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The Experimental Robot, Part 2

When Karen got home that night, her boyfriend was shocked at what she had done with her gorgeous long blonde locks.  In their place was a neon pink undercut bob.  He seemed to be mad at first, but once Karen explained about Professor Hardison’s experiment, he was all ears.  However, she left out the part about the machine making her permanently bald.  She felt that it may have upset him a little.  All she said was that Hardison could guarantee that no matter what he could always grow back someone’s hair.  Finally Karen started stroking his pants, “Now, are you ready for that kinky sex I talked about?”  She unzipped his pants and was unsurprised to see a rock hard erection standing at attention.  She took him in her mouth and began licking and sucking and stroking his shaft.  As she did this, she noticed that he had begun to rub and stroke her new undercut, and even tug on her hair a bit.  He usually sat back whenever she gave him oral, but this was new.  Karen liked it, and it began to arouse her as he ran his hands up and down over her newly buzzed nape.  Finally her boyfriend took action, and began furiously fingering her wet pussy.  She took him out of her mouth and put her hands on the bed, with her ass up in the air, and he plunged deep into her, thrusting hard and fast.  When she was about to cum, she said, “Now take me in the ass,” and he eased his rock hard cock into her ass and fingered her pussy until they both came.  They both fell down into the bed and cuddled each other to sleep.

The next, day was Friday, and since neither Karen nor her boyfriend had class, and Spring Break began the following Monday, they were both preparing for the trip to the Bahamas.  Karen, however, wanted to surprise her boyfriend again.  “Hey stud, how’d you end up liking my new hair?  I felt you rubbing it all night.”  “I really liked it, did you say he could really give you any style you want? And you can use it anytime?”  “Alright, I get the picture, I’ll see you later tonight.”  She winked at him as she left his apartment, and walked out to her car.  On the way out she saw her best friend, Anna, who was also sexy, but had luscious dark brown hair, large breast, and a shapely ass.



Her figure always had the guys’ tongues dragging.  When Anna saw Karen with her new neon pink hair she looked terrified, “Oh My Gosh Karen what did you do to your hair?”  Karen had always known that Anna had gone both ways on several occasions, and when they had been suitemates their freshman year, she had noticed her glances in the group showers. “Well Anna, how would you like to see exactly what is up with my hair.  The only catch is you have to come on a car ride with me.  I won’t make you do anything if you don’t want to.”  “Well Ok Karen, I have to hear what’s going on, I guess I’ll come with you.”

Throughout the whole car ride, Karen refused to tell Anna what she did to her hair, instead, she told Anna about what she and her boyfriend planned to do in the Bahamas.  It was a dirty conversation, but both of the stunning beauties were laughing when they arrived in front of the old house.  “Alright just follow me down into the cellar Anna.”  “Whoa, Karen this place is creepy, are you sure we should be going in there?  Isn’t this trespassing?”  “Don’t worry, it’s completely safe.  Can’t you trust your best friend?”  As they opened the cellar door, the lights clicked on, and they walked down the stairs.  “Now Anna, do you want me to show you what I did to my hair, or do you want to experience it for yourself?”  “Karen, what are you talking about?”  “If I promised you that you could always get your hair back to what it looks like now, would you believe me?”  “But Karen, that’s impossible….isn’t it?  “How much faith do you have in your best friend?  Sit down in the chair and press the red button.”

Anna’s heart was racing.  What was this chair going to do to her?  She sat down, and almost couldn’t bring herself to press the button.  In fact, she was about to stand up, but then Karen slammed the red button.  “Oh lord,” thought Anna, “time to trust my best friend.”  The chair activated, and then a metal ring placed itself above Anna’s luscious dark brown head of hair, that hung down to the middle of her back.  The ring was an inch or two wide, and several inches thick.  Karen was surprised that Professor Hardison had already made changes to his experimental design, but she knew that sometimes changes like this were necessary, so she didn’t say anything.  From out of the metal ring, a hologram image of a screen was projected just in in front of Anna’s face.  “He changed that too,” thought Karen, “I wonder what else he changed?”  Then, the computerized voice that Karen had become all too familiar with the previous day spoke out of the chair.  “Select your style.”  Karen, could see through the hologram, that there was only one style on the screen, and she figured it needed a blank slate first so that it could give someone all those other options.  “Hey Anna, just press that button, and then later you can select any style you wish.”  “Alright Karen, but I’m trusting you.  If this thing messes me up, our friendship may be over!”  She pushed the image.  “Complete Depilation style selected, please stay still.”

Karen watched as a clipper emerged from the ring.  Now she understood why Professor Hardison had made the switch from a dome to a ring; it was far better for the viewer.  As the clipper turned on and buzzing filled the room, Anna cried out, “Karen, you promise I’ll get my hair back?”  “I promise Anna,” she replied, and just then, the clipper plowed into the middle of Anna’s luscious dark brown locks, carving out a white swath down the middle of her friend’s head.  This time, a vacuum didn’t turn on, but the clippers kept buzzing away, alternating down each side of Anna’s head until she was bald on top, with hair around the sides.  After another few seconds even that hair was gone, and Anna was completely buzzed bald, with only about 1/16th of an inch left on her head.  Karen was surprised, but the sight of her best friend being buzzed bald had aroused her.  Seeing all that dark brown hair cascading down Anna’s shoulder’s and into her lap was really erotic.  Then, a vacuum turned on, and two panels on the inside of the arm rests, sucked the hair away.  “Hair cutting complete, second stage commencing, please remain seated.”  Finally, the dome appeared from the back on the chair, and the ring disappeared.  Karen watched her friend as she felt the same sensation of foam being blasted onto her newly buzzed head.  As she gazed over her friend’s body, she realized that Anna’s jeans were becoming wet around her pussy.  It looked as if Karen was not the only one who enjoyed a good haircut.

