I decided to find a table, and people watch.  It was then that I saw her.  She was exactly what I hoped I would find.  She was tall and slender, maybe 5”8 without her heels, and 120, but she had sizable breasts and an ass to match.  And the kicker was the long purple wig she was wearing.  It had blunt bangs that ended just above her eyes.  Just the type of girl I was looking for.  I had always had a thing for women wearing wigs.  It was so unique, so…kinky.  I had seen a few other times that I had been downtown, but with my friends around I had always been afraid they would see me, so I denied myself the luxury of talking to them.  But this time, I was all alone.  I walked up to her, “Hey, I like your skirt!”  She turned around and I could see that her face matched the rest of her body…beautiful, with blue eyes and light skin, she looked like a model. “Thanks,” she said, “but this is actually a skort, you know skirt in the front, shorts in the back?”  “Oh yeah, how could I make that mistake?  I have like 4 at home!”  She had a confused look on her face and then I realized the setting I was in!  “Oh, I was just kidding, I don’t actually dress like a woman ever, just a little sarcasm.”  She laughed, “Oh man and to think I’m into guys who cross dress.  Just kidding.”

After that I bought her a couple drinks and we kept talking.  Her name was Emma and she had come to this club with some friends from school, but they had already found the guys they were looking for or had left for a different club.  She had just about been ready to leave when I had approached her.  We danced to a few songs and just before the club DJ announced, “Denials is closing in 10 minutes!”, she asked, “what are you doing later?”  “Nothing, why?”  “Want to come back to my place?  My roommates are all out tonight.”  “Sure!”  Wow, my first night at Denials and I was already going home with a girl!  Quite the improvement over my previous trips downtown.

I called us an Uber and we headed back to her place, chatting and exchanging numbers in the backseat.  We didn’t want to get too voyeuristic on our first night together! When we arrived at her house, Emma unlocked the door.  I held it open for her as she walked in, and as I shut it she asked, “So what is a guy like you doing at a place like denials?”  I felt my face turn red.  I had only ever admitted my fetish to one other person, and that was when I was really stoned one night in college trying to hook up with a short haired girl I had met.  The only other people who knew were some of my buddies who had logged onto my computer in college, but they just laughed and made fun of me for a while, when they just assumed I had moved on to other porn.  I gulped, “Well I guess I have to fess up.  I love unique hairstyles on women, and wigs just happen to be one of my fetishes.  I had seen some women with wigs downtown, heard about this new club and figured what the hell!”  Emma grabbed me and pulled my face close to hers, “God, I love it when a man is honest!”  We began passionately making out and slowly made our way to her living room couch.  Just before things got too heated I asked, “Wait, so what are you doing at Denials?  And why would you want to go home with a normal guy like me?”  “You didn’t really think I thought you were normal did you?  After all, no purely normal guy would go into a place like Denials.  I knew you had some reason you came and talked to me, I pretty much assumed it was my wig, because that is the only thing that is different about me.”  “Wow, pretty and smart huh,” I said, “Sounds like I got pretty lucky on my first night at Denials!”  “Pretty lucky?” She asked jokingly.  Then she pulled me close and whispered into my ear, “You are about to get a lot more lucky.  How do you feel about haircutting?”  She asked.  My heart skipped a beat.  Haircutting was my favorite fantasy.  I couldn’t imagine a more sexual thing to do.  I blushed and whispered back, “I could dig it.”  “Follow me.”

