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The Experimental Robot Part 3

After their wild night with Karen’s boyfriend, Anna and Karen decided to rock their new styles until Spring Break.  Anna loved her bald head, and surprisingly, the guys on campus loved it too.  She had what college students called a Perfect Week, she had gotten lucky every single night.  Karen and her boyfriend had also been having fun, and he loved her kinky Mohawk.  Unbeknownst to Karen’s boyfriend, though, Karen and Anna had been having their own romantic rendezvous’ long after he went to bed.  Karen would sneak out of his apartment, and meet up with Anna at her apartment, to experience a new type of lesbian love that neither had foreseen themselves enjoying before college.  Karen loved how Anna’s bald head felt between her legs and had never experienced an orgasm quite like it before.  Anna, on the other hand, could feel herself falling for her best friend, and was unsure of how to tell her friend that she had feelings for her.  Instead of telling Karen her true feelings, Anna simply bought a ticket to join Karen and her boyfriend in the Bahamas.  The day before they left, a Saturday, Anna finally decided to tell her friend.

The two friends had just met up at Anna’s for one of their late night lovemaking sessions, long after Karen had sucked her boyfriend off to sweet dreams.   As Karen bounded into the door, longing to feel Anna’s slick bald head between her legs, Anna explained the exciting new development.  “Karen! I’ve got a surprise for you!”  Anna pulled down Karen’s panties, a silky thong, and began devouring her pussy.  “Was this the surprise,” Karen said between gasps, “or did you have something else to tell me?”  Anna looked up, “I’ve been wanting to tell you that I bought a ticket to the Bahammas!  I’ll even be on the same plane as you tomorrow!”  Karen was ecstatic, and she pulled Anna’s head up to give her a tongue sucking kiss.  Karen was sure her boyfriend would be excited to learn that he would have two girls focused on him that weekend, but also felt a curious sensation that maybe this thing with Anna, whatever it was, could lead her to something more.  Whatever the case, Karen was ready for the lovemaking that would occur that night as she and Anna, left for the bedroom.

While they were eating each other and enjoying the touch of each other’s bodies in the confines of their bedroom, Karen wondered why Anna’s head didn’t have any trace of stubble on it, nor could she remember feeling any during the previous nights!  “Hey Anna, have you been shaving your head?” Karen asked.  “No, I haven’t! I’m surprised that it has stayed so slick and shiny all week!  But that reminds me, we still have some time before morning, want to head back to that chair and see if we can get some new hairstyles?” Anna asked.  With that suggestion, Karen’s observation left her mind, and she quickly agreed to head back to Professor Hardison’s house.

When they got to the secluded plantation house, they saw a solitary car in the gravel driveway.  “Who do you think that is Karen?  We’ve never seen another car here before!”  Karen knew who it was.  The car had to belong to Hardison.  “I’m sure it is the professor’s car, but he won’t mind if we are here, let’s just go into the cellar.”  The two girls opened the doors to the cellar and walked down the stairs, as the ominous fluorescent lights flashed into existence.  There was the barber chair, just as they had left it a week earlier.

Anna bounded into the chair.  She couldn’t wait to try out a new look.  She sat down in the chair and selected “Long Hair, blunt bangs,” from the screen.  “Karen, how would you like to see this thing shave my head again?”  Anna said with a wink.  She then chose “bright blue,” from the color selection screen.  The chair hummed to life, and soon, Anna’s head was covered with the dome covering.  The smell of mango filled the room, as Anna’s head was covered with a sticky spray coming from the dome.  Karen watched as her formally bald friend, was quickly growing light blue hair.  The hair tumbled down her shoulders, past her breasts, and stopped just before her belly button.  “Hair regrowth complete, Hair cut commencing.”  Then the ring appeared around Anna’s head, and buzzing filled the room.  The clippers expertly sliced the long blue hair at the front of Anna’s head into blunt bangs.  “Hair cut complete!”  The chair announced.  Anna hopped out of the chair.  Her blue hair was gorgeous and the bangs accented her face.  Both friends walked into the adjoining room, with the mirror, as Anna saw herself with hair for the first time all week.  “As much as I like this hair style, I kind of want to be smooth again!”  Anna said.  “Well, you always have the option, as long as this chair is here!”  Karen said, “but now, it’s my turn!”

Karen sat down in the chair.  She had the same feelings as Anna about being bald, but wanted to see herself with hair once more.  She selected, “Undercut long hair,” with a “deep violet,” color.  The chair hummed to life, and the dome came out of the chair and settled around her head.  The sticky spray covered her head, even her green Mohawk, and soon long purple hair was sprouting out of the dome.  Just as it had with Anna, the long hair stopped just before her belly button.  “Hair regrowth complete, Hair cutting commencing.”  The dome around Karen’s head was replaced by the ring, which lifted all of the hair on top of Karen’s head.  The buzzing of clippers sounded, as they plunged hungrily into the hair on the sides of her head.  The clippers went all the way around her head, until all the hair left, was the long hair on top.  “Hair cut complete.”  Karen stood up from the chair.  Her long hair perfectly covered the buzzed sides and back of her head. “Wow Karen, you really look stunning!  I had almost forgotten how you looked with long hair,” Anna said.  Karen took a look at herself in the mirror.  She couldn’t even tell that she had ever had a green Mohawk.  Finally, she took a hair tie off of her wrist, and tied all of her long violet hair into a ponytail.  The shaved sides and back looked amazing.  Anna, approached her and began rubbing her buzzed nape.  Karen turned around and the two new long haired beauties embraced for a deep kiss, which ended with them falling on the floor to 69 each other for the umpteenth time that night.