The dome disappeared, and was replaced again by the ring, revealing Anna’s shaving cream covered head.  Then the razor appeared and scraped the last of Anna’s hair away leaving her bald.  “Shaving complete, depilation commencing.”  The dome reappeared, and Anna yelped as the cool gel was squirted onto her head.  After a few seconds, that was sucked into the dome, and finally the machine announced, “Depilation complete, commence final phase.”  Anna’s bosom’s bounced as the machine buffed her head to a shiny polish.  “Hair cut complete.”  The machine announced.  Anna’s stood up, and rubbed her head.  “Wow, it’s so smooth and slick.  It feels like I’ve never had hair on my head!  Is there someplace I can take a look at myself?”  Karen knew Anna would like the way she looked.  Her bright hazel eyes stood out from her face, and her olive complexion made her bald scalp already seem quite tan.

When Anna saw herself, a smile grew across her face, “Damn, I look sexy.  Watch out Natalie Portman, I’m taking the title of bald queen for myself!”  Karen laughed, “So do you want to try another style?”  “Nah, I like this, you can go ahead and go, and I will change my style after you get your new hair!  Plus, I kinda want to keeping stroking my head, I’ve never felt my scalp, and its so amazingly smooth!  It’s pretty erotic!”  Karen blushed when Anna said that and drew close to her friend’s ear to whisper, “my panties are soaked just from watching you get your haircut.”  Anna turned to her, and shocked Karen, by kissing her on the mouth.  Their tongues touched and flicked about as they passionately kissed one another.  When they broke apart Anna said, “I can’t wait to watch your hair get buzzed baby.”

Karen almost ran to the chair, she was ready for a new style and to experience the erotic shave again.  When Karen sat down, though, the screen popped up full of all its options, “Select a Style.”  “That’s weird, thought Karen, I just figured it needed a blank slate every time, but I guess maybe it’s already learned the contours of my scalp.  Anyways, I wonder what style Anna and my boyfriend would like to see on me?”  “Pick Mohawk, Karen, it’ll look great on you!”  She clicked Smooth Mohawk, which looked as though the sides would be shaved smooth, not buzzed.  “Select a hair color.”  Karen again looked to Anna for advice.   “How about another neon color?  Green maybe?”  Karen clicked Neon Green.  “Hair cutting commencing, please remain seated.”  The Dome appeared over her head, and she again felt the sticky wet spray that smelled strongly of mango, and again the machine let her hair grown into a chin length bob.  This time, though, when the dome disappeared, Anna exclaimed, “Oh gosh, Karen, Neon green is so sexy.  Your boyfriend is gonna pre cum his pants!”  Karen chuckled, and the buzzing sound of clippers again filled the room, but this time, two blades appeared.  They plowed through the hair on the right and left sides of her head, leaving just an inch wide stretch of hair perfectly in the middle of Karen’s head.  Anna, looked very aroused at the sight of her friend’s hair being buzzed away, and when Karen looked away for a second, and then looked back, Anna was fingering herself over her pants.  “Wow, thought Karen, this is going to be an interesting night.”  The clippers continued until all that was left was the inch wide path of hair in the middle of Karen’s head.  Neon green hair was piled in her lap, but the vacuum soon sucked it all away.  Then, the dome reappeared and sprayed shaving cream onto the sides of Karen’s head, and simultaneously used scissors to trim the Mohawk down to only 3/4’s of an inch in length.  The ring reappeared and shaved the rest of the stubble away from the sides of Karen’s head.  When the dome appeared, and blasted her head with jets of water, Karen thought she would be done, then the computerized voice said, “Commencing final polish.”  The dome reappeared and polished the sides of her head to a shine and finally she was free to go.  The sides of her head were just as smooth as all of Anna’s slick shiny bald head, but Karen had a sexy neon green Mohawk running down the middle of her scalp.  “Oh shit Karen, I want to lick your pussy,” Anna announced, clearly the haircut had made her exponentially hornier.  “Alright,” Karen said, “let’s go surprise that boyfriend of mine.”   Quickly the two girls disappeared from the cellar to begin the drive back to their college.

When they got back, they bounded up the stairs to Karen’s boyfriend’s apartment, and barged into the room.  As soon as he saw Karen, he snatched her into his arms and kissed her deeply.  It was then, that he noticed Anna’s bald head.  While her slick, shiny, bald head was surprising, it did not shock nearly as much as when Anna unzipped his pants and took his penis into her mouth.  She sucked him all the way to the base and would always flick her tongue on the tip.  Needless, to say, his hands were occupied caressing Anna’s slick bald scalp, but Karen had complete control of his mouth.  She led him to the bed, where he laid down and Karen put her knees next to his head and lowered her wet pussy to his lips, while he stoked Anna’s sensually smooth bald head and she gave him the blow job of his dreams.  After several minutes, he pulled his cock from Anna’s mouth and blew his load onto her denunded scalp, but he was still hard.  Karen knew that it was her turn to pleasure him, and pulled her ass open and sat right on his erection.  Anna, meanwhile, lowered her pussy onto Karen’s boyfriend’s lips to settle the account from the blowjob she gave him earlier.  Throughout the night they continued with their kinky love making, until they exhausted themselves and passed out.  Right before he fell asleep, Karen’s boyfriend thought to himself, “I am the world’s luckiest guy.”

To be Continued?

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