Emma grabbed my hand and led me to the basement door.  We walked downstairs and we were in the middle of a bedroom.  But then she turned to the right and walked down a hallway and stopped at the first door on the right. “I keep this door locked so my roommates don’t go in here.  Its my little secret.”  She unlocked the door and turned the lights on.  Inside there was a barber’s chair opposite the door, and it was facing a desk with a mirror hanging over it.  All around the rest of the room were shelves with Styrofoam heads with various wigs on them.  I walked into the middle of the room mesmerized by all the wigs.  I heard a laugh come from behind me and the sound of the door shut, “It seems like you like my secret room.”  I laughed awkwardly, “That’s an understatement.”  “Well, did you even notice the tools on the desk?” She asked.  I turned and looked, there were scissors of all sizes, combs, brushes, even 4 pairs of clippers, razors, shaving cream, and other bottles and lotions whose purpose I could not divine.  Emma walked behind the barber’s chair and slowly turned it around to face me.  Some force drove me to sit down in it.  Emma walked in front of me and asked with a sly grin, “So, what kind of haircut do you want today, Mr. Normal?”  I winked back and replied, “I thought I was gonna be giving you the haircut tonight?”  “Well seeing as it is my house and all….”  “But isn’t the rule ladies first?” She laughed and said with a smile, “My house my rules.”  “Then I guess you get to decide my haircut.”  “And you can decide mine,” she replied.  “Now where will I start?”  She turned the chair so that I was looking away from the mirror, at a wall full of her wig collection.  My hair wasn’t very long, so it was not as it my change would be incredibly drastic.  Then again, I still didn’t know what her hair looked like!  The thought of my impending haircut as well as the possibility that my barberette was already bald was making my hard.  “Go ahead and let your little cock out, I know he wants to play.”  I quickly unzipped my pants, only to hear the sound of clippers buzzing in the background.  “I’ve decide on a simple buzzcut,” Emma said.  “No need to go too far yet!”  She bent over the back of the chair and grabbed my cock, all while placing the clippers at my forehead. “Now how about a haircut?”  She pulled the clippers back over my head and started jerking me off at the same time.  It was an amazing hand job, because she had squeezed some lube into her hand while I was turned around.  Not only that, but the feeling of the clippers over my scalp was stimulating me to my core.  My hair fell in clumps down my shoulders, but all I could think of was how vibration on my head and the sensual hand job that I was receiving.  Just as I was about to cum in her hand, Emma let go of my cock and turned the clippers off.  “Now see how you look!”  She turned me around.  I hadn’t had a buzzcut in ages, but it didn’t look bad.  I rubbed my hands over it and got excited by the fuzz that was left.  “I only buzzed you with about a 3.  Not too short, but just short enough.”  She winked.  “Now its my turn for a haircut I suppose!”  I stood up and let her get in the chair.  “What about your wig?” I asked, “are you going to take that off?”  She slid out of the chair and got on her knees in front of me, “Why don’t you do it?” She whispered.  Then she engulfed my cock in her mouth.  I grabbed onto her wig with both hands and slowly lifted it off.  Before I could see what was underneath, I closed my eyes and my cock pulsed and exploded into her mouth.  I simply could not last after that amazing hand job and haircut.

