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No matter how many times she’d done this before, Annie felt a mild apprehension as she got into the chair. She put her arms in her lap, in readiness for the cape being put over her. The nylon material made a rustling sound as Sam draped the cape over her, and it felt a little cold on the bare skin on her shoulders. By now, the two of them knew the routine well enough that they didn’t need to say anything to one another. Annie bent her neck forward slightly, to make it easier for Sam to fasten the cape at the back of her neck.

Then Sam lightly touched the sides of Annie’s head, to indicate she should return to upright. Sam brushed through the perfectly straight, dark brown hair and then tied it up in two bunches on top of Annie’s head. Annie liked the ruthlessly efficient way that Sam went about doing this, and hid the slight discomfort she felt as her hair was pulled up. She liked the fact that Sam was in control now: all she had to do was completely submit herself for the next hour. She settled in to the chair a little, and relaxed.

Annie loved her undercut chin-length bob. It was the perfect way to allow her secret hair fetish to exist alongside the need to have a coventional appearance for her office job. Annie felt very lucky that Sam had agreed to cut her hair – she’d fantasised about getting the cut for a long time, but it’d always felt too weird to ask in a salon to have her hair cut with clippers. But Sam somehow knew how to give Annie just what she wanted. The procedure was always the same: first the hair was put up, then the nape was clippered, then the hair let down, brushed and trimmed.

There was a sudden click, followed by a familar buzzing noise. Annie knew exactly what was coming next, so she bent her neck right over, until her chin touched her body. The vibrations of the machine went through her head. Annie found this exhilerating! It was strange to think now that at one time she was actually afraid of clippers. Now, this part of the haircut always seemed to be over far too soon. The sound and feel was completely familiar as Sam pushed the clippers up through her hair, but Annie noted for a second that it seemed to be going higher. Then she remembered the first time that she got her nape buzzed: it was only an inch then, but felt a like lot more as it was being done. She remembered how her sense of alarm was unfounded then, and returned to ease.

Next, Sam moved Annie’s head to a more upright position, this time in a more definite manner. Annie felt a positive tingling feeling for a moment, knowing that Sam was in control and knew exactly what to do. Then Sam came round to the side, continuing to work with the clippers. By this point Annie was in a state of bliss. Her attention wandered, and she noticed things in the room: the music playing – carefully chosen by Sam to be calming but also uplifting – and the subdued lighting. She felt very lucky to be with Sam.

Sam briefly held the top of Annie’s ear to her head with a finger, but this barely registered. Annie couldn’t see what Sam was doing, as there was no mirror. This was part of the original agreement the two of them made, that Sam would be in complete control during the session, and Annie would only get to see the result at the end.

Then Annie noticed some lengths of hair fall down onto her lap – the clippers were going higher up after all! She felt a sense of panic, and her attention sharply came back to what was going on. Sam sensed the unease, and putting a hand on Annie’s shoulder, said “we’re trying something a bit different this time, don’t worry, you’ll look amazing”, in a calm but firm tone. Annie instantly felt reassured. Sam then tilted Annie’s head and went around to work on the other side, which seemed to go more quickly.

With a snap, the clippers were turned off. The background music instantly became audible once more. Annie simultaneously felt a huge sense of relief, contentment, and anti-climax – she just loved the sensation of the clippers on her head, and wished it could’ve gone on for longer. But she accepted that she’d just have to wait until the next monthly trim for more.

Now Sam had taken out the ties and was brushing the hair back into its familiar shape. Annie smiled as the brush tickled her ears whilst Sam thoroughly combed it down. Once again Annie secretly enjoyed the somewhat rough way that Sam was going about the task.

Next, Sam came round to the front and combed a generous amount of hair forwards. Annie liked her bangs – it was a hallmark of her appearance since childhood. As Sam kneeled down to trim the fringe, the pair made eye contact. Annie smiled, but Sam’s eyes revealed intense concentration. Starting from above the left eye and working across, she made a few carefully calculated, definite snips to cut a sharp line just above the eyebrows – just as Annie liked it.

Annie had to take a deep breath to contain her excitement. She imagined how her sharp, business-like hair cut looked like, and began to wonder what she should wear to work the next day. Was it warm enough yet to get away with a summer outfit? She got carried away with her thoughts. But then, suddenly, she came back to being in the moment when she heard the scissors chop loudly above her ear. She startled. This didn’t feel right! “Keep still!” said Sam firmly and with a slight frustration. Now Annie’s heart was pounding. But she knew she had to obey – and Sam’s definitive manner didn’t seem to permit any questioning. Annie was going to say something, but gulped, and then the moment somehow passed.

