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‘So you have nothing for me again?’ Jolie scowled. ‘Tell me Manny, what job do you do as my agent?’ Manny pursed his lips and sighed.
‘I’m trying to get you the right sort of work, something to promote your career in the right way.’
‘But you haven’t given me one job in a month, I have bills to pay, my rent is over due and I have to scrounge off of my mates to eat.’ Jodie slammed her hand on the agents cluttered desk.
‘You know this is not easy,’ Manny squirmed, he studied her carefully, knowing his next suggestion would not be welcomed, ‘a lot of artists get a temporary job just to tied them over till they get their break.’
‘What!’ Jolie’s eyes narrowed in contempt.
‘A bar job, maybe?’ Manny weakly suggested as he scanned the various job offer folders scattered randomly on his antique desk trying to think of a way out of yet another confrontation.
‘Bar job! You said I was special!’ Jolie shrilled as she launched into her usual all too familiar rant. ‘You begged me to sign onto your books, promised that I would not want for work.’ Manny nervously reached out for a folder.’Modeling, dancing, acting, you said the job offers would flow in.’ She had proved difficult to work with in the past, a few studios had refused to work with her again because of her demands and outbursts. But at least this would guarantee her some money and maybe buy him some time.
‘Alright,alright,’ he raised his hands in submission, ‘there is this but I don’t for one minute think that you would do it. The good news is that they are offering one hundred pounds for just turning up and money in advance if you pass the audition.’ He passes the plain folder across to her. ‘But I really don’t think it is for you.’
‘Give me that!’ She snatches the folder from him and begins to read: The applicant should be considered beautiful and be well presented. She should be a proficient dancer, experienced in modeling with some acting skills. ‘Nudity!’ She suddenly exclaimed, and gave Manny a withering look.
‘But that is one of the reasons they are offering that hourly rate.’ Manny grins sheepishly.
Jolie flips to the end of the job description and her blue eyes widen in surprise.’They are offering that much!’ She whistles. She looks up suspiciously. ‘And just why did that minuscule mind of yours think that I would not be interested in this?’ Jodie was a drop dead gorgeous 21year old of Irish descent, fair skinned with slight facial freckles, slim athletic body with curves in all the right places. She was every man’s fantasy, but then she opened her mouth.
‘Well I’m going for this and nothing you can say will stop me! I’ll show you!I will be their top asset in no time and people will be begging to employ me once they have seen me in this role.’ She stood abruptly, her chair scrapping across the highly polished oak floor. Manny winced. ‘You will be begging me to stay on your books, pleading with me to stay!’ With that she turned for the door. Manny watched her exit, the sway of that thick red braid of hair that reached a good six inches below her pert buttocks swinging seductively as she made her exit. He sighed to himself and contemplated the job offer he had just given her.
‘She’ll never do it.’ He muttered to himself shaking his head sadly, but at least she will have a bit of money in her purse.

It was the day of the audition, Jolie walked confidently along the street, heading for her destination. Heads turned, jaws dropped. It had taken her three hours to get ready. High heels, stockings, and suspenders ,naturally. Matching underwear, sexy little dress and long leather coat, all in black of course. But her hair! It shone, it flowed, it swirled around her caressing her form in a fantastically seductive way. She had learnt over the years to project an aura of confidence, though she knew not everybody got this act.
Her thoughts drifted back to Manny. Had she pushed him too far this time? It was always a balancing act. But if he saw the real her would he want to keep her on his books? She shook her head, dismissing this thought. Of course he would. But she had backed herself into a corner with this job and she knew that another failure was not an option. Reaching the stage door she straightened her skirt. ‘I am going to do this, what ever the job entails. I am doing this job.’
Jolie had been given her one hundred pounds as soon as she had entered the building. The next stage apparently was to sit in this room and get to know the other potential applicants. Easy.
