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In the first chapter, Priyanka’s (Priya’s) below knee length hair was shortened to waist length at the back by her classmates as a punishment for her. Her female classmates left the building thinking the punishment inflicted on her was over, but they didn’t know that the men were still unfinished.. The punishment continues…

Now the only people left in the building were Priya and the 4 men. Seeing that the men had paused cutting her hair, Priya thought the haircut was over. But then one of the men said “Come on, I didn’t get a chance to cut such silky soft hair and besides such beautiful back must be exposed more.” To which rest of the men agreed and handed over the comb and scissor to him.

They made her stand up and removed her saree and lehenga from her waist, saying more hair will stick to your dress, and spread the saree below the stool to collect her to-be-snipped hair. Now Priya was in her backless-blouse and panties. Her thick bush was visible on the top of her panties. One of them took her lehenga and suggested it to be used as a cape.

They made Priya sit back onto the stool. Priya was trying to get up but the other men made her sit on the stool. Priya trying to get up was a good opportunity for them to touch her naked arms, legs and bare back!! Tears started forming in her eyes but the men didn’t care. She was also getting excited on the inside thinking what may happen to her next.

They lifted her arms and slid the lehenga from the top through her head and tied it at her underarm level. Now Priya’s shoulder to waist was covered by the lehenga but her panties were still visible. While sliding her lehenga, one of the men removed her blouse. Now, Priya’s juicy and luscious boobs were hanging free inside the lehenga. Alcohol and the sleeping pill effect kicked in and Priya started detesting less and started getting more excited.

She sat down on the stool while the men explored her bare legs, hands and boobs, from beneath the cape, Priya was getting wet between her legs and the men noticed it and didn’t stop fondling her breasts. One of the men who had escorted the ladies outside came back with a tape, rope, waxing materials, Shaving kit and clippers. He whispered to others “I’ve locked the main entrance and the entry to this terrace. Now we are the only 6 people in this place.” And he arranged all his items out of Priya’s line of sight and the men started getting ready for the second stage of their plan which the women were unaware of. Priya’s punishment had just begun.

The men loosened the lehenga and lifted all her hair outside it and fastened the lehenga back into its previous position. Priya was now more anxious and getting excited at what might happen to her. Priya’s hair laid at mid-butt level all around, but it was at above waist level at the back.

Haircut of Priya’s butt length hair had started! The hair now was below the area covered by the cape (lehenga). Since the cape stopped at mid-back level, the men agreed to cut till that level. They pinned up the hair from the top and around the ears into a bun at the top and brushed the remaining hair on the nape back to silky straight.

The scissors were drawn out and the rain of black silky soft hair had started falling on the floor, but this time the hair was being cut so short that only clippings used to come and they would stick on Priya’s smooth ass and panties. The sense of small clippings on her back made her skin tickle and Priya’s excitement was already at its limit.

By the time they reached the mid-back level, Priya’s mid- back, whole ass and her panties were completely covered in clippings. And Priya had an orgasm. This orgasm was due to her nervous feeling and excitement that got better of her. She ended up wetting her panties. One of the men noticed this and said, “Look who is more excited in getting punished!” and he touched her panties to show others the wet patch on it.

His touch sent another round of pleasure throughout Priya’s body and she had another orgasm. The men noticed this and laughed. They now removed her wet panties and now she was bottomless. Priya was in shock on seeing the developments happening to her but she was helpless as she had no control over her senses and her excitement got better of her. It turned out it was not a sleeping pill given to her but a caffeine pill which would keep her awake throughout her punishment.

Now that her panties were removed, the men couldn’t control themselves. They removed her cape and made her lie on her saree which was spread on the floor. Priya realized where this was headed and tried to muffle out a cry but even before she could open her mouth, her sloppy panties was stuffed into her mouth and a tape was draped over her mouth. She was getting wet a lot inside and yearned to be fucked but she didn’t want to lose her mind to her body.

Her cries were also muted due to the New Year celebrations going on at the roadside by the colony people who were still awake. But the men didn’t touch her after her mouth was shut. She was still hoping that it was all a joke and they would let go of her and maybe let her keep her remaining hair and purity intact. She was shocked to hear that they wanted to cut off her hair like tomboy and let her go for all the attitude she had showed to all her classmates and friends,.

After hearing this she calmed down a little as she would be left with some hair at least. There were still arguments going on about this new suggestion among the men but then they decided to take one step at a time. Priya had just managed to get senses in her legs and tried to get up but one of them spotted it and pinned her back to ground.

They later made her gulp 3 glasses of Russian vodka so that Priya would lose her senses again. That decision to get up would haunt Priya as the men changed their plans.

Since she tried to escape, they decided to punish her even more. One of the men bought the waxing kit and all of them started sticking the waxing sheets on her. They started below her neck and applied it on her hands, her two juicy boobs, her upper torso, back and ass and also on her legs.

She looked like an Egyptian mummy except that her head and her pubic hair region, which still had a lot of hair, were not covered with wax paper. They let her be like that for some time.

There was a swing on the terrace. The men removed the swing and passes the ropes through the hoops in the top rod belonging to the swing was just detached. They bought the whole swing set minus the swing at the place where Priya was still lying still at the middle of the balcony.

They then tied rope to her ankles and hoisted her upside down. The men were laughing at Priya’s helplessness while Priya still had no clue why were her former classmates doing this to her but was now getting more excited than before as she anxiously awaited what was in store for her next.

While Priya was suspended upside down, the ropes were pulled so tight through either ends of the hoop that she ended up doing a split when her waist reached the rod. A strategically placed one-way funnel at the middle of the rod got inserted into Priya’s asshole. She winced with pain as she was still a virgin in both holes and to her embarrassment she had yet another orgasm..

Even when she was suspended topsy-turvy, more than her half of her oddly cut hair still touched the ground. An enema was being prepared by one of the men while the others were getting ready to peel off her waxing papers. The enema was inserted into her and water was let into it from the main supply line. The pressure of water was so high that within one minute she started feeling her stomach full.

The men, like wolves continued her shaming by peeling off the wax papers. Priya winced with pain both from the enema and with the pulling of her body hair but the waxing sheets, but this pain also sent waves of pleasure throughout her body.

By the time all the waxing sheets were peeled off, Priya has=d another set of orgasm and her stomach had increased by 5 inches and it was bulging. The men stopped the water supply into her body but she still had a tummy as no water would come out.

The men said, “We’ll stop doing any further damage to your hair if you manage to keep the enema in.” and saying this they removed the funnel. Priya tried her level best. It was being difficult for her as she had to hold in not only the enema but also the next wave of pleasure that was building up inside her. But eventually failed when one of the men just touched her belly button with his finger causing her to have an orgasm and her enema started coming out.

The enema took a vertical lift-off and fell back on her, drenching and dirtying her in her own scat. The scat stuck to her boobs, nose and her hair which was lying on the floor and also it fell on her saree. The smell of her scat was unbearable for her and since she was suspended for such a long time, she started to puke and the puke came out of her nose instead of her mouth as it was taped. The puke came out of her nose and flowed through her forehead onto her hair and finally on her saree.

She passed out and her hair and her dress were drenched in her own scat and puke. The men removed her panties from her mouth as she’d passed out and so that she can puke out completely. But they were not done with her yet. It was still 1 AM and they still had the whole night to burn.

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