The chopping was continuing… Annie could no longer tell how this hair cut was going to come out. Instinctively, she started moving her hand up towards her head to feel what was there, but quickly remembered it was trapped by the cape. “Keep still please, just for a bit longer” came the instruction, in a slightly kinder voice this time. Annie obediently froze. She had to breathe deeply and consciously to keep calm – but she succeeded in overcoming her fears, and let Sam continue.

Then the chopping stopped. “There” said Sam in a satisfied tone, “now I’m just going to feather the edges”. Annie didn’t know what this meant, but it sounded reassuring to her. Sam used the comb and scissors together to make lots of small rapid cuts, each only cutting millimetres off a few strands of hair. The noise of the scissors was noticably different to the slow, deliberate chopping sound that Annie had heard before. Annie knew her hair was now a lot shorter, but she couldn’t imagine in what style. Thoughts were racing through her head about this would go down at work.

Finally, Sam put the scissors down and picked the brush up again. Annie somehow felt the brush on her scalp more noticable than usual. As her head moved slightly, she noticed a lack of the familiar feeling of the hair covering her ears. She was alarmed, but also intreagued – what was this new hair style like?

Just at that moment, Sam put the brush down, and said “all done”. Sam picked up the mirror from the side and held it up in front of Annie so she could see her new haircut. Annie immediately noticed the familiar bangs, but she could also see her ears. They were really noticable to her, as her hair had been too short to tie back for a quite a while. As she turned to see the sides, she got a glimpse of the shaved nape. Then she realised that the bob had been cropped to just above the ears all the way round, in one continuous line. Her jaw dropped in horror. But then she noticed the puzzled look on Sam’s face. She regained composure and looked back into the mirror. As she shook her head from side to side, she noticed that the cut always sat back in place again. “At least it’s easy to keep in style”, she thought to herself.

Sam unbuttoned the cape and removed it in a swirling motion, throwing the pile of cut hair to the floor. The pair went into the bathroom, so that Annie could see the back of her head with the help of the bathroom mirror. Her shorn nape was clear for all to see! She couldn’t resist putting her hand up and stroking it – it was such a nice, furry feeling, which made her smile uncontrollably for a moment. “But, erm, what about work?” she thought outloud, in a voice still quivering somewhat from the shock of her new appearance. “You’ll be absolutely fine”, said Sam reassuredly. But then, sensing that Annie wasn’t convinced, she added “tell you what, go and put on your best pencil skirt, white blouse and high-heels”. Annie went back into the bedroom and changed into her smartest work clothes, then went out into the hallway of the flat, where there was a full-length mirror.

Sam followed, and gestured Annie to walk up and down the hall to show herself off. This was something they’d done several times before with things like trying on new clothes. Annie strutted confidently down towards the mirror, then turned around, noticing herself in the mirror as she did so. “This certainly isn’t a haircut for the faint-hearted!” thought Annie. Sam was smiling as Annie walked back towards her. “You totally rock it!”, she said. “Really?” – Annie was still unsure. “Yeah, totally” said Sam. “You look fierce – I wouldn’t want to argue with you!” she added knowingly, and grinned. Annie picked up on the idea of coming across as a strong character – something she admired in Sam, but which didn’t come easily to her. The job required her to be assertive, confident, even forceful at times, meaning that she had to hide her more submissive and sensitive side in the office, only able to be fully open at home with Sam. With that, she resolved to use this new hairstyle as an opportunity to reassert herself at work.

As she came back up the hall, Sam reached out to Annie, placing one hand firmly on her neck, and then with the other slowly and tenderly ran her index finger up the nape area. This sent a shiver down Annie’s spine. “Of course” said Sam “with this shorter cut, I’m going have to get my clippers out once a fortnight to keep you in trim”. Although she was making it sound like a threat, Annie had to contain her secret delight at the idea. Then Sam tilted her head and gave a passionate kiss on the lips. Annie beamed with happiness, she knew this was a sign for what would be happening next. They stared into one another’s eyes for a second. Then Sam picked up Annie’s hand; she just caught a final glimpse of herself in the mirror as Sam dragged her back to the bedroom. “Yes”, she said to herself, “this hairsyle rocks!”.

And here’s a pic that looks something like Annie: https://flpics1.a.ssl.fastly.net/1507/1507291/0004bf5b-f481-39ff-e14f-71da3c9800a3_720.jpg

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