Her heart sank as she entered the waiting room. Four other women waited patiently. They were all gorgeous, all fit, and, although their hair color differed, all of them had hair well past waist length. The job description had mentioned something about catering for the fetish community, that must be it, long hair fetish, of course! She was tailor made for this job. Jolie soon found out that the beautiful curvaceous natural blue eyed blond with the large breasts was Summer, not the sharpest of people but very sweet, She had a naive honesty. Karen was a bubbly skinny redhead from Scotland with sparkling green eyes and infectious wit. Demi, black hair, brown eyes, tanned, a classic beauty with a soft spoken intelligence. Jenny was a pretty girl next door brunette with a womanly figure and hazel eyes. Suddenly Jolie was in awe, and not feeling so confident. She really needed this job and she could feel her nerves cutting in, that was usually when the problems started. But then…
A smart looking business lady strides into the room closely followed by a rather anxious looking assistant. Brown mousy hair in two long plaits, punky school girl type tartan outfit and thick rimmed black glasses, she flapped around the striking looking blonde in the two piece business suit. The older woman oozed confidence. Taking a seat she crossed her stocking clad legs and smoothed her skirt. ‘Hello,’ she smiled, ‘I am Suzanna and, depending on how things go today, I will be your future boss.’ Suzanna was in her thirties,slim beautiful but intimidating. Not because of her personality, which was friendly but professional, or even due to the obviously expensive taste in clothes and jewelry. It was her hairstyle. Jolie had never seen a woman wear her hair that way. Her fringe was cut to just slightly above her eyebrows and feathered to soften her features. The top was cut to a half inch buzz cut, but it was the sides and back that were so radical. They were shaved. Yes, razor shaved bald. Her head was completely hairless up to her crown and angled so the back of her head was exposed, at least an inch and a half above the top of her ears was just smooth naked skin. Jolie found herself fantasizing about running her hands over Suzanna’s totally smooth nape, she was shocked to realize that the thought was getting her moist. Jolie’s reverie was broken as she suddenly realized that Suzanna was looking directly at her. She smiled at Jolie once she knew she had her full attention she continued with her introductions. Jolie paid attention but couldn’t help but glance around the room at the other women. All eyes were fixed on Suzanna, but all fidgeted in their chairs in a self conscious way. No! Did Suzanna really have that sort of power? ‘Well considering the job description,’ Suzanna proceeded,’ we do need to see your skills so if one of you would like to go first I want you to undress in front of me and seduce me in anyway you think fit without actually touching me.’
‘What! Like a lap dancer?’ Jolie blurted out.
‘Exactly like a lap dancer.’ Suzanna calmly replied, her deep blue eyes smouldering. ‘Are you offering to go first?’ Her eyebrow arched in an inquisitive way. Jolie was entranced and, much to her surprise, obediently stood up and walked as sexily as she knew how across to Suzanna. Slowly she rubs her hands over her dress, flushing as she feels her nipples harden. One strap slides off her shoulder and as the second strap follows her little black dress slides effortlessly to the floor. Her hand immediately slips inside her pants massaging her increasingly wet pussy. And so her panties quickly join her dress. Moaning softly now Jolie’s left hand deftly undoes her bra, it falls effortlessly to the floor as panting her fingers pinch and pull at her naked nipples. She grabs a handful of her luxurious flowing red curls and rubs them against her naked body. She is just about to orgasm when Suzanna interrupts. ‘Well done Jolie. You are hired. No, leave your clothes where they are, I want you to remain naked.Please return to your seat and sign the contract that Miss Tammy will give you.’
Feeling frustrated and needing to finish off and orgasm Jolie does not even read the contract as she signs. She is far too interested in what is happening now. Arranging her long gently curling tresses to cover her body she watches with interest.Summer has been summoned and is slowly disposing her clothes and using her hair to tease, hiding and revealing her ample assets. Jolie watches as Summer bares her huge double E breasts. Jolie is so taken in that she is now openly masturbating her well trimmed pussy. Summer is stopped as abruptly as Jolie had been and offered the same deal. Karen receives the same treatment, baring her skinny pale model like body her small breasts and flushed face indicating her arousal she pulls her masses of long straight red hair into a large pile on top of her head to reveal her entire naked body before letting it cascade back down to cover her, she walks back to her seat to sign the contract, her hair swaying across her bare buttocks. Demi is next and Jolie suddenly realizes that it is not just her moaning. The other candidates are lost in their own attempts to pleasure themselves rubbing their long hair over their now naked bodies. Jenny is next up and as Jenny plays with her knee length brunette hair Jolie has to admire the way that Suzanna has orchestrated this spectacle . To sexually arouse so many women. Even Miss Tammy had ripped off her skirt and with her panties at her knees is rubbing her completely shaved pussy. Suzanna claps her hands.
