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The Experimental Robot

Karen was a college student working with Professor Thomas Hardison.  He was a genius engineer and a great scientist, and Karen was very passionate about him and his interests.  Hardison for years had felt that people in the engineering and science communities had never respected his abilities, and yet, he felt that he was one of the most acclaimed academics in the US.  He knew that to get the recognition that he desired, he would need to invent something that could draw the envy of every other scientist and engineer. Only then would he gain the respect that he thought he deserved.

One day, Karen walked into Professor Hardison’s office to conduct research on human hair follicles, which was Hardison’s current area of interest.  After she was there for several hours, she began to wonder why Hardison had not shown up. She walked down the hall to the office for the Dean of Science only to learn that Hardison had decided to take and extended leave of absence.  He would be one all semester, and possibly all year! Karen was downtrodden, for she felt that Professor Hardison had abandoned their research, after they had spent all summer working on it.  She was even more disappointed, because she had a romantic interest in Hardison, despite the fact that he was happily married and had never shown any interest in her.  Her schedule had even included 2 classes with Hardison, which would now be taken over by other faculty members.  Surely she would not get as good of grades in those classes!  She was heartbroken he had left and spent much of the last two weeks of summer sobbing in her dorm room.

The fall semester came and went.  Karen began researching with other professors, but never forgot about Hardison and his hair follicle research.  During Christmas break, Karen stayed at college, and used the time to break out the research notebooks that she and Hardison had been using during the summer.  They had been trying to figure out if hair growth could be stimulated in someone who had been rendered permanently bald, rather through natural or artificial means.  Hardison had hoped that he could find a chemical that would allow people to regrow their hair!  Karen read through all the lab notebooks and realized that perhaps they could have had a break through.  Several chemicals showed promise, but when Hardison left, their research had concluded and they had not looked into the promising new chemicals.  Karen, however, did not have the expertise of Hardison and knew that only he could solve the conundrum.

During the spring semester, Karen’s life changed greatly.  She met a boy and they began dating.  He took her to his formals and she was happier than ever, but she still felt like she needed some mental stimulation from time to time.  However, few professors in the science department were conducting research, and those that were had already found their student assistants.  Karen, then, had only her classes and new boyfriend to keep her occupied, and when she wasn’t thinking about any of those things, she was thinking about Professor Hardison.  No one had heard from him in almost a whole year, and the school was beginning to think he might not return to his tenure.  When Karen heard this, she was sad, but she accepted that he may have left to do important research.  As the semester progressed, Karen and her boyfriend planned an exotic spring break trip to the Bahamas.  Karen was a gorgeous blonde, whose long hair brushed her ass and she had a great body, a firm ass, and nice perky breasts.   The time in the tropics would give her the perfect opportunity to get a great tan.

One week before they left for the tropics, Karen checked her mailbox, and to her surprise, there was an envelope inside.  It was marked with no return address, but it was addressed to her.  When she got back to her room, she opened it.  Inside was an address and one sentence “Come at midnight tonight.”  It was signed TH.  Karen told no one, and when her boyfriend asked to hang out, she told him she had to study and would see him tomorrow.  At 11:30, she left for the address, and her directions took her down winding roads, off the asphalt onto gravel, and eventually up to a large house on a hill.  Karen walked to the front door of the house, and a speaker turned on, “Go to the doors of the cellar, open them and walk downstairs.  Inside you will find a chair.  If you would like to help me with my experiment, sit down in the chair and press the red button.  If you do this, you must accept whatever happens.  If you do not wish to help me, or are afraid of what may happen, leave now.”  Karen stepped off the porch and walked around to the cellar doors, she pulled them open.

Lights illuminated the cellar and Karen walked down the stairs.  She saw the chair and considered turning around.  It was too late though, she had made up her mind.  Her heart was racing as she took a seat in the chair, and finally, despite being very nervous, she pressed the red button.  The chair began shaking, and suddenly a metal dome appeared and settled over the top of her head.  A screen folded down to face Karen.  “Select a style.”  Karen looked at the screen, but there was only one style available, it was titled “Complete Depilation.” She touched it with her finger.  “Complete Depilation selected, please remain still.”

