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Zooey was quite surprised by the invitation to Katy Perry’s house. The two got along but were not exactly friends. Zooey opened the door and was greeted by her smiling friend, dressed surprisingly concretively – at least for Katy. That still meant showing a fair load of cleavage. “Hey Zooey, you look really pretty tonight.”
The two hugged. Zooey was admittedly flattered by the compliment – especially since Katy looked quite good herself. “Aw, thanks. You look really nice today. Though I’m kind of surprised to see you dressed so normally for once.”
Katy laughed at this. “What did you expect me to wear, a Catwoman outfit? My swimsuit?” Katy could tell Zooey was amused at this. “Nothing at all?”
Zooey awkwardly chuckled at this. “I see you’re back to black hair again.”
“Yeah, I went through just about every color of the rainbow before I decided to go back to my regular color.”
“I guess people will be mistaking us for each other again.”
“Still sore about that, I take it? Come on, you used to joke about it too!”
“It was funny when we joked around about being twins, but people really are mistaking me for you. People keep asking if I was at some bar, and I wasn’t there. Wouldn’t you get a little annoyed at that?”
“I’m really sorry, sweetie. I always take it as a compliment that people think I look like you.” Katy never was one for subtlety. She leaned in, “because you’re so hawwwwt.”
Zooey loved the compliment, but it was clear things were going a little further than flattery. “Thanks… You know, I’ve always found you very pretty too.”
Katy decided to run with it. “I guess you’re the perfect person to talk to about this. Since we were talking about it, I’m thinking of doing something REALLY different with my hair.”
“Are you thinking of dying it another color?”
“Might be hard to do with what I’m thinking of doing.”
Zooey nervously chuckled. “What’s that?”
Without hesitation or a hint of irony in her voice, Katy replied, “Losing it all!”
If Zooey had been drinking something, she might have done a spit take at this. “Are you serious?”
“Serious as a heart attack. I’ve always wanted to shave my head – see what I look like with no hair, not have to wash it or brush it or dye it. I wear so many wigs anyway that it would be easier to just buzz it all off and wear them whenever I want a different color.”
“Yeah, and nobody would mistake me for you anymore!” Zooey joked.
“Exactly, so how about it. I’m sick of this mop. Help me get rid of it.”
Zooey did find the idea tempting. It would be a good way of venting those frustrations since Katy wanted this. Plus, it would be kind of kinky – shaving another woman’s head. “Yeah, I’ll do it.”
“Oh wonderful! I’ll set everything up.”
Zooey and Katy reconvened in another room. Katy had the clippers, the razor and the foam set up on a table. Holding Zooey’s hand, Katy guided her into the room. “This is one of my guest rooms. I guess it becomes the barbershop today!”
Katy took a seat in the chair. “Strap me in, babe. I don’t want to chicken out.”
Zooey followed Katy’s orders and started strapping Katy to the chair. It hadn’t exactly escaped Zooey that most barber chairs don’t include straps so this must have been custom-ordered. “I take it this wasn’t a spur of the moment decision.”
“No dear, I’ve wanted to do this for a very loooong time.”
Zooey picked up the clippers, she was turned on a bit by the notion of running the clippers down Katy’s raven locks and reducing them to stubble. “How do you want me to do this, sweetie? Straight down the middle or do you want me to take my time?”
“Straight down the middle, my dear. I don’t want to be left in suspense!”
Zooey snapped on the clippers, which created a loud pop, startling the blue-eyed beauty. “Oh my! I guess here goes nothing.”
And just like that, Zooey plowed the clippers straight down the middle of Katy’s hair – which wasn’t long for this world. The buzzing sound turned to a crunching sound as Katy’s dark tresses were eaten away and replaced with grey scalp. As she was being shorn for the first time, a jolt of electricity went through Katy’s body. Katy had no other reaction but to let out a playful squeal. “Oh my God!”
Katy sat there with just a stripe of bare scalp in the middle of her head. Zooey started rubbing the peach fuzz in the middle. She joked, “I think we should leave it like this.”
Katy laughed at her pretty friend’s joke. “Sexy and funny. Why don’t you work on finishing up my new ‘do?” With a sly grin, Zooey got back to work and ran the clippers through Katy’s hair. Katy had a big smile on her face too. She was getting a little turned on at the feeling of the vibration on her scalp as it denuded more and the top of Katy’s head. Zooey proceeded to buzz off the sides, buzzing toward the ear. “I’ll be careful to cut off your ear, babe.”