Once they had gotten up and put on their clothes, Anna said, “Hey Karen, maybe for the trip, you should try out the bald look!  I bet your boyfriend would like it more than your other styles!”  “You’re right Anna!  Plus I could get a nice tan on my shiny bald head!  I think I’ll try it!”  Karen once again sat down in the chair, and the screen appeared in front of her.  After the first time getting her head shaved, Karen hadn’t really looked at the other styles that involved a bald head, but this time, she noticed several more options.  One of these was titled, “smooth goddess,” and the image showed a bald head, which had no eyebrows either.  Without telling Anna, Karen selected the style, hoping to surprise her friend.  To Anna’s surprise, the dome, not the ring, which usually produced the clippers to shave the girls’ heads settled around Karen’s head and covered her face.  “Hair cutting commencing,” the chair announced, as the roar of clippers filled the room.  Karen sat in the chair nervously as the clippers plowed right through the middle of her new long violet hair.  Purple hair fell in sheets down her shoulders and filled her lap.  Karen felt herself get sexually excited as the vibrating clippers ran over her scalp.  Her panties grew wet, and she could only imagine that a similar reaction was happening to Anna, who was observing the dramatic change.  The hum of the clippers abruptly stopped, and vacuums in the arms of the chair sucked the violet hair out of Karen’s lap. “Hair cut complete, shaving commencing.”  Karen felt the familiar cool foam of the shaving stage being evenly distributed over her head, and this time, over her eyebrows as well. “What will I look like as a smooth goddess?” Karen thought.

As the razors of the dome progressed over her scalp, Karen grew even more stimulated, she couldn’t wait to feel her slick scalp, and be a beautiful bald girl.  As the razors cleared away all of the foam from her head, Karen felt the cool air on her scalp, and what a wonderful feeling it was.  The shaving wasn’t over, and the machine quickly removed the final remnants of foam from Karen’s head; the foam that covered her eyebrows.  With two quick strokes, Karen felt cool air over her eyes, where her eyebrows used to be.  “Shaving stage complete, final depilation commencing.”  The dome sprayed a cool gel where Karen’s eyebrows used to be.  “Remain seated, follicle destruction gel is activated.”

Karen was surprised at the machine’s announcement.  She could only feel the gel on her eyebrows, would the machine really need the gel to make those smooth?  Soon enough though, the gel had done its job, and the machine vacuumed the gel off of her forehead.  “Final polish commencing.”  The dome began polishing Karen’s head, and the big buffers made her breasts bounce up and down, much to Anna’s delight.  “Haircut complete.”  As the dome returned to its place, hidden in the back of the chair, Karen stood up.  “Wow Karen, you look astonishing,” Anna said, as she caught her first glimpse of her new completely smooth best friend.  Karen walked into the other room.  Without her eyebrows, there was nothing to distract from her bright blue eyes.  She truly was the definition of a smooth goddess.

When she walked back into the room with the robot, Anna had already settled into the chair and the screen was perched in front of her face.  “Karen, there’s a whole new group of haircuts in here!  Did you see the one marked, “progressive baldness?”  What do you think that one does?”  “I don’t really know Anna, but I chose the one called “smooth goddess,” and you can see how sexy I look!”  “Well maybe I’ll choose that one,” said Anna slyly.  Karen watched as her friend punched the screen, and the ring quickly came out of the back of the chair and settled around Anna’s head.  “This haircut, is for the enjoyment of the viewer.”  The clippers of the ring hummed to life, and began cutting Anna’s bring blue hair along the line of her chin.  Light blue hair fell around Anna’s body, and Karen noticed that her friend’s pants were growing awfully wet.  The clippers stopped when Anna had a blunt bob with her bangs, which framed her face in bright blue hair.  The clippers started again, this time buzzing away the hair along Anna’s occipital bone.  This continued around her ears, stopping again when Anna had a short blue bowl cut.  Now her bangs almost seemed longer than her hair!  Karen, with her smooth eyebrow less head, was becoming so aroused, that she pulled down her pants and began fingering herself.  This haircut was truly for the viewer’s pleasure!

Finally, the buzzing of the clippers began again, and this time, they buzzed right through the middle of Anna’s hair, just behind her bangs, and continued plowing a white path down the middle of her bright blue hair.  Short blue hair rained onto Anna’s olive breasts and onto her dress.  The clippers kept shaving until Anna’s scalp could be seen under a light covering of blue hair, but with her blue bangs still in place.  Karen was furiously fingering herself at the sight of her friend being rendered bald.  “Hair cut complete, shaving commencing.”  Karen watched as the ring disappeared, to be replaced by the dome.  “What a relief,” Karen thought, “if that haircut had lasted much longer, I would have came!”  An audible scraping could be heard under the dome, and Karen wondered what kinky style Anna had selected.

Soon the machine announced what Karen had been waiting to hear “Shaving complete, final depilation commencing.”  Soon the process was done, but the machine announced there was still one more stage.  “Final style and scalp polish commencing.”  Karen watched intently as her friend’s breasts responded to the buffers that were ensuring a smooth scalp, and wondered what “final styling” meant.

When the dome receded back into the chair, Karen saw Anna sitting in the chair, but with a totally new style.  Anna’s blue bangs were still there, but the rest of her head was completely slick, shiny, bald, even her eyebrows had been shaved away.  When Anna got up from the chair and approached Karen, the two friends embraced for a deep kiss once more.

Just before the two lovers collapsed on the floor again to commence a session of furious lesbian lovemaking, the door to the cellar opened.  Karen and Anna were shocked to see the figure that walked through the door.  It was Professor Hardison!


To Be Continued….

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