A buzzing sound emanated from the dome.  Karen was curious what was going to happen, was this machine really going to remove her hair somehow? The buzzing noise was a clipper within the dome, it slowly lowered down and Karen felt the blades at her forehead.  The buzzing clippers moved back and simultaneously, a vacuum turned on and sucked up the hair that was being shorn off of Karen’s head.  She was terrified of what her boyfriend would think, but the thought of having her head shaved excited something deep within her.  She could feel her sexually arousal growing as the clippers continued to buzz over her hair.  Soon the buzzing stopped.  “Clipping Complete, Prepare for Stage Two.”  Karen winced as her head was covered in a cool foam.  “Remain Still, Shaving Stage Commencing.”  Karen felt a blade glide across her hair and could feel the cold air touching her scalp.  She could also feel a wetness beginning between her legs and was enjoying the feeling on her scalp.  The dome removed all of the stubble from her hair, and vacuumed it up too.   Water sprayed onto her scalp, and Karen could not believe how amazing it felt to be bald!  A dryer turned on, and the speaker in the chair spoke again, “Depilation Commencing, Remain seated.”  “What,” Karen thought, “depilation?  That doesn’t just mean bald? What else could this do to me?”  A cool gel squirted out of the dome and the chair’s computerized voice said “Remain seated, follicle destruction gel is activated.”  Karen was in disbelief, would Hardison really sacrifice her beautiful hair for science, what if she could not regrow it?  Karen felt the gel ooze into the follicles on her head, and after a few minutes, the vacuum turned on and sucked the gel off.  “Remain seated, final stage beginning.”  The dome applied a coat of wax to Karen’s head, and several padded buffers, went back and forth over her scalp.  “Polishing stage completed.  Congratulations, your depilation is complete.”

Karen stood up out of the chair and saw that a beam of light had appeared under a door she had not noticed when she first entered the cellar.  She opened the door, and in front of her was a mirror.  She was bald!  And it looked as though she had never had a hair in her life!  Adding to that was the shininess of her bald head!  Her head was so smooth and shiny, that it seemed to glow in the mirror, and she could even see that her reflection was being reflected back into the mirror because of her shiny bald head!


Hardison’s voice came over the speaker.  “Karen, I personally love your new look, but now I need you to sit in the chair again.  I have downloaded more styles into the machine.  Please choose one.”

Karen sat down in the chair again and pressed the red button.  The dome appeared once more over her head, and the screen folded down.  “Please select a style.”  There were over a thousand different hairstyles to choose from, but how would she be able to have any of them, if she was already smooth, shiny, bald?  She closed her eyes and hoped that Hardison had discovered the chemical that could regrow hair.  Without looking, she clicked the screen.  “Undercut Bob style selected.  Please select hair color.”  Karen still did not open her eyes and pressed the screen randomly again. “Neon pink hair color selected. Please remain still.” Karen felt something spray her head, but it did not feel like water, it felt sticky and smelled like mango.  “Hair growth acceleration commencing.”  A warm light began emanating from the dome and Karen felt hair sprouting from her scalp.  Truly Hardison was a genius.  When the hair reached her shoulders, the machine turned off.  “Hair cutting commencing, please remain seated.”  A buzzing began, and the hair was clipped off so it just reached below her chin, then, the machine lifted the hair on the top of her head and shaved off everything underneath.  “Haircutting complete.”  The dome moved away, and Karen stood up, and ran her hands up her neck and into her new hair.  Everything was still bald until halfway up the back of her scalp. It was the same on the sides of her head, everything was bald until eye level.  She walked into the room with the mirror and saw that indeed her hair was neon pink.

She tried pulling on it, and it was stuck to her head.  It was real!  “Thank you for your help Karen.  Feel free to come back anytime, and select any style you wish before you leave.  I hope I will see you soon.”  Karen pulled out her phone, and dialed her boyfriend.  “Hey Karen, it’s so late, why are you calling?”  “Baby, how would you like to have the kinkiest sex of your life?”  “Sure, sounds good to me!”  “Good, I’ll be back in 30 minutes.  You won’t believe the night I had.”


To Be Continued…

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