Katy snickered at this. “Thanks, I’d like to keep those.” Zooey pulled off one of the large chunks of the hair. Zooey put it up to her mouth and kissed it with a deliberately audible smack. “I’m kissing your hair goodbye, babe.”
Katy found this amusing. Amusement turned to arousal as Zooey used that lock of hair to gently rub it against Katy’s exposed cleavage. Katy gasped at this. “Zooey, you’re giving me goosebumps!”
The normally aloof Zooey finally took on a seductive tone – “I hope to give you a little more than goosebumps, my dear.” With half of Katy’s hair gone, it was time for Katy’s remaining hair to match the other side. Zooey kept working the clippers until all of Katy’s hair was gone.
“And voila, all that once beautiful hair is now gone my dear.”
“Wow, I can feel all the cool air on my scalp.” Katy looked down at remnants of her hair, formerly on her head, now on the floor. “Oh my God, I really did it! And it’s going to take months and months to grow back.”
“Oh, in that case we’ll just put it pack!” Zooey put the hair back on Katy’s head. Katy couldn’t help but laugh as all her jet black locks cascaded back to the ground. “I can think of a better place to stuff all that hair!”
Zooey opened up Katy’s shirt and started stuffing the hair down Katy’s ample cleavage. The hair felt so good against Katy’s well-endowed bosoms. Katy giggled as the hair subtly tickled her breasts as well. “Wow, that feels so good!”
“Doesn’t it?” Zooey used this as an excuse to rub Katy’s trademark boobies, rubbing the shorn hair across the sensitive area. Zooey moved her hands up to start rubbing the other sexy, round part of Katy – her freshly buzzed head. She started rubbing and caressing the stubble across Katy’s head. With nothing between her head and another woman’s hand but imagination, Zooey’s caress felt wonderful. “This feels so good. It’s all silky and velvety.”
As much as Katy was loving the feel of another woman’s hand, she had to know it for herself – “Can I get a feel, hon? It is my head after all.”
Zooey started undoing the straps. “Sure, I don’t think you’re going anywhere.”
The only brunette left in the room had to step aside as the buzzed beauty started rubbing the peach fuzz left on her scalp. “Oh my God… It’s like sandpaper, but soft and…”
“Yeah, it’s velvety. I really don’t know how else to describe.” Zooey stood back and let Katy have a few moments to revel in the feeling of her new head. Katy slyly turned to her friend and eyed the razor and foam. “What do you say we finish this off, sweetie?”
She didn’t need to tell Zooey twice. In no time flat, Zooey was spraying out the foam and spreading it all over Katy’s head. Katy let out a gasp as if she had been splashed by cold water.
“You okay?” Zooey asked.
“I got the aloe kind. It’s very soothing,” Katy answered. “Without all that hair in the way, I feel EVERYTHING.” Zooey nodded at this. Katy chimed in, “I heard the head is a very erogenous area.” She flashed a wry smile at Zooey, who returned the favor.
The white foam completely covered Katy’s head, almost like a thin layer of a new ‘do. Zooey stepped back to admire her work. “Wow, you look really hot with that layer of foam on your head,” Zooey said half-jokingly, half seriously. “White cream may just be your look.”
“Ooh, can I get a look?”
“Oh no, my dear, you’re not getting a look at anything until we’re all done.” Zooey pulled out her phone to take a picture. “But I’ll take a picture for later.”
“Thanks, doll,” Katy replied. With her phone away, Zooey prepared the razor. “Promise you won’t scalp me.”
“I wouldn’t dare do anything to scratch that beautiful head of yours,” Zooey cooed. Good to her word, Zooey gently guided the blade across Katy’s head. All the white cream was slowly removed, leaving nothing but naked skin in its path. The two lovely ladies who had spent the entire night joking and flirting with each other became a little quieter to ensure Katy didn’t have any razor cuts on her head. The only sound in the room was the scrape of the razor, as it finished its job transforming Katy Perry in a bald beauty.
With everything done, Zooey cleaned up the remnants of the shaving cream, and that was all she wrote. “And now, my dear, you are the world’s hottest chrome dome.”