‘Excellent! I now have my dance troupe. You will all be here 9am tomorrow. Your hair freshly washed,brushed, but don’t bother putting it up. Your pubic area should be completely shaved, I don’t want to see any pubic hair emerging from your leotards. Apart from the leotards you may ware these short wrap around skirts, to give you some dignity.’ she indicates towards a pile of black clothing on a table,’ and wear your sexiest black shoes. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.’
Jolie hurried to the stage door with ten minutes to spare. Thinking of the previous day,her heart raced with the thoughts of what erotic secrets this day might hold. Tammy greeted her at the door and leads her to a large dance studio. Mirrored walls adorn either end of the room,reflecting an infinite image of the room, disappearing into the distance,reflection on inflection. A sink and a pile of towels were situated in one corner. The only thing out of place is a large chair like structure in the middle of the room. It is not long before the other girls start to arrive. Once Tammy is happy that all are present she slips out to fetch Suzanna.
‘Hello my beautiful ladies. And welcome to transformation day.’ Suzanna announced as she breezes into the room wearing her now familiar business skirt and jacket, sunlight glistens off of her freshly shaved nape. ‘Well now, let’s get ready shall we.’ Jolie dutifully unwrapped her skirt and dropped it in a pile with the other girl’s skirts. Suzanna rubbed her chin thoughtfully. ‘I think we can dispense of the leotards as well.’ She suddenly announced then paused to savor the sight of her five employees slowly peeling off their last piece of clothing and dropping them onto the growing communal pile of clothes. ‘Right line up by that mirror,’ Suzanna points to one end of the room,’ and let me inspect your shaving skills.’ She scans the line of naked bodies. ‘Well it looks like you have all complied but I need to check. Suzanna strolls across to Jolie and reaches out. Jolie bites her lower lip as she feels Suzanna’s hand gently exploring her freshly shaved mound. ‘Very smooth,’ Suzanna announced, ‘well done Jolie,’ she announces eventually withdrawing her soft sensuous hand. Jolie could feel her juices freely flowing down her legs, her nipples hardening as she flushes with excitement. Suzanna continues her inspection. By the time she had finished all the girls are looking flustered and Jolie could swear that at least some of the girl’s legs glistened with their love fluid. ‘I think Jolie is my star pupil though, I am promoting Jolie to head dancer. Jolie, you will inspect the girl’s shaving endeavors before each show and re shave any that don’t reach the grade of silky smooth. By the way there are three shows a week. Oh and ladies, we encourage you to liberally use baby oil on your freshly shaved areas as this helps cool and sooth as well as looking as sexy as hell!’ Suzanna gave them all a radiant grin. Right let me get ready for the next stage. With a quick tug Suzanna’s business skirt falls to the floor revealing stockings and suspenders but no panties. Jolie had not even see her undo it. Suzanna turned unbuttoning her jacket and quickly removes it to reveal her naked body. It surprises Jolie to see that her pubic area is a mass of thick blond curls.
‘Shall I hand these out now?’ Tammy holds up six expensive looking hair brushes. Suzanna nods.
‘Yes please, if you would Tammy.’ Each girl receives a brush.’ Ladies,please take a brush and form a circle. You too Tammy. Let’s have you out of those clothes and undo those braids.’
‘Yes Suzanna.’ Tammy purrs as she wriggles out of her tartan pinafore dress to reveal a naked and tight little body. Jolie stands mesmerized by the transformation. Tammy removes her glasses to reveal a pretty youthful face. But when she undoes her braids and shakes them loose her brown hair ripples in the sunlight as it flows down to her waist revealing a very attractive young lady. Tammy eagerly joins the circle.
‘Right then. I want you to each brush out the hair of the lady in front of you.’ Suzanna instructed them. ‘I want to see that hair shining and lustrous.’ Jolie notices Suzanna lick her cherry red lips as she runs her hand over her short buzzed blonde hair, gasping slightly as it travels over her smoothly shaved nape as she watches the hair brushing spectacle.