When I opened my eyes, I saw that underneath was a specialized wig cap.  Emma gulped down my cum and licked the tip a few times, “Just in case there was any extra,” she said as she smiled.  Then she reached up and pulled off her wig cap.  Beneath that was a mound of long blond hair, that had been pinned up to stay flat under the wig.  As she took out the pins, her hair cascaded down over her covered breasts.  “So, how do you like your canvas?” She asked.  “It’s gorgeous,” I replied, “Are you sure you want me to cut it?”  Emma stood up and pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her size c breasts and perfect nipples.  “Well now fair is fair.  You let me cut your hair how you liked so now you get to cut my hair how you like.  You can use anything on that table.”  She sat down in the chair and I turned her to the face the wall just as she had done with me.  I then took off my shirt and glanced at the desk.  There were all types of scissors and clippers.  I knew what I wanted to do though.  I grabbed the biggest pair of clippers she had, and yanked the guard off of them.  Before I started, I decided to rummage through the drawers just to see if there were any clippers that would be better for the job.  I didn’t find any, but I did find a vibrator.  I grabbed it and approached the chair.  I flicked on the clippers and watched her shudder.  She must’ve thought I was going to go easy on her.  I turned the vibrator on and leaned over the back of the chair and whispered in her ear, “Are you ready for a haircut?” as I leaned down a rubbed the vibrator on her pussy.  She bit her lip and kissed me.  I pushed the vibrator into her pussy and then brought the clippers to her forehead.  Over their buzz I heard her ask nervously, “No guard?”  I let my actions reply, as I moved them right down the center of her head.  A perfectly white swath shown through where there used to be a center part.  As I buzzed away her hair, I massaged her pussy with the vibrator, feeling my cock grow harder as her blonde hair cascaded to the floor.  When I had left her with a bald patch on the top of her head and hair on the sides I gave control of the vibrator to her.  I gathered up her remaining hair in a ponytail and slowly clippered the pony tail off.  I then turned off the unguarded clippers.  She now was completely bald on the top of her head, but with a short bob on the sides and back.  She laughed as she reached up and felt the top of her head.  “This is one weird haircut.  What are you trying to make me look like eh?”  “I grabbed the #5 guard and placed it over the clippers and turned them on again.  I then buzzed the remainder of her long bob away, leaving her with short fuzz around the sides and back of her head, and completely bald on top.  “Oh I see now, she said, do you want me to have some sort of pattern baldness haircut?  That could be pretty sexy.”  “Well,” I replied, “I wasn’t going to stop, but if you think it’s hot…”  I picked up the smallest pair of clippers and another pair of wireless clippers which were more robust.  As I approached the front of the chair, Emma once again slid out of it onto her knees.  The top of her head beamed in the light as she looked up and asked, “Well what are you waiting for, finish this cut Mr.!”  She took me in her mouth and I had to catch myself before I turned on the smallest pair of clippers.  I slowly buzzed a thin line in her hair so that a  ½ inch thick strip was separating the bald top of her head from the rest of her buzzed hair all the way around her head.  Then I flicked on the biggest clippers and buzzed all of the remaining stubble away.  All the while Emma was sucking me off.  It was a very difficult haircut to manage, but somehow I finished it.  Just I flicked off the clippers, I could feel myself about to climax.  I guess that Emma could too, because she let my cock slide out of her mouth and let my spill my cum onto her bald head.  She then reached up with one finger and ran it through all of my cum.  She put her finger in her mouth and smiled, “You are still so tasty.”

I grabbed a towel and wiped off her head and she stood up to look at the remnants of her hair.  “Wow,” she said, “this is so unique! Almost like a tiara or something!”  “Yeah, I wanted to make you look like a princess,” I said with a blush.  Then I kneeled down underneath her and touched my tongue to her pussy.  She squirmed then slowly began sitting down onto my mouth.  She leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth once more.  Laying there in 69 we both sucked each other until we were ready for some more sexual deviance.  She grabbed the vibrator off of the barber’s chair and stood up, grabbing the lube off the desk as she rose to her feet.  I stood up and embraced her, meeting her lips with mine, and moving my hand up to explore her crowning glory.  As I kissed her neck she said, “I want you to take me in the ass.” She turned the vibrator on and pushed into her pussy.  As she moaned she lathered my cock with lube and turned around to place her hands on the desk.  I slowly entered her asshole.  It was so tight, clearly this was new territory for her.  As I entered her, she moaned more and more.  Slowly I began to work back and forth, as she kept saying “Harder. Harder. “Harder!”  I felt her body shudder with orgasm.  I pulled myself out of her ass and replaced m cock with the vibrator.  The I entered her dripping, juicy pussy.  I felt her orgasm as I pumped back and forth.  I increased my pace and my force, and again she came.  Finally she pushed off of the desk and we landed in the barber’s chair with her on top in reverse cowgirl.  I moved my hands over her tiara as she rode me back and forth.  Finally as she felt my cock pulse, she stood up off my manhood and allowed my seed once more to spill all over her scalp.  It dripped down into her tiara.  An I settled back into the chair with exhaustion.  She stood up, clearly ready for more!  She looked in the mirror and said “Wow, your delicious cum makes this tiara look like its actually got gemstones in it.”  We both laughed, and once again she reached up to touch the cum on her head while simultaneously stooping down to pick up the vibrator.  “Do you think you can go again?” She asked, as she pushed the barber’s chair so that I was once more facing the wall?”  “I really don’t know,” I said.  “Well,“ she said, as she spun the chair around again, “put your butt in the air for me!”  I didn’t really know what to expect but I turned around and put my chest on the back of the chair, so that my ass was out facing her.  I felt her approach me and saw her finger reach around.  She pushed it into my mouth.  She just made me eat my own cum!  As I was coming to terms with the fact she had made me taste myself, I felt something slick slide into my asshole.  “What are you doing?” I asked rather timidly.  “You’ll soon see,” she replied as her finger slid into my mouth again.  This time I could taste her sweet juices.  “Tell me how this feels,” she said, as the vibrator she had just slid into my ass turned on.