Katy started rubbing her now glass smooth head. “Wow! It’s… I really don’t know what to compare it to. I mean… I feel everything – the cool air on my head…”
“Really? Let’s try that out.” Zooey blew onto Katy’s head. This got another gasp from Katy. Never did she think something so simple could be so arousing. “Oh my God, you’re gonna make me cum doing that sort of thing!”
“Hmm, I think I’ll save that for later,” Zooey replied with a sly grin. “Let’s take you to the mirror so you can see your new look.”
“I don’t think we’re quite done yet,” Katy said very coyly. “I can think of some other hair that needs to go.”
“Your eyebrows?”
Katy laughed at this. “You really are adorable. I was thinking of DOWNSTAIRS.”
This time, Zooey knew exactly what Katy meant. Without rising too far out of her seat, Katy lowered her skirt, exposing her still hairy bush. Katy kept it pretty neat south of the Equator so Zooey brought the clippers back to life and buzzed Katy’s pussy down to stubble. If Katy loved the vibrating on her head, the buzzing razor against a much more erogenous area was near orgasmic. The cooling foam was back. If there was a hint of voyeuristic, those undertones became overtones as Zooey rubbed the cooling aloe foam into Katy’s special area. If Zooey was careful before on Katy’s scalp, she was definitely going to be careful and apply a gentle touch while shaving the more sensitive area. And after a little work with the razor, the eyebrows were the only hair left on Katy (Okay, she still had eyelashes too).
With her work done, Zooey faced Katy: “I think it’s time you got to see your new look.”
“I think you’re right.”
“Let’s just make it a little more interesting first.” Zooey got up and grabbed a silk scarf which she wrapped around Katy’s eyes, blindfolding her.
“Aaaah! This is so kinky, I love the way you think!” Between the exhilaration of what she just did and the suspense of what she was about to see, Katy was over the moon with emotion. She couldn’t wipe the smile from her face as Zooey took her by the hand and guided her to the bathroom.
“Are you ready, sweetie?” Zooey asked. Without even having to wait for Katy’s response, Zooey removed the blindfold, and Katy saw her first glimpse at her newly shaved head. She barely recognized the face she saw in the mirror, but knew it was beautiful – her perfectly round head, the way her sparkling blue eyes now stood out.
“Oh my God, I don’t believe it! I’m bald!” Feeling it was one thing, but seeing was believing. And Katy couldn’t stop staring at herself. Katy seemed to have a certain elegance and grace to her look. Katy started posing and modeling like she was in a photo shoot – like a real glamour model. Zooey couldn’t take it anymore. She moved in and started rubbing Katy’s head, and nuzzled up against Katy’s completely smooth head.
“You look like a bald goddess,” Zooey whispered into Katy’s ear. Katy turned to confront her pretty friend. Without saying a word, Katy pulled Zooey in and planted a soft kiss on her lips. The two smiled at each other – Katy beaming a vibrant smile, Zooey returning a bashful smile.
“Do you have any idea how long I’ve wanted to do this?” Katy asked, seductively. The two beauties started kissing – both returning each others’ love. They were very tender, very sensual kisses. They didn’t know how long they were standing there, kissing each other. But it didn’t matter – they were two beautiful women enjoying a beautiful moment.
Katy did break from the kiss momentarily, “you’re such a good kisser.”
“Mmm, so are you…” Zooey replied before giving Katy a few playful pecks on the lips. After that, she started jokingly singing “I kissed a bald girl, and I liked it!”
Katy playfully laughed at this. “You little pixie!” Her tone became a little sultrier as she grabbed Zooey’s face. “What do you say we take it to the next level?”
“You mean in the bedroom?”
“I like the idea, but I was thinking the kitchen.”
“The kitchen?”
“Yeah, baby,” Katy replied in the same sultry tone as seductively licked Zooey’s cheek. “The kitchen.” With a mischievous look, Katy took Zooey by the hand and led her to the kitchen. Zooey was nervous and curious about what Katy had in mind, but she liked the last crazy idea Katy had.
Once in the kitchen, Katy sat Zooey down on the counter. “Comfy my dear?” Not even needing to say anything, Zooey nodded. “Good, now open your mouth, and close your eyes, and you will get a big surprise.” Normally, a cute teaser, but when Katy said it, there was going to be a little more fun.