Ten minutes later and Suzanna seemed satisfied. She inspects each girl in turn, stroking each of those long silky tresses. ‘Right Jolie,’ she suddenly announces, ‘let’s get to the next part of your training.’ Gabbing the sheet covering the mystery object in the middle of the room Suzanna gives it a sharp tug. There revealed in all its glory is a traditional barber’s chair and a table containing several pairs of large hairdresser’s scissors, hair clippers, cans of shaving foam and a selection of safety razors. Jolie’s eyes widened. ‘Come over here, it’s shaving time.’ She announces dramatically. Jolie can feel the butterflies in her stomach churning as with shaking legs she stumbles forward. Self consciously she protectively holds onto a skein of her hair as she approaches the dreaded chair. It comes as some relief when Suzanna jumps into the chair. ‘Right!’ She states, looking at Jolie, let’s turn you into a barberette.’ She studies Jolie’s bemused expression. ‘It’s quite simple sweetie,’ she explains,’ I am your easy introduction.’ She rubs her hands through what hair she has left to illustrate her point.
‘You want me to shave you?’ Jolie stuttered.
‘Oh yes, and you can start here.’ Suzanna hands her a pair of clippers and indicates her abundant curls sprouting from her womanhood. Jolie takes the clippers and inspects them for a moment, eventually she nods to herself and pushes a switch. Jolie jumps involuntarily as with a sudden pop the clippers buzz into life. She approaches Suzanna and gingerly rubs them at the edge of Suzanna’s bush. Suzanna sighs.
‘It’s okay Jolie just plunge them in there, be aggressive, you cannot hurt me with those.’ Suzanna reassures her but then gasps with surprise and mounting pleasure as Jolie plunges the clippers ruthlessly through the middle of Suzanna;s mound. Blonde curls tumbled away revealing a stubbly path all the way down to her clitoris. Suzanna moans with pleasure as Jolie ruthlessly removes all of her blonde curly bush. She examines the rough stubble that is left and then looking Jolie straight in the eyes she rubs her hands over the short hair on her head.’You missed a bit,’ she smirks. Jolie’s pussy explodes as she gleefully thrust the clippers straight down the middle of Suzanna’s head. Again and again the clippers glide over Suzanna’s increasingly naked head destroying her avante garde hairstyle. With a sigh Suzanna runs her hands over her stubbly head. ‘Good job,’ she whispers now I am going to finish off my shave while you get some real experience.
‘What do you mean?’ Jolie’s eyes open wide, fearing the worst. Unconsciously she feels at her beautiful hair as it caresses her naked body when she moves away from the chair.
‘You’re next,’ Suzanna announced. With some relief she realizes Suzanna is referring to Tammy. As Tammy leaps into the chair Jolie apprehensively looks to the other girls. All are looking increasingly disturbed, some holding their long tresses or just hugging themselves protectively as they watch Suzanna deftly removing the remnants of her hair with the aid of shaving foam and razors. ‘Well get on with it!’ Suzanna goads Jolie. Shocked out of her reverie Jolie looks over to the waiting Tammy. Her pussy is already shaved and hairless she notes. Her eyes travel over the cascade of rippling lustrous brunette hair to Tammy’s smiling face.
‘You want me to do this to you?’ Jolie blurts out.
‘Oh yes,’ Tammy confirmed, ‘I have been looking forward to this all my life.’ She adds enthusiastically. Jolie looks at the still buzzing clippers in her hand and with beating heart steps up to the barber’s chair. Her pussy throbs as she gently pushes Tammy’s hair back from her right cheek to reveal her side burn. Something in her has changed, she is thrilled with her opportunity and is determined to savor every second of it. The wetness between her legs increases as she watches the clippers surgically remove Tammy’s right side burn and then travel effortlessly over the area just above her ear sending the severed locks to drop lifeless to her shoulder. Tammy’s breast rises and falls with mounting excitement as Jolie’s shearing becomes more ruthless. She is encouraged by Tammy’s obvious response. The feeling of her own hair caressing her naked body as she systematically runs the clippers up the back of Tammy’s nape to the top of her crown. Then she runs the clippers over to the front of her head sending a rain of once immaculate hair into Tammy’s lap. Again and again the clippers move across Tammy’s head, backwards and forwards, this way and that, the last piece of hair floats into Tammy’s lap as Jolie’s orgasm erupts down her leg. Jolie staggers at the intensity of it. Suzanna approaches with a hot towel to wrap about Tammy’s newly shorn head in.
