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Hi guys this is my first story hope you like this.This is an sexual fantasy story.Once there was an king and queen in an country they didn’t had a baby for long timeboth of them were become sad they did everything but all went in vain .There was an maid in their castle who has wideknowledge about black magic.One day she met queen and told that she knew a tantric(who does black magic) and gave her idea to meet him at night in absence of everyone and shewarn her not to tell this matter to king.Queen was thinking about the plan to meet the tantric without the knowledge of king.She got idea . She told king that temple which is in forest and she want to do puja alone in absence of male and she denied security also and she told that it will take few days to return .she tookthe maid with her to meet tantric. On reaching the tantric temple the maid went to tantric room and she told the condition of queen. The tantric called queen inside her room.The queen becomes shock to see tantric and her maid because both was naked and bald the maid use to wear wickin the palace.She told tantric about the absence of baby in their life.So tantric asked to perform rituals on full moon daywith him and ask to show full cooperation with him in rituals.The full moon day has come the tantric call the queen the materials for pujas were ready. The queen were allowed to sit in a chair and a group of women came and remove her dress she feels shy she managed it and the told that she has to become bald for further she agrees. The women’s pour water on her head the tantric took the razor and start to shave her head a bunch of hair fall on her lap after 5 minutesshe becomes totally bald and he ask to raise her both hand toshave arm pit he shaved that too and he started to shave her public hair she was in total mood. now she becomes bald and tantric ask to have sex with him she agrees to it. The queen and tantric had joyful moment . In next days the queen becomes pregnant she feels happy then tantric told that if she gives birth to baby girl she has leave her to tantric for few days to perform some rituals she agrees that too. The queen leave to her kingdom the king become shock to see bald queen and queen told she performs some for the sake to become pregnant the king gets happy for her kind heart atthat night both had sex. The queen had wear a contraceptive device so that it would avoid problem to feutus that already in it without to that knowledge of king.After few days she told that she becomes pregnant. All kingdom was in rejoice over the coming of baby to queen. The she delivered a baby girl the king and queen were happy. The queen ordered that every female has to shave head as she had a vow. On the next day every women gathered in an ground and a hundred of barber came and shaved thousands of women’s head including queen. Everyone in their kingdom were bald now.THE STORY CONTINUES……………….

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