Waiting for Katy to slip her some tongue or something else naughty. She was right – just not in the way she expected. With Zooey’s mouth still agape, Katy sprayed whipped cream into Zooey’s mouth. Zooey was so caught off guard that it almost fell out of her mouth from laughter. Laughing became nigh impossible as Katy did stick her tongue into Zooey’s mouth. Zooey, not to be outdone, Zooey returned her tongue, and the two beauties started massaging each other’s’ tongues inside their mouths. The sweet creamy middle was only secondary to the taste of each other’s lips.
The two women were enthralled in heavy making out, Katy wanted more. She started hungrily peeling off Zooey’s top. The newly bald beauty pretended she was upset as she removed Zooey’s bra – just another obstruction to the goodies behind them. Although Katy often got more attention for her ample bosoms, Zooey was quite well endowed as well.
“We had our dinner, babe,” Katy said. “Now it’s time for our dessert.” Katy showed her love for Zooey’s breasts by smothering them in chocolate syrup. “And we’re having my favorite dessert – chocolate titties!” Katy topped off her titty sundae by spraying some more of the whipped cream onto each of Zooey’s nipples. Though they weren’t long for this world as Katy started licking the whipped cream away.
Katy may have been having her dessert, but it was a treat for both of them as Zooey let out a moan of approval for each stroke of Katy’s tongue. Of course, it wasn’t the only sweet treat as Katy started licking away the chocolate syrup she had spread all over. Zooey started rubbing Katy’s bald head.
“You know, I think of something sexy and round, I want to eat sweets off of too.” Katy knew exactly what Zooey meant. It was something Katy wanted so badly that if Zooey didn’t bring it up, she would have. Katy took a seat in between Zooey’s legs and sat with anticipation. The waiting didn’t last long as Katy got the feeling of the warm syrup cascade down her head. Her extra sensitive head felt every bit of the chocolate ooze all over Katy’s head.
Of course, that was nothing compared to the feeling of Zooey running her moist tongue all over Katy’s head. Zooey made several licks across Katy’s smooth head, as if licking an ice cream cone. Katy let out a heavy gasp as Zooey went coast-to-coast, running her tongue from the temple of Katy’s neck all the way up to Katy’s forehead in one smooth, sensual stroke.
“You know, I think I’m gonna lather you up again!” Zooey joked. This time, the cream was whipped cream which she sprayed on various parts of Katy’s head. This time it wasn’t a razor doing the work as Zooey started kissing off all the sweet cream from Katy’s head. Even when it was gone, Zooey kept kissing across Katy’s beautiful bald head. Since Katy still had a little bit of the sticky, sweet mess on her head. So Zooey started running the bosoms Katy had been worshipping a few moments ago across Katy’s head. Katy couldn’t help but laugh both as it felt amazing and how silly it was that Zooey was rubbing her breasts against her bald head.
“I know you said you won’t have to wash it or dry it,” Zooey cooed. “But this is the kind of love a woman can only give to a hot… bald… babe!”
Katy pulled away. “You know, I just realized something,” Katy said seductively as she removed her top, exposing her world renowned breasts. “I never introduced you to the girls!” Zooey had a grin on her face as Katy plunged her face into her sizable breasts – doing what most men and many women on the planet would love to do. Zooey was laughing at the feeling but it was muffled as her face motorboated against Katy’s globes. Katy took it another step further. She uncapped the whipped cream between her chest.
Not needing to be told twice, Zooey started licking and eating all the sweet cream off Katy’s boobies. After it was all gone (at least what hadn’t melted down), Zooey continued nuzzling against them, as if she were breathing in Katy’s breasts.
“Hey Zooey,” Katy cooed. “Since you love my titties so much, why don’t you suck on them?” Zooey really liked Katy’s ideas. Obeying her friend (with definite benefits), Zooey wrapped her mouth around Katy’s stiff nipple and started sucking. “Good… very good girl! Now bite it!”
“Oh, but I don’t want to hurt you!”
“You really are adorable,” Katy laughed as she stroked Zooey’s hair. “It’ll be fine. A little pain is fun sometimes, sweetie.” Following Katy’s orders, Zooey bit down on Katy’s nipple. Katy winced, but it was a good kind of wince. “Zooey, you seem a little tense, why don’t you lie down?”