Jolie looks at the other girls in total bemusement. This is like a dream. She had always adored long hair. The longer the better. She loved the reassuring feel of it as it brushes against her body. And yet she had just shorn two beautiful women with clippers and had had the best orgasm of her life. Suzanna removes the towel from Tammy’s head and hands Jolie the shaving foam. Jolie uses the can to squirt white foam on to Tammy’s head, the feeling of massaging it into Tammy’s prickly skull sends a new thrill through her. But then as she starts to scrape the razor through the foam revealing the ivory naked smoothness of Tammy’s head her vagina begins to throb again. Fascinated she pulls the razor from the crown of Tammy’s head to the front of her head, working with the grain, her clit throbs. Soon enough Jolie is massaging foam into Tammy’s head for a second time, but this time Tammy’s head is virtually smooth. Jolie orgasms again, just at the feel of it. Jolie uses the razor against the grain of Tammy’s head, checking and re-shaving until she is certain that Tammy’s head is as smooth as a cue ball.
‘There, done.’ Jolie confirms gabbing the chair back to steady here shaky legs as Tammy rises transformed from the chair. Her beautiful features shine out, her cheek bones her delicate nose but most of all, those big eyes. On impulse she grabs Tammy’s smoothly shaved head and pulling her violently towards her, kisses her deeply, forcing her tongue into Tammy’s willing mouth. She kisses her passionately, rubbing her hand freely over Tammy’s slick head. Eventually she lets a breathless Tammy go. Looking round she suddenly feels self conscious. She scans the faces of the other ladies who are waiting patiently. Demi and Jenny look shocked and concerned, but Karen looks on with interest and Summer is smiling at her while absently stroking her naked pussy.
On impulse, Jolie flashes an erotic knowing grin at Summer and then beckons to her. After all she is responsible for ensuring their shaving standards. Summer looks at her long blonde curls and caresses them for a moment, stroking them and patting them as they flow to a level two inches below the line of the bottom of her pussy. She sighs, smiles and strides over to Jolie. Holding out a giant lock of her hair she whispers into Jolie’s ear. ‘You can take all of this if you promise to kiss me like you kissed her,’ she nods towards the transformed Tammy.
‘Only after I have made you beautiful.’ Jolie grins.
‘Done!’ Summer giggles and lowers herself into the chair, her breasts bobbling sexily. Sweeping her hair to reveal one of her massive breasts she winks at Jolie. ‘Soon there will be nothing left to cover these,’ she quips. Jolie needs no further encouragement and taking up a fresh pair of clippers she begins to remove Summer’s right side burn then she works methodically around that side of her head. Backwards and forwards Jolie works the clippers until all of the hair on the right side of Summer’s head had been completely removed. Jolie runs her hand over Summers shorn scalp.
‘Now for something different!’ Jolie announces and quickly runs the clippers in an unexpected direction.
‘Oh!’ Summer gasps as her right eyebrow is deftly removed.
‘Wow!’ Exclaims Suzanna,’I never considered doing that!’ And so as Jolie removes the rest of Summer’s flowing blonde locks and her remaining eyebrow Suzanna and Tammy also shave off their eyebrows. Jolie can feel her power pulsing through her. The power to strip any woman in this room of all her hair. It feels good. She was born to do this. It feels good as she covers Summer’s head in foam and shaves her last vestiges of hair from her. It feels good as the razor removes any trace of her eyebrows, and it feels unbelievably good as she grabs this gorgeous, hairless goddess by her now smooth head and thrusts her tongue down her throat, kissing her deeply and passionately. She continues to kiss and caress Summer’s totally smooth head for some time, aware that Suzanna and Tammy are also frantically exploring their own new found smooth, brow less, nakedness.