It felt amazing, and once more my cock was standing at attention, but it was also relaxing at the same time.  She walked around to the front of the chair and looked me in the eyes and said “Now its your turn to clean me up, or else your cute little butthole may get more than just a vibrator.”  She then bent her head down in front of me indicating that I should lick my cum off her bald scalp.  I satisfied my ultimate fetish by licking her bald scalp.  I had never considered during my fantasies that I may be swallowing my own cum as well, but I was so aroused I didn’t notice. When her scalp was glistening with from my tongue, she turned around and I licked her tiara and her nape to make sure they were slick, shiny clean as well.  Then she stood up, and placed her pussy at my mouth.  I licked all of her cum off her lips, and her thighs greedily swallowing her sweet juice in between gasping from the stimulation of my ass.  Finally, she turned and presented her asshole.  I made sure that was clean too, flicking my tongue in and out of her tight asshole. Curiously, it tasted much like a blue raspberry candy, which I could only guess was because of the lube.  When all the lube had been licked off her asshole, she knelt once again and kissed me.  Flicking her tongue deep inside my mouth.  When I put my tongue in hers, she sucked on it and ran her hands through my buzzed scalp.  She pulled away and stood up and walked around the barber’s chair.  I felt the sensation in my ass climb as her tongue explored my engorged ass.  She pulled the vibrator from my butt and flicked her tongue around my asshole, cleaning it of any lube that remained.  I began to stroke myself as her tongue probed my asshole.  Finally she stopped and told me to sit back in the chair.

I turned around and sat back down, amazed at how many curious new experiences I had had tonight.  I kept stroking myself and Emma squired some of her blue raspberry lube onto my cock.  As my erection grew hard, she prepared herself to ride me once more when she said,”I think there is one thing I can do to make it better hold on a few minutes.”  She grabbed a few of the wigs off of the Styrofoam heads as she bounced out of the room and shut the door. I sat in the barber’s chair slowly stroking my cock wondering what could come next!

A few minutes later, the door opened, and my cock immediately stood at attention as I saw Emma walk in wearing a pink bob wig with short bangs just below her hairline.  “What do you think?” She asked.  “Wow, I need to be inside of you!”  She mounted me on the chair and rode me back and forth as I thrusted deep inside of her.  I reached up and grabbed her wig, but she whispered “not yet,” so I fingered her pussy instead.  I felt her climax and then climax again.  I moved one hand up and massaged her nape, watching as she experienced the newly exposed erogenous zone, but as I moved my hand farther to take off her wig, she came again and said, “not yet!”  Just as we were about to cum in unison, I grabbed her wig and pulled it off.  It came off so fast, I then I saw why;  Her head was slick, shiny, bald! We both came and she climbed off of me.  “Wow,” I said, “that was surprising.  I thought you liked the tiara style?”  “Well, I thought about dying it a different color, or shaving my eyebrows, but then I remembered that I bought this new depilation gel.  It’s suppose to close the hair follicles for a really smooth shave.”  She knelt down and rubbed her slick bald head all over my cock, which was dripping with cum.  The smoothness of her scalp felt amazing.  “Wow,” I said as she slowly rubbed her denuded scalp along my shaft, “it’s almost like you never had any hair at all.”  “Well, the tub said it was permanent…” As soon as those words left her mouth my cock let out one final squirt, all over her smooth scalp.  As she rubbed her hands over her head, covering them in my cum, she said, “but luckily I have a friend who just mailed me a new serum,” as she licked the cum off of her fingers.


To be continued….

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