With a smile on her face, Zooey laid back, knowing Katy would treat her right. Katy ogled her pretty friend who looked so adorable still covered in chocolate and cream. Katy commented, “Cute, my dear, but I want you from behind.”
Not one to argue to with Katy, Zooey turned around on all fours. Katy wanted more: “You’re still overdressed.” Katy peeled off Zooey’s skirt, revealing the more conservative undies underneath – just another obstruction for the increasingly horny friend. Soon, those were gone, leaving Zooey’s bare butt cheeks open for Katy to admire. “God, you have an unbelievably cute butt. Then again, you are unbelievably cute.”
“Aw, thank y…” Katy didn’t even let Zooey finish before she gave her hard swat on the ass.
“That’s for shaving my head!”
“Hey, you wanted me to do that,” Zooey said defensively.
“I know,” Katy cooed. “That’s why I’m rewarding you!” Katy then playfully smacked the other cheek. Now it was time to get to the goods. Katy sprayed some whipped cream over Zooey’s buns. This felt exciting on its own, but it got better when Katy removed the sugary goodness. Katy slowly ran her tongue across Zooey’s bare bottom. Zooey couldn’t even pretend to keep in her excitement at this as she let out an audible gasp.
Since it was so much fun for both of them, Katy decided to go for it again. For a change of pace, Katy sprayed the whipped cream across the opposite side, but it still had the same destination. Katy very slowly licked the cream off Zooey’s butt – slowly savoring the taste of feel of Zooey’s bare butt while Zooey could barely contain herself at being licked in such a sensitive area. Zooey’s breathing was heavier at this intimate experience. Katy lightened the mood with a little joke: “Your ass is delicious, by the way.”
Zooey giggled at this. But Katy decided to show her affection by planting a soft kiss on Zooey’s cute little tush. Katy took it a step further by spraying the whipped cream up Zooey’s butthole. Zooey gasped at this, as if splashed by cold water. “Oh my God!”
Katy had an evil grin on her face, “Let me clean that off for you!” Taking it to a whole new level, Katy stuck her face in between Zooey’s cheeks and started licking/eating it out. Gasps and heavy breathing had officially transformed into loud moans of approval. Zooey sat there reveling in the feeling as Katy continued to eat at her bum. Zooey drummed and curled her fingers while closing her baby blues to completely absorb in the feeling.
After Katy had her fun, she pulled out and Zooey sat next to her. “That was just… wow! That’s all I can say.”
“Good…” Katy said and she slammed a pie into her pussy. “Now you can return the favor.” With a smile on both girl’s faces, Katy stuffed Zooey into her pie – literally and figuratively. Zooey ate and licked at Katy’s pussy – with the pie just being a sweet bonus. Katy who had been pleasured in unique ways all evening was now being pleasured in the classical way. Katy moaned and gasped as her beautiful friend worked her magic.
Katy raised up her friend and the two kissed again. But exhausted and completely letting their inhibitions loose, Zooey and Katy and a much sloppier kiss than before. Tongues were hanging out – licking lips and wrestling with each other. At this point, the two didn’t need words. Katy lay on her back, and Zooey knew where to take it – she placed her pussy on Katy’s face and went back to work on Katy’s pussy.
Zooey and Katy were in full 69 position, and it was a perfect match – Katy’s bald head against Zooey’s hairy bush, and Zooey with her dark hair buried in Katy’s hairless bush. The two were pleasuring each other and moaning in perfect harmony through each other’s lady parts – as a matter of fact, they seemed to be moaning in the same key. The two kept at it until they worked each other into mind-blowing orgasms.
Having exhausted each other, Katy and Zooey sat back up, still embracing each other. The two had the wildest night. Katy Perry had let a beautiful woman transform her from raven-haired beauty to bald babe. Both women were glistening from the sweet, sticky stuff they had covered themselves in, and they had both pleasured each other in ways they ever thought they could be pleasured. Katy kissed Zooey on the lips – the two had done pretty much everything else to each other that night so why not just go for a peck on the cheek. “How about we clean each other up in the shower?”
“We can hop in the shower, but I don’t think we’ll clean each other up!” Zooey joked which earned her another peck on the lips from her sexy, bald friend. Katy took Zooey by the hand, and the two finished off their magical evening.

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