Jolie’s pussy throbs with excitement as she hands Summer the clippers and picks up a fresh set for herself. Grabbing Summer by the hand she advances on Jenny. The thought of that knee length brunette hair hitting the floor is almost too much to bear. Jenny cries out as she is grabbed from her seat and squirms to escape as Jolie and Summer plunge their respective clippers down either side of Jenny’s head. There is an audible thump as two great clumps of hair hit the floor simultaneously. The soft mound of Jenny’s severed brunette hair grows rapidly as the clippers roar up her nape and over the top of her head in unison. In a wild frenzy her crowning glory topples helplessly from her increasingly bared head. And once the frenzy of cutting subsides and Jolie steps back to look at Jenny’s tear stained face and depilated head her orgasm erupts from her at the sight of Jenny. Jolie is fueled by her growing power. Suzanna and Tammy are suddenly there, covering Jenny’s head in shaving foam, razors at the ready, Jenny let’s out a soft sob. Jolie then turns her attention to Karen. The redhead grins and walks confidently towards her. Jolie is taken by surprise as Karen grabs her by the back of the neck and pulls her towards her. Jolie gasps as Karen kisses her passionately, but it does not stop Jolie from running her clippers up the back of Karen’s nape. Again and again the clippers run, from nape to crown, ruthlessly separating Karen from her radiant red tresses. From back to left side, then to right, the relentless hum signals the surrender of Karen’s glorious locks as the passionate kiss continues. Eventually Jolie breaks the embrace. Breathlessly she surveys the short scattered random clumps of hair that have somehow eluded the clipping onslaught. Within a couple of minutes though, they too have surrendered to the renewed onslaught of Jolie’s clippers. Glancing over her shoulder she acknowledges that Summer is now advancing on Karen, razor and shaving foam in hand. Tammy and Suzanna are finishing off an emotional Jenny. And so Jolie turns her attention to Demi. She is sitting quietly holding her long black hair as she watches Jolie approach with widening eyes. Jolie realizes that Demi looks at the verge of panic as she surveys the dance floor battlefield of freshly shorn hair. Then she relaxes, and with a resigned shrug stands calmly to meet the rapidly approaching Jolie. Looking deep into Jolie’s eyes she releases her protective grasp on her ebony hair.
‘Do me.’ She whispers. Jolie notes the glistening birth of tears in Demi’s eye as she again thrusts forwards her clippers denuding a large swathe of hair from Demi’s trembling head. Tears flow freely as the clipper flow this way and that, as wave after wave of Demi’s hair crashes to the floor. Demi sobs as the clippers eventually roar up the nape of her neck, finally her last locks are sinking to the floor. She surveys the wreckage of her once glorious mane as the rest of the troupe lather her head and brows before shaving her totally and completely bald.
Jolie looks around the room. Every woman in it is bald and naked. Their heads smooth as glass, their pussies hairless, their brows a memory. And she has had a hand in shaving every single one of them. Every woman there is bald except, miraculously, herself. She has somehow managed to preserve her pride and joy. Her luscious long hair that she has grown and loved ever since she could remember. She looks down at her incredible,luxurious red rippling tresses with a new appreciation. Her crowning glory radiating in a sea of barren naked scalps. How she had reveled in the conquest of their hair, harvesting their womanly glamour. Denuding to nude. But she now stands alone, long red flowing hair floating around her naked frame hanging down to her mid thighs . She reaches out and strokes Jenny’s smooth naked head. Runs her fingers gently up Demi’s deforested nape. She thrills to the sensation as Karen gets down on all fours and rubs her cue ball smooth freshly shaved and oiled head on her naked pussy. And erupts her juices over that same head as Tammy pushes the clippers up the nape of her neck while Suzanna removes the hair from the left side of her head with her clippers. Her body shudders as wave after wave of flowing red hair trickles down her naked body and pools onto the floor. Her nipples harden as she massages Summer’s glorious breasts and Summer massages her increasingly stubbly head. Cum roles down her legs as her head is lovingly lathered up and carefully scraped clean by a multitude of willing blades. And she loses herself in the finale earth moving climax as her brows are relieved of their hair and in an act of final transformation Suzanna carefully snips away Jolie’s long eyelashes, managing to reduce them to almost nothing.
It has been an hour since the rest of the girls have left. Jolie stares at the alien images that looks back at her in a never ending line of reflections that are the dance room mirrors. She studies the naked pussy, the ears now accentuate a glistening hairless pate, and sparkling blue eyes now dominate a brow less face. She contemplates the unread contract that she signed earlier, the one that they all had signed. The contract that states they have to maintain this look for the next five years. Running her hands over her smooth, naked head, only one thing is going through Jolie’s mind, over and over again.
I’m going to enjoy working here.

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